steeev 3:12pm, 10 August 2005
Ive written a couple of scripts that allow you to publish your list of most viewed/interesting/favourited and commented photos on your own website. It also allows you to publish your list of Favourite photos from other Flickr users.

I dont know if anyone else will be interested in this, but i thought it was fun. Its not an off the peg solution, and not for complete beginners, as the files will need a bit of editing to match your particular server setup etc to get them to work for you, though most of the work has been done for you already, you mainly just need to edit a few directory names etc.

Requirements:- What you need for these scripts to work.
* PHP enabled web server (with file and directory writing permissions).
* FireFox - Web Browser.
* GreaseMonkey - FireFox Extension.

1) Copy and paste this file to your php enabled web server and rename it saveyourfaves.php

2) you will need to edit various variables to match your server setup.

3) install this greasemonkey script:
you will also need to edit this script:
the includes at the top will need to be changed to match your flickr directories.
you also need to edit the following 2 variables:
serverPHPfileURL and password
serverPHPfileURL is the URL of the PHP file you saved to your server. You need to change the password variable to one that is unique and hard to guess, and you also need to put the same password into the PHP file.

the way i setup my files and directories was to have the
saveyourfaves.php file in a directory called flickr eg
then i created the following directories inside the flickr dir /photos/steeev/


1) The greasemonkey script adds a link called "Publish" to the top of your most comments/views/favourites/interesting + your favourites from other flickr users pages.

2) Clicking the publish link will cause the script to post each of the pages under the category you are currently viewing to the php file on your server, and the php file will save each page to the appropriate directory on your server, creating the directories as it goes.

3) you need to click the publish link once for each category, eg
most views, most comments, most interesting, most favourites.
and also once for your favourites of other users page. there is no visible feedback that anything has happened after you click the publish link, so in order to see if its worked, you should check your server to see if the files have been created correctly. if they havent, you should check your servers error log files, and also the javascript console, to see if there are any javascript errors.

heres what the end results look like:

of course you can change the headings + add footers and change the styles etc to whatever you like in the code.

hope someone finds this useful.

N.B this greasemonkey script is now GM 0.6.4 + FF 1.5 compatible
boring sleet [deleted] 16 years ago
That's really awesome. I'll have to try it out later. Thanks, steeev.
steeev 15 years ago
ive updated this greasemonkey script to be GM 0.6.4 + FF 1.5 compatible.
यश 15 years ago
the installation of this seems too complicated for me..
Jasper Kennis 13 years ago
Hi. Could you please update this page? I'd really like to try this but all liks seem broken.
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