Extra Medium PRO 7:56am, 1 December 2005
I was asked a week or so ago to shoot a red carpet event in Hollywood. It was for a cancer benefit.


There was suppose to be "A list celebrities" there, but... I didn't notice any. I heard from the other photograhers that there were people there from Survivor and Big Brother, but I don't watch them, and don't recognize any of them.

Can you recognize any of them?


Shane Clements(¢ħ@¢ħ@¢ħ@1000) [deleted] 11 years ago
Gale's Photographs PRO 11 years ago
nope sorry don't no any of them....
¡nils! 11 years ago
He could be a genetically engineered version of Mickey Rourke.
FFSally [deleted] 11 years ago
I definitely spotted Elvis.
Sam Judson PRO 11 years ago
Is that first women (the set photo, women21) not the one off T4 with Vernon Kay?

I'll ask the wife, she's better at these things than me :)
Sam Judson PRO 11 years ago
google says "June Sarpong" ?
Jess ☆ 11 years ago
hey it's the woman from......
and the guy from....
LexnGer PRO 11 years ago
The only one I got was John from Survivor... I think you have a heavy Big Brother contingent there.
Definately no June Sarpong. Theres 3 I recognise,2 from Survivor & Elvis with a badger in his head!
Sam Judson PRO 11 years ago
You sure?

looks like her to me - exactly the same mouth and everything.
The only reason I know is the gap between the frount teeth,but does look very like her though!
b-real 11 years ago
Wow. Is that what passes for A-list these days? The only one I recognized was Johnny Fairplay from Survivor.
L.A.? Really? They couldn't even get Kathy Griffin or Stephen Dorff?
Sam Judson PRO 11 years ago
Advert for it:

James M Thorne PRO 11 years ago
I recognise none of them, they need to fire their current publicists and hire new ones.
Dashrashi 11 years ago
I think the first woman was Ebony, from the most current season of America's Next Top Model (2nd bootee), and the guy with the eyeshadow and the white coat appeared to be Bobby Trendy. I'm kind of sad that I recognized them.
Extra Medium PRO 11 years ago
Hey Sam, you got it. How did you know?
Extra Medium PRO 11 years ago
I don't think that was actually Bobby Trendy, someone said he was from the show NEXT on MTV??? Not sure. As for the model, it's very possible. She photographed very well.
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