Arimm 2:04am, 10 October 2011
Hello All,

when i open a pool front page i can see the top 5 contributors

is there a script that show a larger number of contributors?

Thank you,
Alesa Dam PRO 6 years ago
There is FlickrShowNumberItemsInPool from .

Haven't used it myself, but its description says: Show the total number of items each member has contributed to the group pool on the admin/members page.
IrenicRhonda Posted 6 years ago. Edited by IrenicRhonda (member) 6 years ago
And PoolStats, also by Visp, will give you a list of top contributors to the pool for a set period of time. So you could do the last week, the last month, 2012, or since the beginning
PhotosByGil PRO 6 years ago
Alesa Dam IrenicRhonda

Thank you both - If Visp did it - it's got to be good
Arimm 6 years ago
Thank you
Thank you

Both apps do not run well in Win7 Moz 701 perhaps they need some fiddling
Wil C. Fry PRO 6 years ago
"...Moz 701..."

If you mean Firefox 7.0.1, I'd agree. Lots of stuff doesn't work well for me in the newer Firefox versions. I'm happily running all my scripts on Firefox 4.0.1 with no issues.
PhotosByGil PRO 6 years ago
Alesa Dam
Love FlickrShowNumberItemsInPool
Thank you again

Wil C. Fry
Really weird 'cause I haven't had a single hiccup with FF7.0.1 or anything earlier
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