Xerxes2K PRO 9:20am, 30 August 2013
Hi all,

we wanted to let you know that we just released the latest update for Flickr for iPhone.

We have implemented several new features and fixed bugs, many of them based on your feedback. You can read all about the new release on FlickrBlog or download the latest version from the AppStore (and directly through the air on your iPhone).

What's new in Version 2.20.1134?

● The Flickr Mobile App has a brand new set of filters! With a new range of dynamic and stunning effects you’ll be able to personalize your photos like never before.

● Live filters! Now you can scroll through and preview the effects of each filter before you snap your shot. Choosing the right one is no longer a guessing game.

● Tired of stock filters? With the Flickr Mobile App you can customize your filters to get the exact effects you’re looking for.

● We’ve also got new camera tools. Perfectly compose your shots with awesome grids, pinch to zoom, and the ability to lock your focus and exposure points.

● Professional editing tools. The editing tools you usually pay for are now free with Flickr. Enhance, crop, sharpen, adjust color, use levels, add vignettes and more.

● Now our camera and editing tools have beautifully animated transitions, giving users the best camera experience yet.

If you have any feedback or questions, or you encounter bugs. Let us know!
Brenda Anderson PRO 4 years ago
from another thread:

The camera version is being set to iPhone (iphone 3g) rather than the proper iphone version. Mine is an iphone 4s but it's showing as a 3g.
I have questions about the new cropping tool.

1. How can I make custom cropping frames (different than the pre-determined ratios)? I like to remove excess background from my photos without cropping out my focus as well.

2. How can I rotate the cropping frames? 16x9 comes up vertically for me, but I might want to crop a vertical photo to 16x9 horizontally.

Brendan Hannemann 4 years ago
iPhone 4S iOS 6.1.3 and this latest version of Flickr app.

I'm experiencing issues only when trying to view my photo stream (self icon from bottom bar). The error says Network Connection Lost, connection is unavailable. However other app functions work fine and there is no problem with my wifi or cell connection. The photo stream page just shows empty widgets.

I've tried reinstalling and rebooting with no change. Any ideas?
p.csizmadia PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by p.csizmadia (member) 4 years ago
Network Connection Lost! Check your connection and try again later. - Message displayed when trying to view my own photostream. Logoff and login makes no difference. When logged in I can see my contacts stream, groups, even activity on my stream - but clicking on photostream displays no photo or account related info and generates the error message above. Prior to update the app worked correctly on my iphone 4s, ios 6.1.3, Sprint Flickr iphone app ver 2.2.1134

Login is via Flickr app login, no error messages on login
Puddleglum- 4 years ago
I like the new app, the filters, and I think the toolset hits the sweet spot between too basic and too many options. Well done Flickr. That said, there are some shortcomings:

1. No way to crop a portrait photo as landscape and vice-versa.
2. Wish there was at least a few basic frames.
3. The levels tool is really fickle about letting you grab the sliders on the far ends.
4. It's pretty jarring aesthetically going between the iOS 7 style camera and the rest of the app.
rlnv 4 years ago
Agreed on the fickleness of the levels app. I haven't been able to grab the shadows end at all yet.

If I select multiple photos, I get taken directly to the upload screen. I can understand why this is the case, but it's a bit jarring and feels like something went wrong when I skip the processing screen.

In terms of features I'd like to see. I'd love for the ability to apply different black and white contrast filters rather than just having the desaturate option.

That said, in general I like it a lot.
B. Ketcham PRO 4 years ago
The app crashes every time I get to the screen with the upload button, losing all the edits I have made to the photos. iPhone 4S running the latest version of iOS and Flickr 2.20.1134.
NC_Bear PRO 4 years ago
I am still not getting all activity (e.g., Favorites on my photos) under Activity. I get the notifications on the lock screen, and the Flickr app icon shows a number (corresponding to the new activity), but the activities themselves are not there.

Is this just me? In which case, is there a way to COMPLETELY remove the app (and ANY settings that may exist) so that I can do a clean install? I've tried the normal app removal and reinstall with no success.
NC_Bear PRO 4 years ago

I tried the iOS app on a different id and it WORKS. So, something is messed up with whatever data the app is saving (and doesn't get deleted when the app is deleted).
The_Canasian Posted 4 years ago. Edited by The_Canasian (member) 4 years ago
I just updated to the latest version (2.20.1134) and I can't log in via Google at all. This is pretty frustrating.

"Connection Failed
Flickr is temporarily unavailable.
Please try again later"

Where is the Flickr support crew? It'd be so helpful if they would respond. I know that this has been a continuing issue for a while.

iPhone 4
iOS 6.1.3
Wi-Fi and 3G
NC_Bear PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by NC_Bear (member) 4 years ago
I have tried EVERYTHING (including wiping the phone and clean-installing only the Flickr app) and Activity STILL doesn't show favorites or comments on this ID. Notifications show up on the logon screen, the number of new notifications shows up on the Flickr app icon, but they don't show up in Activity. The only thing in activity are pictures where someone has commented on the photo after I have commented on it.

Please help!

(iPhone 4s, latest iOS 6, latest Flickr app, Wi-Fi or 3g).
Brenda Anderson PRO 4 years ago
The only thing in activity are pictures where someone has commented on the photo after I have commented on it.

Same here. I suspect it's probably broken for everyone.
diCam PRO 4 years ago
I find the updated app commendable. Drawback is that it cannot do custom cropping. Is Flickr planning to implement the same editing features on the web version?
Brendan Hannemann 4 years ago
Brendan Hannemann:

Seems to be fixed now with no changes on my end.
rutty 4 years ago
Seems to be heading in the right direction. Nice set of filters/options. I'd agree that a custom crop is needed, and I'd also add frames in there too. I do like me some simple frames - it's a shame they've disappeared (or is it just that I can't find them?)

Thanks for the update
jbkalla PRO 4 years ago
I still can't login using my iPad, but the iPhone 5 still works. WTF? You'd think somebody could make this a higher priority than new features i don't want.
soapbox.SUPERSTAR PRO 4 years ago
Previously we could upload multiple photos at once, then we could edit the photos one by one, before moving on to name, add description, etc. It seems that you can only edit a photo now if you upload them one at a time. Is this how it is meant to be? Sometimes I upload 20 photos at a time... I will have to upload 1 at a time to brighten or add filters?
Paul Wilson Images 4 years ago
How fantastic - thing is it still doesn't work for lots of users (see posts via link). Any chance you'll acknowledge this and maybe sort it out?
NC_Bear PRO 4 years ago
Is anybody there? Does anybody care? (channeling 1776)

Could you at least ACKNOWLEDGE that "Activity" is broken?
larsjaas 4 years ago
Fantastic! Great stuff! I'd love to see those beautifully animated transitions ... IF I ONLY COULD LOG IN using the app.
Frobscotle 4 years ago
Still the exact same problem as with last version of app, using iPhone 4S and mentioned by The_Canasian above:

I just updated to the latest version (2.20.1134) and I can't log in via Google at all. This is pretty frustrating.

"Connection Failed
Flickr is temporarily unavailable.
Please try again later"

Where is the Flickr support crew? It'd be so helpful if they would respond. I know that this has been a continuing issue for a while.

iPhone 4/4S
iOS 6.1.3
Wi-Fi and 3G

Seriously, are Flickr support ever going to even acknowledge this issue that so many people are having?!
Sárai Ferenc 4 years ago
iPhone 4S
iOS 6.1.3

If upload untouched original photo from camera roll then the app is crashed. If upload edited photo from camera roll then app working correctly.
Poorani S PRO 4 years ago
I cannot upload photos from my camera roll to flickr regardless of whether I take the photo in the app or not. Regardless of whether I edit it the app or not. The upload either fails or just doesn't appear in the photostream.

iPhone 5
iOS 6.1.4

I assumed uploading would be a core functionality of the app. Is that not the case anymore?
Carmen and Graham PRO 4 years ago

For some reason, I cannot save photos from my contacts photostreams to my iphone (or vice versa) no matter what privacy settings are on the photo.

This is a 'killer app' functionality, so would be a good idea for you to get it working. :)
MarcoSartoriPhoto PRO 4 years ago
IPad Mini.
I can't upload any picture from the app.
I tried to reinstall the app but it was useless.
I managed to upload the photo through a standard browser, but I wonder why the app is having these bugs..

Please fix it, an please add an iPad version: I travel and use my iPad for my pictures more than my iPhone.

Thank you.

flickr. . .PLEASE REPLY!!! Many people having this problem:

I just updated to the latest version (2.20.1134) and I can't log in via Google at all. This is pretty frustrating.

"Connection Failed
Flickr is temporarily unavailable.
Please try again later"

Where is the Flickr support crew? It'd be so helpful if they would respond. I know that this has been a continuing issue for a while.

iPhone 4
iOS 6.1.3
Wi-Fi and 3G
Stewf PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Stewf (member) 4 years ago
User profiles still not visible from the app? Is this a strategic decision? I hope there are no plans to remove this info from Flickr because it’s currently the only place for users to present a bio or background explanation about their account as a whole.

In my opinion it’s already become far too hidden on the desktop website too. It used to be a much more important part of the Flickr experience. Perhaps this is all part of the high level goal at Yahoo to "put photos first", but images without information and context have less value.
basstutorman 4 years ago
iOS 7 on iPhone 4. Can't select videos to upload. Pictures fine. Anyone know why? The videos are less than 100Mb.
jschumacher PRO 4 years ago
I'm experiencing the same problem as others have reported: The app crashes every single time a photo is chosen to upload from the camera roll on an iPhone 4S. This happened in iOS 6 and is still happening on iOS 7.
Lost Star PRO 4 years ago
Having an issue where (as jschumacher above) every time I select a photo to upload on iPhone 4S, the app crashes and goes to the home screen. This happened occasionally on iOS 6, but now happens every single time on IOS 7.
j_wrobel 4 years ago
The issue I have even having is that when I upload a photo, the groups I add it to disappear once uploaded almost every time and I need to re-add the photo to the groups. Any help?
Johann H. 4 years ago
Connection Failed Fix that worked for me.

iPhone 5
Wifi & 3G

I had this problem when I first downloaded the current 2.2 version in IOS 6.1.3

I tried some things and what seemed to fix it was this.

End all your apps.
Go into settings and on IOS 7 I saw flicker listed there. I logged into flicker through the settings with my account. I then tried to sign into the app and no luck. I ended the flicker app and then completely powered off my phone. Then started it up after a minute. I went into the flicker app and tried to sign in. I was then able to sign in no problems.

I could not sign in when I downloaded the app weeks ago and just got it working tonight. This worked for me and should work for you. Flicker support needs to look into this and fix it!
yffudronoc 4 years ago
Is there a discussion forum like this for the Android app? I wanted to ask if the auto-upload is heading for the android app as well?
The Fleece 4 years ago
Hi! Please include the ability to upload videos, I really am bummed about the absence of the feature. Thanks!
ragnarst 4 years ago
Really good update...until I discovered that you can't upload videos :(
Gordon Werner PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Gordon Werner (member) 4 years ago

some issues.

1. when editing an auto-uploaded photo ... when you add a photo description and use an "&" it shows up when saved as "&" (works fine in photo title

2. when sharing with twitter ... would be nice to have the @ key available as well as recognize users you follow on twitter already (so you don't have to switch to twitter app to look them up)

3. when editing the title of an auto-uploaded photo (or any previously uploaded photo w/o title) one has to manually press the shift key for the first letter ... as opposed to when you directly upload a photo and it is already set to start with a capital letter

iPhone 5
OS 7.0.2
latest version of Flickr app
Julie70 Joyoflife PRO 4 years ago
Ipad 3
Last updated Flickr UPP

All would work well, when i do not try to upload from iphoto: then it tells me to add Flickr in the setting. And ask yet again, also i am connected to flickr, the Yahoo name and password. Proposes also google or facebook signup, nothing works. My flickr is well connected to both. Today, i even received an email, with yet another Name and a 'verification number' did not work either.

How can i really connect Photos from my ipad stream to flickr and do not go each time to the I Photo app, or to macintosh to upload?

The connecting to the Flickr through Yahoo is a nightmare! Why can facebook and google and many others retain my pass and name, and yahoo not? Why should i go through yahoo to connect to flickr? Why the App named flickr works in one direction, giving me my recent activity etc, and not letting me upload?
rlnv 4 years ago
Did something change with the last update where it discards any edits made in Apple's Photos app? I often do a custom crop there before launching the Flickr app (due to the lack of custom cropping in the Flickr app) and my most recent upload ignored my crop even though the preview seemed to follow it.
fullerenium-2 4 years ago
With previous version was possible to upload pictures with different resolution.
With new flickr for iPhone I cannot find this setup any more.
Does someone have any suggestion? I do not want to upload at full resolution every time (avoiding data consumption).
I'm using iOS 6.1.4 and flickr 2.3
TomSzechy 4 years ago
Sorry for the re-post, but didn't realise this is the bug reporting topic. Anyways, I'm having problems with the "new" flickr app (since 2.2), on my iPhone 5 32GB.

I have the most up-to-date version of both the app (V2.30.1503) and iOS (V7.0.2) and what happens is when I start the app and do _any_ kind of editing, the phone starts to warm up very quickly and you can see the battery capacity draining away in minutes!

After closing the app plus removing it from the task manager (or whatever it's called), the phone cools down and battery drain stops. I noticed very high CPU usage while flickr was running too (which should explain the heat).

Unfortunately this will prevent me from using the app long-term as I don't want to hold a hot phone in my hand nor do I want my phone battery drained in a couple of minutes just because I'm editing and sharing my photos.

I haven't seen any other reports on this but I hope I'm not the only one with this issue :(

PS. as I understand the editing tools are coming from KitCam, which I used happily before and without any of the above mentioned problems. Strange!
jaquiring 4 years ago
What good are these updates if I cannot log into the app?
mikeyp2000 PRO 4 years ago
I find the app freezes quite often.
For instance if I view a pic then start to write a comment, the first few letters appear then it freezes. As I carry on typing, about 5-10s later, it suddenly catches up.

This happens annoying often (even while starting to type this...)

It also happens when scrolling through lists of pics, contacts, faves, everything really.

I am very frequently interrupted by a 5-10s freeze.

I have all the latest versions installed in my iPhone 4S 32gb. I have had this same problem for the last few months and on IOS 6 too. I hoped the ios7 and newest flickr app would solve this but sadly not.
quietjim 4 years ago
Same problem here. iPhone 5-32GB, iOS 7.0.2, 2.5 GB available
Flickr App Version 2.31.1546
App appears to load, then immediately crashes.
Updated Oct 16, 2013
quietjim 4 years ago
This morning, I tried the following:
1. Turn off iPhone 5
2. Turn on iPhone5
3. Delete Flickr app
4. Install Flickr app
5. Sign in
This appears to have solved the crash on start problem.
rlnv 4 years ago
I'm not seeing a crash but with the latest update I'm no longer able to add photos to sets.
Kenneth Cole Schneider PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Kenneth Cole Schneider (member) 4 years ago
I had same problem but deleting the app and then reinstalling ver 2.31.1546 solved the problem as suggested by quietjim.
Martina N. 4 years ago
I have no problem with the app but only one thing- I can't save my photos to my phone anymore! I have photo editing apps that I use to edit my photos, and I want to edit some of my pictures, but I did that by saving the photo from the app into my Photo Library. I know I can email it, but it's annoying and a little difficult.

rugfoot 4 years ago
Martina aka Saphine:

What phone are you using Martina? Using the iphone, photos save automatically from the app's camera to the phone's camera roll (at least they do for me). My experience with Android phones is that photos might be saved in a specific Flickr folder - maybe you have to find that folder? Good luck!
mikeyp2000 PRO 4 years ago
When I try to mention a contact in a comment, I used to get a pop up list of my contacts after I type @. This list has emptied now and only shows my own username in the list. I've tried all possible combinations of reboot/delete app/reinstall app. The problem persists. My ipad 4 has no such problem with the same IOS/app version.

iPhone 4S IOS 7.03
App 2.32.1556
HenryErinJones 4 years ago
Does flickr support actually read this thread? I see no acknowledgements of any of the issues reported here. Oh well. Add my voice to the chorus of
"Connection Failed
Flickr is temporarily unavailable.
Please try again later"
The problem is not the username/password (tried a bunch of times). The problem is tied to the account, not the device (I can log in to my account on both my phone and my wife's phone. She gets this error message on both her phone and my phone). She is able to log in to her account on the website and see all her pictures there. The app, and therefore the service, is unusable for her and we must now explore the competition.

There are many more reports of this issue found in the "Help and Bugs" thread with no acknowledgement there either.

I can't believe flickr is providing no acknowledgement whatsoever of our problems on the thread which you created and asked for our feedback.
Bippy_B PRO 4 years ago

I have found that panoramic photos will crash the app. So if you attempt to upload panoramic photos it will crash out and then as soon as you launch again, the upload will attempt to continue and crash out again. One way i have found to get out of this is to get off WiFi (my setting is to upload on WiFi only). The other way (if it is trying to auto upload) is to delete the photo. It doesn't matter if you queued the panoramic photo or if the auto upload is trying to upload it.

GeorgeK. 4 years ago
Hey there! I just downloaded Flickr on my iPhone 4S. Everything is working fine except for the camera! When I press the button to take a picture the app suddenly freezes and quits! I've tried deleting and redownloading. Running iOS 7 and I am connected via WiFi. Please help :))
Lú_ PRO 4 years ago
Just took my first photo using the camera in the Flickr app and uploaded it, but it's not identifying the camera correctly: it lists "Apple Unknown platform: iPhone6,1" instead of iPhone 5S. Am I missing a setting somewhere or does the app not yet recognize the phone?
Lú_ PRO 4 years ago
Just took my first photo using the camera in the Flickr app and uploaded it, but it's not identifying the camera correctly: it lists "Apple Unknown platform: iPhone6,1" instead of iPhone 5S. Am I missing a setting somewhere or does the app not yet recognize the phone?

And just to add to that, this is only happening if I use the camera in the Flickr app. If I use the iOS 7 camera app then upload using the Flickr app, it gets the device right.
charliefaraday 4 years ago
phone: iphone 4
os: ios 6.2.3
flickr version: 2.32.1556

CONSTANT crashes on app launch. I deleted and reinstalled, was able to connect and begin uploading photos (it made it through about 30) before it crashed again. Now again, constant crashing on launch. Anyone had luck with Picassa? >:-(
Taps7734 4 years ago
For NC_Bear: and any others having issues with the updates, I believe I found the problem and fix.

it appears that the iPhone app uses the settings from to determine which notices to display. So if you go and change those, then refresh the app, they start showing up.
I cannot find where to view my messages on the iPhone app. I seem to have looked everywhere by cannot find where to view may messages on the app version
lorenzoviolone PRO 4 years ago
On iOS7, as the iOS6 I'm experiencing several issues: Network connection lost alert every time that I open the app, crashes and the block of everything almost every 3 minutes.
I hope that the Flickr team is working for a completely redesign of the app!
AlexKolenoff 4 years ago
The only reason I installed Flickr was for the sole purpose of uploading videos and photos from my Iphone ... only to find out that the mobile app doesn't allow you to choose videos to upload? How can this functionality not be included?
c450r 4 years ago
For anyone that wants to upload video from your iphone, log in using safari instead of the flickr app. When you go to upload, the videos in your camera roll will show up. I only tested this with one short video and it worked fine from my iphone 5s iOS 7.0.4. Please fix the app!
csimpkins PRO 4 years ago
It's been over a year since the iOS app was overhauled and there still isn't basic support for video uploads - or even an official statement on if/when it's coming. 1 year. Ridiculous.
davecobb 4 years ago
Still no "copy link" command on photos/sets? Or maybe "Open in Safari"?

Sometimes I don't want to share from within the app -- for instance, I want to share it privately in a Facebook message, not on my wall. Or via SMS...

Simple functionality that is SORELY missing.
CDLacey 4 years ago
I have a couple of practical issues with the Flickr app for iPhone:
1.) it won't upload photos if the phone locks (when I unlock it, it will display a message that wifi lost. This happens whether I manually lock the phone or goes dormant).
2.) It still does not give the ability to clear the cache. Local storage for this app just ballooned to 1.8 gigs... the only fix I am aware of is to delete and download again.

I have an iPhone 5 with iOS 7.
-c-a-b- 4 years ago
It's a great app with few issues, but I hope to get soon on it:

- A tool for aligning horizon
- Possibility for editing and add filters for more than one photo at the same time, now editing while one upload only.
- Shadows enlightening
- Selective adjust of sharpness and softness with soft borders
- Possibility for uploading later on WLAN.

That would make an really outstanding app!
andyj_stevens 4 years ago
Please update Flickr app so multiple Twitter accounts can be used simultaneously, currently it prompts you to pick one (from the local device), then it locks it to that Twitter account. I've found you have to dig into Flickr app settings to remove it to pick another one. Tedious to have to do every time.

Also, all our company brand Twitter accounts are linked on Flickr already (one the Flickr website for the account) but when selecting a Twitter account it only shows the locally configured ones, could you know code it to be able to use the FlickR website to send to any of the accounts linked on there, rather than having to setup Twitter accounts on the iOS device?

Thank you
sliontos [deleted] Posted 3 years ago. Edited by sliontos (member) 3 years ago
I lost the administration of my group. How can I recover?
With the release of the latest version of Flickr it is no longer possible to login using only a Google account (account that I use to store all my photos), you have now to associate a Yahoo account (I have one but never used it before).

The problem is that when you try to login using a Google Account it requests you to create a new Yahoo account and don't gives you an option to associate an existing account.

I would like to associate my Google Account to my Yahoo account so that I can login using Yahoo but still have all the photos that I have uploaded to Flickr using my Google Account.
Is there a way to do it?

Thank you for the replies.
12bluros PRO 3 years ago
How do I add a photo to a group?
MotoCroz 3 years ago

This is a very pretty but dire replacement.
Groups discussion is gone
Basic editing that worked great in last version now gone

The things I use Flickr for are slowly being removed as you move towards being another random photo generator website such as Instagram
AstonJ PRO 3 years ago

I'm totally with you. What is the point of a Flickr app without access to Group discussions? Ipso facto we have this discussion group for example. When is this function going to be restored to the mobile app? I've basically stopped using it and gone back to the web interface.
toralux 3 years ago
I have a suggestion about a broader notification system in the App.
There should be possible to click a notification-subscribe-icon on contacts, groups, albums or maybe also even single-pictures. If I subscribe to notifications on activity on a contact I want to have push-alerts when when my contact adds a new photo (or when someone comments a photo in my contacts stream). With such notification system I could ask several friends to stop using Apple Photostreams, and this would be much more open if also implemented in the Android app. Thanks!
biztate 3 years ago
B. Ketcham:

me too - exactly. I pretty much can no longer use the mobile app. Not good.
sliontos [deleted] Posted 3 years ago. Edited by sliontos (member) 3 years ago
From April 17 when comes out Version 3.0 it was a deterrent to upload my photos on Flickr. See what they say and other users
iCletus  3 years ago
Develop options to turn OFF notifications when you comment on others photo's. Currently it is all or nothing. I just got slammed the last week by commenting on someone's photo that generated over one hundred comments...AND i received every one of those notices. Never going to comment on another photo again. That was distracting and a waste of bandwidth.

Auto-Upload maybe works 80% of the time at best.
sliontos [deleted] 3 years ago
You destroyed KitCam App when purchased! Now the same thing with MessageMe App. Shutting Down Yahoo and let others to produced grat Apps
sliontos [deleted] 3 years ago
Soon nobody uses Flckr anymore
jonathanclark PRO 3 years ago
Can Flickr not display EXIF data from iPhone 6 properly?
I've tried uploading within the app and direct from the camera roll but no decoded EXIF data, just some cryptic gibberish that tells me nothing about settings.
lightstarangel PRO 3 years ago
Have an iPhone 6, iOS 8.1.1 and I was able to upload photos from the mobile app (disabled auto-upload) and now all I get is a little warning icon and it says that the uploads have failed. I've clicked Try Again about 5 times and nothing happens. Help??
Chester Bullock PRO 3 years ago
Still no support for bbcode sharing in the mobile app. Please add this, hate having to upload to photobucket to get this feature.
AHC McDonald PRO 3 years ago
Oh so it is still useless then? Just checking back a year later. Still crap. Got it.
g.rin Posted 2 years ago. Edited by g.rin (member) 2 years ago
toralux: It would also mean we don't get a crazy amount of push notifications to photos we commented on (if we don't want them).. Good idea
j_wrobel 2 years ago
Still waiting to be able to add a photo to multiple groups at once on the iPhone/iPad app.
Sanjay Dandekar PRO 2 years ago

Please check out an app developed by me called FotoPub for Flickr! It does exactly what you want. I got tired of asking Yahoo! to implement this feature so I decided to create an app myself. It is a free app. -
Sanjay Dandekar PRO 2 years ago

Please check out an app developed by me called FotoPub for Flickr! It does exactly what you want. I got tired of asking Yahoo! to implement this feature so I decided to create an app myself. It is a free app. -
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