steeev 9:56am, 24 February 2012
I've done a lot of work on Flickr Hacks over the years, including administrating this group, and also writing many Flickr Greasemonkey scripts.

I must admit i've not been that active on Flickr recently, though I have tried to fix my main Flickr scripts, when I have heard they were broken.

I know this is off-topic, but as I've done so much work for Flickr and you all, I think its only fair, that I ask a small favour from you in return.

I have been busy on another project, for another site, Facebook, on a extension / GM script called F.B. Purity, that lets you clean up and customise Facebook.

A few days ago, without warning and without explanation, Facebook disabled my personal FB account and the Fan Page for the F.B. Purity extension, which had over 36,000 fans.

This is a major blow for me, as ive been cut off from all my friends and family on facebook, and alll my photos, messages and other online memories from using Facebook for around 4 years, and ive also been cut off from the fan base of my script, so cant advise them on updates or offer tips and support etc

Facebook will not respond to any emails or offer an explanation as to why they have done this.

I've started a petition to request Facebook re-enable my account and the fan page for F.B. Purity,

If you are a hater of injustice and corporate bullying and
would like to help me out, please sign the petition,

Many Thanks...

decembre Posted 6 years ago. Edited by decembre (member) 6 years ago
I appreciate a lot all your work you do for us.
I don'i use it , but The Fuckbook attitude is a shame .

We must take care at our liberty on internet, ATAC is on air.
The Majors wants only money and power for them not for us : liberty is not their problem .

I sign with my 2 hands your protest and i hope you win against them.
Wil C. Fry PRO 6 years ago

I do appreciate all your work over the years, steeev.
visp PRO 6 years ago

I learned just about everything I know about browser scripting from tinkering with your scripts - so thank you for all the work you've put into Flickr-based and other userscripts.
steeev 6 years ago
thanks guys, much appreciated! :)
Scott Strehlow 6 years ago
Signed. I've used FB Purity myself.
TravellingTheBLU26 6 years ago
I am a big fan of yours steeev and appreciate all the fantastic work you have and continue to do on flickr and elsewhere! Signed!
sarmax 6 years ago
JustaBrat [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by JustaBrat (member) 6 years ago
Hi Steev,

I am a political activist and the Executive Director for WTPNetwork (We The People Network.) It's a collection of FB groups, numbering over 200, with more than one and a half million members. We have gone global, reaching more than 30 countries. Included in our working partners are journalists, authors, radio personalities and even legal counsel.

I have used your Flickr scripts many times over the past few years, and love them. I haven't heard of FB Purity, but wish that I had. I'm so fed up with all the constant changes to FB. Their most damaging change is about to occur, and that is forcing Timeline onto your groups, whether you want it or not. What will happen is that if you are NOT an admin for a group, your membership will be deleted, and you have to find and rejoin each of the groups you belonged to at the time of the change-over.

As a direct result of all of the changes that FB makes, and because they openly share our personal information with corporations AND the governments, WTPNetwork has very recently started a new website that has all the same features as FB, without all the worries. You can have friend contacts and even recreate any or all of your FB groups there, where they will be protected from FB's arbitrary cancellations and censorship.

EVERYONE is invited to join and create their own group, if they desire. We promise you that your information and your groups will be secure, and that nothing will be shared with anyone ... especially NOT the government!

WTPNetwork's homepage ...
Sarah★Jane 6 years ago
Signed - via Facebook :)

You know, I'm getting really sick and tired of these computer companies acting like virtual thugs, pushing everyone around and crushing anyone who gets in their way. We all know who the villains are and its important we stand up to them. We made them what they are and we can take them back down, yes?
Claudio.Ar 6 years ago
AN/sascha 6 years ago
farissshafee II 6 years ago
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