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premasagar 10:06pm, 28 September 2006
UPDATE: 4th October, 2012
AllSizes is no longer being maintained. See this comment in the thread.


UPDATE: 14th August, 2010

AllSizes has been updated to work with Flickr's new photo page menu. The information at the top of this thread is currently out-of date.

See this comment for details on upgrading to AllSizes v2:


GM Script: AllSizes+ (by premasagar)

To use this script:
1. Install the Firefox browser and fire it up
2. Install Greasemonkey and restart the browser
3. Install AllSizes+
4. Go to a photo page and click the "All Sizes" button

AllSizes+ gives you quick access to the different sizes available for a photo on Flickr. It produces better HTML code for posting photos on to blogs and Flickr discussion threads, lets you quickly view and download images, and does a few other things too.

Simply install the script and click the AllSizes button on any photopage. Further documentation and settings are available in the pop-up window that appears.

• Quickly choose between any of the available sizes
• Better HTML to post photos on blogs and Flickr discussion threads
• Appends '(by *Username*)' to the title and alt attributes
• Gives 'Untitled' for untitled photos
• Download images, copy the code to your clipboard, view the image
• BB Code for posting photos on forums and bulletin boards
• Video still images can be accessed as if they were photos
• Shortcut keys for quick actions
• Default settings can be modified
• Automatically checks for updates

Respecting Copyright
Please respect the copyright attributed to a photo. You should only re-post a photo if the license permits it or if the owner has given you specific permission. Karma is as karma does...

The AllSizes Button
Some users have their Flickr account set to restrict downloads on their photos. This is usually done as a deterrent against people misusing their photos. By default, Flickr will not show the AllSizes button on such user's photos.

There are many reasons why people may legitimately want to use the AllSizes button. For example, those who want to see the details present in a large-size image, or those who want to download images for their personal, offline use, or those who want to talk about photos in Flickr discussion groups and use the HTML code to post the relevant photo.

The script will add the AllSizes button to a photo if it is not already present, but it will only show those image sizes that are already viewable on the Flickr website. In other words, it will not show the Original size image for that photo.

(The script used to always give access to the Original size. Some people felt that this was a good thing, others not. Either way, Flickr has since changed the system so that it is now impossible to access the Original size if the owner has chosen to hide it. So that solved that debate...)

You will always be able to use the script for your own photos (if you are logged in), regardless of your privacy settings.

To uninstall a Greasemonkey script from your browser, go to the Tools menu, select Greasemonkey, then Manage User Scripts, highlight the script and click Uninstall.

Follow The Discussion
With the handy-dandy RSS feed for this thread. Or subscribe to daily updates by email.

Previous versions
See dharmafly.com/projects/allsizesplus/versions

userscripts.org/scripts/show/6178 - click the "INSTALL" button
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(1 to 100 of 454 replies)
Vieira PRO 12 years ago
Cool! I always wondered why Flickr had that static title...
premasagar 12 years ago
@Viera - I think the reason is so that countless links around the Web point to Flickr.com with the title "Photo Sharing", which boosts Flickr's rankings in search engines for being a photo-sharing website. But it's not the most relevant title for a photo in the context that it is usually used.
really cool for that changing "the title attribute from "Photo Sharing" to the actual photo title"!!!!!!! :) :) thanks a lot!
Silly Luis 12 years ago
I have made that change by hand a gazillion times. Thanks you!
Pierpol 12 years ago
Is interesting to be able to automate the size of the picture.

Could it be possible to copy automaticaly the hml code?

By this way, you'll just have to do a Ctrl-P and it's done!

Thanks in advance ^_^
john weiss PRO 12 years ago
@premasagar - Thanks. This is really useful.
premasagar 12 years ago
Thanks all!
I just posted a minor upgrade to fix a wee bug.
Major upgrade coming soon...
premasagar 12 years ago
Version 1.1 is now out!

Big changes - please see the original post on this thread, which is now updated.

For technical reasons, if you already installed version 1 or 1.01, you should uninstall the old script before upgrading.

brainy touch [deleted] 12 years ago
very nice work!
i just thought that with this version i need an extra klick to get where i wanted - to the larger view, but i just set "original" as default code/picture since i view the large versions more often than to post the html code anywhere.

well done!
premasagar 12 years ago
Thanks KWentin.

You could select "Large" as your default size. Then, to view the image, just hold down 'v' and click the AllSizes button.
brainy touch [deleted] 12 years ago
works good too, yeah! i noticed the shortcuts, but in total contradiction to my other computer-usage, flickr is one of the few sites i totally browse with my mouse :)

i just noticed a minor bug: once i had the "all sizes" dialog opened and closed, i can no longer move notes on my picture. thought i'd have to share this with you!

Pierpol Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Pierpol (member) 12 years ago
Ah premasagar, i understand why it took you time to achieve this masterpiece !


Two comments :

- the copy fonctionnality doesn't work for me either in shortcut (c + (size key) + Click Copy code to clipboard) or with the little copy button.
I've got windows xp

- the user insertion is strange, i'm becoming nge Rel. For instance :

Trou de Souris (by nge Rel)
premasagar Posted 12 years ago. Edited by premasagar (member) 12 years ago
@KWentin - I'll look into the notes issue. Thanks for letting me know.
Update: Now fixed

@Pierpol - Two strange bugs you are having!

For the Copy to Clipboard function, did you see a security pop-up from the browser asking whether to allow the action?
Try installing the AllowClipboard Helper browser extension, then add www.flickr.com as an allowed site. Restart your browser and try again. Any change?

Update: Further info on the Copy to Clipboard functionality in a later comment.

Your second bug has got me confused.
Does this happen on the photopage or the All Sizes page or both?
Does it work on other photos by you?
Does it work on photos by other people?
Did you uninstall the previous version of the script?
Perhaps you could send me a FlickrMail with the source code of the page you are viewing (or ask me for my email address if it is too long to FlickrMail).
flattop341 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by flattop341 (member) 12 years ago
I'm on to you Pierpol.

The copy function works great.
It works on other user photos too.
Excellent script @premasagar!
Thank you.
premasagar Posted 12 years ago. Edited by premasagar (member) 12 years ago
Update: The script now supports BB Code (a language used on forum websites). Just click the BB Code button to convert the HTML to BB Code. Click again to convert it back. The copy to clipboard function will copy either HTML or BB Code, depending on what type of code you most recently selected.

Important: There was a bug in the auto-updater. It kept thinking it had already checked for updates, but actually it hadn't! So this time you will need to manually install. There is no need to uninstall the previous version if you are upgrading from v1.1x

Any other bugs?: I've been unable to replicate Pierpol's problem with the username being added to the title. If anyone else has this problem, or any other, please report it. Thanks.
Mr Jaded 12 years ago
Nice hack - good looking too!
premasagar 12 years ago
Thanks for the feedback...

Inspired by this thread on avoiding clashes between different Greasemonkey scripts, I have made the process of looking for information on the page (such as the photo's title and the owner's username) a lot less dependent on the places it thinks it ought to find it.

This makes the code a little more convoluted, but will hopefully help to avoid any strange interactions between scripts.
Pierpol 12 years ago
I installed your last update and now it's working good for the user name.

Great job PREMASAGAR !

premasagar 12 years ago
Must be those script clashes.

I'm glad it's working for you, Pierpol. And thanks for your original request for more features - it led to me developing the script much further than the original plan and building a modular system for Flickr Greasemonkey scripts, which can be used in future.
scragz 12 years ago
Can you put in an option to remove the width/height attributes on the img? I always remove that since I've posted stuff places before and then recropped later, which results in a warped image in the place you originally posted it.
paradox4600 PRO 12 years ago
Good job.
One thing that would be nice is if you clicked the all sizes button again when it was open, it would close.
paradox4600 PRO 12 years ago

Simply uninstalling this plugin doesnt fix this, you have to go in and remove flickr from the list.
premasagar 12 years ago
@Paradox4600 - I don't find this. I think that may have happened when I first installed it, though. When I clicked 'Remove All Servers' and restarted Firefox, it was fine.

Scragz & Paradox4600 - Feature requests noted.
paradox4600 PRO 12 years ago
No, i mean if you install it, then uninstall it, the glich is still there, you have to reinstall and remove it, then uninstall.
premasagar Posted 12 years ago. Edited by premasagar (member) 12 years ago
Copy to Clipboard Functionality
If you find that the Copy to Clipboard function doesn't seem to work, then try enabling this in your Firefox browser:

1) Open a new tab and go to the address about:config
2) In the 'Filter' bar, type signed.applets.codebase_principal_support
3) Right-click on the line of text that appears and choose Toggle, so that the value goes from 'false' to 'true'.

Then try the Copy to Clipboard function again.
curved flavor [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by curved flavor (member) 12 years ago
Request for a varient of the all sizes script.
I'm new to GM so apologies if this is already available somewhere.

What I would like is a script to make up for the omission in Flickr Gamma for a menu on the all sizes option. What I would like is an easy way for non-GM installed users to be able to access (usually the Large but not always) their chosen size of image on a single click. This could be a script generated main comment such as "Best Viewed ORIGINAL" or even give direct access to all sizes.

What do people think?
Can anyone help me?
Pierpol 12 years ago
You are Magic Premasagar !

Now copy function is working...

Yes, yes, YES !

Brenda Anderson PRO 12 years ago
Here's an enhancement that I would like.

Can you please indicate somewhere whether or not you have added the ALL SIZES button if the person has their account settings set to not display it? Or do you not know if that is the case?

I only ask because if someone has All Sizes turned off, I would like to respect their wishes. I had been assuming that the script only enhances the All Sizes button by giving us more choices for formatting, etc. I didn't realise that it added the All Sizes button to images where I ordinarily would have no access.
premasagar Posted 12 years ago. Edited by premasagar (member) 12 years ago
@Andy - Thanks for the suggestion. One possibility is to let the AllSizes button be draggable... simply drag the button into the comments box to create the link you ask for. (No promises for implementing this at the moment, though).

@Pierpol - I'm glad that did the trick. I only found this out when the script didn't function on a new computer at work...

I have actually incorporated such an indicator (amongst a couple of other things), ready for the next update to the script. The AllSizes icon within the pop-up window fades and is not clickable if the AllSizes page has been blocked.

For the moment though, a simple way to see if the button was added by the script is to attempt to view the AllSizes page, by double-clicking the button or by clicking the AllSizes icon in the pop-up window: if the AllSizes page is blocked, then a message will appear to tell you.

Personally, I go by the license that the user has applied to the photo. If the photo is Creative Commons, but the AllSizes page is blocked, then I still consider that the user is happy for the photo to be used according to its license.

The matter is complicated by the fact that a user may block the AllSizes page, but not block the Flickr API from letting all the photos' details be known. So, as I say, I go by their license instead.

UPDATE: A minor update has just been released, which provides the functionality of fading the AllSizes icon, as mentioned above. See the Changelog in the first post of this thread for more details.
madhavaji 12 years ago
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Prem. This is a brilliantly useful utility brilliantly written - you're attention to detail is to be celebrated - if only all programmers were so conscientious ...

Much appreciated,

premasagar 12 years ago
-Nicole- PRO 12 years ago
Wow, I just downloaded the new version (can't remember how long ago I last updated, but it definitely didn't have the popup). I just have to say that this is fantastic! Thank you for all your hard work on this, I love where you've gone with the script. :-)
Brenda Anderson PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Brenda Anderson (member) 12 years ago
As of today, the script is no longer working at all. Clicking the all sizes button does nothing for me.

I suspect it is because Flickr has changed the static database for the photos, and they seem to default to farm1.static.flickr.com/<... now.

I fixed my copy temporarily by updating the static bits here:

var Flickr = {
// Urls
imgRoot: 'http://farm1.static.flickr.com/',
siteRoot: 'https://www.flickr.com/',

// Flickr Regular Expressions
regex: {
allSizesPageUrl: /^http:\/\/(www\.)?flickr\.com\/photo_zoom\.gne\?id=(\d+)&size=(sq?|[tmlo])$/,
GustavoG PRO 12 years ago
I haven't gone through the entire script, but from what you posted here, I noticed the bit saying:


If this is meant to match all user NSIDs, it's missing those ending in N01.
For example, emdot.
Canopus Archives 12 years ago
Thanks Brenda, I was just scratching my head over that one and thought a recent reinstall of XP, Firefox et all was to blame. The edit has cured it.
premasagar Posted 12 years ago. Edited by premasagar (member) 12 years ago
Thanks Brenda for hacking in and sharing your changes. I've now updated the script to recognise the new image server(s). (Download)

Teccie info:
Flickr will be adding further 'farm' servers in future to balance the load from image requests. The script will now recognise photos served from static.flickr.com or farm(zero to three digits).static.flickr.com.

Currently, the script still outputs the src address of an image from static.flickr.com. According to the official changes to url structure, this src format will work indefinitely. However, I could update the script again to give the specific farm server, which would avoid the Flickr servers having to redirect an image request to the appropriate farm server.

@GustavoG - Thank you for reminding me about addtional NSID formats. I meant to change that some time ago :o)

[Edited comment to give more teccie info!]
Canopus Archives 12 years ago
After manually editing the original script to include farm1 which worked and seeing you updated the script I uninstalled the script and downloaded the new updated one from your link. It seems the original one without references to farm1 has been downloaded and installed again.
premasagar 12 years ago
@Canopus Archives: That's strange. Try clearing your browser cache to see if it is retrieving an older version...?

If not, take a look at the script code, in the first few lines. The new version number should be 1.114. If it is the new version and it doesn't work, then I'll need to investigate. It works for me...
RMEIKLEJ 12 years ago
Premasagar: I love this script but... the link above is to 1.113
premasagar 12 years ago
When I click on the link and choose 'Show Script Source' from the Greasemonkey pop-up, it most definitely says 'version 1.114'...
Canopus Archives 12 years ago
OK, it's now 1.114. I had been clearing my cache, I have FF set to clear it when closed and closed FF every time I uninstalled old script. Could have been a stale copy on the server cache and it's just caught up and meanwhile you were reading it from your cache which was up to date...or something like that :-)
premasagar 12 years ago
I love a happy ending! ;o)
Brenda Anderson PRO 12 years ago
RMEIKLEJ 12 years ago
Sorry everyone but I'm obviously doing something wrong - when I right click on the link to the script and select "view user script source" it opens up and the version is // @version 1.113 // @date 2006-12-7

I've cleared my cache etc - any advice on what I should be doing?? I use this script soooo much and I'm getting a little grumpy without it - so any help would be appreciated
premasagar Posted 12 years ago. Edited by premasagar (member) 12 years ago
@Rmeiklej - I'm very glad that you find the script useful. It's at times like this that I discover that people are using it, which is good to know.

I'm not quite sure what part of the chain is giving you stale pages. I don't suppose you are on a network that has intense caching of pages going on? Either that or the server must be erratically giving out cached files - but others have got the new version and you have tried several times...

Some possible solutions:
• Wait till the cached file (wherever it is) decides to expire - but I wouldn't want you to get too grumpy ;o)
• Try fooling the browser or server by asking for a slightly different url for the script:
i) www.premasagar.com/dev/gm/flickrallsizesplus.user.js
ii) premasagar.com/dev/gm/flickrallsizesplus.user.js?remember....
(Right-click on the links above and choose 'View User Script Source').

Please let me know what worked for you...
handy volleyball [deleted] 12 years ago
Thanks for the update, I'm back in business!!!!
RMEIKLEJ 12 years ago
IT WORKED thank you! I used one of your different URLs - I get the feeling that my ISP may have a slow cahce - so thanks again and I'm no-longer grumpy!
red horn [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by red horn (member) 12 years ago
Dropping a note just to say that I find it extremely useful! Keep going! :-)
Ksionic 12 years ago
Why not post this in the Flickr changes and bugs forums? That way anyone and everyone will be able to enjoy the changes!
Vieira PRO 12 years ago
I just upgraded from v1 to 1.114. You should really call it 2.0 - what a change!
Hats off to you, premasagar.
premasagar 12 years ago
Thanks all! Good to hear from you.
Well, I think I'll call it version 2 and post it to the Flickr forums when I've managed to sort out the next big upgrade...

I'm planning a 'Custom Code' option, where you can construct the HTML that you want in the code, along with some special tags to insert information on the current photo. For example:

<p>{title}, by {user}</p>
<a href="{url}" title="{title}" ><img src="{src}" /></a>
<div class="desc">{desc}</div>

Now... a question:
Does anyone find it useful having the option to change the code depending on whether the photo is yours or somebody else's?

The original idea was that if you are posting your own photos to your blog then you probably don't want to include your username in every title, but I wonder if anyone else uses this. So, let me know what you do or don't find useful and what you'd like to see...

red horn [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by red horn (member) 12 years ago
I want the username and it doesn't make any difference if the picture is mine or not. The script without options is, so far, just fine for me. But I don't mind having options to choose.
cmiper Posted 11 years ago. Edited by cmiper (member) 11 years ago
Not sure if this has been mentioned before, apologies if so.

This is probably my favorite Flickr script of those that I use, and I really hope that it doesn't become an issue in the future, but right now, the script bypasses part of Flickr's privacy settings for accessing larger image sizes. I know the security that is in place is more of a deterrent rather than security, but either way, this scripts allows you to easily ignore the rules and brings you to the file in question. The button for all sizes is always shown, regardless of the user's settings, and though you can't get the photo's page, you can get both the code to it and view the photo directly.

I personally have no issue with this and my photos, but some people may. I know that it's easy enough to edit the URLs to get the originals when people disable downloads, but that is something that Flickr will hopefully straighten out at some point, and at the same time, this script makes it all the easier to accomplish.

Please don't take it as a complaint, I guess just don't want to see Flickr come down on this script for what it is capable of.
Andreas Helke 11 years ago
Most third party applications ignore those privacy settings. You can always look at the page source code and find the oringianl photo there. The applications and scripts just make it a little easier to actually do it. I think it was a bad idea to offer privacy settings that are not enforcable and only keep the clueless out.
premasagar 11 years ago
The Ethics of AllSizes+
This is indeed an issue that I have been anticipating. In fact, this was the other reason that I haven't yet released this into the major forums of Flickr (as suggested by Ksionic a few comments back).

I expect there will be people who want their photos protected from being used by others and who may be shocked at how easy it is for anyone to access their images. To be sure, this script doesn't do any black magic - anyone can manually access a photo's image in just a matter of seconds. The script simply saves those few seconds and presents it in a simple way.

I wrote the script because I am a blogger. I use my own and others' photos on my own blog, on Flickr forums and on social networking websites. I tend to use Creative Commons photos, or if I want to use a traditional copyright photo, then I ask for permission and I always credit the photographer. I make my own photos Creative Commons so that others can use them in the same way.

I have never yet had someone refuse me permission to use a photo in a project. So, while I could prevent the script accessing photos that have the AllSizes button disabled, or that don't appear via the Flickr API, I do have legitimate reasons for accessing such photos and I want to save the time taken to grab the photos manually. I imagine this is also true for other bloggers.

However, there will always be those who take advantage of others' creativity, who use it inappropriately and without credit. This script makes it easier for anyone to access the images and I sincerely hope that people use it responsibly, with consideration for the artist. For this reason, I have included a prominent reminder about getting permission in the script's main pop-up window.

The way I see it, we are all part of the human race and more and more people are getting access to the Internet. Pretty much anything posted on the Web can be accessed by anyone else. This brings unprecedented potential for collaboration and sharing - the human race can work together more closely as one. But there will always be people who only care for their own slice of the pie, at the expense of others. I don't see any way to stop that, other than educating people about the value of working together and respecting each other.

Possible Solutions
I can't think of a simple, effective and convenient way to change the AllSizes+ script that gives everyone the feeling that their photos are secure, yet also allows bloggers to use any photo that they have permission to use.

• I could block the script from accessing traditional copyright photos that also have the Flickr API and the AllSizes button disabled. As I mentioned, this would inconvenience the blogger who has permission to use such photos, but perhaps it is an appropriate limitation to the script.

• I could put a 'nag screen' that asks 'Do you have permission to use this photo?' before showing the code - but that would just be annoying and probably wouldn't convince anyone.

• There are other possibilities - such as exchanging a secret code between blogger and photographer through the script - but that would require the photographer to also install the script, along with Greasemonkey and Firefox.

I would love to see a system incorporated into Flickr like the last point above. In the same way that a user may invite another user to a group, allowing the recipient to either accept or decline through their FlickrMail, I can imagine a system where a user may request permission to use a photo - if the photographer agrees, the HTML code is then automatically sent to the requesting user, along with the download link...

Does anyone have any better ideas?
cmiper 11 years ago
@premasagar - I fully agree with what you have said, and I know where you are coming from, but as you stated, there are good and bad folk out there, ant those who will use this to their advantage against the original photo posters wishes. At that, all it takes is one person to complain over on one of the main Flickr forums and all hell breaks loose. I really don't want to see that happen, but at the same time, I don't know enough about scripting to offer you a solution either.

As I stated, I have no issues with what the script does, as I am using it for my own photos, and only to view other's photos. I would say that the only problem is that the script doesn't let the user know that the photos they are viewing are ones that are being blocked or not by the privacy rules. Other than that, if someone is going to use it maliciously, there is nothing that you can do that is going to stop them, so I don't think adding nags and such are a good idea, they only punish the honest users.

All in all, I don't feel that the concern over security and privacy should lie on script writers. Flickr is well aware of the issues with security and privacy and even calls their security "deterrents" rather than true security. But in the end, if Flickr feels that scripts like this are generating complaints, I think they would not only work harder on their privacy settings, but at the same time would most likely ask that the scripts disappear. I do recall this being the case with a Flickr Toolbar that came out about a year or so ago?

Either way, the script is appreciated, as are all that are posted here...to that I say Thank You.
Cromo 11 years ago
well something similar happened to Portable Flickr, a tool I created for donwloading photos from flickr.
First of all, it had the word flickr, so I has renamed it.
Second, it didn't look at the "license" of the photo to allow you to download. Now I'm finishing a version that tells you about you downloading all right reserved photos. It does allow you right now to download, but you are responsible of doing so or not. The same happens in flickr.
If we had a way to access the setting in your profile where you allow to download or not your photos, I could just filter contacts that have this options set, and ignore contacts that dont want people to download photos.
Christine Lebrasseur 11 years ago
premasagar Posted 11 years ago. Edited by premasagar (member) 11 years ago
Hi Christine,
I just looked at the links you posted. I see that someone has been posting other people's 'all rights reserved' photos to his blog and making them available for download - without permission.

I looked at the HTML source code on his blog and it looks like he is not using this script, because the HTML code that this script produces looks different.

If someone uses your photos without permission, the first thing to do is contact them and ask them to remove them. If that doesn't solve the problem, then contact the Flickr team directly and/or the webhost where the photos are being posted.

I have given a comment about this on the photo in the first link you gave.

Best wishes,
Christine Lebrasseur 11 years ago
I thank you for your answer Prem, all is already done but yet... this person continue to give for free our original pix

In the HTML code, the link toward the original appears, that why my question...
Stuck in Customs PRO 11 years ago
Nice script and useful. However, I notice that it takes the "S" off my username!

For example (I took off the bracket)

a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/stuckincustoms/361605704/" title="Kuala Lumpur from the Air (by Stuck in Custom)"

-- it should be Stuck in Customs
premasagar 11 years ago
Thank you, Stuck in Customs! You found a bug. Previously, the script did not know how to handle possessives after a username that ended in 's'...

For example, it understood Premasagar's photos but not Stuck in Customs' photos.

New Version
1. I've fixed the bug above.
2. I've also stopped the script adding the AllSizes button where the photo owner's settings had disabled it. I anticipate that there would be more frustration for photo owners who didn't want the button added than there would be for bloggers who wanted to access those photos after getting permission.
Brenda Anderson PRO 11 years ago
I've also stopped the script adding the AllSizes button where the photo owner's settings had disabled it.

You've just become a hero to many people who have complained about GMscripters who ignore user preferences.
יעקב 11 years ago
By the way, that apostrophe treatment is wrong, according to The Elements Of Style... :P
Sharkcookie PRO 11 years ago
i see the point of people not liking a scrip that takes the original size if they disabled it. It would still be very useful if you want to post a small/medium size image into a discussion. For example there are discussions in a couple of groups where you pick your favorite photo from the previous pserson and post it, then the next one picks a favorite from your stream and so on. Its wonderful idea but since many have disabled downloads all you can do is paste a text link.
I think if you anable anything up to medium size (which is the size that everyone can see anyway) it might be a good compromise.
premasagar 11 years ago
@ Childish David - This is a good point.

I have heard before that any photo's square, thumbnail or small image can be used elsewhere (with attribution), regardless of the license. This would seem to fit with the Fair Use principle of posting excerpts from copyrighted works. Fair Use allows, for example, anyone to reprint a short passage from a book or article. It is also how Google can show small versions of copyrighted images on their image search engine - it is not a breach of copyright.

I'm not sure if medium-sized images would qualify and I cannot find any official Flickr rule that clears this up one way or another. I'd imagine that some photographers who choose to hide the AllSizes button would not be so pleased about medium-sized images of their photos appearing elsewhere.

It would be possible to offer square, thumbnail, small (and possibly medium) sizes for such photos, though the code would need to be changed a fair bit. At the moment, it either gives you everything or nothing.
Brenda Anderson PRO 11 years ago
It appears that Flickr has starting giving originals a different secret, so the script no longer works to show original size.
DiddyOh 11 years ago
There doesn't appear to be any pattern to it either so I'm not sure if a new script can be created to get around it. Am I right?
Brenda Anderson PRO 11 years ago
I don't think the script can be fixed to show original because it would have to call the API to find it... and scripts don't call the API do they? I don't know that much about how they work.
Sharkcookie PRO 11 years ago
I can't find the link right now, but it said that flickr is changing the naming for the original sized file so its different from the other sizes thus you can't access the originals any more based on using the normal size name. And I think thats the basis how this script works.

By looking at the page source it was pretty easy to get to the original size photo regardless if the download option was set ot not. I think flickr is trying to fix that with unique names for the large/original size images.

I don't think they are going to rename all existing images, but then I don't know.
mortimer? 11 years ago
Brenda, GM script can call the API, and very easilly, they don't even need a key as they can reuse the one already used for the basic default display :)

The new URL scheme is described here:

You can call the API, but then, you need the right rights to be able to get the secret for the original.
premasagar 11 years ago
It's true - the AllSizes+ script in its current form will not get the correct url for the original sizes of newly uploaded photos. It will still work for photos uploaded before this changeover. However, a new Flickr option will allow owners to generate new secrets for their existing photos, so those photos could also be affected.

I knew that this changeover was imminent, but unfortunately I've been too busy on other work to bring the script up to date yet. It will require a little overhaul and I'll get on to it as soon as I possibly can.
Sharkcookie PRO 11 years ago
Have not found the "convert to new secret code" option. Is it something that is going to come or is it just me not finding it?
Brenda Anderson PRO 11 years ago
The 'convert to new secret' function hasn't been released yet. It's been mentioned as coming, though.

Thanks premasagar. Will keep an eye out for an updated version.
Dr-Leech 11 years ago
hey premasagar, thanks for this script, is awesome.

About the issue that don't display the correct original size photos, can you change it to display too the page that shows the original size photo inside the All Sizes instead of the direct photo url?
Or maybe an option to switch between it or current way.
Afulki PRO 11 years ago
Dr-Leech I second that, just going to the view original page would be cool
premasagar 11 years ago
@Dr-Leech / Afulki - I'm not entirely sure what you are suggesting. I think you mean one of these possibilities:

1) Have a button or an easy way to access the Original Size version of the photo, as displayed on the standard Flickr AllSizes page (e.g. this).

2) Have an option to include the url of the Original Size AllSizes page within the HTML code of the script's pop-up window.

Or something else...
Afulki PRO 11 years ago
I was meaning, if you can't display the correct URL in the copy / paste box, the next best thing (on clicking the "original" size link in your popup) would be to have the popup redirect to the Flickr original size page.

i.e. flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=412383398&size=o

premasagar 11 years ago
OK. Thanks for clarifying, Gary.
forzet 11 years ago

davebushe PRO 11 years ago
Is anyone else finding that when they try and look at original size with the script on Flickr comes up with a photo not found?

Turn script off and it works just fine.
kellan 11 years ago
I don't think the script has been updated to respect original secrets.
~ fernando [deleted] 11 years ago
yes, if I try to look at the original size, it says that the photo is not found. I have to then go to Safari (for example) to view it.
teaeff 11 years ago
m, I am also having this problem, although it is a very fine script indeed.
apurdam (Andrew) PRO 11 years ago
w.r.t. getting photo not found on original, I agree with Kellan that it is due to a change in flickr displaying original pics, which the script hasn't caught up with yet.
In the mean time, if large isn't big enough for you, simply double click the All Sizes Button and you will still get flickr's usual All Sizes page to select the original from.
premasagar 11 years ago
Thanks for all your continued feedback, folk. I've not forgotton about this - just really, obscenely, unavoidably busy... And I want to give a thorough, quality upgrade to the script. ASAP
splitlenz PRO 11 years ago
Done! - My highest compliment. I give it a 9.8.
hollow art [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by hollow art (member) 11 years ago
The Original Sizes link seems to be broken recently, I think since they started renaming the photographs 'for privacy'. I have to go to the regular All Sizes page to grab my originals.

Edit: Never mind! I see it's already being addressed. My apologies.
paradox4600 PRO 11 years ago
I get the "Photo unavalible" photo whenever i use this now.
Robin "Evil Bob" A 11 years ago
@premasagar: Excellent script, use it all the time. Any chance there will be an update soon for the "secrets" issue?
Engineer J 11 years ago
Hi, thanks for a wonderful help. But a lot of my contacts have IE, and i think you should provide a bookmarklet (or favelet) version of the script as well. It will help many users who are not on FF.
# Cid # 11 years ago
Internet Explorer? i dont remember whats that...
Engineer J 11 years ago
Neithr do i. I am aware of Opera too. There Must be something for everyone (i am talking 'bout script).
splitlenz PRO 11 years ago
Excellent scripts!!!!!
PhotoComiX 11 years ago
when is chosed Original size the script display often a page not found message.,but same images become available by turning off greasemonkey
hilarious stove [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by hilarious stove (member) 11 years ago
Why my all sizes script stopped working? When I press 'all sizes' button it flashes the script text and proceeds to the standard Flickr's all sizes. I uninstalled old version and installed the latest one. It did not help.

The main advantage for me as admin was that it has the user name in the script as 'by username'. Without it I have to go to the user page to extract those extravagant names.

Can someone help me please?
youpidou 11 years ago
I'm seeing the same problem than B_G, the script text flashes real fast and then goes away. Any idea?
sequentverdure 11 years ago
Same problem here. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling (worth a shot) but no luck..
-Nicole- PRO 11 years ago
sequentverdure Same problem here as well :-(
mancvb 11 years ago
same problem here too, only the menu wont even flash for me
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