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Jan-Willem Swane 11:05am, 21 March 2007
I do like the new Collections. It would be even greater if it would be possible to share (with an invite pass) a collection.

Or is it already possible and am I missing somthing?

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George 9 years ago
Sending out a Guest Pass for a collection is a natural next step for Collections :)
thecassons 9 years ago
with family overseas, sharing is exactly what I want to see too and a guest pass is a great way to do it....Flickr developers listening??!!!
aleeshka PRO 9 years ago
yay!!! *grin* so pleased it is probably gonna happen.
flytography.me PRO 9 years ago
that would be perfect.
George, that's awesome News ! Being able to share the photostream through a GP would be fantastic too... would that be also a natural next step ?
FotoBen PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by FotoBen (member) 7 years ago
Is there a way to share a collection with a Guest Pass at this time?

07Nov2009update: Flickr staff this has been asked for over almost 2.5 years?
shahoodt2 9 years ago
YES !!!!!!!!!!! I would love to share Collections !!
jmoliver 9 years ago
Same here! It would be great to share a Collection with a Guest Pass.
Andrew Craick PRO 9 years ago
Yes yes yes. Alot of services already offer this option. Guest password without users being required to sign up.
Soubrause 9 years ago
I'd love to see this. Not only would it make it easy for me to send out guest passes but it would make Flickr look easier to use for the people I send them to.
Scotty_13 PRO 9 years ago
This is a must !
Not all those I share my photos with want to join Flickr and I need to provide some sort of navigation / catagorisation for them to be able to search or browse the photos I share with them.
The structure provided by collections is the 1st and basic step required for this.
The next logical step is to allow guest passes to search my private photos (that are included in the guest pass) by tag, description, etc.
sublevel5 9 years ago
Please extend the functionality of guest passes to collections. Otherwise it makes it very awkward and difficult to send large collections of photos to my friends and family.

Best Regards
Anand Kamath 9 years ago
Please extend the guest pass concept to collections too.
There doesn't seem to be a way, at the moment, to share collections containing photographs that are marked as private.
The only way to share a collection right now, is to mark all photographs in the collection as public, which is really undesirable.
Uriel & Wendy 9 years ago
Of course this would be a great improvement to flickr
uaarkoti PRO 9 years ago
I will have to find another sharing site if this feature is not available by end of my subscription period.
RubyMae PRO 9 years ago
uaarkoti - threats are unlikely to make flickr move any faster towards implementing a feature AND I doubt you'll find another site that offers all flickr does, as well as allowing you to share collections.

But if you find such a site, please let us know, so we can all move there.
jvbond_007 9 years ago
I totally agree... I made a collection and put in lots of sets in there... Only to realize you cannot share the entire collection... :(

Rene W 9 years ago
As above.

A definite must-have is the ability to share a collection with all underlying sets.

Next to that, a simple password system would be great. Again on both set and collection level.

@RubyMae: threats won't make it go faster... but to me it doesn't seem all too difficult! And we're all paying subscribers! I could have lived with the previous flickr uploadr if that meant time spent on improving the uploader would have been spent on improving the share feature or implementing a password feature.
everyone has different priorities, and the codemonkies can only pound out so many things at a time... since flickr does develop their own code... and then there's that wee little scaling thing and interactivity... it's not as easy as it first appears.
txyank Posted 9 years ago. Edited by txyank (member) 9 years ago
I think that would be a great idea to be able to share collections. That way you could send a guest pass and the person would just have to go to the set in that collection that had the pictures they were interested in instead of looking through all of them. I did the same as jvbond_007 only to find out it wouldn't work. Ended up puttiing all of the sets into one set. It makes it more difficult for people to find a particular photo.
* taltal 9 years ago
I was really disappointed to know I cannot send invitations to collections... we really need it around here, especially for inviting people who aren't familiar with Flickr and its UI.
certainly more valuable than adding video... i'm not looking forward to that at all.
Dale Kawamura 8 years ago
I'd really like to be able to share on a collection basis rather than a set basis. I have way too many guest passes on sets...
Soubrause Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Soubrause (member) 8 years ago
Imagine being able to give grandma a bookmark to your collection of family photos that showed her all the sets rather than email out a new guest pass for every birthday, holiday or other event and explain why she has to have all those separate codes.
terencecollins PRO 8 years ago
Yes, the same consensus was reached on Guest Pass 2.0 thread. Is there any way we who desperately want to share collections/sets/all photos marked private/family/friends can unify in one place to be taken seriously by the developers? Requests for this feature go back for at least 18 months!
Heidar Sveinsson 8 years ago
I really really would like this to happen as well.

For instance I have a lot of sets from partys and gatherings with my company over the years. Would be great to have all those sets in one collection, perhaps called Acme Inc, and then share it to all my friends at work. Now i can only share one set at the time, or my whole Photostream.

Please consider this.


Ps. I love the new videofunction. Thank You for that.
JeepNWilly PRO 8 years ago
Oh yes this would be a great enhancement. I too was busy setting up a Collection to place all my private photos there so I can share with my family via guest pass and came to find out that I had to share on a individual set per guest pass. Please please add it
jakerome PRO 8 years ago
What George said. Please guest passes for collections.
caderik 8 years ago
Yes please allow guest passes for collections!!
clickykbd PRO 8 years ago
In case some readers aren't aware. George is flickr-staff. The response would seem to indicate it is likely to be in a round of updates that improve guest-passes "soon". ;-)
WBI S-S 8 years ago
But it has been 19 months since George said that. Are the changes (to be able to share a collection through one pass) really going to happen?
Kyudos PRO 8 years ago
Like the man said...."Soon" ;oP
krobbie PRO 8 years ago
Still very high on my wish list ...
john robb 8 years ago
Adding my vote to this request - can't understand why it has not already been done.
Arkadiusz Woźniak PRO 7 years ago
heh my question is ... when can we share a collection? it is a basic function!....

when? 1 week? 2 week? 1 month?

Pat Parent 7 years ago
Glad I found this thread. That's also my main gripe with Flickr. Add my voice to the chorus.
dgiol 7 years ago
Same issue here. I believe this is a must have feature.
I was surprised to see when this request was first posted. I wonder why it hasn't been implemented yet after so many users have been asking for it.

It is really painful to have to share sets one by one, especially when you have dozens of them!
**SB Photography** 7 years ago
you guys need to lay off a bit... it takes tie to write and debug and test and debug some more... it takes a lot of time and a lot o brains... so quit hounding the people that gave you Flickr in the first place... other features would be fantastic but they have to go threw processes... i for one am impressed that i have a place that i can do the thing that Flickr can do... so be nice and be patient

anyway.. im done ranting
R D C 7 years ago
Just adding my voice to the cacophony. It would be nice to see something from Staff.
Arkadiusz Woźniak PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Arkadiusz Woźniak (member) 7 years ago
first post : 21 March 2007

last (my) : 21.03.2009

no response

no comments :-(
Jaap Kramer PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Jaap Kramer (member) 7 years ago
* Adding my vote for this feature request

It would be really great to share collections!
fsjones 7 years ago
Agreed! I have a bunch of sets I'd love to share with family. Being able to share them as a collection would be perfect.
Brian Kreider 7 years ago
Adding my vote for this.
__Jens__ Posted 7 years ago. Edited by __Jens__ (member) 7 years ago
I'm totally on board with this one. I would love to have password protected sets and collections I could share with whomever I wanted. it would make Flickr much easier to organize and use.

This is where sites like SmugMug really offer something more than what Flickr does.
Patrick Costello PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Patrick Costello (member) 7 years ago
You realise the guest pass already allows you to have a password protected set (the unique link generated works just like a password)? The point of this thread is that the function has not been extended to collections.
rsmolkin 7 years ago
So any idea when this feature will be available? I need to share 6 sets with family that are in a collection, I'd hate to have to send them 6 different links.
Lú_ PRO 7 years ago
rsmolkin - Staff don't comment on what features are in development or when those in development will appear. You can read a bit about why here: www.flickr.com/groups/flickrideas/discuss/721576038465521...
jakerome PRO 7 years ago
Here's a bit I quoted from a friend about why he's not going to use Flickr to share family photos:

As for flickr, it's great for sharing with people who are flickr members, but it's really just not a good site for sharing photos with non-members. What would solve my problem is to have a guess pass for collections -- so that you can just put whatever sets you want to share more publicly into that collection, and be done with it. I could, for example, create a baby photo collection, and create 1 guest pass that I could give to people and they'd be able to see any photos that are in there. They wouldn't have to become a member, and none of this having to create a new, separate guest pass for each set.
clickykbd PRO 7 years ago
An alternative implementation that would leverage existing ideas (but not be nearly as intuitive), would be to allow guest passes to apply to single tags, or tag query results in your stream.

You could tag up anything (in or out of sets/collections) and share extremely specifically that way with a single guest pass link. As new photos contained the tag, the guest pass would get new content too.
Montag2k PRO 7 years ago
I hope that someone adds this feature soon. I'm quickly discovering the difficulties of sharing baby pictures with non-Flickr-members (and there are many non-Flickr members out there). I'd love to be able to show them these pictures and the great Flickr features so that they'll eventually *become* members!
erinandshady PRO 7 years ago
Another BIG VOTE for this one. Would love to see it soon please. Thanks Flickr staff. I just joined Flickr with a Pro account to share my wedding pics, only to discover this limitation of not being able to share collections.
W__________ PRO 7 years ago
Another BIG VOTE for this one! I am still waiting for this feature.
Moreover I would love to see the possibility to mix collections and sets within another collection.
for instance:
-[c]2009 Vacation
joltguy 7 years ago
This is by far my number one request for flickr. Can any flickr staffers please indicate whether or not this feature is in development and if so, when we might see it?
ColleenM PRO 7 years ago

Flickr staff do not comment on features that are (or are not) in development. They most certainly do not give projected roll-out dates.
smaflenna 7 years ago
I agree, this is a must. Can we add this feature please? Pretty please??
(deaf mute) 7 years ago
joltguy It's not the number one request, let alone "by far". And even if it were, that doesn't make it a priority.
The other day a more important code upgrade went through (relating to DMCA takedowns) within hours of people asking for it.
robmarway 7 years ago
I just joined Flickr today and even paid for 2 years. Big attraction was the Collections/Sets arrangement. But now I discover I can't share my collections - damm! Just spent hours organising photos into small sets and now have to send out masses of Guest Passes. Please, please, please Flickr fix this. I see people have been crying out for it for ages and it's just so logical. I do NOT want people, even my nearest and dearest seeing my photo stream - it is disordered and chaotic (well, not really, but only my brain could make sense of it). I DO want them to see logical and coherent sets of photos within big topics (Collections) - EASILY.
solidgoldpig 7 years ago
/aol me too.

Finding it hard to believe that this feature has still not been implemented.

BTW Arthur, joltguy didn't say it was *the* number one request, just his. Regardless of whether or not it is, robmarway's post above is a succinct use case for this feature. As things stand, you're punished for organising things into sets if you don't want those sets to be public.
Patrick Costello PRO 7 years ago
>>you're punished for organising things into sets

Not sets; collections. Sets can be shared; collections cannot. So the issue is where you have a large number of related sets that you want to share, you have to issue a guest pass for each set currently.
solidgoldpig 7 years ago
Sorry Patrick. I was a little too economical with my words.

Iif you want to share your sets with everyone, it is a non-issue.

If you have lots of private sets that you want to create guest passes for then there is the friction of having to go through the tedium of creating guest passes each time you create a new set. Or sometimes you will just end up using a pre-existing set rather than bothering with the hassle. That's what I meant by punished. Either you have to jump through more hoops or you end up not organising your photos as well as you might have wanted to.

Obviously I am aware that collections can't be shared and that sets can (that is the point of this discussion after all) - the problem is that sets can't inherit the sharing privileges of the collection they're in.
[Andrew] PRO 7 years ago
Another vote for adding a share a collection feature.
BelaiT 7 years ago
One more vote, wish there was an issue tracking system where we can cast our vote for an issue and it influences its priority for the devs
(deaf mute) 7 years ago
BelaiT Nice idea, but flickr developers have to do a cost/benefit analysis for each bit of work they undertake. Some features we want may just take too much coding time - time that could be spent ironing out other small but annoying quirks. Many bug fixes go unheralded but are benefiting everyone invisibly. Some of the things that users want would require a massive overhaul of the system. It's easier for the devs to add features that fit into the current set-up.

I'm not sure why sharing collections hasn't been implemented yet. I wouldn't have thought it was that difficult to code, but maybe collections don't work in quite the same way as sets.
Matt Richardson 7 years ago
I just want to add another vote for being able to share collections with a Guest Pass.
jmoliver 7 years ago
I would also like to add a vote. Seems that this feature is long overdue!
Ronen Engler PRO 7 years ago
Seems like a must, not just a nice-to-have.
Waiting for that long-overdue too.
MarionL'oeil PRO 7 years ago
Completely agree. Not a techie but can't imagine Guest Pass on Collections being a difficult improvement to implement... I said I'm NOT a techie!
Dave K4 7 years ago
Wow. This has been asked for for over almost 3 years?

That's ridiculous. Please add my name to the list of users who would like to see this feature added.
jmd4w 7 years ago
I agree. This issue is a show stopper for me.
elcanon [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by elcanon (member) 7 years ago
Hi. First post in a flickr discussion forum... ever.

Feel compelled to add my voice to the chorus of people who would really, really like this feature to be added. Love Flickr and just renewed 2 years of Pro. It has become my de-facto home for photos in the "cloud."

I uploaded 10 sets of photos from a recent trip in Nepal and put them into a collection. I'd LOVE to be able to send a guest pass to our supporters without opening the kimono to my entire photostream.

As others have pointed out, it just seems like the next natural step in the evolution of Collections on Flickr. I could integrate all ten days of photos into one set to achieve the dream, but this would wreak havoc on organization, something the Flickr folks have emphasized from the beginning.
Cobber99 PRO 7 years ago
Agreed. I spent a lot of time getting my Albums all together (each one for a different family event) and then organizing those albums within a set for my Family to all see - then I figured out that you cannot set a guest pass for the collections. Wow. I'm surprised this is still not a feature given the length of this thread and the date of the first post!

So now I either send out 71 separate guest passes (can you imagine how my family would react to that?) or combine them all in a secondary set, ordered by date taken, then send them an album with what will probably contain around 2,000 photos.

Thank you and please.
Jakob Gudmann 7 years ago
Oh crap! I've just discovered that collections do not have the same abilities as sets when it comes to sharing and privacy! Why not? What's the point of putting 10 private sets in one collection when you still have to send people 10 different guest passes?

Jakob Gudmann Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Jakob Gudmann (member) 7 years ago
@ clickykbd:

I really like your idea of letting tags determine sets, collections and permissions (although that wasn't exactly what you said, I know). That's how I would definitely do it. If I had more brains it probably wouldn't be too difficult to code a viewer based on that. Then you could just send people a link to that viewer - with URL-encoded tags - instead of using guest passes.
orazal 7 years ago
It's a must for sharing pictures with family members that don't have a Flickr account (grandma for example).
Please implement.
jaggedlittlepili PRO 7 years ago
Just adding my vote to this thread. Would be a great feature to have :)
davidli.chungping Posted 7 years ago. Edited by davidli.chungping (member) 7 years ago
I hope flickr to develop: (1) single guess past for accessing a group of sets, (2) single guess past for accessing a group of collections and (3) three different levels of family contacts and three different levels of friend contacts.

(Jessica) PRO 7 years ago
Just another vote... I really want to be able to give out a guest pass for a collection rather than just for sets.
Mike Stempień 6 years ago
Would really like that too +1
Paul L Dineen 6 years ago
> Sending out a Guest Pass for a collection is a natural next step for Collections :)
> Posted 35 months ago.


> Would really like that too +1
> Posted 24 hours ago.

I guess that's a "no". :-(
Patrick Costello PRO 6 years ago
Sadly George was "let go" in the meantime ...
Nhy Nguyen 6 years ago
I really love if this feature is available
l i j PRO 6 years ago
avye 6 years ago
ovillan PRO 6 years ago
Three years after first post: +1
jakerome PRO 6 years ago
Ditto my comment from 10 months ago.

Please. I have several friends that have chosen different photo sharing services because of this one shortcoming.
pdine1973 PRO 6 years ago
Hubert de Jong 6 years ago
Here's another request to share collections! Seems that over last 3 years nothing has been done about it by Flickr... Such a shame, please take your paying pro members for serious!
Critical Fiction PRO 6 years ago
oliverchesler PRO 6 years ago
+1 Please! This would be very useful to me.
abberdab PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by abberdab (member) 6 years ago
+1 This would be EXTREMELY helpful when trying to share photos in an asset-library type scenario with a client.
WiktOrsi PRO 6 years ago
+1, musthave feature
dinesh.joshi 6 years ago
+1, its a must have feature. Also, this has been requested quite a long time ago. Whats up flickr? Do we really have to wait so long for such a simple feature?
joperamos 6 years ago
+1 musthave
Jophie 6 years ago
+1 +1 +1
I have been trying to figure out how to do this, only to find out that its not supported. Becuase sharing a collection as a whole seems like a normal feature. I am surprised its not here after all these requests.

Please.. please make it a priority flickr.
Jeroen Moes PRO 6 years ago
Another vote for this one - this would be a number one issue for me (and a possible reason to migrate elsewhere in the future)!
ramy hanna Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ramy hanna (member) 6 years ago
yes please!!!! - guest pass for collections!
Sarah McQuaid 6 years ago
Yes please ... has anyone found a good work-round for this problem?
davidli.chungping Posted 6 years ago. Edited by davidli.chungping (member) 6 years ago
Flickr managers, engineers and programmers,

Please work out the guest past for collection. I see that should be the number 1 new feature that flickr should have. There are many flickr members requesting for that too.
RikySigh 6 years ago
Yes please ... !!!
jakerome PRO 6 years ago
Coming up on 4 years overdue!
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