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  • STICKY  Flickr's Future

    There seems to be quite a stir about the purchase of Flickr by SmugMug. I’ve ...

    tomcomjr2 days ago96 replies

  • STICKY  App: - Autoimport for Flickr Groups

    Hello Flickritis followers, I'm a developer that also enjoys photography ...

    Enricu13 months ago0 replies

  • Alphabet Game

    I came across this game in another group and think its really fun, and perfect ...

    workable coal3 hours ago8322 replies

  • GAME: Photo Association

    ( The original thread is here started by tonypreece ) Like word association ...

    Foto Buff3 hours ago14938 replies

  • Game: I spy -

    Here's how it works, You view the previous posted photo and spot something in it...

    Through Joanne's eye3 hours ago24323 replies

  • GAME: Train Carriage

    A new take on the photo linking games. 1. Post your photo in small size only....

    mamassage6 hours ago11057 replies

  • GAME: Colors of the rainbow

    Post your color themed photos in the order of the rainbow. Post in the order of ...

    dbaniaga...aka: Dude10 hours ago6873 replies

  • Game" inside - outside

    easy game .. if someone posts a photo or anything that has to do with outside .....

    SQUIRREL400 - photographingsquirrels.com10 hours ago8683 replies

  • GAME: the "GO FISH" game

    Here is an easy game based on the card game "go Fish" the person above you a...

    SQUIRREL400 - photographingsquirrels.com17 hours ago5976 replies

  • GAME: Make up a title

    Make up a title for the previous picture, and post your own SMALL size picture. ...

    niksin2 days ago663 replies

  • GAME: Post the wrong answer

    This is simple .. answer the question above you (answer it wrong) then post an...

    SQUIRREL400 - photographingsquirrels.com6 days ago3423 replies

  • GAME: The 3 Words Story -

    ( The original game is here started by lukasd2009 ) Doesnt have to rhyme jus...

    Foto Buff9 days ago2457 replies

  • GAME: The Numbers Game....from one to ten

    The Numbers Game Here is how we do it: I will post the first image consis...

    ceaseless stranger10 days ago3420 replies

  • GAME: Famous Names

    In this game, users list celebrities' names. The goal is to have the 1st lett...

    Veee Man3 weeks ago1796 replies

  • GAME: The Alphabet Sentence thingy

    ( The original game is here started by briethe's ) Carrying on the tradition...

    Foto Buff4 weeks ago5116 replies

  • GAME - Numbers as digits, to infinity and beyond

    The Numbers as Digits Game Here is how we do it: I will post the first im...

    DaveKav5 weeks ago44 replies

  • How do you find YOUR photography style?

    So its probably quite an interesting question and I've had many people tell me t...

    IAmTomJones5 weeks ago32 replies

  • Abstract

    Only Abstract photography, or as abstract as possible, enjoy... Example: [...

    F U F L I C K R2 months ago181 replies

  • What does Photography mean to you?

    So after many years of deliberation I decided to join Flickr and start putting m...

    IAmTomJones2 months ago35 replies

  • GAME: The 6 Word Story

    ( The original game is here started by Mikenpet ) lets make a s...

    Foto Buff2 months ago4328 replies

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