37 - After Dark

Xerxes2K PRO 10:03am, 4 October 2013
Happy Friday everyone! just in time for our members in Australia and Asia who are quickly approaching the night, here is our new Flickr Friday theme. Go ahead and start shoothing your night.

This week's theme and tag is: #AfterDark

Das Thema für diesen FlickrFriday ist: #AfterDark (Nach Einbruch der Nacht)

El tema de este FlickrFriday es: #AfterDark (Después de la Obscuridad)

Le thème de ce FlickrFriday est: #AfterDark (Après l'obscurité)

本次 FlickrFriday 主題: #AfterDark (夜幕)

O tema desta FlickrFriday é: #AfterDark (Depois que escurece)


The results from last week's #OnceUponATime will be live on Flickr Blog shortly.

Reminder: Rules are explained in detail over here. Submissions that do not follow the rules will be removed from the pool.

And if you need inspiration take a look at the photos already submitted for the current theme.
elPadawan PRO 4 years ago
Hmmmm, theme #4 was "When Night Falls", isn't it a bit too close? :)
I'll have to wait until this evening to participate it's morning here in New Mexico!
Ⓑⓔⓐ PRO 4 years ago
I think "dark" means also a lot of things that night don't.... (dark color, etc). And also, the sentence "after dark" can be represented by something dark, mysterious... you know.
Whereas "night" only means this.... night.

I think it's not the same at all. ;)
Littlemissninon 4 years ago
Well... that's funny, in the Flickr blog, the staff made it very clear that they're waiting for pictures taken after dark, when night has fallen.
That's weird, "after dark" means a lot more to me. The 1st thing I thought was "after dark comes light". I thought this was more about taking pictures at the end of the night, after the night, "after dark". With all the metaphores we can imagine...
I try to add a photo from my gallery that meets all the rules and yet leaves agrgarla mde it says that is already in the group, is in many groups and not follow the rules.? Poque They could tell I can not add that picture?. Thanks
ColleenM 4 years ago

Photos added to the group must be flagged as 'safe'. You can only submit one photo per theme.

Can you give me a link to the photo that you tried to add?
elPadawan PRO 4 years ago
Littlemissninon: I actually thought about that too (After Dark could be dawn, I was thinking of the early morning when night is almost over and streets are filled with only the city workers cleaning things up with their "mobile cleaning stations" that blink and beep...). Even if the staff blog post is saying they are waiting for pictures "when night has fallen" (which in my opinion is a repeat of "When Night Falls"), they have also made it very clear in the past that in no way do they want us to limit our creativity, and that we can interpret the theme as we see fit (although if you take a picture of, say, a sock, maybe a little explanation would be helfpul to understand your artistic process :D). I forgot for which theme it was, but there was one where the staff featured some pretty far-fetched, or tongue in cheek interpretations, I think :)
elPadawan PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by elPadawan (moderator) 4 years ago
jm.1953: If you are talking about this picture: it is because the EXIF metadata says the picture dates from October 4th at 1PM, and in bright sunlight. The moderator who checked the picture probably thought it didn't meet the requirements for this reason... 1PM is not really "After Dark" anymore...
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