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All my photos in Google Earth Map via KML

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Dennis Kruyt says:


I am looking for a way to get all my flickr pictures in to Goole maps and embed them in my blog. Flickr give a KML feed for this, it display's my pictures. But only 20 :( I want them all.

This is the Flickr KML feed I use:


I found this site, this give a KML feed for all flickr pictures, and uses the bbox API. Great, but I want only my one pictures.



I can build something in PHP combining the flickr API flickr.photos.search bbox and generate from there a KML feed. In that way I can get a feed just like kmlphotos.metaltoad.com, but then only for my own. But my PHP skills are very basic, so will take me a while.

Or does some one know a KML feed for this? Flickr or 3rd party?
11:31AM, 11 May 2008 PDT (permalink)

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adampkool says:

I am actually looking for the same thing. I was shown this


It supports Google Earth. Hopefully this helps. If there are any other ways of putting your Flickr photos into your website using Google Earth I would like to know.
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Dennis Kruyt says:

Check my pipe I made:



With this you can get 500 photo's in a KML, and also uses the BBOX fuction, with reload the photo for the area you are viewing in google eart/map
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kugelblitz78 says:

Hey Dennis,
cool pipe!
didn't know what's all possible.
And don't know if and how it is possible to change the Marker to a Thumbnail Icon of the Images.
That would be amazing!
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Liz Shear says:

Hi all!

We are building a service that does exactly what you want to achieve: create a KML file from a Flickr set.

You can give it a try here: Geoslideshow

Hope this helps.
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