ndoane PRO 5:05am, 16 August 2008
I would really like to back up my photos on Flickr locally (for whatever reason, a lot of my photos are -only- stored on Flickr). I've tried to use FlickrEdit, by Andrew Serff, but it doesn't properly grap the IPTC info, so I loose all the tags and descriptions I have put into my photos (a sizeable amount of work!).

Does anything like this exist?

zyrcster 8 years ago

Try one of those.
ndoane PRO 8 years ago
I've tried all these, but they don't do what I originally asked for.

Migratr: Does not store IPTC info.
Flishr: Looks like the download functionality is broken. When I select download after a search, it returns the 'okay finished' dialog immediately and doesn't seem to save anything at all.
Flump: Only works on public photos.

:( Still looking...
nils_asdf [deleted] 8 years ago
ITPC/EXIF is "in" the picture… Flickr doesn't store Descriptions and tags added within Flickr to the photo metadata field, so there are not attached to the photo when downloaded…

so all/most Backup apps do deliver ITPC/EXIF just not stuff added within Flickr… not the backup apps to blame.
ndoane PRO 8 years ago
Ah right, I guess that's what I mean. Rather than "Does not store IPTC info", what I mean is, "Doesn't store Flickr data as IPTC info".

It would be nice if Flickr could just be told to add info from tags and descriptions to the IPTC info of the photos themselves, then any backup software used for Flickr would capture this.

I mean, what I would ideally like is the ability to make a -real- backup of all photos and this metadata associated with them. When you've taken a lot of time to organize and tag a ton of photos, it really sucks to have to loose all that data when you make a backup.
zyrcster 8 years ago
Are you sure the above programs don't do what you want?

The last time I used Flickr Edit, it grabbed the Flickr titles, tags, and descriptions, just like it says it does on the FlickrEdit site:
Backup Title, Description, Tags, and Copyright and store them into the IPTC header of the images.

Migratr also did that the last time I used it, and it even grabbed set info.
Thunderchild7 PRO 8 years ago
There was talk a while ago that owners of pro accounts getting a dvd backup of their photostream complete with titles, descriptions, tags, and if required notes and comments.

But that was probably just a sweetner to get people to convert to yahoo accounts.
detroitstylz 8 years ago
I'm having the same issue with flickr edit .. it says it grabs the description and puts it in IPTC but upon inspecting the IPTC I don't think this is working. Anyone found a solution for this?
ndoane PRO 8 years ago
No. It's really annoying too. :) It blows my mind that there is no way to make a real local 'backup' of Flickr. I've been thinking of writing something in perl. My ideal solution would be a backup that could be separated into chunks (so it could be burned onto DVD-Rs/CD-Rs/DVD-DLs/tapes/whatever) that could later be reloaded directly back into Flickr.

This app looks promising, but I haven't gotten it to work right yet.
kiwirat PRO 8 years ago
ndoane it's more scary to me when I see the comment some of my photos are only on Flickr....
Gerd2007 8 years ago
flickrimport does not work for me!
ndoane PRO 8 years ago
kiwirat, I know! It's scary for me too. I just wish there was some way to make my data safe...other than manually downloading my 20,000+ photos. :(
IrenicRhonda Posted 8 years ago. Edited by IrenicRhonda (member) 8 years ago
Gerd2007 I don't know flickrimport. Why not try one of the others suggested byzyrcster originally. Lots of people have had success with all those
ndoane PRO 8 years ago
I -did- try them originally irenicdonna. Like I said, none of them do what I'm looking for (then and now). Migratr is great if you want to make a copy of your Flickr account on another photo service, but it doesn't solve the problem of having a -local- copy. Flishr is Windows only and, happily, I don't have any Windows systems any more. And Flumpr doesn't store any of the Flickr metatdata.

What I did find was that Flump on OS X appears to at least download the entire collection now (when I first tried it, you could only get public photos, now you can auth with Flickr and get your entire collection.) So I am using it now to at least make a large (very raw) image backup. Downsides are that it doesn't save any Flickr metadata (tags, collections, etc.), it sticks every photo in one directory on your local box, and it renames every photo (a customizable prefix followed by a number). If I had to start over with almost 20,000 photos and no metadata (and not even any photo names) though, that would really, uh, not be fun and is not really a true "Flickr backup" solution so much as it is a way to download photos. Still, it's better than nothing.

It looks like flickrfs has come a long way since I last looked at it though. That may be the best option I've seen so far for a true Flickr backup that you could copy off of Flickr and then later re-upload -to- Flickr that would save all your Flickr metadata, collections, etc. I am going to try it after this marathon Flump download is complete. :)
daviddb PRO 8 years ago
Sounds like there's a business opportunity for someone somewhere here ( not me, my techie limits are very very low.....) I just want a disc , or several, with the whole kit 'n caboodle on it.
zyrcster 8 years ago
Migratr does make local copies of your Flickr photos, along with metatdata. However, it is Windows only.
Guttorm Flatabø PRO 8 years ago
Basically *all* my photos are Flickr-only, so I've been scouring the web for a solution over and over again. The most promising solutions I've seen are FlickrEdit, flickrfs and Desktop Flickr Organizer. The two latter written by the same guy but unfortunately not maintained. It has been more than 2 years since anything was done with flickrfs. I'd gladly pay a 100 USD to someone making a usable version of flickrfs for Ubuntu.
Guttorm Flatabø PRO 8 years ago
Perhaps someone with the knowhow could write a backup and synchronization script using librdf.org/flickcurl
.S.F.K. 8 years ago
What I did was to sign up for a multiply premium account and automatically import all the pics from flickr there.
robandtonya 8 years ago
You could try www.lifestreambackup.com, which backs up Flickr, plus other stuff.
Gimel Vav PRO 8 years ago
downloadr is pretty good.
BillyWarhol PRO 8 years ago
I used a Fantastic program called www.web-site-downloader.com/entire/?pu=false

Extract entire sites
just three simple clicks to download a complete website

Grab images, video & audio
easily select exactly what you wish to save

Customize your results
specify recursion levels, and more advanced settings

Lightning-fast downloads
uses 8 simultaneous connections for super-fast downloading

Supports broken downloads
continue any interrupted download without fuss

It worked like a Charm but Flickr put the KyBosh on it or maybe just ME + I can't use it - obviously I too wanna be able to Backup my Frigging Comments from Friendz cuz thass what makes Flickr Great!

If U hear of anything please let me know!

Cheers!! ;))
★Triple X ★ 8 years ago
a good program i used was called
bulk image downloader
its not free but if u kno how u can get it for free
3e PRO 7 years ago
Just read about this paid for cloud based backup service for your social media life stream. It will backup data from flickr and many other social media sites such as Twitter. I haven't tried it out yet so not sure if it preserves meta data from flickr. Check it out:

abhiomkar 7 years ago
Genevy (welcome) Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Genevy (welcome) (member) 6 years ago
Hello !
I intended to back up pictures and I was very happy to discover this discussion. Flump succeded ! Meta-text wasn't my priority, in that case,
Sorry for Flickbird and Offlickr I also tried, I couldn't manage easily to make it work properly (although I've got MacOs and python). Thanks for the apps !
Ed_X 6 years ago
srsyrus 6 years ago
There's an app Bulkr !! Cool app to BACKUP all your flickr photos. Check it out at www.clipyourphotos.com/bulkr
cowgirl_dk 6 years ago
Thank you, works like a charm. I might even buy the pro-version :-)
rmom352 PRO 6 years ago
I use Backupify and it automatically does the back up weekly. I have not however tried to recovery my stuff from them. It is a free site.
tericee PRO 6 years ago
I use Backupify and all I can find in my archives is EXIF data and the actual photo. (They are separate files, but listed with almost identical names, so I guess that's mostly useful.) I can't find anything in Backupify that includes the comments on my photos.

It's also no clear to me how to do a bulk download of my Flickr archive, but I haven't really looked into it.
Great topic. I was wondering the same thing. Used Flickr Backup 1.0 to backup all 8000+ photos in my photostream.

Regretfully, it does not retain all existing tags & meta-data. This is awful considering the time many of us have spent organizing their work.

If anyone comes across new ways to backup their entire photostream, while retaining all tags, meta-data, etc. PLEASE drop me a message
Scott Strehlow 5 years ago
I don't organize on Flickr. I organize before uploading. A few images have been geotagged or whatever, and a few have comments. But the majority of my keywording is done on my Mac before the image leaves.
Wil C. Fry PRO 5 years ago
"I don't organize on Flickr. I organize before uploading"

Same here.

All my titles, tags, keywords, and geo-information is saved in the image file itself before it ever gets to Flickr.

It's 10x easier to do this ahead of time than to try to catch up later.
Martin & Anna 5 years ago
For me, one of the major attractions of Flickr was the way that it let me organise my photos.

So put me on the "me too" list... a backup capability for the photostream would be great.

(I do have some, but not all, photos stored on HD, but they are stored by photo date only, no metadata).
Martin & Anna 5 years ago
I've just started using myflickrbackup

So far so good: it is simple, seems to do the basics of what I want, started working hassle free. It's told me an estimate of how much the total download is going to be, it's reporting how it's going, it says that it will let me pause and resume later (haven't tried this yet).
Martin & Anna 5 years ago
... it all worked fine. Yay.
Rebecca Ashbourne 4 years ago
FlickrEdit looks good, but I've found that it doesn't encode the title, description, keywords etc. into the IPTC headers of my PNG files. I haven't tried it yet on JPEG, but since all my 'photos' (if you will allow me to call them that) are PNG then this is a bit of a show-stopper for me.

Migratr is no good either, as it downloads my pics as JPG and also stores the metadata in an external XML file which is fine for migration but not for archival.

I'll start looking into the other suggestions on this thread. Thanks folks!
Wil C. Fry PRO 4 years ago
Becca Appletor (née Ashbourne)
"found that it doesn't encode the title, description, keywords etc. into the IPTC headers of my PNG files"

Because .png doesn't support IPTC or EXIF. The file format is to blame, not the app. :-)

The .png format does accept XMP information however.
Rebecca Ashbourne 4 years ago
I read that PNG does support IPTC data. But not EXIF.

According to Wikipedia, at least
"IIM metadata can be embedded into JPEG/Exif, TIFF, JPEG2000 or Portable Network Graphics formatted image files. Other file formats such as GIF or PCX do not support IIM."
Wil C. Fry PRO 4 years ago
Becca Appletor (née Ashbourne)

I misspoke earlier. Sorry about that. The file-type itself does support IIM (commonly called IPTC), but apparently there's no standard method of reading/writing this metadata to .png files which is one reason it's not commonly done.
Rebecca Ashbourne 4 years ago
Ah right, I see. Thanks!
Jane Ells [deleted] 4 years ago
hey guys.... accept me??
Wil C. Fry PRO 4 years ago
Maddi Jane Wells
"hey guys.... accept me?"

You are currently listed as a member of this group. No further acceptance procedure is needed. :-)
Rob Blakemore 1 year ago
Is there a solution available for this yet? Can the info in Flickr descriptions/tags/comments be saved into the IPTC info of the photos themselves when downloading? If not, why not!?
Rob Blakemore 1 year ago
I'm looking ideally for Flickr to allow you to store the Description (and ideally comments too) into the EXIF information of the photo. If Flickr don't offer this functionality, can this functionality be found in any third party software?
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