wehokatt 1:43am, 29 October 2007
Is there a way to Download all pics IN A SET at once????

one by one takes a very long time.
lotherington 10 years ago
dont know but i would like this alot
santhosh0123 10 years ago
picasaweb having this feature. May be flickr also will add it later
R°sie 10 years ago
Picasaweb isn't Flickr.
J__ PRO 10 years ago
I used to save the page source and do a find a replace to to replace the "_s" with "_o"... then load the page and I used a firefox plugin to down all pictures on the page...

but flickr changed the way they name photos, so that doesn't work on newer pictures... should be easy enough for someone to setup using a greasemonkey script, but I don't know how... They would just need to, when you load the script, have everything display as the original size. Then when you're on your set page, you could download them all. Maybe someone will help.
mrpb27 PRO 10 years ago
You could try Portable Flickr.
I found it works very well.
Cromo 10 years ago
FYI, if the link is not working, try: www.fon.com.ar/portable-flicka-v20/
Orlando Photo Chic PRO 10 years ago
Is there a version of this for a mac. I've been wanting to download a whole set for a looong time. This would be GREAT! Thanks!
Digital.Knave [deleted] 10 years ago
You could also try Migratr

~~dave~~ Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ~~dave~~ (member) 10 years ago
maybe something like this

or google "saving a website".. there are definitely tools that will let you save a certain number of links deep from any given page on the web, but I haven't used any of these tools for quite a while.

EDIT: or
kerbyxkerby 10 years ago
Todd Kravos PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Todd Kravos (member) 10 years ago
This might help you with what you need.

It requires:
Firefox (web browser)
Greasemonkey (Firefox plugin)
Downloadthemall (Firefox plugin)
Flickr Link to Original Images (Greasemonkey script)
PRO account with Flickr.
designz PRO 10 years ago
I'll have to give some of these a try, thanks!
me-me2001 [deleted] 10 years ago
if you go to portable right click and select the option select all then hit the download button
eτi 10 years ago
I use Flickrdown to do this.
See-ming Lee (SML) PRO 10 years ago
There are two programs available on Windows that works very well:

+ Downloadr
+ FlickrDown

Hope this helps!

Is what it is Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Is what it is (member) 10 years ago
Antibody's Bulk Image Downloader, I'm using v1.35. Integrates with Firefox and/or IE, includes a queue manager. Allows you to dl one page of linked pics at a time, works very well.
ravirpatel_india 9 years ago
buxtor Posted 9 years ago. Edited by buxtor (member) 9 years ago
For OS X this program works like a charm and could not be easier.

Nouvelle Vague 9 years ago
Todd Kravos says:
This might help you with what you need.

It requires:
Firefox (web browser)
Greasemonkey (Firefox plugin)
Downloadthemall (Firefox plugin)
Flickr Link to Original Images (Greasemonkey script)
PRO account with Flickr.

Originally posted 16 months ago. ( permalink )

Worked very well, thanks! :)
The pro account isn't required, though.
Flickrdown is good except for one thing. If I am trying to download my photos I have to convert them all to creative commons in order to download them with the titles intact. You would think if it's your account and your photos it wouldn't require that. I understand it's a protection against other people mass downloading my photos without my permission but that may very well leave my images vulnerable for the time I'm downloading them to my computer. The program or flickr should be able to create some distinction and identifier for me to have permission to download my photos as is.
Wil C. Fry PRO 8 years ago
I agree. Every photo hosting service ought to have a "download them all" feature, especially for paid users.

I can understand not wanting to let just anyone do it -- I certainly don't want it to be *easy* for others to steal my photos -- but if I wanted *my own*, then it shouldn't be this difficult.
varun_iiit 8 years ago
Flickrdown is not working on my windows xp ..it always says invalid Key and doesn't work .. any idea what to do
varun_iiit 8 years ago
Having bulk download option in Web page itself will be really helpful though .. its pain to search third party software for these small features
stranded_in_light PRO 8 years ago
Laramie_Coyote PRO 8 years ago
For Macs:

Photo Grabbr
(c) 2008 Vince Tagle

managerf 7 years ago
you can use the flickr downloader for windows:

ojoroto 7 years ago
For mac Photo Grabbr is great, but --unless I missed something -- it only downloads the 'large size' of your pictures (not the original size)

For PC, Bulkr is an amazing option, the free version also can download only the large size, and has a limit of 50 pics per session. The Pro version is 25 bux and will let you download your whole photostream in original size.

I think Flickr could give its paying users this option if it wanted to. But they don't. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I think they bank on this model where they keep the options limited while keeping control of the content to some extent.

A lazy, casual user like me can fall into the trap of paying 24 dollars a month for this service thinking "Ok I'm going to take the next tep", but get nothing out of it in the end. I'm not a pro, I don't sell any of my pics, and the UI is ... ok...but not really enough to pay 24 dollars a year. I still have to link to it from the outside... so I'm not sure what I am getting from this. I'm not big on the flickr community, so I can let go easily -- except that my originals are uploaded here, and local copies are scattered among different computers, different countries!. I paid the money to be able to upload more pictures, so I crossed the point of no return. I found myself feeling as my pictures were being held hostages. If I don't pay next year I won't be able to access anything after the 100th pic...Or so.. maybe I'm not 100% right. Who the fuck cares... No time to research. I'm lazy. and I'm not really uploading anything lately...

I rather pay this 25 bux for this proggie, download everything, and cancel the paid service. I'll just host my pics elsewhere.
galimathies PRO 7 years ago
Photo Grabbr just saved me hours of manual labour downloading all photos from a set. If you need the original size of the photos, just remember to choose that from the preferences before downloading. It's set to 'large' by default...

A couple of bucks just got shipped from me to Malarkey and his cats - thanks for developing a nice app!
srsyrus 7 years ago
Bulkr lets you download photos in batches. You can also backup your entire photostream with just a click! It's available in the Flickr App Garden:

Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago

Note that Bulkr (mentioned just two comments above yours) is limited in its freeware version. To access original sizes (and other options), users are required to pay $30.
Lorenzo Baloci Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Lorenzo Baloci (member) 7 years ago
You can also use this website:
it's a free service that allows you to generate a short-link to automatically download all the set's pictures in high-resolution.
IrenicRhonda Posted 7 years ago. Edited by IrenicRhonda (member) 7 years ago
The above link to flickandshare is bad

Lorenzo Baloci 7 years ago
IrenicRhonda, you're right, I've fixed the url! :)
IrenicRhonda 7 years ago
Lorenzo Baloci wrote
IrenicRhonda, you're right, I've fixed the url! :)
You're welcome.

I've had a quick poke around and it seems a good tool
kiwirat PRO 7 years ago
This is why you should a local backup of all your photos...... don't have to go thru all this hassle.....
IrenicRhonda 7 years ago
kiwirat wrote
This is why you should a local backup of all your photos...... don't have to go thru all this hassle.....
A fairly good point.

But "Flickr and Share" allows others to download a whole set - with the correct permissions. So grandma in France can download a set of photos I took of her UK grandchildren.
firecloak PRO 6 years ago
This program is free and lets you download sets in full-resolution:

Odogg Dubz 6 years ago
Try this... it's a new app I made:


If you want a free license key email me at: theyetiman AT gmail DOT com

I'd appreciate your feedback...
ianapplegate.co.uk 6 years ago
www.flickandshare.com works really really well.
john pabisz Posted 6 years ago. Edited by john pabisz (member) 6 years ago
2 thumbs up to www.flickandshare.com. I like it because it's web based. Thanks for the pointer Lorenzo.
eτi 3 years ago
Flickandshare gets stuck at preloading forever.
The Softonic one says 'forbidden' after I hit 'authenticate'.
Any other way to download a whole set?
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