perpetual lake [deleted] 3:01pm, 15 June 2005

This GM script displays recent comments when you visit a photostream.

UPDATE: please use this updated version by
vasta 13 years ago
wah! just the script i've been looking for! thanks!
very, very cool.
.CK 13 years ago
great job, it is really good!
jrhyley 13 years ago
This is, quite possibly, the coolest flickr hack ever.
Son of Groucho PRO 13 years ago
Very useful script. Makes good use of otherwise empty space on the Flickr page!
Sidereal PRO 13 years ago
This is brilliant, I can't live without it now :)
gnosis / john r 13 years ago
Thanks so much!
**edited** I answered my own question, so I won't need anyone to explain how to work this now.

zenera 13 years ago
This is such a super script, but it no longer works, since the recent greasemonkey scare I've now got the latest version and Firefox/1.0.6, please help, thanks!
touching light 13 years ago
oops, just noticed that too. i'm assuming it's the switch to GM 0.3.5?
wendie7 13 years ago
Oh man, I was hoping it was just me it wasn't working for and that I just needed to reinstall. Phooey!
zenera 13 years ago
Tried reinstalling several times...sort of glad it's not just me
Stewart PRO 13 years ago
Neat - I hadn't seen this one before.

Think we should incorporate it into the site? (And how does the author feel about that?)
I made an improvement on this "recent comment" script and write a new scrip - "Toggle Recent Comments" several weeks ago.

It works fine with GM 0.3.5. I replaced GM_xmlhttpRequest with XMLHttpRequest. You can try it at
The Guncle 13 years ago
It's perfect - thanks .CK.
zenera 13 years ago
Yes definitly Stewart! Thanks .CK it's working fine now!
absoblogginlutely 13 years ago
Cool - I was expecting to see this where the existing comment numbers were but now I've realised its on the right hand side. Great work (as usual)
Son of Groucho PRO 13 years ago
Thanks .CK! I was really getting fed up looking at that unused space!
perpetual lake [deleted]
I am glad that you all found the script to be useful!

.CK, thanks for the updates! I've changed the above post to point to your version.

That'd be most awesome!
touching light 13 years ago
is there someway I can set the toggle to always on?
.CK 13 years ago
Thanks, setre. Your clever idea to use RSS instead of API is pioneering.

Touching light, I've updated the script to add a checkbox to let you keep the toggle on. You can re-install the script.

gnosis / john r 13 years ago
thanks for the update....I really really missed it this last couple weeks.
thank you thank you thank you
touching light 13 years ago
fantastic .CK! thanks so much! (without that option, I forget to use the feature).
hendriko 13 years ago
Hmm, with Greasemonkey 0.5.3, the updated version by .CK doesn't work for me, but the original one does (again).
.CK Posted 13 years ago. Edited by .CK (member) 13 years ago
really? It works fine with my gm 0.5.3.
Can you check the Javascript console for me? to see if there's any hint ....
hendriko 13 years ago
Uh, never mind. I think I have just been stupid and didnt see the expandable 'recent comments' tab. Sorry.
phool 4 XC PRO 13 years ago
Had to dig through a bit to find this in order to install on another computer, so I thought I'd bump it up again. Good job, y'all!
psd PRO 13 years ago
Sadly seems to be broken in Firefox 1.5 beta 2 and GM 0.6.2. Having seen it work in Firefox 1.0.7 I may have a quick go at debugging it when i get back from my holls ..
.CK Posted 13 years ago. Edited by .CK (member) 13 years ago
The "Recent comments in photostream" is fixed for Firefox 1.5 beta2 + GM 0.6.2 now. It was broken due to the 'onclick' problem.

Reinstall it at here:
pleasant neck [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by pleasant neck (member) 13 years ago
This is an awesome script. One question — is there a way I could modify it to show square-size previews, instead of thumbnail-size? A line in the code I could alter? Just curious, thanks ...
jrhyley 13 years ago
I did this myself for reasons of aesthetics.


var commentText = entries[i].getElementsByTagName('content')[0].textContent;
tmpDiv.innerHTML = commentText;


var commentText = entries[i].getElementsByTagName('content')[0].textContent;
commentText = commentText.replace("_t.jpg","_s.jpg");
commentText = commentText.replace(/width=\"\d*\"/i, 'width="75"');
commentText = commentText.replace(/height=\"\d*\"/i, 'height="75"');
tmpDiv.innerHTML = commentText;
pleasant neck [deleted] 13 years ago
Works great, thanks!
firda 13 years ago
Is there a way to include recent photoset comments? Thanks.
.CK 13 years ago

what do you mean by 'recent photoset comments'?
Skinnyde 13 years ago
I think she is referring to the new option to write comments on sets as opposed to just individual photos.
.CK 13 years ago
I see. I just checked the RSS/Atom of recent comments, it doesn't include comments on sets. So it's not available right now.
elegant wire [deleted] 13 years ago
THX@jrhyley :-)
¡nils! 13 years ago
This one is great, saves me two clicks (nah, not really). And thanks to jrhyley for some visual streamlining. Speaking of that, can annyone tell me how to shorten the line below "Recent Comments" and to addjust the font. I'm getting slightly mad because of that.
wiccked 12 years ago
I was using this (and loving it!) until flickr went Gamma and it stopped working.

Is there going to be an updated version?
.CK 12 years ago
Yes. Please install the latest version.

Vanessa Pike-Russell 11 years ago
This doesn't work anymore :(
.a.x.l™ 10 years ago
it doesn't work anymore since I've installed Firefox 3.0.
any update soon ?
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