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quas 10:20pm, 16 April 2005
This is my second greasemonkey script, and it's a huge mess! But it works, mostly. :)

The basic idea of this script is to keep track of threads you've posted in on Flickr, and then highlight them wherever there's a list of discussion threads. It got kind of complicated, but it seems to work pretty reliably so far.

There's a catch, though – it can only track threads you've posted to after you install it. That means you won't see anything different until you start posting. There's not too much I can do about that.

Anyway, I set up a little page that has a screenshot of it in action, so you get a sneak preview before you install it.

Let me know if it works, please. Suggestions are welcome. Here's the page:

N.B updated version including maintenance fixes by Mhusson, Netomer + Steeev : here
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GustavoG 16 years ago
How about making it recognize threads you posted in earlier, when you just visit them?
That's an excellent idea, Gustavo. I don't know why I didn't do that.

Just released: version 0.2!
Punsalan 16 years ago
Awesome script. I haven't been too active in groups but having this will help me stay on top of my replies.
iDanSimpson 16 years ago
a very fine script that i am already enjoying.
steeev 16 years ago
hmm cant seem to access the script, would love to try it though.
Punsalan 16 years ago
The direct link to the script is here.
My stoopid host is probably acting up. Can you try it again?
tried again, still cant access it. im getting an unknown host error for
quas 16 years ago
Hmmm, that's kind of weird, since it's working fine for me. If anyone else wants to host it (or, y'know, tweak it), feel free. :)
steeev Posted 16 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 15 years ago
any chance u could mail me a copy?

cheers m8
quas 16 years ago
OK, I pasted it into your contact form. If that doesn't work, I can email you a zipped version or something.
steeev Posted 16 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 15 years ago
thanks i received it and ive mirrored the file on my site in case anyone else is having problems downloading from your site.

just tried it and the script is working fine, great work! :)

cheers! :)
quas 16 years ago
OK, I just finished version 1.0. I've made quite a few improvements over the old version. Now you can:
-Track any thread, regardless of whether you've posted in it
-Ignore individual threads you've posted in
-Temporarily turn off all highlighting

I've also fixed up my code a bit. Download from and tell me if there are problems, please.

Now I'm going to bed. *yawn*
Punsalan 16 years ago
I'm not sure if it's just me, but your highlight script does not work if I have the Degradr script enabled at the same time.
Hmm, now that's interesting. I can't reproduce your problem, so I suspect it might have something to do with other scripts you're running. BTW, Degradr is set by default to affect all of, even though it's making changes only on photo pages. If you want to use both, try changing Degradr's @includes to and
Punsalan 16 years ago
Right now I've disabled everything except for Degradr and flickr group tracker. I'm still getting the same problem.

And for degradr I have the following included:**

Very weird that it's not working for me while using those two scripts at the same time.
Punsalan 16 years ago
Ok I just tried using Degradr and the Flickr Group Tracker on another PC and they're not playing nice together either.

Firefox 1.0.3
quas 16 years ago
Aha! I just upgraded to version 0.2.6 and it's broken for me as well. I'll see what I can do...
Well, I've diagnosed the problem. It's a Degradr problem, probably caused by using "ps_photo_id" on non-photo pages. There are three things you can do:
1. Uninstall and reinstall Degradr. As long as it's lower down in the list than GT, it won't cause problems (but if you install any scripts after that, the new scripts probably won't work).
2. Fix Degradr so it checks whether variables exist before trying to use them.
3. Set Degradr to affect only /photos/* instead of all of Flickr.

I'd recommend #3, since it's easier than option 2, but more reliably than option 1.
quas, ive found a small problem with this script, the "Highlight this thread" text and checkbox, are nearly completely obscured by the "google ads" iframe in the top left corner. Does anyone else get this problem? Im using firefox 1.03, along with a few gm scripts, but i dont think they would be interfering in this case.

I think the css might need to be tweaked for the P container tag. adding "padding-top:10;" seems to fix the problem for me...
quas 16 years ago
Oh, that's something I hadn't thought of. Being a "pro", I never see ads on Flickr, so it never even occurred to me that the thread toggle might be anywhere near an ad.

I'll see about fixing it this weekend (maybe sooner, if I'm lucky!). Thanks for letting me know.
mhusson 16 years ago
quas (& steeev), just wanted to let you know I've been using this script for a couple of days now, and I love it. Great job on it and great idea in the first place. I haven't noticed any major bugs or anything, but I'll let you know if I do. (too bad it doesn't work until you have actually read that thread, but I guess once you are using it for a while, that won't be a problem anymore)
quas 16 years ago
Thanks, mhusson! Really glad to hear you're using (and enjoying) it. :)

And thanks to steeev too, for hosting the fixed version.
kastner 16 years ago
This is cooler each time I use it :)
OK I must be an idiot because it's only partially working for me. I'm getting yellow highlights for topics I've posted in, but when I check or uncheck the highlight box, nothing changes and the check isn't saved. I'm running nothing else on GM but this so far.
Sorry, it's currently broken with GM 0.3.x. I've been meaning to update it, but I'm totally swamped with work (studying for finals). If anyone else wants to try, go right ahead. :)
touching light 16 years ago
I understand, take your time. Good luck with finals! (I'm just glad I'm not just an idiot afterall ;) )
Okay. I couldn't take it anymore ;) I just updated the script to be compatible with GM 0.3.x.

I put up a version of the fixed version here,

Quas, If you could copy that file over to your site, that would be great. Also, amazing job coding that. You must have been taught very well on how to write clean code. Good work.
touching light 16 years ago
Thank you, mhusson :) Awesome hack, quas!
premasagar 16 years ago
This is wonderful. Just trying it out now...

What I would also like to have with this script is the possibility to highlight any groups that I've (recently) participated in, on the Groups page.

For example, say I participate in a particular group's discussion, but that group falls down the list on my Groups page. If the group name is highlighted, I can quickly identify it as a relevent group for me to visit.

Or can this functionality be achieved with another existing script?
quas 16 years ago
Thanks a lot, mhusson! Works like a charm.

premasagar – I can't do that right now because the script has no way of knowing what group a thread belongs to (it just knows the thread ID). I'm going to be fixing it up and improving it a lot over the summer, though. That will mean a lot of cool things, hopefully including what you've mentioned. For example, now that we have GM_getValue/GM_setValue, I'll be storing the tracking list there instead of in cookies. Without the cookie size limit to worry about, I can store all sorts of cool stuff, like thread titles and groups they belong to. I have some interesting things planned; trust me!
quas - I've no idea what you just said, but it sounds great!
Keep it up bro - I look forward to trying all the cool things.
I don't know if this is one of the things you have planned, but here's an idea to expand on my previous comment:
Once it can be known which thread belongs to which group, it'd be great to have a little row of links, something like:
"View All Threads / Threads You Started / Threads Participated In / Watched Threads".

And I think the idea has come up before of being able to sort groups into sets or categories. Now, that'd be cool.

I've only just started using Greasemonkey and haven't yet looked into writing scripts for it. I guess it's only a metter of time. I really appreciate the work all of you are putting into it.
touching light 16 years ago
quus: "I'll be storing the tracking list there instead of in cookies."

I'm so glad. I had to quit using this great hack because I like to have Privacy Eraser Pro erase all my cookies, etc. each night.
Is the highlighting supposed to stick:
1. Over a Firefox restart?
2. Over a computer reboot?

If it is supposed to and doesn't, what settings could I try?
quas 16 years ago
1. Yes.
2. Yes.

Sounds like a cookie problem. Do you have any cookie-related extensions installed? Any cookie handling settings changed from the defaults? That's about all I can think of at the moment.

And the cookie-free version is coming, once GM 0.5 gets out of beta.
pberry 16 years ago
Very, very cool.
Cookie problem.

I installed Cookie Culler - to deal with the problem.

I've got "algo Threads" protected, but it still lists it as: "Expires: at end of session". Is there a way to alter that?

Thanks for help.
Claudecf 16 years ago
It's working great for me! Thanks!
Claudecf: What settings for Cookies do you have in Firefox/Options/Privacy/cookies?

Somehow I'm still losing highlights between sessions.

Claudecf 16 years ago
I have authorized cookies.
quas 16 years ago
algo – sorry, I don't know why the cookies aren't sticking. :( I could let you try the new version if you'd like.

BTW, I just noticed that the URLs for threads have changed – whereas they used to be in the format
they're now in the format
This is going to make it way easier to do fancy stuff with the group tracker in the future. Yay!
suddenly this isn't working anymore. also other GM hacks aren't working either. could this have to do with the new sign-in? I have GM 0.5
Claudecf 16 years ago
Got back home this evening and decided to install all those great scripts on the home iMac G5 firefox!
Nothing was working. Finally, I noticed a little line at the top of the window that said that I was using an old an flawed version of GreaseMonkey...
I'm not telling you this to show you how silly I am ;) but just that when the scripts don't work, it's not necessarily bugs...
the group url changed, which made the flickr PM hack stop working. I'll try doing the same temporary fix here and see if it helps.

edit: nope, the fix for the other hack doesn't work with this one. hey, it didn't hoit to try...
Claudecf 16 years ago
The highlight stopped working for me too.:(
petitshoo 16 years ago
Hi all! I'm new to this group. Got referred to your user script from the WEEKLY pool. It was working fantastically until two days ago. It stopped highlighting and I can't "highlight current thread". Any ideas on what to do? Now that I've had it, I feel lost without it. Any help is appreciated.
quas 16 years ago
So sorry for those who use it – due to the new improved discussion URLs, the script no longer recognizes group threads.

I'm really busy packing up for a move at the moment (and not using my own computer), but if someone else wants to fix the script, it should be fairly easy. Just change every reference to[0-9]+/

That should do the trick.

Sorry I can't fix it at the moment. :(
elegant wire [deleted]
quas: thank you this is the most usefull script ever, too bad you don't have the time to fix it, so...

here is a modified/ fixed version.

i had to deactivate the manual un-/ highlight checkbox, because i'm not that good in JS (my playground is PHP/MySQL), but the key feature - threads you posted in are highlighted - now works again.
i see this as a temporary fix, till quas can do the real one.
if you use this, you have to deactivate and/or deinstall the old one.
red guitar [deleted] 16 years ago
Thanks for the quick fix, netomer.
quas 16 years ago
Thanks a lot for doing this, netomer!

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to use my computer until the first week of September, since I'm going on a two-week road trip. I'll be leaving around the 21st, and I should be back on Flickr on September 5 or 6.

I'll try to post an "official" version as soon as I'm back. Again, sorry for not being able to maintain this properly. :(
touching light 16 years ago
Yay it's back! I didn't need to uninstall the old version, the new one just wrote over it.
Claudecf 16 years ago
Same for me. Thanks netomer and quas.
I wish I knew how to do these scripts, but it simply looks like Hebrew to me ;)
touching light 16 years ago
...still not getting the highlight this thread box though. But I don't mind waiting.
touching light Posted 16 years ago. Edited by touching light (member) 16 years ago
I want to update Greasemonkey, but am afraid I'll lose use of this script. Quas, when you find time to address this, will you please announce it in this thread? That'll be my go-ahead to update GM. Thanks!

Hope your road trip was great!
elegant wire [deleted] 16 years ago
i updated greasemonkey to 0.5.1 without loosing the script.

the highlight box is deactivated in the fixed script i provide (and you installed) till quas can fix the original one.

i'm afraid, we have to wait for quas to get the highlight box working again.
touching light 16 years ago
I just updated GM to 0.5.3 and so far the various scripts seem to be working fine (hl box excepted)
steeev Posted 15 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 15 years ago
thanks sylvan, marc + netomer for your excellent work on the script so far :)

btw ive managed to get the "manual highlight" code "working" again. you can get the "fixed" script here

i say "fixed" as theres still a bug or two, but the actual manual highlighting of threads via the checkbox does seem to work now. once you refresh the group page, the threads should be highlighted on or off as you have specified. needs a bit more work to get it working perfectly, but thought i would share what i had done. if anyone wants to have a go at getting the last few bugs out, be my guest :)
RBerteig 15 years ago
Has anyone had any luck with this on Flickr Gamma with FF, GM 0.6.4, and either the original tracker found at or the one linked to by steeev just above?

Neither seem to do anything visible other than recognize that I am looking at a page they should care about.
steeev 15 years ago
i had a look at fixing it for flickr gamma a while back, but didnt get very far with it.
clickykbd 15 years ago
So still broken in gamma? damn I hadn't seen this one previously and it's functionality would be great. Of course flickr could just implement the "discussions you've posted in" that have been active in the help forums since inception. garrr.
steeev Posted 15 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 15 years ago
i had another look at the script and managed to get it working with flickr gamma, you can get the "fixed" version here

btw i say "fixed" as there are still 3 bugs in it that i know about, tho they dont interfere with the running of the script too much. feel free to have a go at fixing them if u like.

1) the manual thread highlighting via checkbox code works but is a bit flaky.
2) the checkbox to turn on/off highlighting on the recent_changes page doesnt work
3) on the recent changes page, links that have "new reply" or "x new replies" get the "new reply/x new replies" bit stripped out, which is a bit annoying.
mhusson 15 years ago
ooh, thanks steeev. I have been missing this one.
AdaMacey 15 years ago
It's not working at all for me steeev.
steeev Posted 15 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 15 years ago
anyone else having problems getting the script to work? its working fine for me, apart from the known bugs listed above.

if so try opening the javascript console (type javascript: then hit enter in the url bar of the browser) and see what error messages there are.
brendadada 15 years ago
This is a great hack, it's working well for me. Thanks Quas and steeev, marvellous! :)
steeev 15 years ago
good!! ;-) glad its working for some people at least :)
ive made some additional minor bug fixes

the checkbox to turn on/off highlighting on the recent_changes page now works, although a bit flaky.

on the recent changes page, links that have "new reply" or "x new replies" dont get stripped out any more.

also added in some "excludes" so the script doesnt run on pool or admin pages.

updated version is here
steeev 15 years ago
ok i just noticed that this script was busted again, ive fixed it now. updated version is here.
dry credit [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by dry credit (member) 15 years ago
You could of course just utilize the Flickr search engine, like this:*saipal&m=discuss&...

Use it in combination with steev's Flickr Quick Links or scragz's More User Links and you have a powerful snooking tool!

Edit: Or even better, put the links in the buddy icon menu
dry credit [deleted] 15 years ago
There's a bug in the sorting mechanism of the search engine though. It doesn't sort anything correctly. That can be adressed though.
यश 15 years ago
awesome script man!
यश Posted 15 years ago. Edited by यश (member) 15 years ago
I dont know why, but the script has stopped working on my pc..

edit: oh I just checked that you edited your top post 9 days ago so I intalled the script again and its working now. sorry for the false alarm.
steeev 15 years ago
though i edited the top post, i havent changed the script. i just inserted a screenshot of the script in action.
red horn [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by red horn (member) 15 years ago
The script wasn't working anymore from a couple of days. So, I came here and I replaced (re-installed) the script and it's still not working...

Old highlighted discussion are still ok, but it seems I can't highlight new discussions.
steeev Posted 15 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 15 years ago
the script stores data in a cookie file, the cookie file has a maximum limit of data it can hold, so its possible that your cookie file is full or it might also be possible that cookies are being blocked.
यश 15 years ago
so when we clear our browser cookies and cache, the highlights will disappear?
red horn [deleted] 15 years ago
As I don't want to delete all of my cookies, could you tell us what is the name of that specific cookie your script sets?
steeev Posted 15 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 15 years ago
Its not my script, Quas wrote it, though he doesnt seem to be active on Flickr anymore.

The cookies the script sets in my browser are called steeevThreads and steeevTrack, in yours they would probably be your username followed by Threads and Track.
red horn [deleted] 15 years ago
Thanks! That was it!
steeev 14 years ago
ive heard reports that this script doesnt work in firefox 2, can anyone confirm or deny this? i havent got round to installing ff2 myself yet
mrpb27 14 years ago
I use FF and it works fine for me.
steeev Posted 14 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 14 years ago
cool thanks, funnily enough its stopped working for me recently, the old topics ive participated in still get highlighted, but new ones dont. i think my storage cookie is full. oh well, it was bound to hit the limit sooner or later. someone needs to modify the script to use, gm_setvalue ;)
rippo 14 years ago
i installed this, it worked for a little bit, and then stopped. weird, since i hadn't quit firefox or done anything obvious that would make it be a run-once sort of thing. so i've un/reinstalled the original quas script, and this is a test.
rippo 14 years ago
hmm, not working. and steeev, your link isn't working. ah ok, i found your mirror site in another post. installed, let's give this another test....
rippo Posted 14 years ago. Edited by rippo (member) 14 years ago
well the "highlight this thread" checkbox is back, but i'm not getting yellow highlights simply by posting. the pink highlights for tracking a thread are working for now. any ideas?

i'm using firefox on a mac.
steeev Posted 14 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 14 years ago
ive noticed that on certain monitors the yellow highlight doesnt show up too well, perhaps try adjusting your monitor to see if you can see the yellow highlighting. or you could try changing the highlight colour in the script. you might also want to check if cookies are enabled and not being blocked as the script stores its data in cookies.
rippo 14 years ago
doesn't appear to be a monitor issue. and i can see the yellow just fine in the screenshots too.

is the script going to ignore color coding if the link is highlighted as having been recently visited? is that my problem? i can't tell from a quick look at the code whether that's the case or not, although something i saw gave me the idea it might be the case.
jmcarreira 14 years ago
is working with me. Thanks
o7photographs Posted 14 years ago. Edited by o7photographs (member) 14 years ago
just testing if it works....

I've used the one mentioned in the NB in the first post but I don't see any highlights?
यश 13 years ago
I had forgotten all about it! but I'm glad to have it back!
CotswoldPhoto 13 years ago
This one doesn't seem to work, or is it me?
Live♥Laugh♥Love 13 years ago
Not you, its not working for me either. Sad :(
mrpb27 13 years ago
Working for me ;-)
GM - 0.7.20080121.0
Firefox -
CotswoldPhoto 13 years ago
mrpb27 wrote
Working for me ;-)
GM - 0.7.20080121.0
Firefox -
I have the same, and as I said it isn't working. Probably conflicts with another script.
j / f / photos Posted 13 years ago. Edited by j / f / photos (member) 13 years ago
If your username isn't the same as your account name (for example my username is "j / f / photos", but my accountname in URLs is "good-karma") the script wont' find your comments. I hacked a version where I statically set the "username" variable in the script to "good-karma" and it started working fine for me.

I'm not savvy enough in javascript (or motivated enough to learn it) to script a generic fix for everyone, but for anyone else out there that was wondering -- this is the problem :)

Firefox: 3.0
GM: 0.8.20080609

I'm sure the problem persists across all FF versions and GM versions, though.
kcmckell 12 years ago
Hey, care to share how/where in the script you redefined the username variable?
does it work now ?
steeev Posted 12 years ago. Edited by steeev (admin) 12 years ago
j / f / photos thanks for the tip. ive patched the script, it should work for all users now. reinstall for fixed version.
Wil C. Fry 12 years ago
I just installed it, and it seems to work (FF 3.5.3). For what it's worth.

(As always, Steeev -- I love your scripts -- even the ones you take over from someone else. :-)
schrockinator 12 years ago
is there any way to be notified when someone replies after a comment I've made?
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