Powerhouse Museum Collection 5:13am, 26 August 2009
What is Common Ground?

Common Ground is a global meet up celebrating the Commons on Flickr to be held by as many of the institutions in the Commons. This will consist of a projection onto the participating institutions building at night (or suitable day-time location) using a slideshow of content from the Commons on Flickr accounts that is curated by you, our community. This will be hosted on the weekend of 2nd – 3rd October across the globe (albeit time-differences). Making the Flickr Commons go live through a connected slideshow. You will get to meet the staff behind the Commons and we will get to know you.

How can you help?
This slideshow is curated by you and we need you to go through our selection application to choose the images for the slideshow. Every institutions top *favorited* images will be represented in the slideshow and there will be 20-25 images from each photostream.

How Long Do I Have?
This selection process will be open for a three week period and then we will collate the images together for the slideshow event.

Voting will close on the 9th September. UPDATE:

How Does It Work?
1-Sign on using your flickr credentials and go to a random Commons partner.
2-Click on an image to vote, or the icon in the lower-left to open via flickr.
3-The page will load with the next partner. Repeat Step 2!

OK, Where Do I Vote?

Artist representation

Where can I go to see the slideshow?
Each institution will post on the Flickr Commons group the details, times and locations of their meetup so you can select which one suits you.



Confirmed Institutions include:

Brooklyn Museum + New York Public Library combined at Brooklyn Museum
George Eastman House
Powerhouse Museum + State Library of New South Wales combined at the Powerhouse
Oregon State University Archives
State Library and Archives of Florida
State Library of Queensland
Swedish National Heritage Board
Australian War Memorial

Keep an eye on this list for additional participants and updates
Paul Hagon PRO 7 years ago
Fantastic. It looks like a great evening. I'll be at the Powerhouse Museum. Now the hard part, what to vote on. Too many great images to choose from...
Erika Dicker 7 years ago
SO much to choose from! I'm looking forward to cracking out my camping chair!
Lú_ PRO 7 years ago
Awesome! I just told my husband I'm away for that weekend -- I'll be in Rochester at the GEH :)
Lú_ PRO 7 years ago
Posted to Indicommons - help spread the word, with links to this topic or the blog post!
zyrcster 7 years ago
This is AWESOME!

Commons ftw!
RyanDonahue 7 years ago
Yay Lu!
aur2899 [deleted] 7 years ago
Yay, can't wait for the meetup! -shelley
BIG thank you

To Shelley Bernstein (Brooklyn Museum) and Ryan Donahue (George Eastman House) for working really hard on making this project happen!

zyrcster 7 years ago
Say, what's your timeframe for getting schedules up on when/where we can go visit and watch the fun?

Also, I wonder if any interested users in specific areas will be able to 'host' one of these? That could be really cool. :)
BigBean PRO 7 years ago

I'm so glad this is now happening!
Very, very cool!
Lú_ PRO 7 years ago
Oh, and nice interface, Ryan :)
zyrcster 7 years ago
George 7 years ago
Super Fantastico!! Makes an old girl proud :)
Brenda Anderson PRO 7 years ago
::plans a trip to Wellington for that weekend::
zyrcster 7 years ago
I can't decide between going up to OSU that weekend or meeting Steph in Rochester! ;-)

OH WAIT -- I have to be here for the SF event! Details on that... 'soon'.

Am preparing list now to add in the topic of participating institutions and we will be adding more info as it comes through.

If anyone is interested in hosting something please let us know-that would be cool! The slideshow will be available!

staringoffshore Posted 7 years ago. Edited by staringoffshore (member) 7 years ago
Looking forward to seeing the participating institutions, and wondering if there's any in South Africa.
d i a n a* 7 years ago
i would love for this to happen in Costa Rica. What can I do to make that a reality?
iansand PRO 7 years ago
This will be fun.
Lú_ PRO 7 years ago
iansand wrote
Looking forward to seeing the participating institutions, and wondering if there's any in South Africa.

d i a n a* wrote
i would love for this to happen in Costa Rica. What can I do to make that a reality?

Unfortunately, there are no Commons institution members anywhere in Africa or Central or South America at the moment (though of course there may be applications in from some to join). My understanding is that these are events only to be held at Commons member institutions, though I assume that Flickr might do something in San Francisco.

Maybe, though, someone will set up a webcam here or there some of the time?
zyrcster 7 years ago
Actually, I think the option to host your own party exists -- for anyone interested, just get in touch with Paula as she states here.

Lú_ PRO 7 years ago
I missed that! That's very cool!
The participating institution list is growing.

Please keep an eye on this in the topic above. Just recently added are:

State Library of Queensland
Swedish National Heritage Board
Australian War Memorial

zyrcster 7 years ago
Yay Yay Yay!
Hey Charger 7 years ago
I know many educators who will appreciate this initiative. I am at the head of that queue. Thank you.

We have just extended the voting for one more week. Now closes on 16th September

chess65 7 years ago
Thanks for extending the deadline, in my true last minute style I only just started to vote. So far I've found the the Common Ground voting process a great way to further explore what can sometimes seem a dauntingly vast collection of photographs. See at the Phm on the big night!
arkland_swe PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by arkland_swe (member) 7 years ago
Just want to report that we will have our performance in a medieval ruin. We don´t really trust Mother Nature.../Lars L, National Heritage Board, Sweden
safetyharborlibrary 7 years ago
We're hosting the Common Ground slideshow in the Safety Harbor Public Library conference room on Saturday October 3, 2009 from 1-4 p.m. Everyone is invited to stop by and enjoy the show. Here's our website. Safety Harbor is a small, historic town on beautiful Tampa Bay.

Our state library and archives in Tallahassee, Florida (member of the Commons) will host a special viewing of the slide show at the R.A. Gray Building in Tallahassee October 2, between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. The showing will be part of Tallahassee’s First Friday gallery hop and is open to the public.

This is such a great (and free!) program, we hope other libraries jump on board!
Powerhouse Museum Collection Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Powerhouse Museum Collection (member) 7 years ago
Great to hear safetyharborlibrary!

We are hosting Common Ground on Saturday the 3rd October on the forecourt of the Museum from 6.30 pm unitl 9pm.

For more details check our Common Ground page that will include updated information about the night. We can't wait!

State Library of Queensland, Australia PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by State Library of Queensland, Australia (member) 7 years ago
Hi All

The State Library of Queensland is hosting Common Ground on Friday the 2nd October on the Queensland Terrace at the State Library from 6pm until around 8pm. If you are interested in attending this event please email heritage@slq.qld.gov.au and information will be forwarded to you.

(State Library of Queensland)
Lú_ PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Lú_ (member) 7 years ago
Event announcement #1 up on the blog for convenient sending out :)

(will post them one location at a time, so the place names jump out!)
OSU Special Collections & Archives : Commons PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by OSU Special Collections & Archives : Commons (member) 7 years ago
Hey Guys,

Here's some important information for anyone in the Pacific Northwest. The OSU Archives will be hosting Common Ground on Friday, Oct 2 at the north end of the Valley Library Quad from 5PM-9PM. Want to know a whole lot more? We thought you might, so check out our Common Ground page.

zyrcster 7 years ago

Rob Ketcherside PRO 7 years ago
OSU: Thank you for the invite! Unfortunately I've got a reception in Seattle that evening :( I'll make it down there next time.
Lú_ PRO 7 years ago
George Eastman House!

in the Curtis Theater
George Eastman House
Rochester, NY
Friday, October 2
3:30-5:00 pm

George Eastman House 7 years ago
Beaten to the punch by 15 hours.

You indicommons peeps are impressive ;)

Swedish National Heritage Board PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Swedish National Heritage Board (member) 7 years ago
You're all invited to Visby in the Baltic Sea on Saturday Night!

Swedish National Heritage Board will keep the Common Ground event on October 3rd in Visby town on the island of Gotland. Medieval St. Karin Church ruin in central Visby will host us between 8:00 and 11:00 pm Saturday Night. It's indoors in a Crypt...

Hanseatic town of Visby - a World Heritage site - is also one of the "home towns" of the National Heritage Board.

As a fortunate coincidence a local cultural and commercial event is going on in Visby on the same weekend - "Visby Day" with "Culture in the Night". Means that more people than ususal will be around in Visby that night - also to meet us and watch the slideshow. Nice!

Read more about it in a blogpost on our website: www.k-blogg.se/

We really look forward to Saturday - hope a lot of people will show up!

/Anna B, Swedish National Heritage Board
If it is RAINING tonight in Sydney the venue moves to the courtyard cafe at the Powerhouse Museum. (Enter via Macarthur St security gate)

We'll still have everything as scheduled.

Hope to see you there.
zyrcster 7 years ago
Hey Friday night Common Grounders - how'd it go?

If you have photos of your event - please throw 'em in the pool! :)
Lú_ PRO 7 years ago
I spent the whole time talking with Ryan and forgot to take photos!!

The George Eastman House event was small but well-fed (Rochester has the best sandwich place *EVER*) and intimate in a good way. Loved meeting *so many* of the people who make GEH work!
I've written a short blogpost from our Common ground event. More to come!!


Michael.Sutton PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Michael.Sutton (member) 7 years ago
Great night, good to meet up with fellow minded photographers, at The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney Australia, took a few photo's there as well.
Powerhouse Museum PRO 7 years ago
We had terrible weather so we relocated to the courtyard cafe but the meetup was great. I was so busy I hardly took any photos but I had one of our photographers there who shot the whole night and I will have them up as soon as I can-we have a public holiday Monday so might be Tuesday.

All the best for the other meetups.

ninakuriloff 7 years ago
The Common Ground event at The Brooklyn Museum was awesome!

I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

And, it was great to meet Shelley!
zyrcster 7 years ago
RyanDonahue 7 years ago
I just got back from the wedding I went to (straight from CG) It was fantastic to meet with Lu and the rest of the people that turned out :)

Will try and get photos up soon.
BigBean PRO 7 years ago
So cool.

I'm loving all the photos of the events
: )
Our very small event went very well.....some pics below.

BigBean PRO 7 years ago

I so wish I could have been at one of these events
: )
Hey all Common Ground attendees

Angelina Russo from Swinburne University of Technology is getting together some information on the Common Ground events for research purposes and would appreciate it if you could take some time to do a quick survey.

Click Here to take survey

This sort of information is really valued and important for analysing events such as these. So if you attended any of the Common Ground events and have some time it would be great to get your feedback.

Here you can get a glimpse of Common Ground in Visby:

/Sophie J
Groups Beta