Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel PRO 10:19pm, 24 May 2013
Flickr offers sets, collections, profiles... how about adding blogs to that list? Or allow groups a blog, to give them more community tools? Could be quite cool.
ratsj PRO 4 years ago
Given the trouble we have already seen with Tumblr users stealing images from flickr users, the integration is already close enough, thank you very much. It will be interesting to see whether the Yahoo bosses do anything about this.
Clive Surman PRO 4 years ago
I think it would be a great idea to have closer integration between the two platforms now they are under the same organisation. They could simply add a function to tumbr that when adding a photo you could chose a photo from your flickr account. I'd give that a thumbs up. It would also cut down on uploading the same photo to multiple sites thus saving on space?
Lú_ PRO 4 years ago
/admin hat off

+1. I'd love a built-in Flickr link to my Tumblr, right from my Photostream page. Plus a built-in private Flickr backup of anything I upload myself to my Tumblr (as opposed to reblogs). Plus what the poster above me suggests.
clickykbd PRO 4 years ago
/mod hat off.

I think they could maybe kill two birds with one stone. Would be interesting if they could implement "retroactive" integration... all photos previously snagged and posted to tumblr (that remain identifiable as individual flickr photos computationally)... could be replaced with an embed that sizes to match the existing post but includes all the linkback happiness.

Would not be possible on every photo, but I bet it could be done to many of them, especially any hot-linked ones.

In addition to more forward looking integrations.
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