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Lú_ MODERATOR November 13, 2013
GROUP CLOSING. DO NOT POST IDEAS HERE. Please use FEEDBACK now, except to add links from older posts here to Feedback.

Group Description

*** THIS GROUP IS NOW CLOSED. Use Feedback ***

To have a link posted from an old topic here to a Feedback topic, please contact a moderator or admin.


Flickr Ideas has a new platform! See the pinned topic for more info, then head over to User Voice with your idea.

Our old description, for the record ...

We're betting that as you use Flickr you'll come up with all sorts of thoughts like "Ooooh, if only Flickr did that!" or "I can't believe that they've missed this!". Rather than let all your great ideas go to waste, why not post them here?

Please check the Existing Topics list and search the discussions before posting a new idea to see if a similar topic has already been started -- if it has, post on that topic rather than starting a new thread. Great minds often think alike :) If that topic happens to be locked (the old system used to auto-lock threads after a few months), Flickrmail an admin or mod with the URL to the discussion and we can unlock it. If we see a duplicate thread/idea, we may try to combine the discussions (lock one thread and redirect the replies to another older one).

Please do not Flickrmail your idea to a group admin or mod. We are not staff and do not have any say in the development of the site. Staff do actively monitor this group, and will see your idea if posted here. However, please read Dunstan's [Flickr staff] reply as to why staff do not actively comment on ideas here.

If what you want to post is not specifically proposing an idea or you just want to spark discussion on something else, please look for another suitable group for that. For instance, if you are advertising some new software you have written or discovered, try the Flickr Hacks group. Similarly, if you have an API suggestion or question, ask the API mailing list. For bugs/issues with the site or for questions about existing features, please post in the Help Forum. Thanks!

Finally, please be respectful of fellow Flickr members (including group admins and moderators, who are not staff) and Flickr staff, as is expected in the Flickrverse in general. :-)

Group Rules

Flickr Ideas has a new platform! See the pinned topic for more info, then head over to User Voice with your idea.

If you do post a new topic there or vote up one that you know has a matching topic here that hasn't yet been linked to there, please do give a hand and add links between the topics. We'll close the old topic here after that, and let people know it's now on User Voice. Thanks!

Our old rules, for the record ...

1. Do not start duplicate topics
Please check Existing Topics - - and search discussion before starting a new topic. Duplicate topics will be closed.

2. Post an Idea
Topics should have one "Idea" or a few closely related Ideas in them. If you want to post about, say, both Flickrmail and how to organize Sets, that's two topics, not one. If you want to discuss Flickr more generally, without making a particular suggestion, please use other groups, perhaps FlickrCentral:

3. Ideas is not the Help Forum
Bug reports (including translation errors), questions on using existing features, and feedback on new features for which there is an open feedback topic belong in the Help Forum:

4. Be polite and on-topic
Rants, speculation about the company or staff or fellow site users, and personal attacks are not permitted; repeat or extreme violators may be banned. Please also keep your interaction on-topic. Discussions that veer too far off-topic or become overheated may be closed. Should you want a closed discussion re-opened, please contact a group admin or moderator.

For more on participating in Flickr Ideas, please see the group's front page.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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