MacRonin47 3:17am, 25 November 2005
From all the times I've heard variations of this problem mentioned, I assume this might be a rather popular script. Forgive me if someone has already done it, and I have somehow missed it.

Inspired by a pic over in Fubuki's photostream. I was wondering if someone would like to tackle a small new script. The starter version would just go down the list of pending group invites and decline them all. I assume that this would be started by a button placed on the groups page. Of course the user would have already accepted the ones they wanted to join before hitting the function.

Maybe a second, and more advanced version, would place check boxes next to each pending invite, where you could indicate accept/decline and then a process button to handle them in one batch. Only the ones checked would be processed and the ones with no indication would just be left as pending.

And if you are real adventurous, you could have the script remember the status of your accept/decline choice so it could be set(as the default) before the next run. Thereby taking care of repedative invites.

Any takers??
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