I moved... [deleted] 7:27pm, 9 November 2005
Been downloading the programmes and look forward to things progressing. Great that you have done something like this. Keep at it.

You should do a piece about how people get over their photographic blocks or brickwalls, like taking pictures of strangers or failing to be inspired to take any pictures at all (despite carrying a camera about!!)
jpmatth PRO 12 years ago
that's an excellent idea, and one i think both bryan and myself are intimately familiar with. it's been a bit of a slow news week and we haven't had much to talk about for the upcoming episode, but i think we'll each have quite a bit to say about this. thanks!
johncpiercy PRO 12 years ago
Love the content so far

Look forward to more ,

mclgreenville / memorymotel Posted 12 years ago. Edited by mclgreenville / memorymotel (member) 12 years ago
This might be an interesting group to follow if you don't already. The charge of the group is to follow and interpet the merge of flickr into yahoo. The group is fighting hard to keep flickr user friendly for everyone AND not simply another revenue stream for the yahoo shareholders.

It's a good group with alot of activity.
animefx 12 years ago
We discussed Photograhic block in Episode 4 in more detail, here is what we came up with, plus a few more:

* Be spontaneous

* Take your camera with you everywhere, you never know when the perfect photo opportunity will show itself.

* Don't be afraid of people watching you. Commit to taking the picture you want.

* Take as many pictures as possible, if its not good subject material you can always delete it later.

* Don't worry if you think "it's been done before" For example, sunsets are always beautiful despite the amount of pictures out there.

* Revisit a location at different times of the day or night, lighting alone can make or break a picture.

I hope this helps
schauba 12 years ago
I think point four, take as many pictures as possible, is one of the most important points. It's like soccer or hockey, the more shots on goal you have the better chance you have of scoring. Make probability work for you.
I moved... [deleted] 12 years ago
Good to hear the fourth edition. Things seem to be coming together a bit. Listening to the two of you reminds me of some other double acts. I won't mention who in case you misinterpret what really is a compliment.

I like your developing style. Don't get hung up about the segways - there is something in the way the unadulterated episodes are progressing that would be lost if you worked too hard on any editing.

Cheers for talking about the blocks. I can certainly relate to all the suggestions made. I agree with schauba on point 4. Gotta keep snapping.

I'll post any more ideas I have in the flickrcast fodder thread.

Once again well done and keep going. It's getting better with each edition.
Robert Whitehead PRO 12 years ago
Speaking of segways, I did community radio for a while in my youth. My great segway between songs was: "And...moving right along"

I caught myself saying it once too often in the show, and so I dug out the Muppets classic..... "Moving Right Along", so at least the audience knew I was aware of how crappy my segways were.

I think you guys are handling it really well, the audio levels etc are almost perfect in Episode 4.

Keep up the good work.
jpmatth PRO 12 years ago
for some reason i feel i should note that episode 1 was my first experience behind a mic. bryan had done a few episodes of one of his other podcasts, though.
aqui-ali PRO 12 years ago
hey guys: just wanted to say good job, the sound quality is crisp and the topics generally quite pertinent. I will be regularly following the cast.
dj paine PRO 12 years ago
re: blocks-

try being a photographer full time!

and i totally disagree with taking as many shots as possible idea.
i am old school- i shoot film {except for my 2mp camera phone} and i think it happens more in your head first... think about what you want.

jpmatth PRO 12 years ago
i've found that if you're blocked, not shooting will just serve to further the blockage. something that might help without burning through film is just to look through the viewfinder as much as possible. eventually you can visualize compositions with various focal lengths (if you're using primes; i've heard it's more difficult with zooms).
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