.CK 5:32am, 11 June 2006

Many thanks to fd for helping me passing photos from my script to his site a couple months ago. I wrote a GM script to add a menu and links of some external flickr tools to the new Flickr Gamma Organize. This is a similar one to my previous work - GM Super Batch. The new Orgznize is such a cool design and very helpful to collect a batch of photos. So I simply add a new menu to it and utilize its great batch function. Now you can collect any photos in Organize and send to the following tools.

Currently three tools are available:

1. Flickr Album Maker
2. fd's Slideshow Maker
3. fd's Mosaic Maker

Download: Flickr Organize Tools
mortimer? 12 years ago
Ho interesting... I'll have a look at your script as I was looking for ways to introduce things in the organizer :D
Ray Tomes 11 years ago
I have installed the script OK. When I go to organise, if I create a batch I can see "tools" at the top and can click "Flickr album maker" within that. Then what? Nothing happens as far as I can see. Where is the album?
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