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Group Description

Flickritis: Where 81,000 people are still happily infected with smug mugs!

flickritis: 81,000 FLICKR FANS CAN'T BE WRONG. Get yours at

flickritis (flik-er-i-tis): an inflammation of the photo-blog.

Our photo contest (LIGHTS) winner this month is:

Innocence by: leprekon

Flickritis is probably the "funnest" group on flickr, if funnest is actually a word!

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10 each per day Posting Limit..

A Few Simple Rules.
Do not verbally attack your fellow members, post nudity/porn in our pool or spam our forum. If you do so, your thread/photo will be removed. If you continue to do so, YOU will be removed. We try to keep things SAFE FOR WORK viewing here, so please help us achieve this by following our few simple rules! If you do find something offensive in our group pool or in one of our threads, please contact your active admin: Sublimeimage.

Promoting Other Groups or Yourself
Remember, when promoting your other groups here, it's only polite to add a link back to Flickrits from that group.

Please use the Group Invitation Thread to promote your group. Do not start a new thread.
And please use the Self Promotion Thread to promote yourself.

*** If you would like to promote a website or service (i.e. Travel sites, charities or fund raisers etc) please contact one of our Admin's for permission first. Any threads started without prior consent from a Flickritis admin will be removed.
Other Helpful Links:

Need technical support or have noticed bugs? Flickr Help Forum
Have an idea for a new Flickr feature? Flickr Ideas Group
Has someone posted a photo that belongs to you? Flickr/Yahoo "Notice of Infringement" Form

Group Rules

1) Do not post nudity in our photo threads or our forum pool. Everything we post here needs to be safe for work viewing cuz a lot of us are viewing flickritis at work!

So help us by not getting anyone into trouble for viewing stuff their employer is going to have a cow over. After all, flickr'ing at work is the best way to kill time and get paid too!

So please, no nipples, genitalia, bums and/or holes and no bits and/or pieces.

2) No verbally attacking fellow members. Play nice or go away!

Additional Info

  • This group doesn't care how many other groups a photo is in
  • Members can post 10 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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