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Todd Moon 8:32am, 2 May 2007
Get the Flickr Rich Edit Script.

UPDATE 2011-04-02

Rewrote almost the entire script from scratch because Flickr changed almost everything. :D

For other programmers out there, it's actually a bit simpler now. It used to replace the click events on "in situ" editors to wire up the control bar. Now it simply handles the DOMNodeInserted event and looks for editors being added. I also now use querySelectorAll instead of document.evaluate which didn't work in all browsers.

This has only been tested in Firefox 3.6, but I did wrap the entire script in a function which I think makes it work in Opera and other browsers. I really have no experience making userscripts that are cross-browser compatible. If anyone uses something other than Firefox/Greasemonkey let me know how it works out for you.

UPDATE 2010-01-28

Fixed a bug preventing you from editing photo descriptions.

UPDATE 2009-07-01

It hasn't been two years, but I fixed it anyway! I also decided to host it at userscript.org.


There's definitely an issue with Greasemonkey with Firefox 3.5. I was creating a function that called another function with the "this" keyword in it. Rather than referring to the object that contained the function, like it used to, it referred to some other object. Presumably something to do with Greasemonkey, because even a very simple version of this programming pattern works fine in straight-up javascript, but fails in GM.


//"box" is the ID of some div on the page.
var box = document.getElementById( 'box' );

box.innerHTML = 'Hello. Click me!';

box.originalMethod = function(){ this.innerHTML = 'originalMethod changed me.' };

box.onclick = box.originalMethod;

//"Greasemonkey" code starts here.
box.wrapperMethod = function() {
this.innerHTML += 'And the new wrapper method added this!';

box.onclick = box.wrapperMethod;

This example code works fine if pasted into a script block in an HTML document containing a DIV with the ID of "box".

If you take all the code after "Greasmonkey" and put it in a GM script, and also add add a getElementById to the script, it fails with the same error we know and love.

Example GM script: (to try this, you should delete everything after "Greasmonkey" in the above example, but use that same document with a GM script you create for it. Leave the rest of the code above the comment there.)

var box = unsafeWindow.document.getElementById( 'box' );

box.wrapperMethod = function() {
this.innerHTML += 'And the new wrapper method added this!';

box.onclick = box.wrapperMethod;

So, it's the exact same code, but it fails. Presumably, "this" refers to some other object and it's usage here creates a closure. So I simply created a closure of my own by referencing "box" in the body of the function:

box.wrapperMethod = function() {
box.innerHTML += 'And the new wrapper method added this!';

And now it works fine. I hope that was helpful to any other GM script authors reading this.

UPDATE 2009-05-26

Wow, this update only took two years! :D

I added underline, strike, and image.

I only added the image button where it works. If you don't see it above an editor, it's because it wouldn't work there ayway. Surprisingly, you can use images in the description of a Collection, but not a Set.

I removed the automatic underline that all the commands had to emphasize the purpose of the underline command.

I once again fixed the spacing issue between the commands.

For any coders out there who care: I rewrote how each command invokes its function. Previously there was a silly switch statement, and only one "command" that changed behavior based on the command type that was padded in. Now I'm passing an anonymous function into the constructor of each CommandItem, and it invokes that function when clicked, whatever it is. It's so much more elegant.

I also rewrote the command enum to use powers of two and act like flags. Then I use bitwise operators to construct a bitmask reflecting the options I want showing for each of the editors. And the ControlBar class looks at the mask to see which commands to add, rather than all those "showThis", "showThat" parameters.

UPDATE 2007-05-11:

Now works with sets and collections.

The sets editor is incredibly small, so I also updated my Flickr Larger Description Editor to make the set description editor much larger.

Oddly enough, blockquote works in a collection description, so you'll see that option when editing one.

Original Post:

I'm posting a new thread in Flickr Hacks because I re-wrote jrhyley's Flickr Rich Edit script.

This adds html tools to various text areas on Flickr: any static text area like comment boxes, and it specifically targets the in situ photo description editors on individual photo page and your photostream!

I'm unsure if I should consider this an upgrade to jrhyley's script like my previous version did, or if I should consider this a new script. I decided to err on the side of caution. The name of the script is the same, but I changed the namespace, so this script will not overwrite jrhyley's version. If you use this new version you should disable or uninstall the older one.

Get the Flickr Rich Edit Script.

Differences you might notice:

I fixed a bug restoring the selection after inserting a tag. You can now select text and press Bold then Italic and you will get what you expect.

Inserting the tag is now a single text replacement, so if you press Undo, it will undo the entire tag insertion. Previously that would only undo the end tag and you had to hit undo again to undo the start tag.

I removed the default "http://" in the link prompt to make it easier to paste in a full link you already have in the clipboard.

You'll notice that it doesn't add the quote button to photo descriptions. That's because the blockquote tag is not supported in photo descriptions.

GM Script: Flickr Rich Edit

Eventually I'll make this work with sets and collections and any other in situ editor.

For any developers out there, I use some of javascript's object-oriented features. There is a ControlBar prototype as well as a ControlBarItem and a DescriptionDivControlBarLoader. Those three classes do all the work except for a few utility functions that determine what page you're on, etc.

I created a javascript pattern that can be used in any number of similar scripts that modifies the in situ photo description editors on the site. It's easy to adapt the pattern for a new need. I have created three such scripts so far. They all work at the same time, though I turned off the other two for the screenshots.

You might also be interested in my Larger Description Editor GM Script.

If you are an author of equirectangular panoramas you might like my Add SPi-V Link GM Script.
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Linda B (Wine Diva) 10 years ago
Terrific update! Thanks for this :-D
splitlenz PRO 10 years ago
This is terrific work. Keep it up.
Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Super Rabbit One PRO 10 years ago
There is another rich editor script too, for comments (that i wrote)
Todd Moon 10 years ago
Hi, Jessica. I did use your script for a while before I found jrhyley's. I find that I don't like the editable iframe. I'd rather see the source code as I generate it. I guess that's just a matter of taste. Your script is very nice. The source is beautiful!

By not hiding the comment text area I would think there's also less of a chance of conflicts with other scripts that also target the comment box.

I've been considering some changes to my version.

1) Use graphics instead of text links. (I'd make them look like flickr buttons with microtext, I think)

2) Adding underline (seems obvious, and someone asked for it from jrhyley. Not sure why it wasn't in the current version. )

3) Creating a standardized "button bar" which many scripts can target. Each such script should see if it already exists before creating it themselves. I have two scripts that add buttons to a description editor, and I think they should be standardized.

4) Borrowing your smiley interface.

Regarding #4, I'm not terribly familiar with the BSD license. It doesn't seem very restrictive, though. Modifying and adding your smiley interface to my script seems like it'd be acceptable. Would that be ok?
When I used your script it was nice to be able to add a graphical smiley to a comment.

BTW, I'm a little confused who authored your script. The copyright notice says Thom, but you said you wrote it. Are you really Thom inside Jessica's body? :-P
Super Rabbit One PRO 10 years ago
Or Jessica in Thoms body, however you wanna look at it!

The new BSD license is pretty relaxed, basically some credit somewhere is good and you can't use my name to endorse any derived software without permission, not that you'd want to since i'm not exactly famous. Other than that use what you want, glad you like the source! it started to get a bit messy as I kept going back to it.
Super Rabbit One PRO 10 years ago
Also you might want to look at this article about the lightbox i wrote for that script
Todd Moon 10 years ago
I just posted version 0.4

This now works when editing the descriptions of sets and collections.

The sets editor is incredibly small, so I also updated my Flickr Larger Description Editor to make the set description editor much larger.
this is wonderful but I'm not being able to install it ;-( when I click the above link it says"error loading user scrip 404: not found"

Weird, it never happened to me before and I've many many scrips installed from this group!

Please heeelp!!!! ;-) Thanks so much!
Todd Moon 9 years ago
Sorry for the 404. Try it now.
Pixel Wrangler 9 years ago
I love this script -- use it everyday!

Is there any chance underscore (or "underline") could be added?
manolotoledo 9 years ago
Thank u for the script.

Can´t be added the img code and the underline????
PGTibs [deleted] 9 years ago
Was just gonna say was trying to edit it so the link was the img code instead but it wont work. Why?
PGTibs [deleted] 9 years ago
How about adding a option that when you click on it then it will add my name as a signature, so you have bold, what ever the other one is, link quote and signature. This possible? What about if i write in the script my name, then will it work?
PGTibs [deleted] 9 years ago
Hey Hey!!! I just managed to edit this script so that it has another link which is my signature!!!
steeev Posted 8 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 8 years ago
i wrote a patch for this script, so it works on newly created textareas, for instance ones created by gm scripts, such as my Flickr Inline Post and Comment Editor. The patch isnt perfect as on certain flickr generated textareas you will get 2 control bars.

my patched version of the script can be obtained here: steeev.freehostia.com/flickr/flickrrichedit.user.js

and here is the code that ive inserted into the script:

// BEGIN: listener Function that checks for newly inserted textareas
// Code by Steeev steeev.freehostia.com/flickr + flickr.com/steeev/
// 4th june 2008

function insertedNodeDomHandler(event) {

// if its not a node containing other nodes and its not a textarea exit
if( !event.target.getElementsByTagName && event.target.nodeName!='TEXTAREA')


for(i=0; i if ( !newtextareasA[i].style || !newtextareasA[i].style.display || newtextareasA[i].style.display.toLowerCase() != "none" )
// make exceptions for mail editing GM textareas, as cant use rich edit functions there
if(newtextareasA[i].getAttribute('id') != 'damessagePMid' && newtextareasA[i].getAttribute('id') != 'damessageid') {
var controlBar = new ControlBar( true, true, true, true );
controlBar.inject( newtextareasA[0]);

document.addEventListener("DOMNodeInserted", insertedNodeDomHandler, false);

// END: listener Function that checks for newly inserted textareas
premasagar 8 years ago
With the upgrade to Firefox3, I find that the links squish together, with no margin between them. This is due to one too many semicolons in the script:

On line 153, change this:
link.style.marginRight = "8px;";

To this:
link.style.marginRight = "8px";

And then it will all display fine again.
Brenda Anderson PRO 8 years ago
Ooh, that's better! Thanks premasagar.
Leo Reynolds PRO 8 years ago
Thanks :)
Todd Moon Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Todd Moon (member) 8 years ago
@premasagar: Funny, I noticed that myself, and I finally got sick of it, so I investigated. I didn't know why it didn't work, so I used a work-around instead:

link.setAttribute('style','Margin-Right: 8px;');

Your fix is what I really wanted. I just didn't know what was wrong. Thanks! :) I'll update the file on my web site soon.

To everyone else: I'm glad you like my script. I haven't messed around with GreaseMonkey in a long time, hence no updates. I might work on it again soon and add underlining, images, or some sort of signature option.
∗gone 8 years ago
underline, strikethrough etc would be great - thanks for this script - it's just about my most often used
thanks for the great scripts! but have you ever thought of making those text links into icons? it would looks much nicer.
Ablichter Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Ablichter (member) 8 years ago
We (Kiwi and me) also rewrote this great script by jrhyley -original here , which now provides tags for italic, underline, bold, strike, 'blockquote', links and images.

We included the blockquote tag again, since it seems to work fine in FF3.
The img tag is meant for inserting a small thumb (default 50 by 50px) of an image to a comment.
Combining the img and the link tag, will let you insert clickable thumbs in a comment field, whereas the original (which should be in the 'link" tag) opens in a new window - click this:

First use the image tag than mark the whole string and use the link tag.

You might download the script with shorten tag names from the link provided on Kiwi's photo resp. here or with long tag names from my site

No icons yet, sorry!
Gerla Brakkee 8 years ago
I've been reading all this and I'm none the wiser so I guess I'm an idiot.
I use rich text but only use the functions italic and bold because I have no idea how the 'quote' and 'link' functions work. I've tried messing with it but duhhhhhhhh
could someone please explain how it works?
I would love having these codes in there:
<a target=_blank href="link to website
" >text</a>
so that I wouldn't have to copy and paste those codes all the time when I am trying to make a link look nice (is that what the quote and link functions do?? )
Ablichter Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Ablichter (member) 8 years ago

I would love having these codes in there:
<a target =_blank href="link to website and " >text</a>
so that I wouldn't have to copy and paste those codes all the time when I am trying to make a link look nice (is that what the quote and link functions do?? )

Yes, this is what the script does. Why not trying it out? You can't do anything bad.

When you want to use the link feature, you write something like "blabla here" in a comment, mark it with the mouse, than use the "link" tag and in the opening box you provide the URL (the link starting with "http://")

And the quote feature will do what happens with your quoted text in this comment.
Click quote and provide some text between <blockquote>here</blockquote> (instead of the word here)
Gerla Brakkee 8 years ago
I did try to work with it but didn't do it right. I got it to work now. Thank you so much!
Todd Moon Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Todd Moon (member) 8 years ago
I finally updated my own version of this script. I added underline, strike, and image.

And I made a lot of code changes that no one but coders would appreciate. :)
Seb Przd 8 years ago
Brian Matiash [deleted] 8 years ago
I am using Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 on Mac OS 10.5.7 and Greasemonkey 0.8.20090123.1.

It seems that if I enable this script (or any other Rich Editor script) I lose the ability to edit any image description. Has this happened with any one else? I'd really love to be able to use this script and still edit my image descriptions.

Sergio.Arturo 8 years ago
Great!! I'll try it.
Seb Przd Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Seb Przd (member) 7 years ago
Brian Matiash I have just upgraded to Firefox 3.5 and I have noticed the same issue as you: when Rich Edit is activated, the descriptions cannot be edited.

In the error console, there is an error when I try to edit a description:
Error: this.richEditStartEditing is not a function
Source File: file:[snip]/greasemonkey.js Line: 591
But the greasemonkey.js file does not have a line 591 (as expected), and the richEditStartEditing is provided in the flickr_rich_edit.user.js file.

The Larger Description Editor suffers from the same problem, so I would say the two are linked... The problem given there is:
Error: this.largerDescriptionEditorStartEditing is not a function
Source File: file:///[snip]/greasemonkey.js Line: 428
* Ana.Guerrero * PRO 7 years ago
I'm in the same boat as Brian Matiash! I hope there's an update on this because it's one of those scripts I can't do without! Hope you can update soon!
Todd Moon 7 years ago
I'll update it in another two years, OK?

Just kidding! I haven't installed Firefox 3.5 yet. When I do, I'll take a look. I'm probably won't have a chance to check it out until Thursday night, or if I don't get to it then, then not until after the weekend.
Todd Moon Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Todd Moon (member) 7 years ago
Fixed. I still need to do the same with the Larger Description Editor script. I also want to migrate that to userscripts.org.

Here: userscripts.org/scripts/show/52905
* Ana.Guerrero * PRO 7 years ago
Todd Moon : Two years!??? Noooooo! LOL No, seriously, I love it!

Thank you so much for the update! It's really appreciated! Yeap, works like a charm now. =D
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago

I'm using FF 3.5 and had a problem that others may have. When I installed the new versions, the old versions were still active and conflicting.

Now I have removed them all is well (ish).

On problem still persists from the older version of Rich Edit. Find an image of yours on which you have added a two or more line comment, say in answer to someone's comment. Click edit. The text in the box deletes some spaces to make conjoined words, and adds line returns where there weren't any. This does not happen in a discussion thread.
Pot Noodle 62 [deleted] 7 years ago
Thanks for the update, works a treat now
Todd Moon 7 years ago

I am unable to reproduce the problem you describe. I used two example paragraphs of text and commented on my own photograph. Then I edited the comment a number of times. At no point were spaces removed, or line breaks added.

Can you please try to reproduce the problem under the following conditions:

Disable all Firefox extensions other than Greasemonkey. Disable all GM scripts other than the Rich Editor script that would run on your photo page. Verify that the problem still occurs.

Then, if it does, disable the Rich Edit script and verify that the problem no longer occurs.

Then please tell me the exact text you were using in your comment before it got messed up, and any special steps you took to cause the problem. (For example, "I selected the word "birthday" and clicked on the Bold link", then his save.)

CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
I'll do it tonight when I get home.
Todd Moon 7 years ago
ClevaTreva, OK, thanks.

I also didn't have the install problem you described. At work I still had an old version, and when I installed the new one, it overwrote it like I expected.

The file name is still the same, and so is the namespace in the script. It should not have created a duplicate entry.
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
OMG. My bad. Not your script that is causing this. A script called Inline Text Editor.
Seb Przd 7 years ago
Re: old versions conflicting

This happened to me, I still had the previous version (before you took over) and that one and the current version were both installed at the same time. Deleting the old one made everything work.
GlenFa 7 years ago
Thanks for the firefox 3.5 fix!! Greatly appreciated!!!
Nice fix for the Rich Text bug with Better Flickr. Cheers.
hkdigit PRO 7 years ago
Great Update! It's help me a lot!
steeev Posted 7 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 7 years ago
ive modified the latest version of your script (added a listener for newly created textareas) so it works with my inline text editor script. the modified version of the rich edit script is available here: steeev.freehostia.com/flickr/flickrrichedit.user.js
kiwi_kirsch Posted 7 years ago. Edited by kiwi_kirsch (member) 7 years ago
hey steev and everyone who worked on fixing that description thing :D

i am confused. is this with me only?

Jumpin'Jack 7 years ago

Having to enable and disable the script all the time to be able to edit photo descriptions was bugging me no end.

Now it works. Phew!

Thanks again!
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
Ack. Today, this script working.

Okay, that's not entirely accurate. Flickr changed something, because today this script only works in group discussions or help forums, but no longer works when editing the photo description on the photo page. In fact, I can't edit the photo description at all, until I disable this script...
Seb Przd 7 years ago
Same here.
Brenda Anderson PRO 7 years ago
Yes, same here. The script works fine in comments/groups, etc. but is now preventing me from doing any inline editing of photo descriptions.
beachwalker2008 PRO 7 years ago
One more here - works fine everywhere except the descriptions.
$udhakar 7 years ago
One more here. I have to disable it and add description and enable it again. :(
kiwi_kirsch 7 years ago
"one more here" is funny. ;D everyone using it, i'd say! flickr seems to have changed something again in the api or whatever. i remeber that same phenomenon from few months ago. i assume that Todd Moon will fix it as soon as he has time and patience for it ;)

thank you, todd!!! :)
CORDAN 7 years ago
I think the last time this happened it seemed to be tied to his other script "Larger Description Editor" I could be wrong, but they are somehow tied together. Just throwing that out there.
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
It's not that same conflict this time... At least not for me, since I don't have the "larger description editor" installed... :-)
Seb Przd 7 years ago
The error console gives the following error when clicking on the description (only using "Larger description")
Error: event is not defined
Source File: l.yimg.com/g/javascript/fold_main.js.v48851.48851.48851.4...
Line: 1
bitrot 7 years ago
Same problem here and I don't use Larger Description Editor either.

I'll try to have a look into it later and see if I can produce a fix.
Seb Przd 7 years ago
I've tracked this to this piece of code in the GM script:
descriptionDiv.startEditing = function() {
descriptionDiv.onclick = descriptionDiv.startEditing ;
Replacing the last startEditing with largerDescriptionEditorStartEditing (i.e., the original function) causes no error but does not make the script work.
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
I can't find that string of text in my rich edit script.
Seb Przd 7 years ago
Sorry, this is the Larger Description script, which is very close to the Rich edit. The equivalent is:
descriptionDiv.startEditing = function() {

descriptionDiv.onclick = descriptionDiv.startEditing;
bitrot 7 years ago
Well I've got a partial fix for Rich Edit, as follows:

1. Make sure you've installed the latest version from userscripts.org/scripts/show/52904

2. Right-click on the status bar Greasemonkey icon and click Manage User Scripts...

3. Find Flickr Rich Edit in the list and click Edit.*

4. Remove or comment out the following line:
descriptionDiv.onclick = descriptionDiv.startEditing;

(Apologies if steps 1-3 were already familiar.)

You can now click descriptions to edit, but you won't get the Rich Edit toolbar on them. The Rich Edit toolbar will continue to appear in places where you don't need to click to edit (e.g. group discussions).

(Actually, very occasionally it will appear on the click-to-edit areas too, which indicates there's a race condition going on somewhere in the Javascript. But I took one look at Flickr's Javascript source and decided life's too short.)
Wil C. Fry PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Wil C. Fry (member) 7 years ago
Thanks for that.

Hopefully, though, someone will still come up with a way to put the richEdit stuff back into the photo descriptions... That's where I used it the most.
CORDAN Posted 7 years ago. Edited by CORDAN (member) 7 years ago
Saint.Seminole I don't use it either, but they are / were tied together back then.. One breaks, it breaks the other.. At least that's what happened before.. Sorry I wasn't clear.

Thanks bitrot

Interesting, the update on the link is dated July 2, 2009. The version I have is dated Oct 10th 2009. Ver. 0.6

When I did your "fix" I can now use Rich Edit in the text area and comment description box. So it's now working for me.
Wil C. Fry PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Wil C. Fry (member) 7 years ago
Update. I used bitrot's "fix" and it seems to be working now, as CORDAN said.

(Just take out the line:
descriptionDiv.onclick = descriptionDiv.startEditing;
or add two slashes in front of it).
dfg photography PRO 7 years ago
Yes! Working again. You should use the fix on Steeev's modified version (above).
IrenicRhonda 7 years ago
OK I've opened Steeevs version where it says show source and I've found that line, but how do I edit it? I can highlight that line but only copy it not cut or edit it, and then how do I install it?

Perhaps one of you guys could publish it in a form people like me can just press install?
Wil C. Fry PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Wil C. Fry (member) 7 years ago

On your Greasemonkey icon in the browser (or in the tools menu), click "manage my scripts" then select this one and click "edit."

It should open in a text-editor (or ask you which editor to use).

EDIT: it sounds like you're opening it in something other than a text-editor... (Mine opens in Notepad by default; I switched that to EditPad Lite)
IrenicRhonda 7 years ago
All done - thanks     :-)
*M-C1* 7 years ago
By removing my rich edit option from both betterflickr and greasemonkey I can edit descriptions just fine but now I lose all my options for adding controls like italics link strike etc.
Is there anything I can do to regain those options back above the descriptions section?
IrenicRhonda 7 years ago
beachwalker2008 PRO 7 years ago
Thanks, it's working again for me.
*M-C1* 7 years ago
How frustrating!
I get to the "edit" stage and click to edit and it opens to my desk top photos and not to a text editor.
Now what?
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
Well, I had it fixed for Windows XP, but for some reason on Vista (my wife's laptop), the same fix doesn't work.

Note: I *am* able to edit descriptions, but the richedit links no longer show on the photo descriptions... They *do* show on my XP machine, with the same fix...
pictureinfocus PRO 7 years ago
Windows Vista
Firefox 3.6
Greasemonkey 0.8.20091209.4
Flickr Rich Edit, version 0.6, 2009-07-01

With the fix of omitting code (descriptionDiv.onclick = descriptionDiv.startEditing;), I am able to edit the PHOTO DESCRIPTION area. However the FLICKR RICH EDIT links are not visible.

The FLICKR RICH EDIT links are visible in the PHOTO COMMENT AREA.
IrenicRhonda 7 years ago
FWIW I use Vista and your fix has made it work perfectly again for me. Including getting the links for the Photo Description Area and not just the Photo Comment Area
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
Hmmm... Fortunately, I don't use my wife's laptop much, and *she* doesn't use GM scripts. :-) I still can't get it to work in Vista (there's probably a conflict in there somewhere, but I don't feel like troubleshooting it right now. I just wish Flickr would quit changing stuff that our scripts use...)

Working fine in XP. :-)
beachwalker2008 PRO 7 years ago
Windows 7 - with the fix I can edit but don't get the links for the description field only.
CORDAN 7 years ago
Just did the "fix" on my Mac and it's working in both fields now.

However, I went to my 2 WinXP desktops and did the "fix" and neither would show the links for the description field either. Just like the Vista and Win7 users are saying.

I went and checked the version and here is what I found. Both Desktops had:
// Flickr Rich Edit
// version 0.6
// 2009-07-01

// Copyright (c) 2009, Todd Moon (toddmoon.com) & jrhyley

Notice the date. So I went to my laptop and checked the version as 2 Mac's and 2 WinXP laptops were working fine after I did the "fix" on them.

Here is what I found:
// Flickr Rich Edit
// version 0.6 (dynamic-mod)
// 2009-10-14

// Copyright (c) 2009, Todd Moon (toddmoon.com) & jrhyley

So, I reinstalled the one dated, 2009-10-14 and it worked in both fields.

To test it again, I tried the very same steps on my wife's computer as it had the earlier dated ver 6 on it as well. Had the exact results. So that is 6 computers I've tried this on. It's now working on all 6.

If anyone with Win7 or Vista would like a copy of the one I have dated 2009-10-14 let me know.
I'd like to know if it works for you. The edit is done so all you have to do is re-install it.

I would like a copy as I'm running Vista and can't get it to work in descriptions either. I disabled all other scripts and commented out the line with no luck. Does work in photo comments like stated by others.

Funny, after your initial post about the 10-14 version ( a few days ago) I searched high and low for that version. So glad you posted this tonight!

So, yes, please I would like your 10-14 copy. I may need some instruction on how to install. Just cut and paste in the original Rich Edit script then re-save? Correct?

Brenda Anderson PRO 7 years ago
I just uninstalled my version from July, and installed the version that steeev posted above: www.flickr.com/groups/flickrhacks/discuss/721576001673445...

It works on the descriptions fine without doing any of these newest fixes. I guess steeev has updated it to work as of now?
Yes..!! that worked fine for me too...steeev's link...all working fine..Now..something i did discover was at some time I had added "Better Flickr" ADD-ON ...which included a version of RTE also...So..I now had to turn off that ADD-ON for everything to work correctly...well..I might turn it on once more now that I did steeev's fix just to see, as now I am missing other flickr goodies that came with that ADD-ON. I also uninstalled all other greasemonkey scripts I had such as "Referer Comment" and "Contacts Organizer" and a few others..I wonder if I will miss them? I did this before I had discovered that ADD-ON program. I was wondering why when I turned on RTE I have two lines of italics/bold/strike/etc. showing up..!
well..I turned the ADD-ON "Better Flickr" back on..and it messed up the fix. Will leave it turned off, as I do not see an option in that add-on to disable the RTE function.
$udhakar 7 years ago
Thank you. This works perfectly. Uninstall existing one, install again the latest one as pointed by you.
Todd Moon 7 years ago
Hello, all! Yes, I will take a look at the changes Flickr made and try to get the script working again soon.
Steeev's version fixed mine as well with the exception of double row rich edits when using Dustin Diaz's Quickr Flickr Script. This is script problem with Dustin's.

THANK YOU for the fix!
Alex Dram 7 years ago

any luck?
I'd prefer a more up-to-date version even if Steev's works ok.
CORDAN 7 years ago
Todd Moon,
version 0.6 (dynamic-mod)
With this line (below) removed, works perfect on my 2- Mac's and 4- WinXP computers..

descriptionDiv.onclick = descriptionDiv.startEditing;
Heather-L 7 years ago
Steev's version worked for me as well, yay!
Todd Moon Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Todd Moon (member) 7 years ago
Fixed. Updated here:


Turns out that three of my scripts were broken. All for the same reason.
Wil C. Fry PRO 7 years ago
Thanks, Todd!

(And I like that this works in Google Chrome Beta too. :-)
Seb Przd 7 years ago
Man, that was not a change that was really intuitive. How did you figure it out?
Todd Moon 7 years ago
Seb, I used Firebug in Firefox to locate the script that had a hook on the description div. Their script is all jumbled up on one line, so I used an online javascript beautifier to make it readable. My script overrides and replaces the startEditing function on the div. I noticed that the startEditing function in their script now takes the event as a parameter. So all I had to do was modify my version to accept the event and pass it along to their version.
Seb Przd 7 years ago
Thanks for the explanation - I also looked at the flickr script, beautified it, but did not notice the extra parameter.

And of course thanks for the script!
David Cowie 7 years ago
Thanks for the fix.
Seb, I used Firebug in Firefox to locate the script that had a hook on the description div. Their script is all jumbled up on one line, so I used an online javascript beautifier to make it readable. My script overrides and replaces the startEditing function on the div. I noticed that the startEditing function in their script now takes the event as a parameter. So all I had to do was modify my version to accept the event and pass it along to their version.

Haha, well it looks like English...

Nice, all fixed. Thanks!
* Ana.Guerrero * PRO 7 years ago
Thanks for the update! I was so bummed when this stopped working for me. I had to uninstall it and went a few weeks without using it until I thought "Oh! Let me reinstall it again!"
I'm so happy to have it back and working correctly again.
You rock!
blueeyeddebby 7 years ago
I recently uploaded the above edited script and have since lost the ability to have bold/italic /underline etc on comment boxes that I edit.

I am an admin of a busy challenge group and found that feature invaluable.
The feature is still available on new comment boxes but as part of my role I need to constantly edit members comment boxes.

I have uninstalled the updated script and installed the previous version but still no luck. Any help on this would be very much appreciated
IrenicRhonda 7 years ago
Try changing the order of the scripts that can sometimes resolve these problems
blueeyeddebby 7 years ago
IrenicRhonda Do you have the feature I'm an about available to you? If so which order do you have your scripts running?
IrenicRhonda 7 years ago
I have Rich Edit but I've no idea what others you might have. If RichEdit is at the bottom (assumption as you've just installed it) then put it at the top. Just experiment. No-one is likely to have exactly the same scripts as you
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