Tyson Cecka 11:14pm, 27 December 2010
It bugs me that there is no regular option to do it but you can organize most any slideshow by interestingness if you add in the correct api parameters.

I did one recently on loudcity.posterous.com/pages/parkour-training-spots by replacing some of the code in the group pool slideshow with this:


I'm guessing the important parts are &method=flickr.photos.search and &api_sort=interestingness-desc and leaving &api_text= blank seems to work fine to return all results (you may need to include &api_group_id= with your group id)

Anyone have a better way?
Nouvelle Vague 6 years ago
Thank your for the code, it works also very well to build a full screen slideshow/screensaver, eg:
(I removed the page_show_back_url and group_id parameters, I guess there weren't used when you use this method.

Same photos, in a gallery:
cristiano007 6 years ago
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