.CK 8:05pm, 3 June 2005
You are welcome to sign up the guestbook to let us know who are using my album maker. This is not mandatory.
wow! your lightweight flickr viewer is really cool! great job! :D
ChicagoSage PRO 13 years ago
Very impressive. Is there a way to go to a specific Flickr username by url?
Re: steeev ,

Thank you.
Re: ChicagoSage,

Do you mean search a user by his/her flickr URL instead of screen name?
ChicagoSage PRO 13 years ago
Sorry, I meant is there a way to link directly to a user's photos at the Lightweight Flickr View by going to a url like or ?
.CK 13 years ago
Re: ChicagoSage ,

This is a good suggestion. I will put it into my TODO list. Thanks.
omuraisu 13 years ago
感謝Yuan. ^0^
.CK 13 years ago
Re: omuraisu,

marvellous tool there =) love it!!!!
djune 13 years ago
caramba - love it - keep up the great work!
.CK 13 years ago
1of@kind and strahberri,
Thank u both.
.CK 13 years ago
Decembre, you are welcome.
Good and useful work
TVKID 13 years ago
Your lightweight flickr viewer is really useful,THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

And I would like to give you some suggestion:

1.makwe it able to adjust the delay time of slideshow.

2.make it able to zoom in to fit the ie windows somewhat as the semi-fullscreen effect. The optimum is full screen slideshow like ACDsee

3.If that is ok to backup or download all pictures from my own account.

^_^ !
TVKID 13 years ago
Why can you have the golden star!?
TVKID, goot suggestions. I'll put them to my TODO list. Thanks.

I am the administrator/creator of this group, so I have the golden star. :)
Goston PRO 13 years ago
I use your:
Toggle Recent Comments in Flickr Photostream
Google Maps in Flickr Flickr Contacts
Flickr LfVr

they are cool!
.CK 13 years ago

Wow, you use most of my flickr tools. Cool!
I know you are a super flickr fan. I'm glad you like these tools.
zenera 13 years ago
Really brilliant, essential, makes it more fun! thanks!
.CK 13 years ago
Zenera, thanks for your compliments. I'm happy to hear that. :)
艾伯特。葛瑞普 13 years ago
i like your "Google Maps in Flickr" very much... 13 years ago
very impressive! i just love it...
a2xm 13 years ago
I use:
Toggle Recent Comments in Flickr Photostream

For LfVr, I like ChicagoSage's idea. So my friends can easily enjoy my LfVr.
Another idea is to make it sort based on date taken, just like a photoblog.

thanks. keep the good work.
.CK 13 years ago
Thank you all. Your feedbacks are appreciated. :)

a2xm, I've been thinking the sorting by 'date taken' issue for a long time. However, there are some limitations. The most is the flickr API doesn't support it when I retrieve a regular photostream. Only search photos can obtain a stream in 'date taken' order. But search API will result in an extreamly slow response than any other api calls.

So, for this moment, it seems that i have nothing to do with it.
froodmat PRO 13 years ago
respect and many thanks for your useful tools!
especially the LfVr is intriguing!
3e PRO 13 years ago
Really great, but could you please fix it so the navigation (previous/next) doesn't move around on every photo depending on the size/orientation of the photo?
.CK 13 years ago

Thanks the suggestion.

I've moved the navigation to the left panel. The floating problem should've been solved. 13 years ago
I use LfVr often to look at photostreams with prefs set to 100 square (beats Flickr's default 56). I don't mind the load time with this many pictures, but if the height/width could be preset so the pictures stay where they are, it would make it much easier to see the photos as they load!
LfVr recommendation
.CK 13 years ago
Ok, it's done. The width/height are preset to 75/75 if you choose to view photostream in 'squared' size. Photos sizes larger than square won't work because the they might be portrait or landscape.
nickmuldoon 13 years ago
I'm getting something wrong somewhere along the line. I try to search for myself as a user and it always comes back as 'undefined', any ideas?

.CK 13 years ago
I search for "nickmuldoon" and got everything correct. Could you try again?
If it still fails, could you post a screenshot to this group. So I can debug easier.
anthony .. 13 years ago

p.s 只不過沒辦法在opera上跑 ^^
.CK 13 years ago
Opera 是我心中的痛啊.
我來聯絡一下 FlickrJS 的作者看看好了....
.snow 13 years ago
對了你的 flickr album maker 可不可以選擇用幾張一列哩 (現在defult 是七張照片一列)

還有,有沒有那種功能只有選取幾張來做 album 的?
workable fall [deleted] 13 years ago
I used your bagde in is greattt, also LfVR and the greasemonkey script to see googlemaps.
.CK 13 years ago
Thank you, Peonza. :)
Mani Yang 13 years ago
helo, stranger!
concerned guide [deleted] 13 years ago
I love it !
concerned guide [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by concerned guide (member) 13 years ago
Sometimes works and sometimes dont works.
See the link at:
.CK Posted 13 years ago. Edited by .CK (admin) 13 years ago
Thank you. I'm glad you like my work. For now, I can see your lfvr works fine now.

It's hard for me to fix if I can't re-produce the error. Can you get a screenshot or check the Javascript console to see if there's any error?
concerned guide [deleted] 13 years ago
Javascript updated an working good now.Thanks!
kockas 13 years ago
Dear .CK!
Is there a way to get this script work with posts?
It seems it just does not realize style tags.
.CK 13 years ago
Hi kockas,

I am not quite sure your question. Which script do you mean?
kockas 13 years ago
It is the Flick Album Maker.

When I generate the HTML code there, after inserting it into a post, it does not give back what i see on the script page.
Is there a way to fix this?
miquelet 12 years ago
.CK 12 years ago

wow... I suddently found an unanswered question. How dare I forgot to answer your question. 6 weeks!

I'm so sorry. Does it stil fail to show your album? Can you show me your URL?
Senor Velasco PRO 12 years ago
What a great set of tools! The album generator is particularly spiffy.

It think it would be even better if it gave the option to link the thumbnails directly to the larger photos, instead of the flickr photo page. Just a thought.

Thanks for the hard work!
storem PRO 12 years ago
One of the best series of Flickr tools seen to date. Nice done!
richdrogpa 12 years ago
As I mentioned somewhere else in your other posts: DUDE, YOU ROCK!!!! Your scripts are really great and useful;) Thanks for sharing...
sunnieland 12 years ago
I really like your jobs. They're really great. I have a suggestion. Could you please add the zoom level option in the ? (Or it's already have. I did not find it. ) Otherwise, I can not see the maps by the default. Thanks.
.CK 12 years ago
Thank you, sunnieland. I'm glad you like my work.

I'm not 100% sure the problem you got. Maybe you've already known. But I guess you jump into a wrong URL. The URL "" is invalid. Try "" instead.

This service does have a zoom level bar just like google maps. If the map didn't display any map images, try switch to satellite mode.
sunnieland 12 years ago
I knew what you meant. But when I link to, I can not see the maps (by default). This is because the default zoom level is too large for Taiwan. Therefore, I think if the default zoom level is optional, there'll be no problem.
.CK 12 years ago
I've decreased the default zoom level. Adding it as an option is a good idea. I'll add this feature some other day. Thanks.
sunnieland 12 years ago
Thank you so much. That's so wonderful!
-lecheel- 12 years ago
This is amazing excellent use flickr API, excellent work thanks your sharing^^
laughable bat [deleted] 12 years ago
Thanks for your wonderful tools!
samiq 12 years ago
I just got ur GMScript stuff dude that is really awasome, I still have to test more of the stuff in ur page, excellent work there man. Keep it up.
.CK 12 years ago

Thank you all. :) 12 years ago
exactly this was what i was missing here GREAT many thx
Exilregierung Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Exilregierung (member) 12 years ago
Great Tools!

But theAlbum Maker is not working 4 me.
I just made an album and copied the html code into my weblog, but it does not appear.
when I edit my blogpost, the html code isn't there anymore.
I have no idea, what's wrong.

When I create an Album, it's working, but not as a slideshow.

by the way
A very small slideshow for a sidebar would be very cool!

keep on going -it's great stuff!
tamantin Posted 12 years ago. Edited by tamantin (member) 12 years ago

Spectacular work!! I thought I would have never found something similar.

I only miss one thing; the ability of export in a kml file a bundle of gps track and photos. Something like this:

And One suggestion: replace the default icon in Google Earth with the photo camera icon.
.CK 12 years ago

Thank you. I am glad you like my work.


I am not the user of weblog. Can you show me the URL of the page you post on, so I can check it for you.


Good idea! I also want this KML export ability. I think I will move it to the top of my TODO list.
tamantin 12 years ago
Thank you .CK

Before I discovered your fabolous work, I had my own kml files with several tools with my photos in flickr. These were the steps I followed:
1-Geotagged my photos with gps tracks with CompeGPS Land & Photoplugin. It is a software similar to OziExplorer made in Spain.
2- I uploaded my photos to flickr and I spent a lot of time exporting each picture to Google Earth with Robogeo.
3- I compiled my own kml file and edited all the descriptions in the balloons.

This is an example: Cuetu Tejau
Exilregierung 12 years ago
Hey .CK!
THX for your reply!
My Weblog is

I don't know, if you can see anything from there.
steep number [deleted] 12 years ago
the flickr album maker is brilliant... thanks so much!
Exilregierung 12 years ago
got it - my blog does not allow iFrames.
But this slideshow is working
I just can't do a slideshow with tagged pictures, so yours is much more cooler!
dembruck2007 12 years ago
Thanks you, i like it.
Regards, Kenny. Visit my clothing site.
Philip Bembridge Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Philip Bembridge (member) 12 years ago
Tripp's Pics 11 years ago
Thanks For the Tools

This program is a great convenience for producing slide shows for my web site. I would love it if the program could run a continuous loop. Is this possible and if so what needs to be done?
Saper2 11 years ago
WannaHotChaser? 11 years ago
You are a pro!
TSbb 11 years ago
Thanks you.
miaowenfanyi 11 years ago
*deuts 11 years ago
The album maker is a great program. It just hastens my way of doing things! Thanks!
miaowenfanyi 11 years ago
miaowenfanyi 11 years ago
Excelente herramienta para Flickr.

La he incluido, varias veces,en mi blog:
Minouto Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Minouto (member) 10 years ago
thank for this good slideshows :))
ClubCapetown 10 years ago
Thanks for your Album Maker.

This album maker is operated under user_id and tags.
If can, please modify the source code to generate albums under user_id or group_id.

Your Flickr Photo URL:
will be modifyed like as below...

Your Flickr Photo URL: or

k.arel 10 years ago
Nice tool, Yuan!
Thanks for sharing it on the Internet.

Greetings from Belgium
LiuPh 10 years ago
ginggang99 9 years ago
Amazing! Thank you!

Is there a "back button" though?

When I look at a specific picture within a photoset I have to start the search all over again - I cannot return to my previous point!

Best wishes
donuzz 5 years ago
2013 I still use your tool to generate html code for my blog : )
Thank you!
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