Xerxes2K 9:46am, 25 October 2013
Hi everybody! We are ready to announce our new Flickr Friday theme.

This week's theme and tag is: #The10thFloor

Das Thema für diesen FlickrFriday ist: #The10thFloor (Der 10. Stock)

El tema de este FlickrFriday es: #The10thFloor (El décimo piso)

Le thème de ce FlickrFriday est: #The10thFloor (Le 10ème étage)

本次 FlickrFriday 主題: #The10thFloor (十樓)

O tema desta FlickrFriday é: #The10thFloor (O décimo andar)


The results from last week's #MayTheForceBeWithYou will be live on Flickr Blog shortly.

Reminder: Rules are explained in detail over here. Submissions that do not follow the rules will be removed from the pool.

And if you need inspiration take a look at the photos already submitted for the current theme.
elPadawan PRO 5 years ago
Now, who will be the first to submit something Zelda or RPG-related? Would love to see some dungeon explorers reaching the "10th floor" of the map :)
Littlemissninon Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Littlemissninon (member) 5 years ago
elPadawan I don't even know what you're talking about :( Guess I've been down the rabbit hole for a bit too long.

This week's theme: not easy at all :)) There's no building in my little French city. And even if there were, what would I say? "Excuse me, I know I don't have anything to do here, but I need to take a picture, this is very important to me..! Pleeeeeeease?"

Well anyway, I know this will inspire me, that's the most important :) I'll find a way to create my own 10th floor!
elPadawan PRO 5 years ago
Littlemissninon: I was talking about video games (or role playing games), such as Zelda. In Role Playing Games, you usually are an adventurer and have to explore a land, and dungeons. Dungeons that usually have many floors and rooms and hidden treasure :). If you don't have big buildings, you can make your own with soem toys (Lego, Mecano, etc...). Just a thought :)
Julian Pett 5 years ago
The 10th floor...??!! Try living in a town where most buildings are 2 or 3 storeys tall. The selection of topics is so America-centric. We don't all live in sky scraper strewn hell and neither are we Skywalker obsessed. Might I suggest a more global view?
ColleenM Posted 5 years ago. Edited by ColleenM (member) 5 years ago
The staff member who posted this lives in Germany.
The Urban Panorama, the other active admin, lives in Spain.
The other active moderator lives in France.
I'm the only American, and I don't choose the topics.

So, I'd say we've got a Euro-centric view, not an America-centric view. In fact, in the US, you can sometimes go for hundreds of miles without seeing any buildings, much less 10 storey tall buildings.
mswickedmonton PRO 5 years ago
From what I gather from a couple quick net searches, elPadawan:] is probably the closest as to where the topic idea may have been conceived.

From a discussion thread found on-line regarding the PS3 Role Playing Game (RPG) . Tales of Graces"….

Zonecage 10th floor?… I've already beaten all the other floors but can't get into the 10th. I know you have to make an item that sells for 200000 but am unable to do so. Someone said something about tempering a weapon but how do you do that? Please help *-*

Reply #1

To get to the 10th floor you must beat each of the Valkines Cryas Dragons and get the gem from them. The item is a given since thats how the Zhone Cage is. To Temper a weapon go to an item shop and dualize a weapon with a shard, after go grind till the results screen says weapon/armor has been tempered.

Although pure speculation, I suspect this may be where "The 10th Floor" topic idea stemmed. Pretty current with some demographics, others... no idea...(thank gawd for google...)

Some of us do live in cities with 10+ story buildings, but being so floor specific poses a challenge.

For the low-level "rural" dwellers, this week's challenge is indeed tougher, but hey, how hard can it really be to photograph (you or someone else) dualizing weapons and then getting gems away from a bunch of Valkines Cryas Dragons in the town, village or countryside in which you live... )

Seriously... *good luck, one and all...*
elPadawan PRO 5 years ago
mswickedmonton: Of course if you google it you'll find video-game related results :). People put on the internet what they need to know. I would imagine people getting stuck in a game to ask for help on the Internet :). Although I would surmise that the admins were more thinking of a litteral "tall building" kind of 10th floor. Heck, even taking a picture of an elevator with not enough floors would be accepted. As long as it would be titled along the lines of "no 10th floor in here".

ColleenM: Other active mod lives in Czech Republic, actually :). But it's ok, close enough :D. (and I don't chose topics either, as you have hinted. Admins chose the topics, not us mods :) )

Julian Pett: I would beg to differ RE:america-centrism. Check over here the list of topics already used: www.flickr.com/groups/flickrfriday/discuss/72157632939828... You will see that most topics are not oriented towards any geographic place in particular. And I dare say that "London Calling", and "Art Nouveau" proved very difficult topics for people in America. Many people, for the "May the Force be with you" theme went away from Star Wars (which is really more of a global thing, and I'd have loved to see somebody in Morocco taking shots in the deserts where the movies were filmed), interpreted the topic in a more "physical Force" or "Force of nature" kind of way (and the selection featured many non star wars related pictures). If you want to take "The 10th floor" in a literal way, America is not the only continent with tall buildings. Anybody in a big city would have their chances. The City in London? La Défense in Paris? Hong Kong? Tokyo? Rice fields in mountains in China or Vietnam (ok, maybe those would be plateaux rather than floors, but you could call them floors too...). Take any castle with a dungeon in medieval Europe, even if you don't have 10 floors you may get close. There's also the video game approach I mentioned before. And you can also chose to interpret the theme by portraying something which is completely opposite to a skycraper. People for the "Portrait Perfect" theme chose to make selfies that they titled "Portrait Imperfect", as they thought the Imperfection of one's self were what was more important in the portrayal of an individual. Take a picture of something that doesn't have 10 floors, tag it properly, and explain in the description why you chose it.

And a final note of inspiration: am I the only one who thinks "10th floor" and "Dance floor" sound very very very similar? Especially if you are not a native english speaker?

Have fun with the theme, everyone, that's the important thing :).
ColleenM 5 years ago
in Czech Republic,

I thought you'd moved to France, but that's even better for making my point ;-)
Baker_1000 PRO 5 years ago

Nice idea, though I don't think any Zelda dungeons have 10 floors! I suppose that doesn't matter really.

So does this mean there won't be a Halloween or spooky theme any time soon since Halloween will all be over with by next Friday? I'm well aware it's not a tradition held worldwide but finding some kind of spook-tacular photo isn't difficult in the dark and lonely nights of October!
ColleenM 5 years ago
there won't be a Halloween or spooky theme any time soon since Halloween will all be over with by next Friday?

Look here:
elPadawan PRO 5 years ago
ColleenM: [Off-Topic]It's actually the other way around :)[/Off-Topic]

Baker_1000: I think the Spirit Tower in Zelda Spirit Tracks has more than 10 floors. Can't think of any other Zelda game, though :).
Romair PRO 5 years ago
And to think I once worked on the 10th floor. Oh well.....`~'
Derek Hall PRO 5 years ago
Seriously? Begs belief.

I guess my favorites are nothing like that of the admins selection.
Powerpointjim PRO 5 years ago
I agree with Derek, seriously disappointed with the selection on the blog.
blue wool [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by blue wool (member) 5 years ago
visual dyslexia is nothing to be laughed at seriously probably overworked with little time to look at them, its a game. enjoy

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