.CK 4:34pm, 8 August 2007
I wrote a GM script to add a widget box to display the favorers of current photo. It can display the buddyicons of users who fave the current photo. The widget will show 45 favorers per page, and a paging control is provided. You can see some screenshots below.

favorers 2 favorers 3

Your feedback is welcome.

Download: webdev.yuan.cc/greasemonkey/flickr.photos.favorers.user.js

Admin edit: please see dodob19's response below for a working version.
very nice...

PS..... at 259 new mails.... dude check your mail!!!...lol
Joanna Vou 11 years ago
Will our contacts be able to see the faves or is it only visible to us?
.CK Posted 11 years ago. Edited by .CK (member) 11 years ago
Yes, everyone who installs the script can see the favorers.
Todd Kravos PRO 11 years ago
This is very nice. I've wanted something like this for ... well ever.

Thanks again!
alto maltés PRO 11 years ago
Really good! Thanks.
Nicolas Hoizey PRO 11 years ago
It rocks!
purpletwinkie PRO 11 years ago
Great plug-in! Thanks
great silver [deleted] 11 years ago
I like it! Yessir, I do!
.CK 11 years ago
Thank you all.
ToucheA2 11 years ago
I just installed this script, and wanted to get back to tell ya I think it Rocks!!! Thanks!!!
dazzling mailbox [deleted] 11 years ago
but how can I use this script?
thanks I'm new here.
nebulous bucket [deleted] 11 years ago
a GREAT idea, thank YOU !
great silver [deleted] 11 years ago
I've been using it for a little while and it rocks! It loads quite quickly, too!
Pixel Wrangler 11 years ago
@ federico

1. You need to get the Firefox browser.

2. You need to install the

3. You need to restart Firefox.

Then you can install the GreaseMonkey Script: Flickr Photo Favorers from the link above.

You can also read about zillions of other amazing GreaseMonkey scripts to use on flickr -- and elsewhere.
Adriene Hughes PRO 11 years ago
super easy to install. thank you!
Luis Alberto Lecuna 11 years ago
Excuse my ignorance...
I downloaded all this stuff
So, What is it for?
Which is the utility of to have the Favorers?

Sorry, but my mother language is Spanish and I do my best, but in this case I didn't understand properly!
Thanks for your cooperation!

Simutis [nancy] 11 years ago
gotta say, I love this. updating my laptop to match my desktop, and I didn't realize how much I used this. thank you!!
rgarzamarcos 11 years ago
Luis Alberto Lecuna ..
esto te sirve para cuendo ves una foto tuya que muchos han dicho que es su favorita a la derecha de tu foto saldran todos los iconos de las personas que la pusieron como favorita
espero que te sirva para algo
Cláudia*~Assad 10 years ago
i don't to effect download
Cannot download the script... any other mirror?
alto maltés PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by alto maltés (admin) 10 years ago
flickr.com/groups/flickrhacks/discuss/72157601304343624/, it is strange that if I click on the photo linked from your topic, I go to the photo page (and see the photo)… but inside that page it says “This photo is private”. So if it is private, how do I get to see it, since I am not you!?
Silly Luis 10 years ago
: You can see it because it is in the group pool.
alto maltés PRO 10 years ago
Silly Luis, thanks, I didn’t know that!

Do you know where it is documented, please?
Silly Luis 10 years ago
In the FAQ, in Groups, IIRC
alto maltés PRO 10 years ago
Silly Luis, ok I read it. Thanks!
Ok, back to normal, I downloaded and installed the scritp here. Thanks!
Cláudia*~Assad 10 years ago
Yesss... back to normal!!!
I downloaded too =***
CORDAN 10 years ago
Is this script working okay with FF3 and GM 0.8? I can't seem to get it going. Missing it..
dark purpose [deleted] 10 years ago
how can i post pics on comments .
dark purpose [deleted] 10 years ago
i'm new at this.
daboogieman 10 years ago
The easiest way I've found (and like very much) is flickr easy photo post found here:

annfrau Posted 10 years ago. Edited by annfrau (member) 10 years ago
@ Cordan: Mine is not working either.
Pink dream ☺ 10 years ago
does not work for me
CORDAN 10 years ago
Okay, thanks.. I really miss this one. I sent a flickr mail to .CK but have not heard back.

I had a heck of a time getting the comment tool to work again so I thought maybe there was something I had to delete etc.. But I can't find it. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, moved up and down it the list order.. Nada.

Can confirm it works fine with FF 2 and GM .7 on the same computer. Meh!

Funny how I take all these cool hacks for granted. When you don't have them you know it!!
Dr-Leech 10 years ago
very nice and helpful. Thank you!!
CORDAN 10 years ago
Did you get it working ?
dodob19 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by dodob19 (member) 10 years ago
UPDATE The edits described below do NOT work, since XMLHttpRequest restricts interaction within in the same domain, so the script might work with www.flickr.com, but not with flickr.com

Feel free to use this instead:

Install at your own risk. Description of changes at the end of the post (alternate method).

ORIGINAL POST follows...

I have no doubt .CK will be updating his excellent script to work with Firefox 3 when his time allows. However, the script is so addictive I couldn't wait, so I changed GM_xmlhttpRequest to a regular XMLHttpRequest to get the script working again.

In the meantime, for anyone who wants to give it a try:

STEP 1. Right-click on the Greasemonkey icon on the status bar at the bottom right. Then click on Manage User Scripts...

STEP 2. In the dialog window that shows up, select Flickr Photo Favorers on the left panel, then click on the Edit button.

[If a File Open window comes up, point it to: C:\Windows\Notepad.exe (or any other plain text editor of your choice.) and click on OK.]

STEP 3. Find the following block of code from line 96 - line 121. Use Ctrl-G in Notepad to jump to specific line numbers:

This method does not work. See UPDATE at the top.

You will have to either delete this block entirely, or comment it out (by preceding every line with two forward slashes: //). Deleting the block is fine.

STEP 4. Insert the following text in the place of the text deleted in Step 3:

This method does not work. See UPDATE at the top.

STEP 5. Save the file and quit the text editor. Reload a flickr picture page and cross your fingers :)

Explanation of the change: What this does is call the browser's built-in XMLHttpRequest function instead of Greasemonkey's. The downside is that XMLHttpRequest will only work to grab list of favorers from the same domain (flickr.com). So far this is the case, but if and when flickr starts uses subdomains, it might break the hack.

The other alternative is to keep GM_xmlhttpRequest as it is, and change the script so that readFavorers() is kept in the Greasemonkey sandbox, then use addEventListeners to the Next and Back links on the favorer box. This might make the script safer too, since it keeps things within the sandbox, but involves a few more changes.

Hope this will cure some of your blues until .CK gets around to officially update it :)
CORDAN 10 years ago
You Rock!
dodob19 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by dodob19 (member) 10 years ago

Bad news! I just gave it a few more tries, and like I feared, the change to the built-in XMLHttpRequest doesn't work when I'm accessing photos through flickr.com instead of www.flickr.com (Access to restricted URI denied error.)

If I change the script to load favorers from flickr.com, then it breaks the other way, when I'm browsing www.flickr.com (Again, same dreaded Access to restricted URI denied error.)

Good news! I guess people can use this instead... this is the script with the alternative changes. It keeps GM_xmlhttpRequest, readFavorers is kept in the sandbox, added addEventListeners, etc.:

Please use this at your own risk. I promise there aren't deliberate security holes but don't take my word for it! Feel free to browse through the script first before installing.

Mini-update: fixed back/next links mixup in updated script.
CORDAN Posted 10 years ago. Edited by CORDAN (member) 10 years ago
I noticed that it would work "here", but not "there." Even at that, I was happy. This update works great. Thank you again for fixing this.
deanoke Posted 10 years ago. Edited by deanoke (member) 10 years ago
im still unable to use this script =(....
Simutis [nancy] 10 years ago
thank you thank you! I have missed this script since I upgraded ff!
Dublin Nomad 10 years ago
Is anyone closer to posting a new download link which will work with FF3.0 yet?
Kris Kros 10 years ago
yes, it's not working
sharaff 9 years ago
Joe, ( ) it is working.
Thanks to dodob19's link.
Kris Kros Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Kris Kros (member) 9 years ago

S, thanks for pointing me to the right script. It really works now.

Thanks to dodob19 too.
BB (O.ö) 9 years ago
perfectly working for me :)
U guys Rock! :)****
todd- 9 years ago
great one thanks!
larigan. 9 years ago
I liked this script a lot but it caused FF to crash almost non-stop. Took me a long time to find which program/script was causing this. I'm currently using FF3.5 but had the same trouble with my earlier version too. Any work around on this?
CORDAN 9 years ago
Strange larigan. I've used it for some time and have not had that happen. Sorry to hear that.

I'm using ver 1.0 08/08/2008 from the link that sharaff posted above..
dfg photography PRO 9 years ago
This no longer works for me. I've just updated to firefox 3.5.5. :-(
dfg photography PRO 9 years ago
I take it this is still working fine for everyone else?
dfg photography PRO 9 years ago
Sorry! It would help if I read the entire thread. Have installed the fix. Thanks dodob19.
GustavoG PRO 9 years ago
Hm. I edited now the top posting to link to dodob19's fix.
CORDAN 9 years ago
Seems to have quit working again for me. Anyone else having problems? It was fine last night.
clickykbd PRO 9 years ago
It's still working for me. Install any new scripts last night?
CORDAN Posted 8 years ago. Edited by CORDAN (member) 8 years ago
No, nothing new. It's working on my Win XP but not my Mac. Have gone through and turned off every other script and still doesn't work.
Ah, got it, needed a FF upgrade.. Should have checked that first.
Hebbervus Sagax 8 years ago
Can someone please adapt this script so it works with the new photo page layout?
Should be very appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
(deaf mute) 8 years ago
Hebbervus Sagax Why do you need it if the names of everyone that faves an image are now in the comments?
They can also be seen by clicking on "xx favourites" on the right hand side of the page.
Hebbervus Sagax 8 years ago
Also in the old layout there was the possibility to click on xx favourites to see all the favorers. It's true they are now also visibe through the comments, but this seperate favorers box is just a nice way to present all you favorers consolidated, via buddy icons.
Not a click away, no need for searching between maybe hundred comments, just directly visible on top of your photo page.
Wil C. Fry PRO 8 years ago
Hebbervus Sagax said:
a nice way to present all you favorers consolidated

Which is what I *wish* Flickr would have done with their new system of listing faves with comments. :-)

Instead of dozens of rows of favers, there should be just one area under the photo that lists all the buddy icons... (I don't like it in the right column; the perfect solution for me would be a combination of this script and what Flickr is doing... All the buddy icons, but under the photo's description.)
(deaf mute) 8 years ago
Wil C. Fry I'd prefer it to be on the right, but a box with "Faved by" and a bunch of mini buddy icons would be kinda cool.

Contact the original writer of this script if you desperately need a fix.
Wil C. Fry PRO 8 years ago
Arty Smokes said:
desperately need a fix

Oh, I don't need it. I was simply throwing in my imagination to the conversation. :-)

Normally I know who faved something by reading my Recent Activity page, and go to their faves from there. I rarely look at the faves on the photopage. ...
visp PRO 8 years ago
Wil C. Fry said:
Instead of dozens of rows of favers, there should be just one area under the photo that lists all the buddy icons... (I don't like it in the right column; the perfect solution for me would be a combination of this script and what Flickr is doing... All the buddy icons, but under the photo's description.)

In a further attempt to get some more experience with Greasemonkey, I hacked up a script which does that. Probably not the most elegant piece of code ever conceived, but I think it does what you were describing. You can download it from userscripts.org here.
Wil C. Fry PRO 8 years ago

Wow! That works really nicely...

If only there were a way to remove Flickr's notations of faves throughout my comments... (ha!)

But seriously, that's a nice script, Visp. Thanks.
visp PRO 8 years ago
 Wil C. Fry: Ah yes, forgot about the comments bit - that's an easy fix though - this version should do the job (best uninstall the other one first).
Wil C. Fry PRO 8 years ago
visp said:
that's an easy fix though

Easy for geniuses like yourself. ;-)

Thank you so much!

(Even though I could have easily lived without this script, living *with* it is so much better... Hopefully others will use it as well so I won't feel guilty for being the only one. :-)
CORDAN 8 years ago
Thanks for the update. I liked the old style, but I'm happy to use and wait to see if the original can be patched.

Thanks again!
visp PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by visp (member) 8 years ago
... I liked the old style ...

 Arty Smokes:
... I'd prefer it to be on the right ...

Here's a new version that puts the icons back into the sidebar, similar to the original script. Should work in FF/Greasemonkey and Chrome, let me know if you encounter any issues or have some suggestions.
Wil C. Fry PRO 8 years ago

I hope you don't mind, but I've posted a screenshot of the other version you finished for me (this one). I've given you credit for it in the description of that screenshot... :-)
CORDAN 8 years ago
visp Thank you so much!! I was just checking back to update my laptop and am happy to see this.

Arimm 7 years ago
the new version conflicts with "Better Geocoding within Flickr (Neat Bookmarklet) V6.0"

the geocoding script only runs if I stop the Favorers script
honeyjazz 5 years ago
I totally LOVED this script but it doesn't work with the new Flickr layout ;((
Any chance to get a new version of a script?
daboogieman 5 years ago
Groups Beta