.CK 12:40pm, 21 October 2005
Ajax Photo Blogging

I've written a new GM script called "Ajax Photo Blogging". It's not an improved version of official "Blog this" tool, however, I create a new one in Ajax approach to let you blog faster and easier.

The features of the tool:

1. Blogging and posting in Ajax way in background.
2. Posting to your blog via XMLRPC by calling GMxmlhttpRequest of greasemonkey.
3. Working fine and testing in Movable Type 3.2 now.
4. Adding the URL of new post to the photo description or comment, depend on if you are the owner of photo or not.

The pros -
1. No need to save your blog password in Flickr.
2. Blogging and commenting at one-click.

The cons -
1. Storing your blog password in local machine causes inconvenience when not using your own computer.
2. You need to know the detail tech info of your blog, eg. XMLRPC endpoint URL, blogid...
3. I only test under my blog environment now. Mine is Movable Type 3.2. I believe all MT series will work fine. If any of you are interested in this script, please have a try and let me know the result. Your feedback is appreciated.

ps. The pieces of code to add comment and description are contributed by steeev in my GMiF project. Thank you.

Download: webdev.yuan.cc/greasemonkey/flickr.blog.user.js
Jemal 12 years ago
Maybe I'm particularly stupid today, but once the user script is installed, how do you start it? The Blog This button still uses the standard Flickr interface...
call_me_eli 12 years ago
I was wondering the same thing myself.

Maybe we are both stupid?
.CK Posted 12 years ago. Edited by .CK (member) 12 years ago
Sorry, I hide unnecessary blog box if you haven't started to blog.

I didn't change anything to the original "Blog This" button.
Do you see there's a pink "Blogging" below the photo? There's another gray text "click here to post blog" under pink "Blogging". It's located between the photo and "Add your comment".

I just made a note on the screenshot pic, you can see the position of "Blogging".
Jemal 12 years ago
I see it in the picture, but not when viewing photos: how do you make the "Blogging" section appear? Is there some need to edit the .js file? I'm using GreaseMonkey 0.5.3 - does this require a newer version?
allthewhile PRO 12 years ago
I don't see any extra buttons or text. No "blogging" or anything.
.CK 12 years ago
It's weird. Mine is firefox 1.0.7 + greasemonkey 0.5.3. Could you check is there any error in Javascript console?
Jemal Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Jemal (member) 12 years ago
Hmmm - "Syntax Error: line 514".
And since there aren't even 500 lines in the file...
.CK 12 years ago
Oh my god. I am the stupid one. I broke the script by mistake and didn't notice. Please re-install the script. I am so sorry.

Download: webdev.yuan.cc/greasemonkey/flickr.blog.user.js
Jemal 12 years ago
Hey - works awesome! The alert that comes up afterward saying that "your comment has been added" is a little confusing.
call_me_eli 12 years ago
there it is, thanks!
.CK 12 years ago

I think so. I've removed the alert. You can re-install the script and try again. BTW, may I ask which blog system are you using?

I test in MT only and would like to know if it works for any others. I use MetaWeblog API, so I guess it should work with blogs which support the protocol.
Jemal 12 years ago
I'm using Typo, which is designed to work with the MT API.
jniemeyer 12 years ago
For the life of me, either I can't figure out the correct blogger.com xmlrpc endpoint, or it just it not supposed to work! Is it me??
.CK 12 years ago
I am working on blogger.com now. It uses different API from Movable Type.
.CK 12 years ago

Well, I got something done. The new version of this script now supports two types of blog API, Metaweblog and Atom API. Blogger.com invented and uses Atom API.

For Atom API, your blog service.edit URI is like this:


which 123456 is your blog-id. You can find your blogger.com service.edit URI by checking the HTML source of your blog. Find the following line:

<link rel="service.post" type="application/atom+xml" title="blogname" href="https://www.blogger.com/atom/123456" />

You dont need to worry about login scheme. If you've logged on blogger.com, no username/passwd is needed. If not, it will prompt an authentication dialog to ask you login.

Download: webdev.yuan.cc/greasemonkey/flickr.blog.user.js
jniemeyer 12 years ago
Son of a gun! Worked like a charm! Nice work, and nice ext!
.CK 12 years ago
Thank you, jniemeyer.
CharlieBrown8989 11 years ago
Can you please tell me what I should do if it is on wordpress??

I have a free account with www.wordpress.com

Appreciate your helps!!

You are very kind!!
CharlieBrown8989 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by CharlieBrown8989 (member) 11 years ago

I tried the my blogger.com account a few time, but it did not work

Please let me know what is the problem?? I tried many time during the past month.

Please help.
.CK 11 years ago

Did you fill the blog settings correctly?
E.g. the blogger's API URL is like the following form:


About the wordpress.com , I don't have an account of wordpress. I tested it with Movable Type, and it works.
CharlieBrown8989 11 years ago

Yes, I did but nothing posted although it said blogging sucessfully.

As for the wordpress.com perhaps i would have to write to their help desk to ask for the API URL

Please help. I appreciate that.
.CK 11 years ago

Could you tell me your blogger's URL and the API URL? If you don't want to post here, you can send mail to me.
CharlieBrown8989 11 years ago

I already done so, any luck??
CharlieBrown8989 11 years ago

it is still not working for me!!
.CK 11 years ago
It is so weird. I just tried it again, and it did work for me.
You can see my blogger URL.

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