.CK 7:44pm, 30 July 2006
Invite photos to the group

It's embarrassing that I reinvented the wheel. I didn't notice its existence and how similar the two scripts are untill I found the previous one. As it took me a while to program, I still decide to share with you. This GM script inserts a link to photo comment section to help you to add a comment of invitation to the group easily. Threr're two differences between the two scripts: It loads all groups you belong to via API and can filter out non-administered groups. And, you can define a template of invitation message.

Download: webdev.yuan.cc/greasemonkey/flickr.invite_photo.user.js
spilltojill PRO 12 years ago
This is a nice updated link to the last script that is similar. I likey - thanks;)
steeev Posted 12 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 12 years ago
cool script! :)
mortimer? 12 years ago
Very cool, it's nice that it is not shown all the time and the it gets the name of the groups from flickr.

I changed line 105:

textarea.value += text;


textarea.value = textarea.value.substr(0,textarea.selectionStart)
+ text
+ textarea.value.substr(textarea.selectionStart);

so it will insert the comment where the pointer is and not at the end of the comment.
.CK 12 years ago

Thanks. I've changed my code to take your suggestion.
harry harris PRO 12 years ago
Thanks, great script.

One question - why does it insert the 'code' URL of the Group instead of the 'user friendly' one?

ie, if I try to invite someone to UEA Achitecture, it produces a link to:


..wheras it would be nicer if it produced:


Is this just the way the Flickr API presents Group links?

.CK 12 years ago
@harry harris

I'm glad you like the script.

The user friendly URL is much better than the 'code' URL. But Flickr API doesn't provide such information.
harry harris PRO 12 years ago
Figures.. thanks again!
Domen Colja 11 years ago

I've recently installed the script and I could love it, but the problem is that my own group that I administer doesn't show in the scrolldown box.

The group name is Artistic faves.

Any clues why not?
morganglines 10 years ago
How do they get the button that says "OK I'll add it" -- that seems to make it easier to submit a picture.
zyrcster PRO 10 years ago
morganglines That feature is only available to group admins. Near the comment box on a photo page there will be a link called Invite This Photo... click it, and a list of groups you admin will appear. That adds the OK I'll Add It button to the comment (which you won't be able to see -- only the user will see it).
amendz 10 years ago

I have the same issue. The scroll down menu reads "loading groups" but none of the groups i admin appear.
Bhanu Devgan 10 years ago

is it possible to have a string made out which can help in searching for a picture having comments greater than a defined number, say 100 for example.

this thought came from the many flickr tools which have been made out and are installable thru greasemonkey on fire fox.

please help out...
Bhanu Devgan 10 years ago
Any suggestions ?
albspotter 10 years ago
I have the same issue. The scroll down menu reads "loading groups" but none of the groups i admin appear.

I have the same problem. Any idea how to fix that?
~shrewd~ PRO 9 years ago
it seems that it is still not working - rather sad!
mrpb27 PRO 9 years ago
Have you tried using the 'Quick comment' script by Mortimer?

Easy enough to make your own invite and set it up with this script.
Terry_NYorks 5 years ago
Is this still not working - given the new environment we now have to work under?

(Needed for Safari Version 5.1.9 (6534.59.8); or Firefox v22.0, under Mac OS X v 10.6.8 build 10K549)
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