King of TeROH [deleted] 2:37pm, 7 July 2009
Because there is another group by the same name. I think that one is the real and this is the copy, any suggestions are most welcome.
was_bedeutet_jemanden 9 years ago
I can assure you that there are definitely differences between this group and the other one. The other one is called Flickr Central; this one is called Flickr Central With NO POSTING LIMIT.

This group began when the admins of Flickr Central began to limit how many photos were submitted into the pool. They also banned members from the group that they didn't like, and when confronted about the problem, they would not get back with a reason.

To fight back against such a dictatorship, this group was organized...
King of TeROH [deleted] 9 years ago
Thank you brother for your explanation, me and my friends would love to post here as we do on flickrCentral.
was_bedeutet_jemanden 9 years ago
Cool! :-)
I love it. Jimbo has some chutzbah! I couldn't stand the double standards that went on in that other FC. Also there was a lot of backbiting and deleting of threads by admins for capricious reasons. I'd be glad to see how this group fares and hope that some of the more interesting and less pompous people from that group quit it and join here instead. I shall not name names but I hope not to see those names here.
Tygart Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Tygart (member) 7 years ago
This is the Real FlickrCentral, the other is filled with snobs.

As my first post here I will plug my group. lol

FlickrCentral Sucks

I made it after I realized they sucked.

Then I found this one.
I joined to see how this plays out. I know FC is snobby at times, but it's a great place to get news. I only ever started one thread there. I only did it to see how long it stayed up before it got deleted or locked. It got ignored (LOL)
Tygart 7 years ago
Its funny they ask for opinions there then if they don't like it they verbally attack you.

When I told them I was quitting FC they took that as I was quitting Flickr.

Did Flckr create FlickrCentral?
I don't know who created Flickr Central. I know, I belong to a few groups that are older. Most of the groups I belong to were created after I joined Flickr (October '06)
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