71 - High Noon

tenz1225 PRO 2:03am, 30 May 2014

Hello everybody!

Our new theme for FlickrFriday is ready to take off! Join us for a chance to be featured on FlickrBlog next Friday!

To participate, take a photo between now and next Friday, June 6th, tag it #FlickrFriday and #HighNoon and submit it to the group pool.

May 30, 2014 - June 6th, 2014

This week's FlickrFriday theme and tag is: #HighNoon

Das Thema für diesen FlickrFriday ist: #HighNoon (High Noon)

El tema de este FlickrFriday es: #HighNoon (Más Allá del Medio Día)

Le thème de ce FlickrFriday est: #HighNoon (Midi pile)

O tema desta FlickrFriday é: #HighNoon (Meio-dia)

本次 FlickrFriday 主題:#HighNoon (正午時分)

Enjoy this week's project!

Quick reminder: The FlickrFriday rules are explained in detail over here. Submissions that do not follow the rules will be removed from the pool.

If you need inspiration take a look at the photos already submitted for the current theme.

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*Simrani Photos* [deleted] 4 years ago
Hi there! I already tagged and when I wanted to add photos to the pool I was unable to do so is it because ive used the tags necessary thus the photo is already in the pool? Please advise.. thank you :)
ColleenM 4 years ago
If you add the 'FlickrFriday" tag before you upload the photo to your account, then Flickr automatically submits it to the pool.

Because it is already in the pool, you will get the error message if you try to add it again.
PhotoJoy Photography 4 years ago
For some reason my photo won't show up. I tagged it and then added it, but it continues to not show up. Others continue to show up, but not mine. Any ideas?
ColleenM 4 years ago
Flickr Friday is a moderated pool.

That means that when you submit a photo, it goes into a review queue. Until it has been reviewed by a moderator, it will not be visible in the pool.

All the moderators are volunteers. We try to review the images at least once a day.

Double check that you have followed all the rules, With the high volume of submissions, we do not always have time to send emails explaining what rule was violated. Often we will just not let it into the pool.

zabou256 aussi sur Ipernity Posted 4 years ago. Edited by zabou256 aussi sur Ipernity (member) 4 years ago
Pour le thème de cette semaine du 1er juin 2014, que je viens juste de voire, çà va être impossible étant donné que je travaille toute la journée du lundi au vendredi et à midi je suis encore au boulot. Voilà !!
ColleenM 4 years ago
zabou256 aussi sur Ipernity:

The theme is announced on Friday. You can follow the Flickr Twitter account and you can check the official post in this group to see the theme as soon as it is announced.

You have all weekend to shoot your photo for the theme, before you go back to work on Monday. Perhaps this week you won't be able to participate, but in the future you'll have a full week, just like everyone else.
chloe & ivan PRO 4 years ago
So many good ones!
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