addadada PRO 11:40pm, 17 March 2008
Is there a group for the FLICKRTURNS4 party photos?

Everyone had a cool to meet fellow flickrs...and the photos were professionally printed and professionally displayed...

rockn' party

oh, c-u-p-c-a-k-e-s..oh oh my gawd...delicious
luvi PRO 10 years ago
Here is!
I found TWO occurences of my picture, in the party!
Thanks all... it's a little as like as being in San Francisco by myself!
Luigi D’Aponte Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Luigi D’Aponte (member) 10 years ago
Have you seen or photographed my photo to the party?

La bambola assassina(ta)
How do we know if our's was selected?

Luciano Osorio 10 years ago PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by (member) 10 years ago
@heather :
"If you'd like to try and spot your photo, check out photos tagged with "FlickrTurns4" or "Flickr4"!"

That'll take some doing.
Won't hurt to have someone point to my picture , in case it was there and was spotted.
Glad everyone had so much fun, though.
Theresa Thompson 10 years ago
Eat at Mom's
More of the same... Did anyone see my photo at the party? PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by (member) 10 years ago
Yeah! Those who made it to the get together, do please consider letting other members of the group know whether their pictures were spotted or not.
Beagleboys 10 years ago
Guy someone has spotted my picture at the party?
Flashed Crab | hi-res version
TPorter2006 PRO 10 years ago
joelplutchak PRO 10 years ago
Still haven't spotted mine:
Pacdog PRO 10 years ago
Have not seen mine either Help!



Pahud 10 years ago
is there anyone photographing all the photos on the wall so I can try to find mine?
I guess we are all waiting for that promised documentation .
heather 10 years ago
chandigarh_guy, ah... what i was referring to was the photos taken by the team and the party participants. so, what you see uploaded by the team and those attending is what's available. i'm sorry if that was unclear.
Okay, dear team and participants do share, please, if you can.
John Troxel Photography & Fine Art [deleted] 10 years ago PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by (member) 10 years ago
"i found mine!"

Good for you.
And, since yours is not a PRO account as well, maybe my picture got printed and displayed too.
Violentz PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Violentz (member) 10 years ago
It doesn't matter if you have a pro account or not....if you submitted a photo that was big enough and on would have been included.

I just found my picture in someone's photos, but my picture was hung upside down. :o)
J.R. Acosta 10 years ago
LOL!! My photo appears rotated ... grrrr (*)

Seen here:

(*) But thanks!!
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