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Hajiagha Artist 1:21am, 20 December 2010
Can we have Flicker Photo Magazine on Yahoo, to photographer share own photos and story .Have Editor and writers and travell story about photographers and more ...
gwennie2006 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by gwennie2006 (member) 7 years ago
I actually presented this very idea a few yaers ago to Yahoo!. I think it woul be a great thing to do. It acts like a sort of newsletter and documantation of the fun that can be had at flickr. It is the largest photographic community on the planet. It is full of interesting stories and packed with the best photographers the world has to offer.

Compiling some of the enormous amounts of information available in the group discussions on flickr would create an even larger interest for them. A magazine is a great format to present this, and would extend the flickr experience past the computer.

Has tons of potential too.
Patrick Costello PRO 7 years ago
gwennie2006 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by gwennie2006 (member) 7 years ago
A blog is in no way a magazine. The OP suggested a magazine. The OPs idea is better and would allow for a better structured format than a simple templated blog. The two should never be confused.
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
"The OP suggested a magazine..."

Yes, but the OP said "...magazine on Yahoo..." (emphasis added).

That implied, fairly strongly to me, an online magazine (as opposed to a printed/mailed magazine), which does resemble a blog in many aspects.

Also, in many ways, each of us already has a blog and/or magazine, represented by our photostreams and each new upload. Each image is (or can be) accompanied by quite a long description, which could be considered an "article" in the most generic sense of the word.

I'm curious as to whether the OP (or gwennie2006) was thinking of an actual print magazine that would be ad-supported, mailed out, et cetera.
GrfxDziner 7 years ago
True.....but they want a magazine, not a blog.

A magazine has Features and regular culmnist, human interest stories, recipies, crafts, and Special stories too. All in one element that you hold in your hand. That is a big difference, and it is better than a redundant blog.

A magazine is bright and bold. It allows for the artistice inegration of the truly incredible photography that resides here. Those photogrpahesr would most likely be very pleased for heir image to be purchased for theright to publish it in that magazine.It is the easter egg that is missing here.

Magazines are much more enjoyable to read, and look so mch better than a simple blog. The Magazine idea can be extended to the internet, but it needs a much more flexible format. It needs to look like a amagazine. You need to spend a couple days designing out each feature, and it should never bee just square on a white background. It is easier to just make a magazine and print it.

The concept of a magazine is that you sell them. That is where the revenue comes from to pay the photographers featured, and the editors and writiers that worked on that months features. It is all here at flickr and eay to find. There are two editors in this group that I know would benefit such a project. One is extremely knowledgeable with things of a scientific nature and another is a great lifestyles type editor possibly.

Its okay to make money on a magazine because you actually get something tangible tha lasts as long as you care for it. Sadly the internet does work the same way. Things vanish overnight or become difficult to rely on. A real magazine like th OP suggests would allow for a genuine revenue producing feature. Thise feature expands beyond the existing customer base in a way that can only benefit its future growth.

flickrYahoo! has all of that right now in their hands and is letting it slip away too easily. Discovery takes time, but there are so many talented people on this site that could be beneficial to expeditng that discovery process.

I am sure most any photogapher on this site would jump at an opportunity to be featured in a respectable magazine about the photographers and their various lifestyles, or whatever. Paying that photographer t be featured would return a value to the photographer for their work. Many people would consider that a great thing.

With a member base 40 million strong, a company the sizeof Yahoo! should be capabale of making it a valid revenue producing source for a magazine. It is near impossible to get those same numbers from a blog templated from another site,
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
Thank you for the further explanation.

I'm wondering if Yahoo! would even consider such a thing. As you know, last week Yahoo! laid off (fired?) four percent of its staff, including at least four Flickr staffers, and is attempting to sell off or close down many of its services (Delicious, Buzz, etc.)

While a "Flickr magazine" *could* be a money-making venture, I'm sure it's difficult to start up such a thing when the parent company is having so many troubles....
tim ellis PRO 7 years ago
A magazine would be nice for all the reasons [] gives but....

Magazines tend to be supported by advertising - and print advertising tends to be mostly company specific. A magazine full of adverts for US retailers aimed at US consumers is less attractive to customers in Europe. (and tend to work out much more expensive than "locally produced" magazines too... If you Printed locally, to get local advertisers, you would (a) lose the volume discount as print runs would be smaller and (b) need more local staff chasing advertisers, even if all the Editorial was provided centrally.
RubyMae PRO 7 years ago
It's not a bad idea - just because it may not be fiscally sound for Yahoo to implement doesn't mean the concept of a magazine should be voted down.

Food Network has a magazine (and many of it's shows have their own magazine); Adobe has several magazines. I don't see why Flickr (aside from the financial costs, which isn't really something as users is up to us to decide - we're not shareholders) couldn't have an in print spin-off.
Patrick Costello PRO 7 years ago
What language would it be in?
GrfxDziner 7 years ago
It could be in the languages that are currently available on flickr. I have translated annual reports in upwards of thirteen different languages. That is simple, and again works so much better in a printed format. The point size in a printed piece is minutely adjustable, and makes it easy to fit the same portion of text in any language.

Magazines are printed in a signature format which allows for portions to vary per geographic are. This is a purposely designed feature of printed material that allows easily for different editions of the same magazines.

Its true we as members do not have any say in Yahoo!s finances, but the idea has long term proven potentional. The nut to crack with any innaugural magazine has always been getting the word out. Telling 40 million people right off the bat is an incredible stat to it. Realy that is a huge number to work with. So large in fact that the least amount of return of any previous startup magazine would still return enough interest to support a large enough staff to produce it.

I volunteered in the past to do one for free. I would still do that, but only if the idea was taken seriously. flickr is all about its members. Their similarities as well as there differences. One thing we all seem to like is looking at each others photos and admiring them. So many are a geat source of inspiration. Extending a bit beyond the internet, puts flickr in your home forever, even when the computer is off.
Wil C. Fry PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Wil C. Fry (member) 7 years ago
"just because it may not be fiscally sound for Yahoo to implement doesn't mean the concept of a magazine should be voted down."

Please note that although I pointed out Yahoo!'s financial troubles, I didn't vote against the idea. :-)


I was only discussing the likelihood (or lack thereof) of Yahoo! actually trying this, since they're currently in the process of downsizing.
RubyMae PRO 7 years ago
This forum is full of good ideas (or ideas that I'd like so see implemented) that won't ever see the light of day for a myriad of reasons. Debating whether or not something might or might not be implemented doesn't really address the desirability of the proposal.

I doubt Flickr will adopt this idea, but if it did, I'd be on board with it. That's officially my +1
kitby PRO 7 years ago
What precisely would this magazine offer? What exactly would make this magazine uniquely "Flickr"? We're talking about a site with millions of members that collectively upload thousands of photos per minute, a site that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. So far from this discussion, I'm not getting any sense of what this magazine is actually supposed to capture.
GrfxDziner Posted 7 years ago. Edited by GrfxDziner (member) 7 years ago
I think the news of Yahoo! is an even more valid reason to try something like that. It could quickly and effectively restore moral and put in place a fast paced project that has real potential.

phasing older projects in and out and merging things is tricky and fiicult to have a handle on unless you are completely immersed in a project. deliciuos is a perfect example of that.

The internet is invisible and can only be interpreted through statistics. Reading and analyzing those requires a skill. I have seen the sponsored groups on flickr and while they may produce revenue, tey are extremely difficult to develop and create. It is not as simple as starting a group and waiting.

Having a bold new trail to blaze is exciting to anyone. One that has a promised future with truly unlimited potential can make for a "buzz" that is needed in a time when resorces may be low. Being too consrvative in a time where need to expand more is a common downfall of many enterprises. flickr would be smart in finally utilizing the many resources that are available to them at this site. I have not heard of any real plans of moving this site forward. A week has passed and that is a long period of time with no reassurance of a future.

There are many great ideas in this group, and I believe this one could make a definite difference for flickr. It just seems to win all the way around. People do purchase magazines, especially on what interests them. flickreenos like photography and all the assortment of things that go with it. They can find another site to host their photos, but they can never find another community that is like flickr. It is the experience that makes it special, and that experience is all because of the members and not any magic on the part of parent companies. Extending that experience in print would surely seem a appropriate step for more success.

It wouldn't hurt to try anyway.
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
"Debating whether or not something might or might not be implemented doesn't really address the desirability of the proposal."

I'm sorry, I wasn't aware of a rule that said I had to vote +1 or -1 for an idea. :-)

If questions to clarify the idea, or general information about its ability to be implemented aren't welcome, I can certainly save some time.
chloe & ivan PRO 7 years ago
There are a lot of points and ideas and reactions floating around in this thread.
I was glad for the clarifications.

I love magazines.
That said, some of our favorites have folded
and these are hard economic times.

My 2c would be for printed thematic issues, maybe seasonal.
But who is editing?
Any magazine needs a point of view.

My personal experience with Flickr is that it is the Wild West and all over the place
(which I enjoy and will defend)
I'm not sure this is something for Flickr or Yahoo to do.
But maybe for an independent to go for.
sgoralnick PRO 7 years ago
not that it was directly connected with flickr (other than the folks who created it), but isn't this sorta kinda mostly a little bit how JPG magazine got started?
GrfxDziner 7 years ago
Wil raised a very good point early on in regards to advertiser-based, and mailing them out. Those are very good points too. There are many different ways to do a magazine. Advertising in a great revenue producing source. So much so tht the magazine will sell you the copy for an extremely cut rate off the cover price. It is more valauble to them to have you see their ads on a regular basis than selling you one copy off the news stand, or check out area. That takes time to develop properly.

Mailing out and maintaining extremely accurate subscription data needs to be done exactly right from the beginning. Having that fail on any kind of regular basis will destroy a magazine overnight. Your advertisers will leave in droves, and the magazine is only structured to survive with them. Its doomed to fail.

The best alternative for many startups is go directly to newstand/check out type places. It offers a proven distribution method that will allow for a company to have their magazine pretty much any place thy want, and it gets there easily. Your profit margin is much greater for this kind of sale. The customer pays cover price.

The length a magazine stays on the rack is very important as chloe & ivan mentions. That should be thought about some too. I like the seasonal idea to start with. This allows the magazine to stay on the rack longer if needed, and does not look out of date for sticking around a little longer. If something is very popular it is easy to offer it more frequency, and that of course allows fo more revenue...and an already established following. I think the seasonal idea is very good idea.

sgoralnick brings up a very good point too. JPG magazine does have a somewhat similar idea. Its true that the folks who created may of gotten the idea from seeing so much potential on flickr. You are a graphic designer, and maybe you too see how incredibly rich flickr is with outstanding photography. If the magazine is directly affiliated with flickr it allows it to share the experiences on flickr better. That also benefits the site better.

I think maybe initially something likes this might be better received if there were no ads in it. That does require upfront money, but only for costs. It has proven return results that get better with 3 months on the rack as opposed to 1 month.

A possible idea for an issue could cover the Cherry Festivals in Japan. I have een so many really incredible photos of it on flickr. A truly beautiful shot (easy to find on flickr) for the cover would look stunning around Valentines Day. The incredible colors will go with everything in any store too. Cherry blossoms look great with [red]. That is just an idea. Maybe thats the Feature for the issue. Devote 8-10 pages to it inside. Include several photographers and some of their photos. Maybe have the editorial give some detal of the meaning of the festival, and intersperse that with dialog from the actual photographers and their experiences at the festival.

If you have ever see the Audubon Magazine. It is from the US, but I am sure there are equivalents in other countries too. Its a bit oversized and very, very good quality paper. It is strong on imagery and it is breathtaking on most accounts. Images equal to that quality are on flickr too. They come in an assortment of absolutely anything you could possibly think of. That is a goldmine, and works best when evryone gets a little.

Quite simply it would not be difficult at all to create a high quality magazine of all sorts of people, events, and cultures. Empasis should definitely be o quality. flickr photographers are all about the quality of theor photos. Creating and developing a high quality magazine allos that degree of quality to spill over to the companies that stand behind it. It should look its very best, and never sacrifice the quality for anything. When readers see that same quality on the site, they will become addicted too.

If and when and advertisement is offered, it too should be of the highest quality. When you offer a reputable product advtertisers are willing to follow that example with something that is equal to it. PBS isa good example of that. The advertisements seen there are as beautiful and entertaining as the programming.

There is so much quality on this site, and it should be easy to harness. Something fun and new generates interest. flickr has and enormous amount of people here. Promoting a high quality first rune edition should sell fairly easily. You might even get a rush of threads in the help forum....How do I get my picture in this Magazine!!?? That might be kind of fun too. People could get could talk about it on some of the morning shows like they have done in the past. Although in the past it was never mentioned what flickr actually was, this time you would have something to show them that can get too.
sgoralnick PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by sgoralnick (member) 7 years ago
er, no i mean the folks who created it worked for flickr. and i think submissions to it originally started with a flickr group (or if not, it was VERY closely tied to the flickr community, which was relatively small at the time). in the early days it was printed to order before it was taken over/bought out/whatever by 8020 publishing.

the way it all started is essentially exactly what people are suggesting here, so probably worth peeking at the history of its rise/demise.
kitby PRO 7 years ago
GrfxDziner said:
flickr photographers are all about the quality of theor photos.
"Quality" isn't the first adjective that comes to my mind when I take a look at . And I doubt that "quality" is somehow unique to Flickr.

I'm still not getting a sense of what makes this magazine "Flickr," as opposed to a magazine that just happens to pull photos from Flickr and not somewhere else.
GrfxDziner Posted 7 years ago. Edited by GrfxDziner (member) 7 years ago
I totally agree kitby, that link does not show any reference to quality. It is just the recent listing of evy single public photo that arrives on flickr. It is possibly the worst link to show when you are portraying what is most enjoyable with in regards to some of the photography. flickr is amazingly all ready linked up, and simple to ind any kind of assortment. It takes the longest time to find them when you look at very phto posted, so an already developed link, devoted to trying to find ofher wonderful work this site has to offer...could be this one:

That brings up an assortment derrived from the general link, but is geared towards quality. There are so many other groupable things that will return alll other sorts of quality. This site is packed with it. The craziest thing of all is that flickr defaults all there searches to recent or "relevant". The best link to start with is by popularity. No mater your belief in the magic donkey, that link shows the best first in relation to the other available options. Why would you not show your best first? People can figure out the other clickable orders, but it is more impressive to show the more popular ones first. It could adjusted differently, but under the current ways, interestingness shows them better.

I will read more on JPG magazine tonight. I did join and all awhile ago. I do remember get monthly emails that had a good portion of he magaizine in it. It took way to long to load, and it looked real bad. It seemed like it was pretty much duplicate text from the magazine, although I could never find one, even when I asked at specialty newstands. I avoided clicking the emails because they took so long. I looked forward to them stopping.

A magazine from flickr should be all about the photography and people. It should not be duplicated in online form of any kind. You just gave away free what you want to sell, and it looks way worse for it. I will look more about it, but that was my experience with JPG. a flickr magazine should not resemble that online nagging that I endured. Just make the sale and let the person read it.
kitby PRO 7 years ago
That misses the point of my comment. When I think of Flickr, I think of the following:

(1) Variety: If it can be photographed (or filmed or drawn or what-have-you), it probably exists somewhere on Flickr.

(2) Change/flux: Discussion threads, group pools, individual photostreams. They're always changing. The site's never the same from one moment to the next.

(3) Sharing/connections: People are here to share their photos, and any particular photo is linked to a myriad of others through the group pools that its in, the tags that are on it, the people that have commented on it and faved it, etc.

How is this supposed printed magazine supposed to serve as a companion to any of that?
sgoralnick PRO 7 years ago
i'm talking about the beginning of the magazine by the original founders, which was a year before you started your flickr account, it was quite different back then. but anyway, nevermind. good luck in the thriving magazine business ;)
harishankar 7 years ago
I think a Flickr magazine would end up being like a regular photography magazine.

I think this idea might have merit provided there are some really good writers and editors at Yahoo who can produce great content for a photography magazine.
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
"like a regular photography magazine"

That's kind of what I was imagining too, which is kind of sad. "Regular" photography magazines have pretty much sucked for the last several years.

But, since I haven't yet "address(ed) the desirability of the proposal" (to quote RubyMae :-) ), I'll do so now.


IF it was feasible, and IF they could somehow make this magazine unique from other photography magazines, it might be very nice.

In fact, if anyone made a photography magazine that was actually decent, I'd probably subscribe to it. :-)
kitby PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by kitby (member) 7 years ago
In that case, -1.

I figured the point of a Flickr magazine would be to have a magazine that's somehow, you know, actually "about Flickr" (whatever that might mean for its millions of members), not a magazine that's merely decided that it's going to limit itself to Flickr for finding photos. I'd just as soon see all that effort go into working on Explore and the blog.

I have no problems with "a regular photography magazine" that doesn't suck. Just don't try to sell it to me as "the Flickr magazine." (-:
Patrick Costello PRO 7 years ago
"whatever that might mean for its millions of members"

Therein lies the problem I think. Other than photography, there is nothing that unites the Flickr membership. Members come from every conceivable national, ethnic, cultural background, speak a host of different languages and between them are interested in everything under the sun. Look how successful the attempt to have a central Flickr group has been. Not.
harishankar 7 years ago
Strangely it's the second time today I've been told that regular photography magazines suck.

Do they?

I've never even seen one till date or know they exist except in a vague kind of way. I have no idea what a photography magazine looks like. I assumed they would have some decent content and interesting articles about photography. Obviously not?
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
I may be called out for going off-topic, and I do apologize for that. But you asked, and it seems somewhat relevant here...

It's an opinion of mine, and not everyone agrees with me. But all the ones I've seen lately 1) are about 80% advertisement and 20% content, 2) focus most of their content on pushing new equipment, so it seems like more ads, 3) assume that everyone in the world is using expensive editing applications like Photoshop, 4) either over-simplify or or don't simplify enough (because they're written for a pretty wide range of photographers), and I could go on...

' I figured the point of a Flickr magazine would be to have a magazine that's somehow, you know, actually "about Flickr" '

I meant, of course, "about Flickr" (that's the topic here). But still better than other photo magazines.

Patrick is right of course, that the problem would be catering to the many various types of photographers on Flickr. (And that's the problem with other photo magazines, in my opinion -- trying to please too many kinds of people, so they please very few of them.)

But if someone "up there" is willing to give it a shot, I say kudos to them, and I'd offer my initial support. :-)
gwennie2006 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by gwennie2006 (member) 7 years ago
I am also GrfxDziner. I have been on flickr for quite awhile. I have quite a few accounts. I do remember the JPG thing. It certainly piqued my interest, because it was not too long after I sent some stuff to flickr/Yahoo! partering email helpbyemail yahoosmallbusiness yahoohelp helpbyemail yahoosmallbusiness yahoohelp helpbyemail yahoohelp yahoosmallbusiness. I did receive three quick replies from Yahoo! each asking about my experience....of which I had none. I did eventually get reply to my help by email, and it was just filled with code. It was really weird too. Just a garbldygook of random code.

Some of my comments above as GrfxDziner talk about the 40 Million number. That number is enormous. I have crunched numbers of magazine publications since I was 19. My brother and I used to use it as a way to get into larger companies for prospecting. We didn't do too many magazines, but we almost always walked away with a decent job to work on. There is a much smaller margin of profit when your audience is in the six figures. It can succeed at that size, but when you increase your audience to 40 million, you pretty much can't loose.

I sent my idea to flickr in May of 2006. It was a long flickrmail with links and stuff. As I read JPG magazine did not have anywhere near the numbers that the entire site of flickr contains. And JPG magazine was only for photography.

A flickr magazine could be so much more than just photography. Crafts and Cooking abound on this site. Pet features, a great use for the kittens....finally! Thats what flickr is like, and that is maybe what the magazine could be like. For instance each magazine could have a recipe section and feature some of the great food photography that is here. Recipes are very similar to sharing photos. They are personal and usually have some sort of meaning to them. Usually you shae them with friends and family. flickr has lots of fun groups for recipes too. Something like the recipe section could be a regular feature.

I know kitby is not seeing this as a real format for a magazine, and I can appreciate that. Tonight I'll do a very rough breakdown of a possibility. Just as an idea to possibly help clarify some. It will maybe help to understand it a bit more. I would also maybe do a couple spreads to help illustrate it. I know that might not be okay, and I understand that. I would just link it to a large size version. That part is awkward though. I can only use my photos to dmonstrate that with, and it might appear as spamming. I won't link anything to any of my streams, just to a large size image of a couple spreads, if thats okay. I could maybe do an idea this weekend.

I really loved that blog Zack Sheppard wrote a little while ago about the whale. That was an incredibly fascinating story. It founded new scientific information that had never been known before, and it only happened because of flickr. There are many other stories equally fascinating on flickr. Some are because of the photograph, some are because of what the photograph tells. flickr has the unique opportunity to even go visit the photographer and comment if you like.

sorry I was writing that fr a bit. Ihadn't read some of the recent comments.
kitby PRO 7 years ago
gwennie2006 said:
I know kitby is not seeing this as a real format for a magazine, and I can appreciate that.
That's not quite what I'm saying.

Wil C. Fry mentioned the problem, as did I way up there. There are many different conceptions of what "Flickr" is, and that's going to make it incredibly difficult to make a magazine "about Flickr." For example, the things I happen to think of as "being Flickr"… I'm just not seeing that they fit in a printed magazine. A digital magazine might have hope here, as that would at least allow for the possibility of easily linking to all sorts of things, e.g., other content on Flickr.

You can make a magazine that will capture some people's idea of "Flickr," but I have my doubts that it'll capture everyone's idea. Executed poorly, the magazine becomes a purity test for what it means to be "Flickr."
gwennie2006 6 years ago
Here I did a couple Magazine cover ideas...
CityLife vol. I [version1a] CityLife vol. I [version 1b]

The second one is a collaboration with another flickr member I met too, and sort of relates to so many possibilities that are available through this community. The magazine name is just ficticious, although it is mine, and could become more closely related to flickr if they like it. In a couple weeks I'll have a couple inside spread ideas done too, and I will add them. flickr could really make this work if they are interested.

And my thought is definitely a print magazine, never an online magazine. The profit potential for a print piece far outweigh any online style.
A magazine would be a good idea provided the title continued to spell Flickr without an "e".
Patrick Costello PRO 6 years ago
OK - I changed my mind. A magazine would be a great idea. Maybe it could be one of those publications that you can pick up for free at the railway station, but with a special annual edition costing $25.
It should of course be called Explore.
Every page could feature a different HDR kitten on a beach at sunset. The centre spread could photoshop in a rainbow, smiling baby and a self portrait of a teenage girl.
A Problems page is essential, featuring letters from readers. Essential topics would be, "How do I stop someone photocopying my picture in this magazine?", "How do I view this magazine on TV?" and "My magazine was shredded, how can I get it back?"
I expect Juan K. will write in to point out that the format of the magazine is ugly and suggest it should look more like Vogue.
Articles could be drawn from the discussion threads in Flickr Central. We'd need a regular column on why "Nikon is better than Canon" and a "Pimp My Photostream of the Month" feature.
Doug should get 42 different bylines.

You won't be able to buy the premium version of the magazine for cash. If you order it for delivery it will be sent to a completely different address (based on where the Yahoo Map thinks you live). And if you cancel your subscription, everything after page ten will be blanked.

Does that "cover" it?
BeccaG PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by BeccaG (member) 6 years ago
Seeing as Yahoo didn't pick up on this idea 7 months ago (or even 3 years before this thread) isn't this like flogging a dead horse?

The magazine name is just ficticious, although it is mine, and could become more closely related to flickr if they like it.

Why on earth would a magazine about flickr be called citylife? Not everyone on flickr, or indeed on the planet, lives in a city.

You may also want to rethink about claiming 'citylife' as your own -
gwennie2006 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by gwennie2006 (member) 6 years ago
BeccaG, the artwork is mine for the title. I would not be foolish enough to include a unique title in a forum on flickr. The title(s) I have in mind are not going to be put out until I want them to be, and until they are trade marked as well.

And yes, Patrick, I would have no problem using 42 Pen names in the publication. It can be done with minimal staff, and if I am the only one invloved so be it. And also Patrick those railway magazines are not free at all. Every single person that buys a railway ticket pays for it. Even if they don't read it. It is true I have done them for AmTrak, and have also set up the figures for costing them. It is all amortized within the railroad ticket.
BeccaG PRO 6 years ago
Sorry, I totally mis-read that.

Anyway, you still haven't addressed the flogging the dead horse / total lack of interest from flickr / yahoo. Unless you know something we don't.
gwennie2006 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by gwennie2006 (member) 6 years ago
Gee whiz Becca, I am in no way flogging a dead horse. The JPG magazine was done by Heather and it was really rather weird. Almost a conflict of interest if you think about it. And i still can't find one anywhere, and I have looked. It was done very poorly and maybe they had little experience. I have no way of knowing if staff ever looks here, or at minimal how often. I will do my spreads and post them later and hopefully they will pick up on it.

7 months is extremely young in age for a thread here. We are all still discussing topics that 60+ months old. No reason this one can't be discussed more in the future as well. It really is a goldmine for flickr, they do have the numbers needed for assured success too.

and to add:
If you are claiming the ideas above are similar to jpg magazine, they really are not. jpg magazine is way too heavily reliant on its web/email support, and the whole concept of people uploading photos and them being voted on is not a great idea.

When you look at a beautiful well executed magazine publication you will discover that photos are all curated by individuals and never voted in by any means. Thats how a magazine develops style as the photographic editors pull from their years of experience to include imagery relevant and meaningful to the story.

That is available here at flickr, but one needs to go and find it, and never wait for it to be added to some sort of web/blog thing. Voting images up or down is okay for fun in flickr threads, but when you are trying to establish a reputible publication, it requires a great deal more work and effort. Expecting the perfect photo to be brought to you is naive, and an experienced individual would know that you must spend a great deal of time seeking out the proper imagery. It is all on flickr too, and should never include some other site full of ads and non sense. Just create a beautiful magazine, and sell it within your 40Million+ membership. It has unlimited potential this way too.
kmacgray PRO 6 years ago
I changed my mind. A magazine would be a great idea. Maybe it could be one of those publications that you can pick up for free at the railway station, but with a special annual edition costing $25.

Patrick, FTW!
GrfxDziner 6 years ago
nah, he's just a smartass, that's all. He needs to contribute some solid ideas to win at anything.
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