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Looking for a “Flickr Diamond Award” on your picture? Then you MUST give a “Flickr Diamond”!

Request for ADMIN INVITES go

If you want to get an invite of our group on your picture you may post your worthy photo here on this thread.
1. Please have only ONE picture in the thread at any one time. If you have not received an invite within 24 hours, your picture will be deleted.
DO NOT REPOST THIS PICTURE, but try with another one.
2. Post only Quality photos. Photos that are not worthy of an invitation will be deleted without prior notice.
3. Videos of any form are not acceptable, and will be deleted immediately when noticed.
4. Nudity of any form is NOT allowed, and will be deleted immediately when noticed, resulting in a ban to the owner.
5. Photos must be in SMALL SIZE only. All others will be removed. Photos that are currently unavailable will also be removed.
6. If you were awarded a Diamond, please remove your photos from this thread.

Pictures which do not follow these rules will be deleted from this thread without any notice.

Please be certain you have followed our

Please note that photos must be set to "anyone may comment" in order to receive an invitation.

INVITATION CODE for this thread only:
</a></b><a href=""><img src="" height="123" width=79"></a>
This <b>Great Photographic Art</b> was made by a <b>Diamond Class Photographer!</b>
Please add your photo to <a href=""><b> Flickr Diamond: The Diamond Class Photographer</b></a>
Read the <a href="">group rules</a> please and tag your photo <b>DiamondClassPhotographer</b>
You may tag your photo again as <b>flickrdiamond</b>
<b>***Please delete your photo from the <a href="">invite-thread </a>after invitation!***</b>

Which will look like:

This Great Photographic Art was made by a Diamond Class Photographer!
Please add your photo to Flickr Diamond: The Diamond Class Photographer
Read the group rules please and tag your photo DiamondClassPhotographer
You may tag your photo again as flickrdiamond
***Please delete your photo from the invite-thread after invitation!***


How to ask for a Diamond...
Detailed, step-by-step instructions are situated at the following link: a new window/tab should appear:
Link to Detailed Instructions (<-- Click)

Please post in SMALL 240 size.

Remember to give a Diamond to a photo posted before your photo on the list, if there are any.


Thank you very much.

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