Thomas Ho. 6:20pm, 30 July 2009
Please give support for Stereo 3D Pictures,

Stereo pictures could be viewed with special glasses, on special Computer or TV Screen or without tools with the paralell/cross-eyed viewing method.

For example Youtube has now support for Stereo-Videoclips.
(information: , Demo: )
And in the uk there starts a 3D TV-Channel within the next 12 month.

Basic information about Stereoscopy:

A new (and first) Digital Stereo 3D Camera: FinePix REAL 3D W1 (for sale 09/2009)

Thomas, Germany
Dan (aka firrs) 8 years ago
I agree this would be good. There is already a very active community of 3D photographers on flickr on groups like:

We already have the option of plugins for firefox and 3rd party websites like, but it would be fantastic to have 3D support within flickr...c'mon embrace the future of photography :-)
josecarlosfernandez 7 years ago
Yes, please add support for 3D pictures and also MPO files as they are produced from the new Fuji W1 3D camera.

That support could allow many people to choose to view a picture in 2D or in 3D with different methods.

Flickr be innovative and think in the future!

/JoseCarlos (Spain)
meiguolangren 7 years ago
Ditto, some sort of tag would be nice that activates the 3D viewing options similar to what the yahoo implementation has done. Support for MPO files would be very much appreciated (not just for the 3D capability but for the other aspects of this image format which is an accepted standard).

All the best,
tanj3d 7 years ago
The Fuji Real 3D is now a worldwide product and the MPO standard will not only grow in usage in the Stereophotography field but will most like be used for other applications as a container file e.g. multiple exposure shots , panorama stitches.

Flickr needs to get onboard supporting this standard and build in appropriate interactivity - as with previous posters I too would like to see some 3D viewing options (as per the Youtube model).

schillr 7 years ago
Some days ago I wrote an E-Mail to the flickr team offering my technology on to be added into flickr.

This was the answer from the flickr team on August 24, 2009:

"Hallo Michael,

Greetings from Flickr HQ and thank you for your interest in partnering with us. Whilst we find your technology very appealing, due to other product priorities we're unable to integrate it into at this time.

Sorry we can't be of more help and we wish you all the best with Schillr!

Daniel, Flickr team"

I hope, many other people will get into this discussion.

neil.nathanson 7 years ago
I would like to add my voice to the request for stereo image support.

Flickr - - - -
Michael Schillr has offered you a fast and proven way to do this. Considering YouTube has 3D support for video, I think it would be even more important for you to keep up with the times and your competition and add this feature.

And additionally support for MPO images from the Fuji 3D camera would be desired.
vaubeh 7 years ago
hello flickrpeople,

this is my vote for 3d-flickrcode.

it's quite ok to use flickr as the datastore, publish to groups like "3D Parallel Photography" or use external apps like schillr's (thanks for that!). but sometimes some people prefer viewing my parallels crossed... and i would love to have an easy access to a parallel-version of others... so... please... is schillr too expensive for yahoo?

Chris Zacho Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Chris Zacho (member) 7 years ago
Maybe I'm missing something here (my apologies if am), but I fail to see why people can't already post 3D photographs on Flickr. Granted they would be restricted to the two-tone "House Of Wax" style glasses or parallel view method.The two tone images at Schillr are viewable on my computer screen, and I have no special software. I can't see them in stereo, of course, I don't have the glasses.

But it would be no problem at all to create the parallel type: just paste the two parallax views side by side into one photo, upload it to your Photo-stream and let the viewers cross their eyes. I'm thinking of doing this in the future, actually.

And I can't see why the two-tone type that uses the glasses can't be handled by Flickr. Isn't it just another image file? After all, they were using this methods in movie theaters over half a century ago; I certainly hope Flickr's current technology is at least that advanced!
clickykbd PRO 7 years ago
I think this thread is becoming about supporting some standard filetypes associated with 3d photos. MPO seems to be mentioned a lot as up and coming.

But otherwise, if you are converting, it does seem you can already post such things and is supported otherwise. If there are specifics to viewing (besides the native formats) that would help, describing what some of those features are would be nice?
vaubeh 7 years ago
of course you can upload 3d-pictures already - in all 5 to 500 different viewing versions - you can tag them, organzie them and add them to different pools...
but i don't have to upload it in large, medium and small size - flickr is doing the resizing for me. so, if there were a support for a standard-file-format, all the converting could be done automatically on-upload or on-demand.

describing what some of those features are...
support for one multi-picture-object-standard-file-type, which would lead to easy stadardized switching from one viewing mode to another inside flickr (not by using links to external apps like have a lokk at the 3d-implementation at youtube:"yt3d:enable=tr...

vreijs 7 years ago
I fully support his idea. YouTube has a great services, and it is important to have this on flickr. Stereo will be more and more important (e.g. due to the emerging of more and more stereo digital camera; like Fuji) and this might be giving flickr an extra plus point.
All the best,
rbatina PRO 7 years ago
I agree... I have several stereo Terragen videos that I've posted to YouTube over the years, and I was surprised when someone commented and told me about their 3D abilities now.

For the person just suggesting that people manually change the photos into different methods... sure, that is something that can be done, but if YouTube can take old stereo videos that I made a couple years ago, and introduce a feature that can automagically turn them into any number of 3D / stereo viewing methods - obviously that's the best option for those of us with those types of videos and images.
inoue_k3D 7 years ago
I totally agree your proposal as well.
I have been uploading anaglyph format 3D photos for Flickr. Anaglyph is not the best format for 3D. On-the-fly conversion of uploaded parallel format to a variety of stereoscopic formats including anaglyph, which is already realized in YouTube 3D, will be ideal.

I would like to introduce stereoscopic photo maker ( de facto standard stereoscopic photo processing free software made by Muttyan, which has exporting function of on-the-fly conversion and slide show with full window Flash viewer, just like Flickr Slide Show.
Example; Kansai/index.htm

Adding such 3d viewer capability soon will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Thomas Ho. 7 years ago
Please :) Some news?
3DComposer 7 years ago
I would just like to add my voice to those requesting that flickr add support for 3D image files, specifically, the MPO and JPS formats. These are standards that are in use now and will become increasingly popular as the technology for 3D photography becomes more widely available. The JPS support issue is already described fairly well here:, though anaglyph generation is not a requirement. To start, it would be nice just to be able to upload/download these files without having the file extensions automatically converted to ".JPG".
simonsieverts 6 years ago
Hi People,
In a recent poll, 56% of Fuji W1 users said they would accept advertiser support if they were able to upload their MPOs for hosting with a 3D viewer. Advertisers, such as Panasonic, Samsung and Sony would only be too pleased to aim their new 3DTVs at Fuji W3 users, as the W3 now has a HDMI interface which will work with all these 3D TVs.

If Flickr is not interested in this market, there's always

Here's the link to the poll:


Simon Sieverts
Braunshweiger 6 years ago
Yes, there's a lot of startups that did that for flickr.
The largest is, i suppose.
I think Flickr should revise their strategy or they'll loose this market.
Oliver.Czibula 6 years ago
I give my +1 for support for MPO and/or JPS files.
I have a growing collection of 3D photos from my Fuji W1 and it would be nice to share on Flickr. YouTube has a great interface which lets you choose between 2D, anaglyph, parallel, cross-eye, etc. I noticed the above-linked has something similar.
There is an emerging market in 3D imaging, both photos and videos, and Flickr would be wise to embrace it sooner rather than later before a competitor does!
gwennie2006 6 years ago
This would be great to add.
Diti Torterat 6 years ago

Any news on this? It would be really nice!
honma 6 years ago
Yes! Flickr, please support mpo! It will be (it is) relevant - especially after the launch of Nintendo 3DS!
tanj3d 6 years ago
Well I've asked before and I'll ask again. The support of 3D photos i.e. the MPO format is a bit of a deal breaker for me. The first photosharing site that can implement this will be getting my business.
This is a growing need (as mentioned above the 3DS is going to generate a huge potential market).
Come on Flickr stop ignoring this thread and pull your finger out...
honma 6 years ago
There where days when flickr was innovative and ahead of time... should I extend my pro membership? ... not sure...
Neil Rickards PRO 6 years ago
Even if initially they were only visible in 2D, I would be happy to upload my .MPO files so that they're backed up, in the correct sets, geotagged, etc.

Then they can sort out 3D display at some point in the future
Zitun 6 years ago
I totally agree with the idea. The 3D photography community is constantly growing and a compatibility of at least .MPO direct uploading to Flickr would be very helpful. The best way to integrate these into a user's gallery would be similar to YouTube's options for 3D videos (ability to choose red/cyan glasses, side-by-side, native 3D display...)

About the 3D display, the Nintendo 3DS Internet Browser (which will be launched tomorrow) is actually able to display 3D images within a website if they're shown in .MPO...
California George 6 years ago
I wanted to through in my voice just in case Flickr keeps track of how hot a topic is. I agree completely that support for stereo MPO uploads and multiple viewing options like Youtube would be really helpful!
akademy Posted 6 years ago. Edited by akademy (member) 6 years ago
3D is definitely taking off now. I already own a 3D TV and I'm hopefully soon to be the owner of the worlds first 3D mobile phone. This has twin camera's for photographing and recording 3D content - currently this comes with a free service to upload to YouTube 3D.

Definitely Flickr should be looking in to this at least - they don't want to be (and I don't want them to be) left behind.

I really want to be using 3D content on Flickr. I guess you could, at the very least, have a conversion from 3D to 2D (i.e drop half the data, or better still, keep the file but display as 2D for future, just like you keep the highest resolution images.)

Looking forward to what you decide.
spike55151 6 years ago
Yes! Please Flickr; I'd love to see MPO support here. The FujiW3, Nintendo3DS, and 3D Smart Phones are only the beginning. I'm purchasing a 3D television this week and it has a Flickr widget built in, but for now I will only be able to view 2D photos on it.
Jim Kosinski PRO 6 years ago
I'd like to add my request for 3D file format support as well. .MPO would be my preferred format (especially since my spiffy new EVO 3D saves in that format) but .JPS would also be acceptable (I feel both formats have their benefits.) As a stereophotography fan and photgrapher for several years it'd be nice to see my hobby move into the future with Flickr support.
mpzreb17 5 years ago
I just signed up for flickr assuming since it came as a sharing option on my 3VO that it would support the mpo files. I don't know if my eyes are playing tricks on me but it appears to be no such support yet. Have flickr dropped the ball on this or do I need to look closer at my 3vo screen?
manfred_lai 5 years ago
I own a Fuji 3D W1 and HTC EVO 3D .... I think it is time for Fickr to support the MPO format for 3D photos.

Right now ... my 3D images are hosted Phereo. Pity Fickr is not doing anything.
luv2run PRO 5 years ago
I also have an EVO 3D and would love to see .MPO support. I do have the Phereo Android app for 3D photo-sharing, but it has some major short-comings (doesn't work sometimes, plus there is no way to filter out adult content). I would much rather put my 3D images on Flickr than on Phereo!
billybag2 PRO 5 years ago
Me too!
Please can I upload MPOs. Simplest implementation is to display one of the embedded Jpegs, no 3D. Would be great to enable coloured glasses support so everyone can see the 3D with just cheap glasses.
Please! 5 years ago
I'm Spanish. I have the W1 successor, the W3. I'm considering to buy an LG Optimus 3D. There's a lot of 3d cameras now, and a lot of 3d capable devices with Flickr integration. I can upload to the cloud my 3D videos without hassless, but I can't upload 3d photos into the largest Pictures portal: Flickr.

I will became pro user again if I can upload and share my 3D options so every user can view the 2d or 3d format than can view with their equipment, there's a lot of people can see Flickr on their 3D Smart TV, can see 3D videos from Youtube, also PS3 and 3DS are capable of that, but... Photos!??

Flickr you're arriving late. Some starter may win you.
Glen Bowman PRO 5 years ago
MPO is a must. 3D isn't going to go away any time soon!
vegetarian_beef 5 years ago
I'd love to be able to share the MPO files from my 3D camera, but also be able to have a simple way to share all sorts of 3D content.

Even if we had to convert it to a side-by-side format with a 3D checkbox, this would be great.
DWardCA [deleted] 5 years ago
To be honest - I was actually surprised that Flikr didn't support 3D formats. My Sony A65 takes 3D Panoramics (stored in MPO format) and I decided I would upload them to Flickr .. and they came out flat.
annrkiszt PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by annrkiszt (member) 5 years ago
I would like to add my voice to this request. I have a 3d smart TV (LG) and it can view the youtube stereo as stereo video, as well as view the 3d .mpo image files created by my camera and software for the stereography hobby I'm enjoying. Stereo images are coming back in strength and seem unlikely to fade away this time. I'd love to browse the flicker 3d store of images with my tv in a like fashion!
Pino:3D 3 years ago
Dear Flickr, please add support for 3D files, such as MPO.
This is my thumb up for this thread/idea.

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