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pks_56_pks 9:00pm, 7 July 2008
As a moderator of several groups, I can only fight for the rights of inviting photos to my groups just like the Admins can do it.
It is even very complicated to make an invite for a photo when I'm only a Moderator.
Some moderators would help their Admin(s), and Flickr should give them the same rights for inviting directly.

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pks_56_pks 8 years ago
Also you can find a short but useless discuss about the same topic:

i agree, and mods should be able to invite pics. they also should NOT be allowed to ban/unban members. this is not a good thing. this would be a smart trade.
Villa Sams Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Villa Sams (member) 8 years ago
I also agree.

Is there a reason why mods aren't allowed to do this?
Villa Sams 8 years ago
The reason why this works out so well is because I have just had to start my group over from scratch because of a rogue admin.

I have a base group and a second 'step-up' group for invited photos that receive X amount of awards from the base group. To make sure that only invited photos enter the pool we've created a group queue for the step-up group. The admin invite surpasses that queue.

When over 100 photos a day get invited to the step-up group it's hard to make sure, by hand, that only invited photos are submitted. It's really great to have this feature so you can be sure that only invited photos are going into the pool.

Only admins can use this feature... but my last group was destroyed but an out-of-control admin.

Giving this ability to Mods would help us in the 'queue' area tremendously, while at the same time keeping the group safe from rogue admin takeovers.

Hope this made sense.
labels_30 8 years ago
I would also like to see moderators be given the ability to invite photos to groups. I would save a lot of time and be a great help. I think i mentioned this somewhere here before. This would be a number one priority upgrade to me.
Villa Sams 8 years ago

Let's do it!!!

Wooo hooo!!!

Do more people have to want this in order for it to happen?
iansand PRO 8 years ago
Before you all get too excited, I have raised this a couple of times in threads in which staff are participating. To total lack of response, including no explanation why invitations are restricted to Administrators.
Villa Sams 8 years ago

Lack of response!?!? NO, FLICKR wouldn't do THAT!!!

Okay, I'll stop... sorry ;-)

It would be nice to have a reason though. I'm sure it would help a lot of people move on if they had a valid reason. Even if it's not valid, those who hang out in these discussion threads will at least be able to pass on the answer to the people who bring it up here time and time again.

I mean, it's an idea that makes perfect sense to me. If there is a reason that you keep getting ignored I'd love to hear it.

Do you all need more help over there??? I'll work for free on one condition...

Cake and ice cream once a day (at 2:46 p.m.)
Is it too much to ask? ;-)
pks_56_pks 8 years ago
Also this great idea can be rejected without intrestingness.
Villa Sams 8 years ago
Would still love this feature.... my flickr dream :-)
Villa Sams 8 years ago
Moderators - Fight for the "Invite a Photo" Rights!

Still think this is a great idea! :-)
ColleenM 8 years ago

Bumping topics that no one else has said anything on for a week is not a way to force Flickr staff to do what you want them to do.

Flickr staff read this forum. They can tell what ideas have a lot of support from members of this forum. They can also tell when it's the same person bumping a topic that no one else has commented on recently.

Flickr staff have explained how they decide which ideas to implement in this thread. And this one. Thread bumping isn't one of the things they consider.
Villa Sams 8 years ago
Thanks Colleen. Do you support this thread's idea? :-)
TPorter2006 PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by TPorter2006 (member) 8 years ago
I still don't understand why moderators are allowed to remove pics from the group pool, but aren't allowed to invite them to the pool using the dropdown. It seems like these are very similar tasks and should be in the moderator role.
AdrianWarren PRO 8 years ago
Clearly different groups have different ways of working, so what I suggest is that we simply add more granularity in rights.

By all means have a default behaviour (I suggest as they are now) but it would be nice if you could add the ability to customise the moderator rights on a per moderator basis.

Just my 2c ;)
Allie.C.Riley 8 years ago
Actually, it would be nice if the drop down worked for all groups of which one was a member (and just brought up the relevant invite code). I always intend to invite my contacts to groups, but the only feasible way to do it is to have two pages open and so I tend to forget. But I expect that would be very cumbersome to implement.
iansand PRO 8 years ago
I have an evulsive visceral response to any suggestion that involves "granularity".
Rock Hard Vegas - Naked Vegas admin [deleted] 8 years ago
I too would like for the moderators of my group that I admin to have the option of inviting pics. Or give me the option as admin, to allow them to invite pics.
clickykbd PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by clickykbd (moderator) 8 years ago
It was also suggested previously many times:

For example:
Invite function not only for admins but also for moderators, please.

But at least one other thread links here as the current one, so discuss away.
rrrrolf [deleted] 8 years ago
I was just about to ask for this, so I found this discussion. A moderator can approve pictures. Inviting is the same level of activity, hence should be possible.
GrahamAndDairne PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by GrahamAndDairne (member) 8 years ago
A search led me to this point. May I add my plea to allow this too!

I am a moderator on a Group, and an admin on a number of others. I do not need to be able to alter the rules, ban people or take oart in setting Group structure. But not being able to invite is a pain, a real pain.

It also forces me to over-promote people to admin so that they CAN invite. Not good!
jakerome PRO 8 years ago
zeitℓoς 8 years ago
i would really appreciate if Flickr would change that!!! or Admins have the choice to allow Moderators to invite or not!
Tiger Chicago [deleted] 8 years ago
(deaf mute) 8 years ago
I support this idea too. Inviting images to groups is surely something Flickr should encourage, in a spirit of community. Why have no reasons for not implementing this been offered? There must be reasons. Even laziness is a reason. :/
Andrea Kennard PRO 8 years ago
Yep, I have just started up a new group and I want help inviting photos to it, but not sure I want to give admin status to complete unknowns. but I DO need help with invitations!

It seems silly that mods can't do this particular function.

Come on Flickr, you know it makes sense...and if it doesn't why not tell us WHY it doesn't.
Seroujo 8 years ago
Yes. I am looking for this feature as well! After a long process I convinced an admin to give me moderator rights, thinking that I could now invite photos into the group... But it turns out I can't! But why not?

I don't want to be granted admin rights because then that gives me the unnecessary power to kick the other admins out, which is a responsibility not easily granted by another admin, nor is it one that I want!

So please allow moderators to allow photo invites! It's the logical thing to do! Thank you.
ColleenM 8 years ago
Seroujo the unnecessary power to kick the other admins out,

Nope. No one can kick out an admin, ever. Not even another admin.

And *that* is the problem with granting people admin rights. You essentially give your group to them.
~Terrie K ~ Posted 8 years ago. Edited by ~Terrie K ~ (member) 8 years ago
As an admin to several groups I would NOT want moderators to have the admin invite option. Admin invite allows members to add photo's without joining the group. It should be used sparingly and not as a regular option to invite.
Seroujo 8 years ago
Hi ColleenM, thank you for the clarification. I guess then that's an even greater problem? :)

Perhaps have "founding admin" ,"admin", "moderator", and finally "member"?

Terrie K, I sort of see your point that it should be used sparingly, but inviting photos by moderators allows greater awareness of the existence of the group in the first place and allows moderators to sort of "hunt" for pictures fitting the group's interests...
Ed Gaillard 8 years ago
Another voice in the chorus: Allowing moderators to invite photos would be a Good Thing.
afgsdfgsdfhdsghyrtui78467235 [deleted] 8 years ago
Also in favor! :)

One of the better ideas I've seen in FlickrIdeas.
Stereotron PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Stereotron (member) 6 years ago
I'm moderator of The best of Stereoscopy.
The Admin of the group has no time for invites nor does he want to share administration. By posting the usual invite snippet, I can only beg people
to join the group. Since everybodies group's list is overcrowded, some
hesitate to join first and therefore good photos doesn't find their way.

I can only agree with the opinions expressed in advance.
Why the group admin isn't allowed to permit invitations of photos to it's moderators or may be even regular group members?

Is it a technical problem? I'd be glad to hear a word or two from the staff.
g@n3 [deleted] 8 years ago
This feature would be great for the moderator, and for the group. As an administrator & moderator, I fully support the idea!!
Richard Cocks Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Richard Cocks (member) 8 years ago
There should be a whole spectrum of rights, and these should be able to be custom assigned to each and any member.

This would emulate the concept of "users" and "usergroups" with regards to read/write/execute rights seen in most operating systems.

So you could define a group of people that could delete discussion threads but could not alter the pool, another that could remove photos from the pool, etc, building up a fully customised set of people.

And then you could include "grant/remove admin rights" in that list, so someone could make someone else an admin in all but name, but crucially not allow them to grant/ungrant admin rights themselves.

This would require some kind of "rights" control panel, but this is well within flickr's talent scope.

edit: And then we don't need to argue about whether moderators have X control or Y control, we can do as we see fit. We could define and edit the scope of the moderator user group, as well as define our own groups. Groups should not even be exclusive, so someone could be in a moderator user group and have all their rights, but also you could for one person in that group elevate their inviting rights if you didn't want all moderators to have that right.
Stereotron PRO 8 years ago
This is a general approach, that solves the problem above and a lot more particular needs. Sounds good!
msbell 7 years ago
I would REALLY like my moderators to be able to invite, I can't always get on everyday to look for new photos so it would be a big help...
The Emperor Penguin 7 years ago
You have my vote. As the sole administrator of three small groups, I would appreciate having my moderators able to go and collect some stuff. Moderators should have more power, and I am a staunch opponent of the "founder admin" level. It would be a poor replacement for the simple task of increasing moderator power.

Perhaps the administrator(s) could give certain permissions to moderators based off the group? This would be a great approach, letting everyone do what they want. For mine, at least, I'd let my mods invite anything and administer a bit more. I would be very happy if this became the standard.
Maneesh Foto PRO 7 years ago
TPorter2006 PRO 7 years ago
+1 too, still would find this to be really helpful. Maybe as an option.
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
as an admin of many groups i am fine with that
corchi24lh [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by corchi24lh (member) 7 years ago
It just seems like what a mod can and can't do is backwards. Some of the things they can do. They shouldn't be able to do. And the things you want them to do. They can't.
frogmuseum2 7 years ago
+1 for this.
GrahamAndDairne PRO 7 years ago
I am sure this would make groups better, and give moderators a meaningful role
Stolen Art PRO 7 years ago
nice idea.
glyphin ( Bunderful ) 7 years ago
John Falkenstine PRO 7 years ago
Even though this is an old posting and a lengthy one at that, I would ban ALL invites. Even Admins should NOT be "inviting" I would also ban the "awards" and silly stuff attached to pictures, which often goes to extremes and causes the downloads to clog up. Its SPAM, and I consider it a disease that Flickr needs to turn off permanently.
My direct experience with invites is to immediately remove them from my pictures, and if it takes place repeatedly, I block the party.
(deaf mute) 7 years ago
John Falky I think you would be in a very small minority if you think invites are spam. It's one of the best facilities for getting your images into niche groups that you probably didn't know existed, and saves the bother of actually joining them.
Doktor Dumbom 7 years ago
you shouldn't just automatically give it to them, but let the admins decide wether or not they're able to
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
Flickr's "invite to group" function is not related to current trend of adding in "awards" and group icons to invites. That's a different matter altogether.

I also immediately remove those gawdy images from my stream, and in a few cases have blocked those that repeatedly add them. I've also added my voice to the number who want those banned (or at least give me the option of not allowing them in my stream).

But again, that has nothing to do with Flickr's in-built invite code.
John Falkenstine PRO 7 years ago
Actually, I think I'm in a huge majority, as the overall usage of Flickr has dropped dramatically recently. People are tired of the fluff.
pks_56_pks 7 years ago
This was a great discussion for nothing.
Since nothing was altered for the last two years by Flickr-Staff, I have done no more complicated picture-invitations for groups any more where I was a Moderator only. These groups may work as they can.
phlewte 7 years ago
i fully support the idea of having this as an option.
Koeshke 7 years ago
I fully support Mods being able to invite pictures to a pool. It could be the Admins' choice to allow it or not, but it certainly should NOT be Flickr's choice.
Harsubagh PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Harsubagh (member) 7 years ago
i am here because the flickr admin suggested i go here with my idea to have moderators be able to invite single photos to a group. there might be other things we can do. the whole function of a moderator is a bit moot without that function. if everyone here makes a separate thread...? or maybe more threads? i was assured flickr frequently looks at these comments. dont let this be the end of the fight for more freedom for moderators!! stand up and be heard! in a positive way of course... am i being squirreled on this issue?
Manfred Hofmann PRO 7 years ago
It would be very helpful if moderators could do also invitations. Because with invitations you can a support a group.
Whats the job of an moderator?
To do this.!
John Falkenstine PRO 7 years ago
Since this string won't die I will simply re-iterate my viewpoint. NO invitations. If you like an image, post a link to it, its that simple.
Flickr is absolutely infested with worthless invitations. Moderators should be moderating, not spamming other people's pictures with invites. If a group doesn't work out, and it needs invitations to keep going, its probably not that viable anyway.
Kyte51 PRO 6 years ago
I would find it very adventagous for a moderator to be able also to invite rather than have them send an e-mail with a link .
Buckeye. PRO 6 years ago
ColleenM 6 years ago
I"d really like to see this feature.
TPorter2006 PRO 6 years ago
Still would be helpful and should be an option.
Club Light 6 years ago
I too support this facility whcih is nice to have.

But flickr does not responded to this even after a serious discussion.
©Christofoto 6 years ago
I also think mods should be able to invite
GrfxDziner 6 years ago
+1 Yes, please, this would be great.
personne.de.chandigarh PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by personne.de.chandigarh (member) 6 years ago
If one is not happy with one's status as a Mod in a group, why stay on? One could start one's own group. The roles, functions and authority levels have been neatly specified .
iansand PRO 6 years ago
personne.de.chandigarh An odd leap of fabrication.
©Christofoto Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ©Christofoto (member) 6 years ago
I emailed support and after I finally got them to understand what we are after, they suggested I start an ideas thread. I told them there were loads already.. Anyway please add your voices here as well :)
The hills are alive* Posted 6 years ago. Edited by The hills are alive* (member) 6 years ago
This issue is driving me mad. I am the only mod in a group where the admin seems to have disappeared. I can only invite people to submit to the group via long-winded cutting and pasting AND these poor invitees have to join the group in order to post their pic there!!! It's a real big hassle (and of course as a result, very few people submit their pix to the group.)

To be honest I feel like just giving up with this group - it's just too much hard work without flickr help in issuing invitations.
Patrick Costello PRO 6 years ago
>poor invitees have to join the group in order to post their pic there

Your group will not flourish without members. The admin invite has its uses, but it can actually damage groups if overused. At the extreme end, you can end up with a pool full of images but no members, so no regular audience. And no members means no discussion threads.
ColleenM 6 years ago
The hills are alive

Start your own group, and shut down this one.

As moderator, you can:
a) delete all the threads
b) delete all the images
c) remove all the members except the admins.
d) lock discussions so no new ones can start
e) lock the pool so no new images can be posted.

Then post a single thread in which you re-direct everyone to the new, active group.
Patrick Costello PRO 6 years ago
Which all seems a lot of aggravation if the only issue is an inability to send out admin invites.
ColleenM Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ColleenM (member) 6 years ago
Patrick Costello

True. The person would still have all the other hard work of running a group.

The "long-winded cutting and pasting" could be replaced with a simple invite code. But finding the pictures, adding the invite, keeping discussion topics going, etc would be the same amount of effort.
TPorter2006 PRO 6 years ago
Some groups aren't about discussions or members, they just want to collect images. So if you want a group of pictures that are just wind chimes in the moonlight or something, you want to collect those pics. A moderator would help with this kind of invite process. A nice option would be to give admins the ability to allow their moderators to invite photos..or not.
It would be awesome to have a moderator group invite button!!

Am all for making things easier for our team and members this would be a fantastic enchantment to groups!!
RobertEdnie 6 years ago
I agree that moderators should have the [invite] button. This is a function that isn't too contention to request a moderator to perforn. If an admin has already enough trust to promote a member to moderator it is not too much to expect them to control the group's invitations. The admin rights should be for controlling members and making changes to the group's home page.
Be7 6 years ago
As admin and group founder I see no principal difference between moderating discussions or the group pool. Both are vital parts in a group and they ought to follow same basic idea and aim. To secure that is the main responsibility for a moderator.

In discussions the moderator can take own initiatives to develop subjects and topics in desirable directions.

In the pool a group moderator can only approve or remove photos from the pool but not take own imitative to run the pool in a certain direction by invitations of images most suitable for maintaining a high group standard

This inconsistency is a major obstacle to maintaining and developing a group according to the group's objectives and rules.

There is much that is illogical and cumbersome in procedures at Flickr. But this nonsense is one of the worst.

Unless this is evident in the development will Flickr be quickly overtaken by other more modern mage-systems.
beachwalker2008 PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by beachwalker2008 (member) 6 years ago
I add my vote in support - though given the time this thread is already open - I don't fathom that flickr will ever act on it. I assume this goes right along with the request for a super-admin; the entire admin/moderator structure should be revised. And maybe, for a change, flickr could ask those who use the features for input, rather than pursuing their usual "we know what's best" philosophy.

As an alternative - why not modify the invites? If you aren't a member of the group you receive an invite for, then you'd be asked to join. If you decline, then the invite for the image will be retracted as well. If you are a member, then by accepting the invite, you would be directed to the group pool for you to peruse and fulfill whatever commitment the group request. This way, the invite could become available to everyone. Seems to require a major revision of flickr's practice - so it won't happen either.
Jaedde & Sis Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Jaedde & Sis (member) 5 years ago
As a moderator in several challenge groups, I feel a bit handicapped. In challenge groups a moderators job is mainly to keep an eye on all the challenges in the discussions, approve photos, change from OPEN to VOTE to CLOSED. And then award and invite the winner! Except...you can't invite....

And I never thought mods were more stupid than admins and therefore would pass invites to all.....

Admins manage the group, the main page, the rules, the awards/medals etc. But mods should be allowed to invite.
TomBrooklyn 5 years ago
As an admin, I would like moderators to be able to invite photos. It is good fun and evidence of esprit de corp for those moderators that would like to do it.
TomBrooklyn 5 years ago
On second thought, I'd like admins to have an option to grant the group moderators the ability to invite photos.
IrenicRhonda Posted 5 years ago. Edited by IrenicRhonda (member) 5 years ago
It would be nice if Admins had a check boxes for all 'powers' and they could tick the ones they want Mods to have. So Mods could have very limited abilities OR could have all the same abilities as Admins but are still demoteable.
BlueRidgeKitties PRO 5 years ago
Seems this is the most active discussion on the topic, so just adding my voice that I agree moderators should be granted the ability to the use the "invite to group" function. There's an older thread requesting this here which I had found before I saw this one.
jojonas~ PRO 5 years ago
that's a good way to sort things out, I think!
PhotosByGil PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by PhotosByGil (member) 5 years ago
Our group stopped admins from using the admin invite tool because we couldn't keep up with who'd been banned and the admin invite tool bypasses the built in Flickr check to see if the person has been banned.

So we only use our group's invite icon which puts both admins and mods on the same level and if you use Trailr ( www.assembla.com/wiki/show/trailr with a discussion group at www.flickr.com/groups/869738@N24/ ), it is easier than using the admin invite tool.
Moderators SHOULD be able to invite photos to a group.

I can't believe they're not allowed to.

The gap between Moderator and Admin of a group is too big. Admins have too much power, and Moderators don't have enough.

Maybe there should be a THIRD TIER of control over a group called the ORIGINATOR of the group... or maybe the SUPER ADMIN just like many computer networks have Super User access.

A rogue Admin can decimate a group by deleting members and photos. That's why I won't make anyone else an Admin of my groups.

I think ALL single Admins of groups would love some help finding and adding photos to their groups... but they don't want to turn over full Admin control to people they don't know.

Something really should be done about this, because there are Members of Groups who want to help the Originator of a Group, and many Originators definitely want help, but when you go through the effort to develop a group, you shouldn't be required to relinquish full control just to get some help adding photos.
Patrick Costello PRO 5 years ago
I don't have any additional admins or mods in my group. Regular members can invite photos be added to the group just by leaving a comment (with a link).
Stereotron PRO 5 years ago
Regular members can invite photos be added to the group just by leaving a comment.
But that requires the owner of the invited photo to first join the group and
then go back to their picture and add it. Many are reluctant to do so.
Invite codes - probably with a big twinkling image - are also controversial.
I moderate some topic oriented groups. When I see an image, I want the
user to add it conveniently. That raises the probability of showing up in
my group. And last but not least:
If a photo is already in the maximum number of groups that are allowed
by flickr, only a real flickr invite can override that by allowing
it to be added to another group without removing it from a previous
one. Your self made invitation can't do this.
teh resa PRO 5 years ago
mods should have the power to invite

whatsthatpicture PRO 5 years ago
I'd very much like this feature, so that there could be a team of moderators who can invite images to the sibling groups What's That Picture? and The Astonishing Power of Flickr
I Luv 2 [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by I Luv 2 (member) 5 years ago
I am Admin of several groups, and Moderator of a few. I find the Moderator role very frustrating, as both an Admin and Moderator.

As an Admin, I want to deputize my Moderators to "nominate" photos, and invite them to the approval queue. But I want to retain the final approvals. The Mods would act as scouts, finding what they believe to be suitable photos. I've had far too much trouble with rogue Admins inviting and (with Moderators) approving photos that don't belong in the group. I'm now very selective in handing out Admin responsibilities, because groups are so easily contaminated with inappropriate stuff that doesn't fit the theme.

Honestly, I can't see the point of allowing Moderators to grant final approval if they can't invite photos. Ideally, the Admin should be able to assign Moderators whatever duties they think would help them the most. Right now, Admins can give "Moderators" a different name (how clever). I'd like to make various tasks available, or not, to moderators, at the Admin's discretion.

Right now, Moderators are only allowed to approve photos that have been submitted by members. Oh, I guess they can also delete photos from the pool, too. Plenty of power to screw up a group, but not much ability to help it grow. If there's not an approval queue, there isn't really anything for the Moderator to do, except delete an occasional photo. If I'm doing the approving, I don't want someone else deleting the photos from the group. It's a silly role, in my experience.

What I really want is a group of talent scouts, to send what they see as appropriate photos to the approval page. I'd like to keep track of who nominates what. If I see a "scout" consistently inviting quality work, I'd be inclined to offer them an Admin post. Conversely, if a moderator isn't following the guidelines, and nominates stuff that doesn't fit, I'd give them additional guidance or demote them. In any case, the Admin will likely see many images that they otherwise might not have, but maintain strict quality control.

I'd suggest that the Admin should be able to assign or withhold Moderators' duties, as they see fit for the group. Among the options should be photo approval, photo deletions, photo invites, photo "nominations" (as described above), member promotions (to "moderator" level), and discussion thread closures.

Anybody else like the idea of photo scouts, to invite "nominations"?
Patrick Costello PRO 5 years ago
"As an Admin, I want to deputize my Moderators to "nominate" photos, and invite them to the approval queue."

That's not how the current invite works though. Invited photos go direct to the pool.
I Luv 2 [deleted] 5 years ago
I agree, Patrick, that the current system doesn't work that way. I dislike the current system, and would like to see it improved, as described in my post above.
Patrick Costello PRO 5 years ago
Fair enough, but it's a different idea to what's being discussed in this thread. It might merit a thread of its own :-)
Dave's Domain PRO 5 years ago
+1 on the main topic and I like the idea of selectable moderator duties very much as well.
Wil C. Fry PRO 5 years ago
the idea of selectable moderator duties

On the face of it, that sounds like a really good idea. Give admins a list of checkboxes, so they can assign (or not assign) various powers to moderators.

But thinking about how it would work in real life... I moderate more than one group. It would be highly likely that the admins of each group wouldn't have given me the same powers in all of them. So every time I head to a group's page to "moderate" it, I'd have to remember: "Okay, in this group, I can just remove images from the pool. But in the other group, I can delete discussion threads or ban members. And in the third group, I can..."
I Luv 2 [deleted] 5 years ago
OK, I don't want Moderators inviting photos into my groups, if I can't review and approve them first. That much is directly on topic for this thread.

I'd be ok with Moderators inviting photos only as far as the approval queue, and leave final approval to the Admin(s).

That could be done several ways. I've suggested a couple in my original post, above. Another possibility is to create a new category, called something like "Photo Scouts" to help find and nominate photos.

If you'd like to discuss the option of having "Photo Scouts" to nominate pictures to a group's approval queue, please contribute the the discussion here: www.flickr.com/groups/flickrideas/discuss/72157629207408247/
Beachy PRO 5 years ago
I would really like Mods to be able to invite photos into my group. Please make it an option.

♔ Georgie R PRO 4 years ago
I would like, as a moderator of several groups, to be able to invite photos to those groups, without the person having to join the group. If the admin(s) don't like what a moderator is doing they can demote them.
jasbond007 4 years ago

Think this is an excellent idea, haven't seen it before. Would be really helpful especially with new groups that are trying to build numbers.
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