ColleenM 10:31am, 28 February 2014
We'd like to see your favorites of this week's selection. Check out the pool for your favorite #MyFavoriteMovieScene photos, create a gallery with them and post the link to your gallery here for everyone to enjoy.

If you have general questions about this week's theme, come over to main thread for this week.
Here are my favorites.
akarakoc PRO 4 years ago
Rabhaue Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Rabhaue (member) 4 years ago
My Favorite Movie Scene

mi ne volimo šalu 4 years ago
Derek Hall PRO 4 years ago
Some brilliant submissions.

carlamgk PRO 4 years ago
Great topic this week!
simontheintrepid 4 years ago
jp Chambard 4 years ago
CaduVT 4 years ago
jlodder PRO 4 years ago
ColleenM 4 years ago
Remember that if you want to display the cover of your gallery instead of a line of blue text, all you need to do is put the URL of that gallery page between square brackets

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