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Dani Adell 1:55am, 20 March 2007
it would be awsome if flickr had background music to download and have there choice of background. it would be better! xD it wouldnt be so dull to look at (no afence) and it would make more people interested in using flickr.

(maybe even get videos on here as well but not be like myspace)

ya that would be great!
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its cool right? 10 years ago
ha ha your kool treebjen
Chris Voeltz 10 years ago
hey staff dude thx for backing up my friend... u a cool staff member
kAYla_LikE.WHoA!♥ [deleted] 10 years ago
huh? dudes...if you guys are crazy about literature...then go to a frikin librury!!!
Chris Voeltz 10 years ago
kayla ur on now?
LEViLiN 10 years ago
yea.yaaa!!!!!!! we got all of us against him!!!!!
kAYla_LikE.WHoA!♥ [deleted] 10 years ago
We need music and backgrounds on flickr!!!! Not photo geeks on flickr!!!
kAYla_LikE.WHoA!♥ [deleted] 10 years ago
haha this is awesome
LEViLiN 10 years ago
anyways...whose goin to church tonight??
kAYla_LikE.WHoA!♥ [deleted] 10 years ago
LEViLiN 10 years ago
me too
treebjen PRO 10 years ago
Hi there. This forum is for discussing topics related to Flickr, this thread is specifically for discussing music and backgrounds on Flickr. Please keep the discussion on topic. Thanks!
kAYla_LikE.WHoA!♥ [deleted] 10 years ago
oh okay!! sorry bout dat... lets go to blah blah group i guess =[
treebjen PRO 10 years ago
Thanks :-)
kAYla_LikE.WHoA!♥ [deleted] 10 years ago
no problemo
iansand PRO 10 years ago
And that says it all.
The Searcher PRO 10 years ago
So to recap: that's a no to photo geeks on Flickr.
experimien 10 years ago
I dig teens but they are noisy.
dbthayer 10 years ago
plus, they break things.
seannarae PRO 10 years ago
... if only humans would start eating their young. (sigh)
saint magenta PRO 10 years ago
then there'd be no one to fix our computer ...
experimien 10 years ago
Cruel! hehehe
Planet Pixel 10 years ago
iansand said it best - "And that says it all."

While all those kids in the teen talk area above seem to have their hearts in the right place, and are really here to support their friend (which is a very cool thing to do) they provided a nice little time-warp to flickr as a Myspace-land.

God help us all. (...and I'm an atheist!)

treebjen PRO 10 years ago
It did get a bit scary there for awhile. (I deleted about half of the postings -- the more, uhm, "heated" ones as it were...)
Omsel 10 years ago
@ Planet Pixel

To address some points from way back.... I quote myspace only to demonstrate the popularity of muti media and photography being the backdrop of the main want for some, interaction.

If the options were there and totally user defined it would appease everybody bringing even more popularity to Flickr without losing any quality in the photo purist sense.

Music is linked very closely on a media level to photography. Both are rooted in harmonics. If one equates the Flickr evolution to a major rock band you will find Pink Floyd began on a music purest level then added many bells and whistles to their shows, pics, vids, effects, lazers. On tour it wasn't just music making them the #1 draw it was the total experience. The effect accentuates the primordial note of the guitar into an artistic statement going well beyond the CD version. Its the very reason people go to shows, for stronger immersion into the music they love.

The process of concieving a photographic idea begins emotively. You want to convey a mood and have the viewer agree they feel that also. Rather than compose a seascape, then write a header about how good the wind felt and the great sound of the crashing waves...just imagine...i would rather add a digital soundtrack of the real deal. Its all optional and if you would like to view the ocean parked in your car sheltered from the wind with ear protection on....thats your choice. My bet is most would want to be there.
swisskiltbear PRO 10 years ago
@ Omsel

Your points are well made, BUT some people who have been on the net since its very early days when most pages loaded in a couple of seconds on a dial-up line still subscribe to the old fashioned vew that the web should be primarily a visual experience and the inclusion of any sounds should be at the sole discretion of the surfer at all times .

Which means that I would actually like a pop-up or dialog to appear on every "sound-polluted" website asking me whether I want to enable sounds or not, rather than forcing them on me with maybe a more or less well hidden option in a far corner of the page to turn them off.

Your point that sounds can enhance a visual experience is of course valid, but just as with a book that is just of text and leaves the reader to visualize what is described and even the sounds, I would like to have the option of whether I'd like to have my surfing enhanced with sound or if I would still rather use my own imagination.

And before "just turn off your speakers" comes up again: Even if I don't want sounds from websites, I still want my system sounds (mail notifications, appointment alerts) and maybe even the music from e.g. iTunes that I choose to listen to and not what someone else decides I should be subjected to.

To cut a long story short, if flickr ever decides to include sounds and custom backgrounds, I would definitely want an account setting like

"Disable all custom elements in photo streams you are viewing? [Checkbox]"

which would turn off anything non-standard in photostreams I am vewing, except the layout.
experimien 10 years ago
which would turn off anything non-standard in photostreams I am vewing, except the layout.

My idea too. Or else on a search for calmer streams.
yeah, calm streams!
with calm music, and titles on top!

seannarae PRO 10 years ago
nicely done, Nils.
simply provide a link to a music or sound file hosted elsewhere.
doing so launches whatever app the user has associated with the filetype.

given the many options Flickr offers to personalise your photography (tags, long descriptions, notes, outbound links, etc), this seems to be the most elegant way to marry an aural experience with a photograph on flickr:

- only upon user request
- hosted externally
- experienced alongside, not within & at expense to Flickr experience
DONALD J TRUMP [deleted] 10 years ago
ban teenagers from flickr pls
nils ♫ PRO 10 years ago
well, thank you seannarae!
ow ... and please ban people who want to ban other people from flickr, everybody is allowed, especially teenagers

Omsel said - If the options were there and totally user defined it would appease everybody bringing even more popularity to Flickr without losing any quality in the photo purist sense.

This is simply not true.

As should be obvious from myriad postings above, taking flickr into the land of user-chosen backgrounds and music would not "appease everybody." In fact, it would truly bother many people; so much so, that many would leave flickr.

As should also be evidenced from the above comments, adding all those options would encourage a different type of social interaction than is currently thriving on flickr. As it stands, flickr is pretty "adult" in its mentality. People here are considerate of others, nobody gangs-up on other users with their friends, and there's none of the rampant immaturity that ruins the possibilities of Myspace.

Flickr keeps itself in a happy and respectable feeling zone.

I'm making no leap in my logic when I say that adding all of those crazy options will bring in a younger and younger crowd. In addition, it will encourage that type of Myspace social interaction in the people here who aren't necessarily "young."

You can actually see this on Myspace. It is entirely driven by youth. And yet, when you look at the pages of many, many, many adults there, they are interacting like teens. And there's nothing wrong with staying young and having a "young" outlook, but there is something wrong when adults lose their hope for a more thoughtful, constructive and encouraging type of interaction.

And before anybody chimes in to imply I have something against being fun and carefree and young, etc, let me assure you I do not. There are people I interact with in my personal life that are young. We get along great and I am usually the one that goes and gets the whole bunch of us into silly, fun, trouble. I love to have fun. And, I love maintaining a young attitude.

And please, I understand the role music can play in assisting and enhancing the visual experience. In the real world, I work as a writer-director-editor. As such, I truly understand that visuals can have a happy coexistence with audio; so much so that the two can create something entirely new for the viewer.

In fact, I just finished a documentary I've been working on for 3 years. Hiring the right composer for the job was of vital importance. We did, and the music he wrote for the entire 2 hour piece was an absolute godsend. It saved us in so parts, and elevated our story in so many other places, that I don't know how we could have told the story without it.

And so - I get that music and visuals can work together.

Let's get real though. When I travel into Myspace, with every page load bringing a new song to blast through my speakers, I have nothing but a very staggered and clunky audio-visual experience. There is no subtle blend of the two. There is only rapid change from page to page with music and visuals that do absolutely nothing to enhance the user's experience.

Swisskiltbear has some great observations on this topic and I really like what he has to say. I especially agree with him here...

To cut a long story short, if flickr ever decides to include sounds and custom backgrounds, I would definitely want an account setting like

"Disable all custom elements in photo streams you are viewing? [Checkbox]"

which would turn off anything non-standard in photostreams I am vewing, except the layout.

That is the only way the craziness of user-defined EVERYTHING will ever work properly on flickr. People will need to be able to say, "Hey. I don't want to see any custom backgrounds and I don't want to hear any user-chosen music when I surf flickr. I want it all to be clean, quiet and elegant."

...just like it currently is.

Thanks for listening - Omsel and everybody else.

Omsel 10 years ago
@ Swiss...perhaps you overlooked my second paragraph, user defined and not a thing would change unless you chose it to, from the current venue.

Maybe a lot envision opening a pic and being floored by Ozzie Ozborn or something but musical taste would just weigh as yet another factor as style and personality do now as we gravitate to what serves our own wants. Someone elses music would seem the most primitive use and would likely happen a lot. The real potential would be a serious street/city shot with actual soundtrack of the shoot. Or industrial art landscapes with the low rummble in the bg. Theres a lot of applications with sound.

Swiss i have been on the web since BBS boards and photosites since photonet started. Because it was a static thing doesnt make it that forever, it evolutionary. This is what we are seeing with myspace sites and the net now serves every household not the rather eccentric types it did at the beginning. You and i may want to retain the simplicity but the masses don't and its evident in all media forms today. If they can be fed what they want and we retain our thing then its a win win because each newbee is 2 more eyes viewing your pics.
♥ shhexy corin ♥ PRO 10 years ago
Can staff stop chit-chatting about this fantastic new feature and get on with MAKING IT HAPPEN, please?

This is all taking far too long!
Planet Pixel 10 years ago
If they can be fed what they want and we retain our thing then its a win win because each newbee is 2 more eyes viewing your pics.

...um. If you're ultimate goal is "2 more eyes viewing your pics" than I guess USER DEFINED EVERYTHING isn't so bad.

However, if your ultimate goal is to interact with others in a stable, user-friendly, clean environments that CENTERS AROUND PHOTOGRAPHY, well, then the user-defined everything sillyness is just that.
AMDM - photography [deleted] 10 years ago
I for one like Flickr clean as it is now. After all Flickr is a photography site. Not Myspace or Hoverspot type stuff. I do agree with a choice in back grounds though. But having music added . not so thrilled about that. Simply because I have had accounts on myspace and some of the music there , just horrable. Down right offensive at times. The option to chose is good . But lets say your looking around at other members photography. Click open someones stream because the thumbnail looks very nice. Then you see a background of nude men or women and extreamly hard rock music. Would you like this ? NO.

Flickr please keep the clean family friendly look of your site. Let those who wish to turn it into a myspace site , move it on to myspace or hoverspot.com.
dbthayer 10 years ago
[dreams of Hello Kitty shots with a Probot soundtrack.]
I wonder if I could get NIPSA'd for my musical taste?
Dave Gorman PRO 10 years ago
[So difficult to work out where the sarcasm begins and ends in this thread.]

Surely the people who want to make flickr more like myspace can sate that desire by, oo, I don't know... going to myspace.

Isn't it better that different websites offer different experiences? That's true for things that aren't websites too.

It's like saying, "I know that orange juice is kinda nice but I prefer coke because it's fizzy and brown and tastes kinda coke-y so can you please make orange juice more like that?" when surely it would be easier to open a can of coke instead.
Michael Smith PRO 10 years ago
Look, Corin, they've already promised 1st April. But what with the animated slide-in titles and negotiating for the rights to the entire Engelbert Humperdinck back catalogue, they have a really tight timetable.
Planet Pixel 10 years ago
...if anything, maybe flickr can work in an animated "SARCASM" title to drop in all glittery and stuff when people are commenting that way.

It could be purple and have hearts that radiate from it!

...um. SARCASM.
treebjen PRO 10 years ago
In all seriousness, that feature is in development.
Rev Dan Catt 10 years ago
Planet Pixel

Humm, that sounds like a great idea!!

glitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter text
I have to admit, all this talk about background images and music on the pages to distinguish them and give insight into the mind and soul of the user. has made me go digging for my Xanadu soundtrack. and my David Hasselhoff Recursion.

Can't wait till the 1st.

[sarcasm alert link.]
treebjen PRO 10 years ago
(Coincidentally, a friend of mine and I once worked on a cover of the Xanadu theme song. It was a duet between me and a robot.)

A million lights are dancing
And there you are, a shooting star
An everlasting world and you're here with me

*dum dum dum*

Rev Dan Catt 10 years ago
Hi there Ben. This forum is for discussing topics related to Flickr, this thread is specifically for discussing music, backgrounds and spangly letters on Flickr. Please keep the discussion on topic. Thanks!
experimien 10 years ago
I need a coke.
treebjen PRO 10 years ago
this thread is specifically for discussing music

ed ludwick [deleted] 10 years ago
I hope it's implemented soon so I can put this on a loop.
mtpat53 [deleted] 10 years ago
Hum , if flickr will become a second myspace type site. Will it alow the perverts like on myspace and the trashy girls that flant themselves and throw themselves at men like they do on myspace !!!

Because I had a myspace account at one time also. Its way to teeny bopper and the girls & boys there are really Cancoon types. Being a guy I don't mind the show . But here at Flickr I just don't want to see it . I joined flickr for it's clean look and family orentated site.
Turning it into a myspace type site will surly be Flickrs down fall . Well for those of us who enjoy a nice respectful photography site . It will boom in the sexual teeny bopper area though.
nils ♫ PRO 10 years ago
I kinda lost track . . . :-S
I thought this thread is specifically for discussing background music . . . and how to present or integrate this on / in flickr.
Planet Pixel 10 years ago
Nils - This theard is tangled
Planet Pixel 10 years ago
Rev Dan Catt - Your animated gif makes me all squishy inside!


(I'm too lazy for getting the animated one going!)
saint magenta PRO 10 years ago

should this become a new element of flickr, the sanctuary of a relaxing evening of surfing through the explore pages could lead to staggering assaults on my already teen-beleaguered ears and brain. well - that can be controlled by turning the sound off but the page lag would turn my awesome image surfing into slo-mo freestyle walking.

maybe a separate flickrenergy site for those who like to meld music and images?
@Planet Pixel

I am with you on this all the way! couldn't have said it better.


Don't worry, I did read your whole post and for the record, I've also been online since they started selling 300 baud acoustic coupler modems (the ones with rubber cups you attached your phone handset to) that worked with the Commodore VIC 20. And those were NOT good old times, looking back.

And yes I did read the "user defined" bit. I would just want it to be more restrictive as in "completely VIEWER defined". Which means that I, the viewer get to decide whether I get the sound track you decided to include with your photograph.

Rich mutimedia content is a great thing, in its place. Movies and Videos would be dull without sound.

The video camera captures images and sounds, so you have images and sound, but these belong on YouTube, not Flickr.

The still camera, analog or digital still only captures a fleeting moment in time as a still (which in german also means silent) image. It captures no sound, never did, probably never will, because there are other devices for that.

The sound of waves and wind on the beach, along with the birds and maybe an irate mother out of the picture frame yelling at her kids are not in what was captured, so why should they be added?

(tongue-in cheeck alert!) Maybe, just maybe I might get very generous and say that sounds in the exact length of the capured moment may be added, so a sports shot taken at 1(/500th would get one 500th of a second of sound. Those taking long exposure night shots would of course be at an unfair advantage, because they might be allowed seconds or even minutes of soundtrack. ;-)

True, my truly insignificant snaps that I would not even call photographs could use all the help they can get to make them more noticeable, but then again due to the nature of photography they'll have to stand on their own. :-)

My insignificant pics might be compared to highly processed junk food that needs all the artificial flavoring, coloring and other enhancers it can get to make it palatable.

A truly good photograph taken by an inspired photographer with a keen eye on the other hand would be the equivalent of a ripe, organically grown fruit, raised and harvested with care, bursting with color and flavor, needing no added anything.

I don't know, perhaps we feel the need to artificially enhance photos because we don't give the viewer enough credit, because we think he/she "won't get it", have not enough imagination to understand the work.

Even though those who know me als know that I am one of the first to embrace new technology, you may also feel free to call me old fashioned because I think sound enhanced photographs are about as unnecessary as books with sound chips embedded in each page.

If I want a book with sound I go watch the movie.

If I want sound with my photos, I buy a videocam.

And as far as Flickr goes, I still like the idea of a uniform, fairly clean page design.

And imagine for a second what would happen if customizable backgrounds ans sounds existed, but the viewers were able to turn them off? Those using the the acoustical and optical pollution options would immediately start to complain that not all viewers would see their work as they intended it to bee seen and HEARD and to please not allow viewers to turn custom sounds and backgrounds off. Voilà, the next big forum war.

So while I like to see Flickr evolving my votes remain:

No noise pollution, no glitzy backgrounds, not even graphical smileys :-)
Rev Dan Catt 10 years ago
I agree!

Thumbs Up
shining example 10 years ago
would the person responsible for putting "xanadu" into my head in an interminable loop kindly present him- or herself at my photostream to be tarred, feathered, dressed in a spangly pink costume and launched into outer space in a very small capsule together with ELO and all their instruments.

thank you.
experimien 10 years ago
Oh, you brought me back to the echo's of long ago. I faint... there I go...
saint magenta PRO 10 years ago

all that's going through my head are some coleridge snippets and a geddy lee whine.
shining example 10 years ago
you could always click on the link treebjen has so kindly provided.

if you look up, you'll see a little pink sparkle arcing across the night sky. that's him. and yes, he is shouting obscenities about olivia newton john from underneath jeff lynne's beard.
Michael Smith PRO 10 years ago
treebjen! That is beautiful dude! Xanadu! That's what's coming on April 1! Flickr Staff have promised us!

This is not a damn Fotolog or MySpace.
Michael Smith PRO 10 years ago
Noooooooo! It is better than myspace! Let purple and orange and lime green fill our senses! And music! Yes!

For otherwise we might think . . .
Omsel 10 years ago
@ Pixel

"I don't know, perhaps we feel the need to artificially enhance photos "

Thats already been done when they invented the digital. The same invasive argument ruled photosite forums for years in fact are still going on. Adding a soundtrack would at least help identify one D80 from another.

I'm really excited and just can't wait to add glitter graphics and Jimi Hendrix guitar tracks to spice up my flowers on April fools day.

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics
aleeshka PRO 10 years ago
ummm, people who actually use myspace know that you have the option of disabling other user's profile songs (the ones thru myspace anyway). i don't care much either way if flickr has music or not. but i do think if it is an option you should be able to disable it while looking at photos if you want.

myspace music settings
view-askew 10 years ago
According to a report from comScore 51.6 percent of MySpace users in August 2006 were over 35 years old.
Omsel 10 years ago
Probably all 14 year old boys lying bigtime so they can see naked girls.
experimien 10 years ago
Or naked girls who want to see old boys.
Or old girls who want to see naked boys.

But I have to keep in mind, there are youngsters aboard. :(
Planet Pixel 10 years ago
Omsel - Hey, we agree on that one! When I check in on the kids in my family who use Myspace, half of their friends that are 14 list themselves at 20, or 22, etc.

I'll never understand how parents let their kids run wild on there. Scary stuff if you look around!

...now about adding more glitter and sparkle to flickr...
Omsel 10 years ago
Parents are all busy looking at "model" shots on Flickr on their own pc's. Saw this folder yesterday with way over 100K views.
Gilfer [deleted] 10 years ago
ne1 4 blink tags?
Kiwilad 10 years ago
I really like listening to music while I play around with photos etc.... but what's wrong with good old media player? I can play what I like, when I like. It's real easy, you can download it for free if you're that desperate for sound...(just a little bit of light sarcasm in there)

Keep flickr nice and simple and clean. Yeah!!
♥ shhexy corin ♥ PRO 10 years ago
Rev Dan Catt - more glitter! more pink! more unicorns!
Scy83 10 years ago
Could you make some kind of radiobox to choose between unicorns and Care Bears? "The Last Unicorn" is oh so sad.
♥ shhexy corin ♥ PRO 10 years ago
ooh. Care Bears!

Care Bearicorns!
Michael Smith PRO 10 years ago
Inspired. And only nine days to go!
♥ shhexy corin ♥ PRO 10 years ago
I'm preparing my Cliff Richard midi-medley RIGHT NOW.
Rev Dan Catt 10 years ago
Scytale If we have a radio button they you wouldn't be able to have Unicorns and Care Bares at the same time!! Oh-Noes!!!

I'll make 'em check boxes.
treebjen PRO 10 years ago
Checkboxes. Good!
bikeracer 10 years ago
Fun thread. Could any staffers actually reply to any of the "filter gifs from comment" threads?
Scy83 10 years ago
Rev Dan Catt: Would Care Bares (sic!) be an 18+ feature?
dbthayer 10 years ago
sadness that Engelbert has fallen out of favor already.
fickle flickr.
♥ shhexy corin ♥ PRO 10 years ago
Can every user have hearts added to their username, please?

I think it would make Flickr a more huggily place!
treebjen PRO 10 years ago
bikeracer: I was going to, but I can't just decide which of the numerous bumped threads about the exact same thing to respond to.

Anyway -- about Englebert. I really think his music is perfect for Flickr. We should have a prototype of music/backgrounds up next week for everyone to take a look at.
bikeracer 10 years ago
Wow. That's your big reply.

The whole point of the multi-bump is: multiple threads have all requested the same thing, and staff can't be bothered to even comment on any of them. A "It's on the list" or even a "We at Flickr couldn't care less about that issue" would be nicer than just ignoring all of those threads.

Especially when multiple staffers seem to have more than enough time for this thread.

Alls I'm askin' for is a little love.

iansand PRO 10 years ago
Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass playing schmalzy Burt Bacharach tunes. Heaven on a stick.
LEViLiN 10 years ago
i want backrounds at least...if music wont happen....i mean what can me worng with backrounds???...[[but i would also like music...makes it less dull]]
Please urgently consider Cliff Richard! He's 400% more man than Engelbert.
treebjen PRO 10 years ago
I *love* this!
♥ shhexy corin ♥ PRO 10 years ago
YAY! I ♥ it too!
Omsel 10 years ago
I think Zamfir is highly underated
dbthayer 10 years ago
He's 400% more man
%400, truly?! well all right then.
does he croon?
Dr. Keats PRO 10 years ago
Actually, given that Cliff has been celibate for the last 40 or so years you'd be thinkin' that Gerry "Call me Englebert" Dorsey is more man simply by default....
dbthayer 10 years ago
for the last 40 or so years
oh my. the things we learn on flickr.
he must be of the 'more the man by retaining the essence' school.
treebjen PRO 10 years ago
thinkin' that Gerry "Call me Englebert" Dorsey is more man simply by default.

emmeaki 10 years ago
Maybe if there was a "Flickr Teen" website. I don't think most people here want music, flashing lights and sparkling things to distract from the photos.
♥ shhexy corin ♥ PRO 10 years ago
Clearly most people DO want music!
Planet Pixel 10 years ago
...clear as mud.
_mpd_ [deleted] 10 years ago
This is something we're actively working on. Look forward to it on the 1st of April!

Thank you. I also look forward to the new "spotlight on wombats".
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