The Flickr Diet

baslow [deleted] 8:27pm, 27 February 2005
I have embarked upon an experiment. I want to see if the force of worldwide public scrutiny can motivate me to lose the weight I need to lose and get into the shape I need to get into. You are invited to advise, comment, commiserate, heckle, speculate, or initiate your own effort at self-improvement through
Excellent idea man, you have my full support in the way of ridicule :) The full-body shots will be good to work with! :)
baslow [deleted] 13 years ago
Weighing 300 pounds
uidzero 13 years ago
Hey all kidding aside... I have a friend who was overweight growing up. I move a lot, so I didn't see him for a few years, when I came back, he was in absolutely awsome shape! He works out quite regularly (in fact, we're in the heat of a 12-week body building contest right now, winner get's a trophy).

Having an endomorphic body doesn't mean that you only gain weight fast, you can also lose it quicker as well. You can do it! Just remember that you have to choose to be healthy and thin every day, multiple times a day. Falling off the horse (missing exercise, eating the wrong thing etc) just means you chose wrong that one time, start making the right choices again.

You're going to have an improvement set, yeah?
emdot PRO 13 years ago
Noble cause Baslow! Good for you.
Branille 13 years ago
You'll get more girls if you lose weight (and get a tan).
baslow [deleted] 13 years ago
Bev Home From TV Taping - 02

I've already got the only girl I want. On the other hand, it would be nice if my back didn't hurt so much, if my knees stopped aching, and if I could live long enough to see my kids into adulthood and -- who knows? -- parenthood.
Has your physician mentioned anything you should be careful of, as you start?

Spend a lot of time here on Flickr ;-) with only healthy foods in the house.

Put a bowl of apples and a jug of water within online reach.

Or put the keyboard and monitor up on a treadmill.
(I am wondering about that solution myself, since reading one of the Dr.s in this article did just that. )

Get out on lots of walks with your camera, too!

Good health to you!
*Seuss* 13 years ago
I once (not too long ago) weighed just about 250lbs and it was all bad weight. I now weigh in at just about 175-185 and it's mostly lean muscle. I basically went from carnivore to vegetarian to vegan. On a diet of mainly veggies it is nearly impossible to remain flabby. As a side effect I noticed my activity level increase as well as energy.

While cutting out meat and dairy isn't for everyone it worked wonders for me. Whatever method you choose for your mission I wish you the best of luck. If you are interested in the veggie method checkout for tons of great info and recipes that won't have you longing for a steak.
baslow [deleted]
I'll try to post pictures weekly. I also intend to blog about the effort several times a week. I belog to a gym...I just have to start going to it again. I find the elliptical exerciser the best way to burn calories, given my knee pain. I will be logging calories on my Palm (well, really an old Handspring Treo) and on my PC. We have an aerobic step platform at home...I'm going to order a DVD for some sort of workout. Lastly, I must climb 110 steps to get home from the subway every evening on weekdays.

Thank you, all of you, for your suggestions and your support. Everything helps.

Now I'm going to pick up my camera and go outside for a while...
Laura Grace 13 years ago
SLOWLY climb the stairs, but skip every other step. Way to go; your motivations are absolutely the best, and your grandchildren will thank you for your efforts.

Look at flickr ONLY while on the step platform...that ought to do it!

Find some high points to climb up to, and send us the pictures.

good luck to you, and thank you; you are loving your family in an incredibly important way.
Branille 13 years ago
Looks like a nice lady. She'll appriciate it if you take good care of yourself.
Crfullmoon 13 years ago
She and your kids (and potential grandkids) will appreciate your efforts.
javajive 13 years ago
I think this is an absolutely terrific idea, and a great way of utilizing flickr for other purposes.

I'm sure you've already seen this program: body for life. I've been weight training for over 10 years and have found that program to be a wonderful motivator for some people.

Best of luck to you, and I give you credit for having the courage to post images of your progress - well done!
(michelle) 13 years ago
i agree with laura grace that your motivations are the best. feeling good and living longer are excellent reasons to get in shape. best of luck!
{platinum} 13 years ago
Have you checked out It's a great tool for tracking your food intake - not just calories but also protein, fat, carbs, vitamins, cholesterol, whatever you want really. It helped me lose 30 pounds! When it comes to weight loss, knowledge really is power.
basically carbs=fat, protein=muscle, you body will always burn the energy in carbs before it burns fat so if you cut down the carbs you burn more fat
you need to cut down carbs and up your protein intake, eat fish, skinless chicken, fruit etc, you can check low carb food anywhere on the internet but grill it dont fry it. a friend of mine who is also a body builder told me that the best way to eat is to have small portions at three hour intervals instead of three meals a day, wait three hours after eating to excercise, and do 45 minutes of cardio 3 or 4 times a week, cycling, walking, running etc, the first 15 minutes to get your heart rate up and the rest is where youre getting the benenfit, dont go crazy though, if you cant hold a conversation while your running/ walking or whatever then youre doing too much, get some protein after youve finished excercising. its not that big a step to change your eating habits but if you dont do it you may as well not bother excercising, you dont feel hungry because you eat less but more often. hes pretty hardcore into it, doesnt do dairy or egg yolks, that kind of thing but he doesnt have an ounce of fat on his body, he used to be a bit of a bloater. drink a couple of pints of water a day too to flush out your system, your energy will go up and youll feel better, i promise.

edit- oh, i forgot to say, try not to eat things that make you retain water or bloat, salty things dehydrate you and make you retain water, dont have fruit as a desert, itll sit on top and ferment while your body is digesting the other food, if you eat fruit have it as a meal or after excercise. give yourself a cheating day too where you can have some cake or a chocolate bar for desert

lastly and most difficult maybe, dont drink beer, its full of carbs and makes you retain water, drink vodka instead!!
LarimdaME PRO 13 years ago
Good luck! And don't get too obsessed with weight, concentrate on getting lean (not so much excess body fat).

But I recommend going without flickr then. Go to the gym, go to the park, go to the den and do some crunches, do something, anything but sit at the computer.

(Essentially what Laura Grace said.)
haruspex PRO 13 years ago
i find cycling a wonderful form of exercise - its easy on the knees, and you can travel far and wide and take photos along the way
thtstudios 13 years ago
i think you have taken the most courageous step yet, putting it out there and making it public that you want to get fit to better your life. remember the small steps, they all count. make sure you get the support you need. good luck!
bodhi47 PRO 13 years ago
awesome, and inspiring if this thread is any indication. The biggest secret of all is not to try to do it all in a week. All of the above recommendations work because they are lifestyle changes. It took you probably 10 years to put on the weight, don't try to take it all off in a month. Now I have to go for a walk to get away from the computer.
awe some!

find out what works for you in terms of diet. what works for one person, may not work for his neighbour.

when you look at the pictures of the thin cyborg that i have evolved into, you will wonder what would give me any competence in terms of advice about weight loss. it is simple, i have a rather complicated set of food intolerances that is sometimes a source of amusement or despair depending on how i decide to take it. i am constantly surrounded by foods that if i eat them don't kill me immediately, but slowly they rob me of energy, vitality and health, to say nothing of inflicting short range discomfort. i know that it takes major will power to not give in to those wonderful tasting things (milk chocolate, cappuccino, cheeze, bread) that i like so much, and then later suffer like an idiot. that i do put on a few extra pounds when i am not strict about my diet is the minor of my troubles.
going to a restaurant used to be a challenge, meanwhile i have gotten used to being a pain in the ass with the waiter, talking with the chef, and plain being a prima dona when it comes to ordering my food. i also end up being an involuntary educator about food intolerances, to say nothing of the wonderful discussions i have had with the medical specialists.

i got you.
bunchofpants 13 years ago
One way Flickr helps me (try to) keep fit: I go for a lot more long rambling walks, with camera in pocket, looking for stuff to shoot. I go out in weather I might not otherwise go out in, because I want to take pictures.

That said, what you eat is also important, and I recommend fruits, veggies and whole grains. (Not that I'm always practicing what I'm preaching!)
matt 13 years ago
More exercise advice for people with bad knees: deep-water running - "running" in a pool deep enough that your feet don't touch the bottom. It's slightly tricky to master (you need floats or someone helping you keep upright), but it's extremely low-impact, relatively high-cardio, and quite good for rehabilitating joints.

Best of luck to you, and let me add my admiration for the motivational method you've chosen!
A friend of mine was pretty overweight (by "pretty overweight" I mean pretty close to a heart attack). He started cycling and became a regular Masters swimmer and is now in MUCH better shape.
I'd say the most important thing is to keep it up. You have bad days and good days, the important thing is to not get discouraged and to keep coming back. It's a lot like rehab that way.
That said, I gave up alcohol and instantly dropped about 20 pounds (in combination with regular training).
Good luck!
This is great, all excellent advice here!
I would only add;
Good luck to you, your off to a great start with the impetus you've created posting this!
-and from the looks of it, it shouldn't be too long a row to hoe.
txkimmers 13 years ago
Start a group for folks like you to post pics/commentary on their progress.

Don't spend too much time on Flickr. Sad to say, but it's a major ass-widener.

Going to work out now. Good luck!
dogsbody 13 years ago
Due to heart problems caused by excess weight my father didn't live long enough to see his three fine grandsons, so I applaud your efforts, baslow! Don't rob yourself and your loved ones.

There's been lots of really great advice given already - if you can follow half of it, you'll be in great shape! If I can add one thing it would be that the amount you eat is nearly as important as what you eat. We in North America are used to socking away a staggering amount of food - way more than our bodies generally need. I found that I could train myself to eat much less. Initially I felt hungry even after eating, but after about two weeks my body adjusted to the smaller amounts and I felt much better overall.

What worked for me might not work for you, but there have been some compelling studies that suggest that eating less can not only help you lose weight, but can add years to your life!

Good luck!
baslow [deleted] 13 years ago
I now weigh 294.4 pounds (133.5 kg, 21.02 stone). This is probably "water weight". I won't continue to lose at this rate for much longer. Still, it encourages me to continue.

I'll post a picture this weekend.
macjohnmcc [deleted] 13 years ago
You are very brave to expose yourself. Fortunately the people on flickr are kind and caring. I wish you luck.

I have been dieting for the last year. I haven't lost a single pound on the scales but I have lost almost 6 inches in the waist. I have found that photography has taken me away from the table and that all the standing and crouching has resulted in excercise I'd otherwise not get.
heatherbeewatts PRO 13 years ago
Walking has worked for me. Sprinting up a little incline if I feel like it.Yoga can be great. I've had the sore knees, too, when I gained 70lbs with twins. No fun! Since my sister introduced me to flickr I sit way longer than I've ever liked and notice my back is not 100% and I'm probably up 20lbs. Yesterday I started taking the stairs.I would be happy to post a before, progress and after 12 week set if you do, baslow. :)
honestdave 13 years ago
Driving back from the gym today I was actually thinking of you Baslow...I was like "I really hope that flickr guy is able to keep up a consistent workout".

Big shoutout to you and best of luck with your "body project"
baslow [deleted] 13 years ago
Thank you very much! As part of the spiritual striptease that this endeavor seems to have become I give you Baslow's Dirty Little Secret . It is not 'dirty' in the sense of being obscene, by the way. I really am most greatful for all the kind words and support I have received.
iceemaster PRO 13 years ago
Lots of great advice here. I would reaffirm most of it...especially what erikabaarova had to say about carbs and a cheating day.

I am a sugar addict, when I keep off of the sugar my appetitie subsides, I have more energy and the fat comes off. I do a cheating day every other week. But try to limit that "day" to only a couple of hours.

Also, the new low carb beers can be a help...although they still aren't a guinness:( My favorite low carb at the moment is LaBatts Select.

As has been said above, consistency is the key to the exercise!

And got guts to do this so publicly!!!! Keep it up!
Emporer Rhubarb [deleted] 13 years ago
I may join you, I'm dieting but I may do the flickr diet, I'll join the group!
baslow [deleted] 13 years ago
There now seems to be enough interest that we should think about a separate "Flickr Diet" group. I worry, though, that such a group will attract ONLY dieters, whereas this discussion has been very effective partly because it has included non-dieters (I think). However we do it, though, I'm all in favor of developing some form of mutual support.
GeoWombats 13 years ago
I can recommend this recipe site . Incredibly powerful tool and the owners have the same kind of mentality as Stu and Caterina so the site just keeps getting better and better.
Also if you want some extra motivation to get out there and walking, consider buying a GPS and going geocaching!
Sometimes its hard getting out for a walk; but its easy getting out for a treasure hunt!
Crfullmoon 13 years ago
I am not a dieter.

(Though I did get a bit overweight and out of shape, and am not upbeat right now.)
Perfectly willing to offer others support, though.
baslow [deleted] 13 years ago
I will be continuing my reports in the newly-formed Flickr Mutual Aid Society. Everyone is invited to join!
I started a new group, everyone is welcome to join. It is show us what you eat diet with photos
congratulations on taking the first step to fitness and health!

take a look at john stone fitness the first page shows week-by-week pictures of a man who lost weight and got very very fit.
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