Rev Dan Catt 11:29am, 29 June 2005
Ok, here you go, open this link with Google Earth.

Now you spin round the Earth and focus in on a spot, when the camera stops moving it'll go and grab the nearest 50 geotagged Flickr Photos (that are registered with geobloggers) within about 2,000km of the point you are looking at.

Very very cool (and addictive!)
sounds really cool, though im getting an error: "fetch of network link "Flickr" failed (,43.0910,-79....): Connect Failed"
steeev 13 years ago
ahh its working now, excellent! :D
wretched distance [deleted]
Awesome, thanks for the tip CF!

Addictive indeed, really opened my eyes to what can be done with GEarth.
brawny door [deleted] 13 years ago
OMG there goes the rest of my free time!
MacRonin47 13 years ago
Damm this almost make me wish I had a windows system (almost)

At least they are working on a Mac version of Google Earth
wretched distance [deleted] 13 years ago
Quiplash, any chance of that straitjacket coming off and this is worked into your meta^meta hack-loop? :)
brawny door [deleted] 13 years ago
LOL! inoneear is talking about this... be sure to follow the links to see all 3 images.

inoneear: lemme seek what I can cook up ;-)
wretched distance [deleted]
Hehe, cool. I love that kind of tech/culture remixing you [Quiplash] whipped up there. (And I like to imagine future digital archeologists will too :))
I am also having connection problems... Steeev, any tips on how you solved the problem?
Stewart 13 years ago
Garrr ... I want to see it, but am getting the connection error as well. Bring it on!
Stewart 13 years ago
Hmm - quitting and restarting seems to help.

Boy and Girls I think I've got it sorted.

Server has been kicked and should now be feeding to Google Earth with no problems.

Here's a bonus, if you add a second Network Link and use...
"makeXML.cfm?" at the end instead you'll get the closest 50 geotagged pages within 2000km (all 5 of them)

You can mix and match by using makeXML.cfm?lstItemType=flickr,

But there are so many flickr photos compared to pages that the chances of hitting a page when mixed with Flickr are very slim ATM.

I'm not telling what the rest are yet ;)
Rev Dan Catt 13 years ago
Right it's gotten even easier, if you have Google Earth...

The first one gives you the latest 50 photos from around the world, updates every 30 mins. The second around where you're looking.

Google Earth isn't just a cool globe thing, it's actually a browser and pretty soon location based RSS reader.
RichardLowkes 13 years ago
extraordinary. it's not possible to add geotags from within google earth tho is it?
cowbell 13 years ago
Unbelievably cool.
apinkin 13 years ago
this is so cool, CF!
energetic fairies [deleted] 13 years ago
I don't think it's possible to add geotags from within Google Earth but by using the link at the top of the thread, geotagged photos show up around the place you're looking at.
I've been wowing over GoogleEarth for a few days now... I can begin to visualise how we'll be navigating and retrieving information in a few years from now. I'm quite blown away by the possibilities.

I appreciate you getting the geotagged photo layer onto GoogleEarth so quickly. When you click on a photo thumbnail in GE, it gives the image description and links to Flickr and GeoBloggers... but is it possible to also display a small version of the photo? Or does GE not allow <img /> tags within the description?
GE does allow "img" tags in the description, and this is how I initially had it.

However, having an image in there kinda messes up how the list of results is displayed on the left. I haven't had time to look into why yet. So I just took the images out.

Once I've figured out what's going on, on the left I'll put them back in (currently it just displays a small grey box)

premasagar 13 years ago
Great. Thanks for the update.
pt 13 years ago
here's a how-to i did that shows how to do some of this (mostly for new folks)...

rostopop 13 years ago
Im glad google and others are making advances in this, i have a feeling it's going to be massive and everybody should be encouraged to add data with geological locations to websites such as flickr. The potential of this is mind boggling.
dave182b 13 years ago
I have heard about google earth and want to know what the diff is between pro and free version and if anyone has some registration details for pro
There is Free, Plus and Pro.

Free is, well, the free version. :-)

Plus is $20/yr, has better print resolution and some additional drawing tools.

Pro is $400/yr, has all the above plus hi-res printing and image export (without the copywrite), tech support, and a slew of other technical tools for GPS, Mapping, Plotting, and measuring.

I know then prior to Keyhole being turned into Google Earth, the options were very similar, though the average person will most likely not need the Pro version, Plus may appeal to those who work with GPS tools.

There is a 7 day trial for Pro and Plus on the download site. I noticed that it takes you to the Keyhole site, so maybe it is as it was when it was called Keyhole, not sure.
zeman 13 years ago
For those interested in geotagging via Google Earth I've writen a web app to do this.

Geotagging Flickr photos with Google Earth

Once geotagged geobloggers will find your photo and it will be in the feed.

I'm not sure how often geobloggers checks for new geotagged photos or when it will be back online. That dosen't stop you geotagging thou!
Ѕtuart Green Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Ѕtuart Green (member) 13 years ago
GPS devices often export in the GPX format. Google Earth will read GPX .. but only if you sign up to the Plus version for $20. I found a way to around it for free - see this Flickr post here.
metaltoad 12 years ago
There's a feed showing Flickr photos on Google Earth up here:
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