cautious range [deleted] 5:01am, 26 January 2007
I'm 34, coming originally from Germany and stranded in Hungary 3 years ago with my husband. We travel a lot due to his job, but our home base is near Kaposvar / Nagyatad / Barcs.
AZso PRO 11 years ago
Hi, I'm 34 too, I'm living in Budapest, working on IT line. I make 3-4-5 thousand photo yearly, not a high professional level, but to keep the moment with my friends is enough. More on my website in hungarian language: .
I appreciate to organize a Flickr meeting somewhere. I would prefer the spring or the summer, but everything is possible...
cautious range [deleted] 11 years ago
Welcome :D!
Only 5000 photos? ;)
I do the same though. With my short term memory, it's always good to have a lot of photos which help me keep track of places and events.
Most are crappy, but good enough for me ;)

We can start with small meetings too, doesn't have to be a huge one right for the start ;)
BLac 11 years ago
I'm 26 and live in Budapest. Only started taking pictures 2 years ago and bought my first DSLR last december. I wan't to learn a lot, so if anyone knows a good course in Budapest, let me know!
jedku 11 years ago
Hello. I am 38, American, living in Pest. I have a Hungarian wife and a baby daughter who I care for at home. I am a runner, hiker, tea drinker, conversationalist with interest in literature, history, photography, sociology, environment, birds, wildflowers, urban history, etc.
Anyone who might like to invite me to a meetup or meet me for tea/coffee, running on Margit Island, hike in Buda Hills, etc, please email me. I would like to meet you or exchange emails as you wish.
Istvan PRO 11 years ago
Hello, I'm 46, living in Budapest, married with a 2yo child. All comments/views on my photos are highly welcome.
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