dj paine PRO 10:50am, 26 November 2005
hello fellow flickr and podcast heads...

my name is darren j paine / djp72

i am from australia.

and i am a pro photographer.
{all film!}

33 years old, married and 1 boy {so far}.

just getting into the flickrcast today and am enjoying it.

{heard a shout out/ self promotion to it from the maccast}

the real "all about me page" is here:

so.... come here often?
animefx 12 years ago
hello darren, and welcome to the flickrcast group! :)

i think this is a great idea for some people to introduce themselves.

as for myself:

my name is bryan campbell, and my universal handle/alias is: animefx

i am from america... or more specifically, illinois.

i'm currently unmarried, but i'm looking.

i started listening to podcasts a month or two after they started... the first podcast i listened to was the delta park project.
dj paine PRO 12 years ago
delta park was about the third one i found !!
i don't listen to it anymore though...
animefx 12 years ago
yeah, i have other podcasts to listen to now... they used to be really funny though. what was your first podcast?

also, what type of mac do you use? i'm looking forward to the intel powerbooks or intel ibooks when those come out.
danny.hammontree PRO 12 years ago
Hello all,

My name is Danny and I live in Boca Raton, Florida USA. I am 35, Married and have 3 children. I am a firefighter in Miami, Florida and I try to photograph as much as possible while working too ;)

My favorite style of photography has evolved into street & protest photography. I do love other styles as well but tend to lean towards these. I have made long trips to cover what I think would be an interesting event to photograph. I have more trip ideas planned and hopefully these plans will pan out soon.

I would not say I am a Nikon “fanboy” but I am extremely happy with Nikon and have been using the Nikon D100 for 3 years now. My main lenses are the Nikon 70-200mm 2.8 VR and the Nikon 17-55mm 2.8. I have other lenses that I hardly use and will likely be selling the Nikon 17-55mm 2.8 to get the Nikon 28-70mm 2.8. I rarely shoot that wide and that is effecting my decision to go with the new lens. I am also confident enough in Nikon to have two Nikon D200s on order and can’t wait to receive them.

I am a complete self promoting whore so I will list my other photographic venues. You can see much of what I shoot at and at I am however really falling in love with Flickr so all of my photos should be here soon as well. I am thinking of making my MySpace account all about my photography as well .

If anyone is local and would like to go out shooting with me I am more then happy to have company. I know many photographers are fearful of photographing people in public and I can help you get over that real quick ;) I do shoot with other photographers sometimes and this can be helpful when your nerves are jumpy or you are worried you may get popped in the mouth for taking a photo that pisses someone off ;)
jpmatth PRO 12 years ago
fwiw, i'm still one of the delta park faithful. they were actually the second podcast i ever listened to; the first one seems now to have fallen by the wayside.
jpmatth PRO 12 years ago

i've found it so much easier to photograph in packs, and it's possibly the only way i could take pictures of other people. unfortunately i don't get many opportunities for it as this area isn't exactly saturated with photographers.

i'm really liking your protest photos. that's definitely a genre i could dabble in if i had the opportunity.

as for taking a photo that pisses someone off... well, i've had enough of the drama that causes in recent days. although... i do believe some people are worth offending, and will probably get myself into more of the same before too long.
dj paine PRO 12 years ago
hey hey!
me and this thread got a shout out!
whoo hooo i'm famous!

or not.
jpmatth PRO 12 years ago
oh no, i assure you, you're now completely famous. be on the lookout for paparazzi.
danny.hammontree PRO 12 years ago
@ jpmatth:

Photographing in packs is the way I started out with street and protest photography. I have since then become quite hardened to people getting upset about having their photo taken. Because of this I really have no fear anymore of shooting by myself. I have also gotten better at taking photos without people knowing I am photographing them and I believe this always makes a better photo. I also printed up some “photographers rights” cards to show anyone that may challenge me by saying I can not legally photograph them. You can find that here:

I am fortunate to live in South Florida which almost always allows me much opportunity for photographing people. There are also large amounts of protest that go on down here weekly. I have joined some of the protest groups in yahoo groups so I will be notified when any protest events will be coming up. You may look into yahoo groups to see if anything is going on that is not too far a drive from where you live. The best part about photographing protest and that the people expect to be photographed and they usually think I am from some publication. You can even make up some press pass looking thing to hang around your neck that is really just a laminated card about your website ;) I also had business cards printed up with my name, number, email address, and URL so I could give it to people that are interested in seeing photos I took of them or of the event I have just photographed.

Then there is traveling for photography! So far Washington DC is the farthest I have traveled purely for photographic purposes, but I plan to make many more trips like this in the future. You may want to look into traveling as well. The beauty of traveling also allows you to be somewhere completely foreign to you and lets you see everything in a new way. Not like the same ole, same oles you get in your hometown since you have lived there your whole life and know it so well. South Florida is a great place to visit ;)
jpmatth PRO 12 years ago
i've got a laminated badge from work that looks official even on close examination, and there's a plausible story i can use with it if necessary. it figures though, the one time i needed it, i didn't have it.

travelling more than a few hours away is outside the realm of possibility at the moment. bryan and i are planning on a vacation to tokyo, but that won't be until may 2007. however, neither of us makes a lot of money so we'll have to be saving most of the time between now and then. i'm picking up canon's 50mm/1.4 lens after christmas, and that'll be my last major purchase before the plane ticket. so we'll have some great travel pics, but not for another year and a half. until then i'm limited to central illinois, and my own research has confirmed that it's 100% flat and boring everywhere within a 50 mile radius of my house.

fear is indeed a major aspect of shooting in public, for me. i've found, again, that once i commit to taking the camera out and shooting, i forget about everything else. it's really just getting over the apprehension to take that first shot.
boncey PRO 12 years ago
Hi, been listening to flickrcast since episode one.
I always listen when travelling to or from work so keep forgetting to go and look at the site or the Flickr group (until today).

Anyway, I'm listening from London, England and am very much enjoying the show.
Peter Konnecke 12 years ago
.. I'm Peter (Flickerian since October 2004) and addicted to
Flickrcast. I'm in Sydney Australia and run the Australian Postcode and
Geotagging Group
. Hope to see more Aussie content in Flickr
soon. Merry Christmas to all.
dj paine PRO 12 years ago
go peter!! aussie aussie aussie!
Jack Waddington 12 years ago
hey all, i'm listening from Kirkcaldy near Edinburgh, Scotland.

Doing mostly nite club stuff recently, started out tryin to document growing up in central scotland. which reminds me, must get photographing other stuff besides clubs!

really like listenin to the show - great to have people to relate to in photography! and podcasting in general - changed the way i use my ipod!
schauba 12 years ago
I've been meaning to make this post for a while, but real life can be intrusive at times. :-/

I've in central Ohio, USA and have been listening to Flickrcast since Episode 1. I just recently picked up photography again after about a 10 year break when digital cameras started to become affordable. My first digital was a Canon Powershot G3 and it was awesome but I outgrew it. My workhorse is now a Canon Digital Rebel XT/350D and I am very happy with it so far.

I have a 16 month old daughter that I used to justify the Flickr Pro account. (Yes, I know I'm going to hell.) Since she was the justification, there are tons of kid pictures in my photostream for friends and family to see. However, I really wanted the account so that I could post some more artistic stuff and get some feedback. Maybe I'm the bridge between the two groups of Flickr users mentioned in Episode 7.
jpmatth PRO 12 years ago
oh, i've been meaning to clarify myself on that! here's the way i meant to break it down, if i hadn't been fumbling over words the whole night:

type 1: the people for whom red-eye reduction was invented. they know two things about photography: 1) ALWAYS use [direct, on-camera] flash, and 2) always put the subject in the center. they tend to view photography as a tool for recording who was where, doing what, when. aesthetic concerns are secondary, if any.

type 2: regardless of subject matter, puts thought into the composition, lighting, etc. uses photography both to record a scene and to evoke a mood or make a statement.

obviously there's a spectrum and not just two poles, but what i was trying to say is: someone who just uses their camera for friends and family gatherings often won't understand why someone else would be taking a picture of something that seems outwardly unremarkable.

god, that still sounds convoluted.
schauba 12 years ago
I understand what you're saying and it wasn't as convoluted as you think. It's all a matter of intent. Seeing as I often get "the look" from my wife when I am taking kid pictures, I suspect I fall pretty solidly into the Type 2 group.
SideShowMom 12 years ago
Hi Guys! 👋
I just got a DAP this week and found the flickrcast pretty quickly. The first one was LensWork though. I've been a LW reader from issue 30 and Brooks' commentaries get me thinking more when I photograph. I've been on flickr for somewhere close to a year when I started drawing with Danny Gregory's Everyday Matters Yahoo group. But I've been photographing since I was a kid and got a Kodak Tele-Ektra 1 for Christmas. Dad had a Ricoh twin-lens camera he brought back from Korea where he was in the Army. He's told me some interesting stories about going into a town to use a darkroom to process film and how everyone hung their film in the cabinet to dry and printed stuff they liked off other's film. I've been a manual shooter for 6 years with my own darkroom stuff and have 2 little kidlets (5 & 3) so I got a Nikon Coolpix 4300 to carry EVERYWHERE. Schauba, I'm a lot like you except I haven't gone pro here yet, but I do shoot the kids a bunch and some art stuff. Most of my stuff goes to morgueFile, a damn cool photo-reference site and community. In fact, that's where I came to have my DAP, from winning the Scavenger Hunt in November. I posted a sketch of it in my stream if ya wanna look...

Anyway, I liked the podcast and will tune in for more!
Canopus Archives 12 years ago
Hi Bryan and Jason and all at Flickrcast,

I slotted into the podcast downloads a couple of weeks ago and must admit that Flickrcast is my favourite podcast. I'm now working through your archives and found that old news is just as good as new news. In fact Flickrcast has made me want to do my own podcast, but, what to do?...well, you're doing it so I'll shelve that idea and continue with my travels and photography :-)

And me? I live in South Wales, UK and am a 55 year old mystic traveller when I'm not conveying the severely disabled round and about.

Keep cool and I hope to participate in some small way in the future.
daveodroid Posted 12 years ago. Edited by daveodroid (member) 12 years ago
Hi all,
I'm Dave, 22, from England.

I found out about flickrcast through a thread in one of the big groups and I've been listening to one or two episodes a day for the past few days. I'm up to episode 6 and loving it.

I'm a very casual photographer with no particular aspirations besides maybe taking a photography course at some point in the future, and hopefully getting a DSLR this year. Have a quick poke around in my stream to see the sort of stuff I'm into.

My current cam is a compact Lumix FX9. My previous was the enthusiast Casio EX-P600, but that was stolen, along with my trusty film Olympus XA.

I'm loving what I've heard of Flickrcast so far. Especially the flickr-related news opinions, the camera news and insight, and the interesting memes, groups and tags that you highlight. I suppose the aspects that I dislike are when you talk about an individual image at length, and when you talk about your local area. But overall the podcast is great!

I should probably mention that flickrcast has been my first experience of podcasting (but I'm downloading the Barenaked Ladies one as I speak).

Keep up the excellent work!
More camera news!
animefx 12 years ago

thanks for the input! a funny thing, i actually considered the previous model of the lumix fx9, and ended up buying the casio ex-s500.

yeah, we (or i) no longer talk about a specific image for any significant amount of time. we will let the listeners take a look and judge for themselves. i hope you keep listening after episode 7. episode 7 and 14 are possibly our worst.

again, thanks for the nice comments. the latest episode (episode 15) has some great camera news.

- Bryan
animefx 12 years ago

thank you very much for the nice comments.

you have some wonderful pictures on flickr. i'm honored that a mystic traveller listens to my simple podcast!

i would highly recommend starting your own podcast. its a lot of hard work, but if you are passionate about the topic, it will definitly show. if you do decide to start a podcast, i would be happy to mention it in a future episode of flickrcast, just be sure to let me know.

- Bryan
animefx Posted 12 years ago. Edited by animefx (admin) 12 years ago

thank you for the comments. its quite possible that i may use the Everyday Matters Yahoo group, or LensWork as a discussion in a future episode of the flickrcast!

- Bryan
Joits 12 years ago
hey everyone...

i started listening to flickrcast awhile back, took a break after ep... uh... the last episode where there were two guys. caught up now tho.

my name is jonathan, but i go by joits online... obviously.

listening from west covina, CA. i started out as just a regular P & S camera user and didn't give much thought to ever evolving from just photographing friends. then i joined flickr and i was exposed to same amazing photography. it inspired me to try and improve my technique and to try and take better shots. it took awhile but i eventually got myself a Nikon D70. so i hope i can eventually take photos similar to what i've seen on flickr.

i don't listen to much podcasts, but i did love the Ricky Gervais show, and i occasionally listen to Soccergirl, who is on flickr, and Pottercast.
penut 12 years ago
I just started listening and I must say I'm a bit disappointed after going through every episode in one day. I definitely would like to hear more but I understand why they stopped.

If you need a suggestion for another show you could mention the iPhoto plugin FlickrExport. It's very slick and I use it exclusively to UL pictures.

I'm Steve from Philly, PA.
~*Denise*~ PRO 10 years ago
Hey I'm Denise from Georgia USA Just tuned in tonight :o)
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