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Ed Dame 3:57pm, 27 February 2007
I am kind of opposed to those groups who use an image in all of the comments they make on photos. I wish there was a way to block the images out of user comments. Or perhaps for the user to accept or deny the use of images in comments.

admin edit:See this thread for information on the new third-party image blocking implementation.

Now in UserVoice a request for an option to disable awards (= pictures in comments):
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(1 to 100 of 331 replies)
jshook [deleted] 10 years ago
Yes, please make this posssible, and also an option to stop tracking later comments on a photo you have commented on.
view-askew 10 years ago
If you use the browser Mozilla Firefox you can right-click the gif and block it. I reckon there's about 10-15 gifs out there which make out the majority of gifs used. If you block each of those once that will at least partly take care of your problem.
Dave Gorman PRO 10 years ago
I use firefox and I have the adblock extension to block these images.

But not everyone does. Besides, it's not just that I don't want to see them... I'd rather other people visiting my stream weren't subjected to them either so an option to block images in comments would be welcome here.
shining example 10 years ago
totally agree with dave gorman.

not drowning: I reckon there's about 10-15 gifs out there

I would have thought there were more, and what's worse, they seem to be both multiplying and getting bigger and uglier...

there's been at least one previous thread on this, by the way: www.flickr.com/forums/ideas/32642/
dbthayer 10 years ago
yes, there are more--lots more.
I've only been using adblock for about a week, and I've already blocked 53 (and counting). not like I'm looking for them or anything either--they are multiplying like vermin.
Mαciomhαir 10 years ago
If you can't beat them...

How about officialising the system?

If there were a way to do it officially so that the admins can set a gif/jpeg of a standard size (no bigger than a user icon), and if someone comments on a photo from that group, then there will be a button above the comment box to insert the icon (and any official text).

This will standardise the current mess as no one with that easy option could be bothered to cut and paste, and you could then set an option in your profile to either not allow these comments, to allow text only or to allow them completely.

It could tidy up the system and those who don't want them on their photos don't need to get them. There could even be a tick-box to never see them, even on someone else's stream.
amanky 10 years ago
or, as I've mentioned before, the ability to edit comments left on your own pics, so you can weed out said info...
jshook [deleted] 10 years ago
Just for fun, here's one:
You get one of these in your comments if you are chosen (which one you get depends on if you have a picture the refers to mammals, reptiles or whatever.) 372 x 368 pixels. (And it looks so much bigger....) This is the biggest I've seen.
Andreas. 10 years ago
I also would really appreciate it if the posting of images on comments could be stopped. I would prefer it as a per user setting that just eables or disables the img-tag to be allowed in the comments of my own photos (so also my visitors are not annoyed by this stuff).

This means: If you enable it in your acount settings it should:

1. Not allow NEW comments with img-tags to any of your photos
2. Stop displaying embedded images on other peoples photos when you visit them. As long as you are visiting them logged in.
I know there are more but I'm guesstimating about 15 make out the majority of those posted in comment threads (f.ex the well-known "a big fave", "my winner", "thumbs up", "flickr poker", "outstanding shot" etc.). If you adblock these the problem will be a lot smaller.
jungl thomas 10 years ago
I agree on this. It's getting out of hand. Like this one:
Eric Hunt. PRO 10 years ago
Here's my vote for a feature to disallow any embedded images in comments.
@jungl thomas: the MSoGG is pure satire and is pretty much loathed by many of the gif groups (of which I see you are a member of).
not drowning:
Oh? I did not know. Quite funny!
Was just seeing it popping up in "comments you have made".

And yeah I'm a member of some of those gif groups. I remember the first time I got one. I was so proud ;)

Edit: Reading up on this. Kinda ironic that I posted that gif!
view-askew 10 years ago
Yeah, the novelty do quickly fade away as I suspect many are just handing them out because they have to, not necessarily because they want to. The MSoGG is enjoying tremendous success though. Creating a bit of a ruckus, which is good.
dbthayer 10 years ago
I can't tell the difference between satire graphics and real ones. This one, for instance--so obnoxious it's just got to be satire.

superb masterpiece
Paul J. Thompson 10 years ago
I also HATE these image invites..... (of ANY form)
OldOnliner PRO 10 years ago
I like being able to comment with a photo... like "I see you were there too... in fact... this is my version..."
BIW Murals and Power Plant

How about limiting the size and file type of comment images - as in 75 pixels square and only .jpg format and only Flickr hosted?
dbthayer 10 years ago
you're talking about a personal comment with image that only appears once, right? that wouldn't bother me a bit.

the worst thing about the Superb Masterpiece posting above--even after using adblock to hide the graphic, there are still 11 lines of text nonsense that I can't hide.
@OldOnliner: But you could just comment on a photo and provide a link to your version. If people are interested in the fact that you were there also (or whatever) they can follow a link.

As it happens I'm not bothered by a comment like that one - it is the invites and awards that are all over the place and seem to be multiplying that are the problem.

Personally, I'd gladly sacrifice the reasonable use of an image as per your example if it got rid of the spinning-poker-chips, Oscar-statues, blue-ribbons and the like.

What people are requesting is the option to block images in comments. You can currently choose who is able to leave notes on your photos (no-one/contacts only etc.) and for me a similar option for images in comments would be good.
dr_loplop PRO 10 years ago
Why not simply delete the offending comment and politely let the commenter know that you would prefer not to have ugly gifs left in your comments?

They would almost certainly oblige, and you always have the option of blocking repeat offenders. Isn't that how social networks are supposed to regulate themselves?

Most images left in my comments are relevant and interesting -- after all, we are generally discussing images.

I have always felt that users who turn off notes discourage interaction and suffer as a result. Similarly, talk of global blocking (or selective blocking of certain "offensive" logos) smacks of over-policing at the price of creativity.

Just take a little time to communicate, it's better for everyone that way.
jshook [deleted] 10 years ago
I have always felt that users who turn off notes discourage interaction and suffer as a result.

The problem isn't notes, the problem is that the notes outlines are displayed when the picture loads (despite the text below the picture which says you have to mouse over the picture to see them.) If they were not visible when the picture loaded as claimed, that would be fine with me. Don't want to see them? Don't mouse over the image.
dr_loplop PRO 10 years ago
I completely agree, jshook, that would be much better.

It would also mean that most people would leave notes enabled, and see them as targeted comments rather than graphical vandalism. Out of sight, out of mind.
dr_loplop PRO 10 years ago
And would someone please delete that Master Sword of whatever image or replace it with a nice link -- it's playing havoc with my page layout!

Ben Shepherd 10 years ago
I've hacked together a Greasemonkey script that will remove images from comments. It's here: flickrslideshow.fateback.com/flickrcommentsimageremov.use...

Please let me know if this doesn't work for you.

[to make this work, you'll need Firefox and the Greasemonkey extension.]
No. Nein 10 years ago
Yeah. I'm getting tired of all the pimping of groups with trophy and award images. Someone's really got to get a lockdown on that.
You know what would be REALLY cool?

If a group admin could customise the "invite to" message to include images and stuff?

Please do that!

Also: embedded midis, please.
ososment 10 years ago
*dreams of singing swords*
fresh tomatoes [deleted]
i think all pictures should be banned from flickr.
Sir Pixelman 10 years ago
I think most users would be satified, when we get two checkboxes:
[x] Allow users to use images in their comments about my own images
[x] Show me images in anyone's image comments
fresh tomatoes [deleted] 10 years ago
except that it should be vice versa by default.
ososment 10 years ago
Sir Pixelman has it I reckon, choice should prevail at all times...
Wil C. Fry PRO 10 years ago
I also have to throw in my vote AGAINST the posting of group icons and "awards", or even graphic invites, in my photostream. Currently, I have a policy of immediately deleting any comments that contain them.

On the other hand, I don't mind the occasional photo posted in my photostream -- a PHOTO, not a graphic. If you're saying, "Here's my shot of the same thing," then I'm kind of flattered that you thought I'd want to see it.

But there's not need for gawdy, and sometimes tacky, gif images. Just invite my image to the group, or tell me it's a great shot, or whatever.
Corey James (Derp) 10 years ago
Sigh. What would we do without invite only groups anyways?
What is interesting about this discussion is, most of those in support of messages including images are from the Master Sword group. Admins or moderators, no less.
They are also responsible for posting their comment and graphic multiple times on several indiviual photos.
I am sure the contents of this link will change but, for now, here is an example: flickr.com/photos/ehershey/334246533/

Que the personal attacks and nasty comments toward me and comments about not having photos available to people. I know the drill.
Sigh. What would we do without invite only groups anyways?

In a quagmire, that's where!

I never get invited.

Complain more often about pedophiles.
♥ shhexy corin ♥ PRO 10 years ago
What is interesting about this discussion is, most of those in support of messages including images are from the Master Sword group.

I'm in support of people not getting their knickers in a twist about stuff that really doesn't matter. That includes images in comments.
πρώρα (Prora) PRO 10 years ago
I support the opposition to the trophies and other such graphics being posted in others' photostreams. On the other hand let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater - adding a photo relevant to the topic can be helpful and is not obtrusive.

Can we hope for some input from Flickr staff on this, please?

It's getting out of hand.
NoNo Joe 10 years ago
The funny thing is I got an email from Flickr to join the site. Interestingly enough, they enclosed an animated gif in the email.
jakerome PRO 10 years ago
Let's just all agree that there should only be one invitation group on Flickr. We would just choose the best one. Defining best is difficult, so instead we'll just choose the one with the largest graphic. Any nominations?

P.S. What's satire?
fresh tomatoes [deleted] 10 years ago
i nominate the barney group then!
++Eric++ 10 years ago
hey, why don't you just post a caption under your picture and kindly ask that your contacts, not award you any gif's...I'm sure they will be respectful of your wishes....Pretty easy solution, when compared to having flickr take action, against one of the big reasons the flickr community has become so large: IT's NETWORK OF GROUPS!

Flickr Groups have been featured in Nikon ads and photoshop press releases, I seriously doubt there will be a feature that limits the use of gifs any time soon. I mean you can't even upload RAW images...that certainly should come first...IMHO...Cheers.
twasbrillig 10 years ago
I agree, that ought to be implemented. Just as an option. What's the harm?
Superchou PRO 10 years ago
here's an idea... delete the comment containing the gif image...why do we need more rules? I hate those groups and the ones on my stream are deleted (except Master Sword since they rawk!)
Dave Gorman PRO 10 years ago
No one's asking for a new rule... just an option.
dbthayer 10 years ago
hey, why don't you just post a caption under your picture and kindly ask that your contacts, not award you any gif's...

Because it's not me who is being showered with gifs (boohoo).
It's my "Comments You've Made" listing that is an awards banquet...

maybe it's just jealousy? ;-)
ososment 10 years ago
oh dear...
jakerome PRO 10 years ago
Well then, delete your comments from the photos that get flooded with Gifs. It's easy enough to do.
Stuart K. Seels 10 years ago
Can i just say that the master sword of greatness grou can be quite a laugh.
ososment 10 years ago
feel free ya liar
Well then, delete your comments from the photos that get flooded with Gifs. It's easy enough to do.

indeed. earlier today I explained to a contact why I'd done that, and he was cool. but most of the time, I just delete.


I find that I'm not only deleting comments more often now, it's also affecting where I leave comments in the first place. and I don't think I'm alone.
ososment 10 years ago
now I wish there were a way of organising your conversations, or indeed of dropping them when you're bored of the fecking thing repeatedly turning up when it appears in yet another crit group...
jakerome PRO 10 years ago
The Master Sword of Greatness Grou is horrible, terrible & hideous. It besmirches the good name of Flickr, and makes fun of the best thing about it-- groups that require huge GIFs in their comments.

But the worse part of MSoGG is that horrible, huge GIF they add to photos to invite them. I didn't ask to be invited to the Grou, why put the sword on my picture? Isn't it obvious that I only want to have non-satirical GIFs placed on my photos?
Daniel Greene PRO 10 years ago
I've got to add my vote against images in comments!

On YouTube, for each video a user uploads, s/he can choose to "Allow other users to add text comments" and/or "Allow other users to add video comments." Now, even when one allows "video comments," those "videos" are shown neatly in small thumbnail icons just below my video, NOT in 320x240 size embedded in a thread of comments running down the length of the page. AND, I as a user have the option of *approving* or disapproving each and every text or video comment. Why can't Flickr be more like YouTube in this regard?
swedrftg [deleted] 10 years ago
What about something simple, such as...

In your account settings, there is a check box that says "Prefer not to have non-photograph items (graphics, animated or otherwise) posted in the comments of my pictures."

Then when people go to add a comment to a picture, there is a little warning:

Daniel Greene PRO 10 years ago
Eric, a computer doesn't know the difference between a "non-photograph" digital image and a digital "photograph," unless you're talking about JPEGs vs. GIFs (in which case it might detect based on file extension or metadata). I suppose your idea of a polite request might be effective, though.
SutraTwo PRO 10 years ago
Here's one more vote -- I would appreciate the ability to prevent or remove these images from comments on my photos. I think they're completely horrid and rather rude, even though I do appreciate invitations, feedback, etc. and want to keep encouraging text...
swedrftg [deleted] 10 years ago
danielgreene, exactly, it's just a little suggestion (warning?) for those graphic-going-types. :)
Omsel 10 years ago
The majority of comments here on Flickr aren't exactly profound critques. If all gifs and animations were banned a monologue of " very nice....awesome... pretty...cool!!" etc would dominate. The text equivilant of a poker chip.

How bout nothing at all? I was on a site you post many pics and despite your best efforts you got zero for the effort. Not a peep. In those dark times an honourable sword of greatness would have made my day.

People don't have to comment or give u awards or do nothing at all. The people who make this site tick through comment energy are not sitting around forums moaning about a gif, they are out there making the site happen.
♥ shhexy corin ♥ PRO 10 years ago
I move to ban everything ever
Daniel Greene PRO 10 years ago
Eric Ingram: Sorry, I misread the intent of the first part of your post. My first thought was, "How will the computer system know the difference!?" I guess that thought stuck with me even after I saw your suggested "reminder"... I must not jump at the chance to correct people; it's a pedantic tendancy of mine that I must squash. ;-)
Yes, this should be an option, not a mandated rule as some here think is being proposed. Just a little option for the owner of the stream to say, "no, I don't want images posted in comments," or "I don't care, post them if you want."

Along the same lines, I think Flickr should allow photos in a photo's description. There have been times I'd wanted to post a photo of mine to another photo's description when talking about something. At the moment, Flickr strips the image tag and leaves the link opening and closing (if you just copy/paste Flickr image code) with no visible link.

Just a thought.
bikeracer 10 years ago
i agree with anela, i was suggesting it as an option on a per stream, per photo, and per comment basis. not as a ban.
shining example 10 years ago
Omsel If all gifs and animations were banned a monologue of " very nice....awesome... pretty...cool!!" etc would dominate.
I dunno, I seem to recall the site ticking along just fine before this craze started...

dbthayer it's also affecting where I leave comments in the first place. and I don't think I'm alone.
you're not.
xooorx PRO 10 years ago
The problem is that people are rolling their own award systems and (ab-)using the comment system to do it.

If an award system were built into flickr, so you could set up an "awards group", then awards could be displayed -- or not -- separately from comments. Also it could show "Master Sword of Greatness" * 5 or whatever instead of repeating the graphic 5 times.

Ditto for voting groups, which (ab-)use the tagging system.
Dr. Keats PRO 10 years ago
Consider this a hefty vote against any Flickr-initiated "awards groups".

Bad enough having a constant stream of "Why aren't my pics in Explore" threads, without adding the new category of "Why didn't I get an award?"...
shining example 10 years ago
Consider this a hefty vote against any Flickr-initiated "awards groups".

and another.

flickr isn't a competition, though a fair few people seem to mistake it for one.
xooorx PRO 10 years ago
Ummm... I'm not a big fan of awards either. I'd say they were getting beyond a joke if it weren't for the fact that the satirical Master Sword of Greatness award pulled more new members over the last week or so than ***ANY*** of the more... erm... sincere awards. (Perhaps, Soviet Russia style, the joke is getting beyond /them/).

But awards exist, and are becoming popular enough that they're starting to screw up the commenting system. Its not just the gifs, its the havoc that it can cause with "comments you have made" eg if I say something about a picture and then it starts to win tens of these awards.

Choice 1: Break the commenting system so they can't do it any more. Several ad-hoc proposals for this have appeared above, but no complete workable solution.

Choice 2: Formalise what people are ALREADY DOING so it doesn't disrupt what other people want to do.

Choice 3: Satirise it and hope it goes away. (It won't).

Choice 4: ???
♥ shhexy corin ♥ PRO 10 years ago
I dunno, I seem to recall the site ticking along just fine before this craze started...

Um. It's still ticking along just fine.
shining example 10 years ago
never said it wasn't, ma'am. just responding to Omsel's assertion that it would grind to a miserable halt if people weren't allowed their spangly award graphics.
♥ shhexy corin ♥ PRO 10 years ago
I think Flickr needs more unicorns and fairy dust.

Unicorns and fairy dust in EVERY post.
Choice 4: ???
push the limits to an extreme that makes graphics passé?
like..maybe we should start an awards group where the 'prize' includes embedded sounds of orgasm shrieks. "your pic makes me wanna...oh oh, oh god no, OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!"
...and when that gets boring, full-on video awards!
I'm not serious.

[edited to put the little mark in passé]
Omsel 10 years ago
This entire phenomina is probably the end result of the ability to delete comments and to force comments.

This conversation is defining the symptom not the cause. Opinion must be freely spoken to have any real value and by taking out the negative leaves only the good. Whats being missed is the observation that less and less truth is being spoken on the images themselves, for fear of deletion and being blocked for being the harbinger of bad news.

It should be noted that very few of these awards are ever handed out with any text more substantial than "pretty, nice, beautiful" etc. I do confess to handing out some garish award early in Flickr carreer, and saying "nice" while thinking...this mutt of a pic is best flushed down the recylcle bin, glad i just have to paste this idiot thing and not comitt to a huge lie....really, i do hate to lie about a pic and think many are thinking the same.

So a general degration in this utopian world where every photog is a master. Shining you are probably right and i say more an evolution than a "craze" though. Unless a person is severly challenged their photography will at some point have to have more substance than counting how many poker chips they got for it.

Post one give 2 awards. In the real world that would be called a pyramid scheme and most end up losers...and they using real money. Here all you have is valid opinion and take that validity away theres really no purpose to it all. The system has been degraded by those who squash anything negative and its been replaced with play money comments.

That could be how someone "seasoned" sees it but to many beginners its pretty intimidating to express an opinion and handing out an award as an agent for the "group", whom they trust as having a clue. Any clueless nobody can start a group and lead the people and if those people follow....they are not being forced. I think most users on this site either like or don't give a hoot about these awards. Only the 1% actually voicing an opinion here are looking for something deeper the rest are overjoyed or apathetic.

Shining it was ticking along ya but has also grown enormously since that time. The other more serious sites in contrast are dying a slow death. Every house now has a digital snapshooter and unlike the old days spending a fortune on equipment pretty well made its own commitment to an art statement is no longer true. Most don't aspire to becoming serious artists and that goes hand in hand with a serious enviroment.

Perhaps 1% of this giant digital emersion into the art venue will go on to be great and the other 99 will get enough chips and get bored. In the meantime it should be remembered those in artistic limbo feeding on poker chips might not even be interested if not for these icons of attention.
What a bunch of Whiners ! Sheesh !

Whine Whine Whine.

This phenomenon is the natural result of Freedom, Baby !

Everything is nice until people get a handle on what they can and cannot get away with.

At that point, the 'Free' demand that 'The Man' create and enforce 'Laws' and 'Rules' that make 'The Free' feel more comfortable in their complacency and desire to not take responsibility for being a member of the 'Free' society.

Wake up and smell the coffee, folks. With freedom comes responsibility and it is frequently messy and uncomfortable. The flip side is Fascism and Totalitarianism.

Personally, you as a Flickr user have the power and control to delete this drek or run a browser script to dis-allow posting of images or even comments. I feel personally that Flickr would loose it's appeal to me if I had to jump through hoops at every turn or request from the Flickr authorities any time I wanted to deviate from the 'Common heard of Sheep'

This is Web 2.0. Get used to it and take responsibility for your own actions. Shheeeshh !
teotwawki 10 years ago
Forcing people to accept images in comments is freedom? Not allowing people the ability to choose is freedom?

Do you smoke crack often?
"Forcing people to accept images in comments is freedom? Not allowing people the ability to choose is freedom?

Do you smoke crack often ?"

This is not forcing, and if you read what I wrote you would have understood that point.

The point is you silly silly icon, is that you have the ability to delete whatever you want from your stream. People are only putting these image / comments because they are enthusiastic enough about what they see on your stream to take the time to paste the bit of code.

Flickr mailing them a polite request serves to add further interaction through out the community. Any time I have posted an image / comment and have been asked to remove I do it with aplomb, for I understand that this comment was considered over the top.

This is one of many web 2.0 communities and as such they are works in progress.

Please re-read what I wrote above to get a clearer picture of what I meant.

; )
Leon Jacobs 10 years ago
This is getting out of hand. Tarky7 speaks of Web 2.0, but his stupid sword he sticks everywhere looks like those old skool personal web pages when everybody figured out the blink 182 tag.

Seriously, I pay for flickr because it's pleasant to use. Clean, simple and crisp. The .gifs detract from that experience.

You speak of freedom Tarky7? I call freedom the ability to lock your crappy icons out.
fresh tomatoes [deleted] 10 years ago
speaking of crappy icons/gifs...

ososment 10 years ago
do you know what tomatoes, that is just the kind of obnoxious gif these guys were talking about. Do you have any idea how nauseating these things are?

It makes me so mad I just punched my brother in the neck.

I hope you're happy now.
Omsel 10 years ago
That gives great brain seizure but we should be able to add music to em
indeed... nothing should have animation, and nothing bigger than a thumb... i'd prefer ZERO grfx in comments, but too many people would pee themselves if that was the case, cuz then they'd have to string words together into sentences.

thumbie-sized NON animated images... i guess that could be livable.
teotwawki 10 years ago
cuz then they'd have to string words together into sentences

To a degree we're wasting our time here because the problem is less the images than the lowest common denominator of the faceless, mindless yahoo hordes behind the proliferation of awards - the same morons who can't string words together into sentences. Short of industrial scale slaughter, there's not much we can do about it.
Corey Ward 10 years ago
C'mon flickr...can a staff member please at least respond to the requests in here. You really must admit all of the awards are cluttering up pages.
ibanda PRO 10 years ago
There is a very good reason why gifs like that damn sword should not be allowed - or at least why I should be able to exclude them automatically from other peoples comments as well as my own.

When they are so large they bugger up the screen layout. Now that is something Flickr has every right to be concerned about.

I don't see a problem with restricting the size of the things. Keeping them small would at least make them more bearable...
Josh Sommers PRO 10 years ago
♥ shhexy corin ♥ PRO 10 years ago
If it's a problem - change your screen resolution.
they do actually distort the frame of the css under the image and in your comments you've made page.

it is kinda annoying.
raphaelmazor PRO 10 years ago
In some cases, the images are annoying. But for other groups, such as the Field Guide to Birds of the World group, the images are an essentail way that people communicate and try to ID bird species. Blocking images from comments would really diminish the value of this group, and flickr in general.
raphaelmazor PRO 10 years ago

Are we railing against the actual gifs people post? Or against the whole "this photo is so super let me stroke your ego" that seems to underly them?

I kinda hate both, but what are you going to do about it? Both are an easily ignored nuissance.
don't think anybody is seriously suggesting blocking all images from comments. that would only feed the alarmists who imagine that their first-amendment rights are under attack (sheesh). but getting more control over what we see in our Comments You've Made would be peachy. some sort of filter for comment spam, yeah.

right, kinda both: the bad graphics and OTT canned rhetoric...and the urge that makes everybody and their dead uncle want to spew out increasingly meaningless awards (the first few awards groups were actually fine--but sadly, the freshness of the concept wore off a long time ago).

sure, there are workarounds. but I have to wonder how far this awards thing is going to go. I'm already blocking new awards graphics every day (three just today), deleting more comments, and restricting my comments more. if others are adopting similar tactics, that can't be good for flickr.

edit: wackos --> alarmists :-p
ibanda PRO 10 years ago
If I changed the resolution on my lap top so that the layout wasn't disrupted I wouldn't be able to read the text! It seems relatively innocuous to restrict the size of gifs in comments. I use adblock so I only see them once...
Its not really the gifs, thats only the symptom.

The root of all evil is the forced comment groups and the fact that attitude towards groups is the poster is doing the group a favour by posting and has to be threatened and allured just to comment on other pics in groups.

How it should work is u post 1...comment 1....anywhere, just as the right thing to do. Each groups expectations may vary but thats the basic decent thing to do, you would think.

Yet i run 24 colour groups with that basic rule which isn't even enforced...and hardly anyone comments. Now i either need to employ a throng of enforcers and threaten people to have them begrudgingly comment...or forget about it.

Some cool admin tools were just provided but the most effective ones wern't included. Admins need to be able to see what each member has posted and what this member has left for comments within the specific group.

If this simple tool was provided the admin could then have some data to take action with. Personally i would boot anybody that was freeloading. The main reason for the gifs is the "please join us and make us huge" mentality here but as groups get big pics just get buried faster and the sense of community is lost. The point of posting to a group in the first place is to recieve input. Most post off organizer and dont even visit the groups never mind appriciating the collections.

So given the right tools suggested would make forced comment groups and enticing gifs redundant....unless they were a hurtin group nobody joined cause they recieved no input. After all, the very reason forced comment groups do exist is because posters can be assured comments....giving and recieving comments within a group should be a given, why else would you be there??

The groups that were well run would become highly interactive and no carrot would be required to get new talent, they would thrive via quality. All these silly prizes and crap are infntile and we all know it but to the average poster they are better than no input at all.
bikeracer 10 years ago
sorry omsel, i don't believe your suggestions would solve the problem.

i want a way to filter images from showing up in comments when i visit flickr, and potentially to be able to define whether other people see images in comments when looking at my stream.

i don't care if people continue to post tacky group ads to my stream or to the streams i visit, but i want a global way to make them invisible to me.

i've been using adblock to filter the images locally, but it's a manual process that must be repeated on any computer i use. since i prefer camino on my mac, i can't even filter there (someone please tell me how)

to repeat: i'm not suggesting any change in people's ability to post those crappy images in comments, i'd just like a simple option to keep flickr from showing them to me.

i'm suggesting a viewing preference, not a draconian posting rule.
Dave Smith PRO 10 years ago
I'd just like to add my vote to this.

Actually, I don't think I've ever received any myself, but still, they look really ugly on an otherwise nicely laid out page with (hopefully) a nice, decent photo at the top of it.
Omsel 10 years ago
Bikeracer i'm not suggesting any rule at all never mind draconian. The groups will always set their own criteria. You are speaking of what you prefer and i am speaking from a systemwide perspective. Assuming there is even a problem, it all depends on what the user envisions a photosharing site to be.

Why is a silly gif down in the comments such a sorepoint when comments are just read and never seen again? But i do agree some are tacky and the best solution would be user defined settings to please all. I believe my suggestion would solve all my problems Bike and its all i care about. Join my group and post 1 comment 1...if you don't agree and follow that , we dont want you.

At the same time to realize that goal why do i need to spend all day clicking pics and hounding people when simple software data can point out the group abusers? Either way the same final result will be attained, a very active group. This is what most admins want but people have lives and tools needed to do the job simply dont exist....yet.

Such a tool would bring some sanity to group management and only have a negative effect on whats currently the negative element in groups. Because groups would be managed easier and better many more quality groups would thrive and most of the downsides we are seeing now would fade away.
Photo Monkey 10 years ago
Just delete them? They'll get bored sooner or later.

My photos are far to poor to recieve an award, but I'd be hard enough to delete it with a little thanks, but not thanks email.
♥ shhexy corin ♥ PRO 10 years ago
How about an award massive drawings made entirely from text?

That would be cool

*commissions sword artesans to make me one*
bikeracer 10 years ago
omsel - your argument is tangential to the request made in this thread.

you seem to be advocating a change in the way groups operate, and you suggest that said change would end or reduce the annoying images found in comments.

i disagree that your suggestion would deal with my request, either directly or indirectly.

i'd like to be able to simply filter the images that get embedded in the comments of my photos and the photos of people i comment on, and a stronger set of group admin tools isn't going to address my request.

photo monkey - deleting is one solution, but an unfriendly one. additionally, it's only an option on my personal photos. the tacky images also show up stuck in the comments of photos i've commented on, and i'd rather not see those either. i suppose i can delete my comments from those photos, but that seems unfriendly as well.
They are annoying....though most require you to join thier group and put a pic into the pool. Though seeing the same photo pop up every 5 minutes in "photos you've commented on" because it is in those group is cumbersome. If I see them in the comments I won't comment on a pic to spare myself.

The size of some of them and the amount of broken English adjectives is quite amusing =)

I made this spoof group to tease my one friend:
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