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Mr. Physics May 5, 2010
Welcome new members! Be sure you read the rules. You must hand out Poker Chip comments to 5 other photos when you post yours to the group pool.

Don't forget, once you start getting chips, post your photos to the appropriate discussion thread, award one more chip, and tag your photo!

Group Description


This group is established solely for amusement and not for wagering or gambling.

The "deal":
Each "player" can post one photo per day. That photo is considered your "hand". Upon playing a hand the "player" gets 5 individual chips (copy html below) to distribute. Find a photo in the pool that you think is a winner and give them a "chip" (paste the code below into your comment on that photo). Find four more winning "hands" and paste another chip on each until you've given away all five chips. Obviously you can not give yourself a fair. Now you've completed a hand and sit back and see if your posted photo collects any chips.

added for clarification:
Once you "play your hand" you can not re-post it...that will be considered cheating as its essentially competing over and over again with different photos and creates an unfair advantage over those that don't repost - be sure to read the Rules of the Game as this is not a new rule although some have been confused in the past, violators will be shot, ok, not shot but their hand will be removed/disqualified...

If your still a bit confused please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

<a href="">flickr poker<a>
<a href=""><img src="" width="40" height="40" alt="flickrpoker1" /></a>

Pasting the above html in a photos comment will put one chip on the selected photo.
You can leave a comment as well (encouraged), but all this group requires is that to play a "hand" (post one photo to the pool) - you must place five individual chips on other photos in the pool.

Winning Hands
Depending on the number of chips a photo (hand) receives, it is eligible to be posted as a small image in the threads within the discussion portion of the pool.

Photos that receive 1 chip = ace high
Photos that receive 2-4 chips = a pair
Photos that receive 5-6 chips = two pair
Photos that receive 7-8 chips = three of a kind
Photos that receive 9-10 chips = straight
Photos that receive 11-12 chips = flush
* Photos that receive 13-15 chips = full house
* Photos that receive 16-20 chips = four of a kind
* Photos that receive 21-25 chips = Straight Flush
* Photos that receive 26+ chips = Royal Flush

Photos earning a "full house" or better (13 chips or more) are eligible to go to the high rollers table at High Stakes Flickr Poker
to have your "winning Hands" displayed in the links above you can tag your photos as below, depending on how many chips they received:


You must use these tags exactly as written above otherwise your pics won't show up in the pool tag searches. These tag searches are a great way to see how your fine photos compare with others.

Lastly be sure to read the Rules of the Game. Still having questions? Be sure to look in the Flickr FAQ
Good luck and see you in the winners' circle!

Flickr Group Trackr graph

Group Rules

Rules of the Game

1) Post one photo per day (Flickr takes care of regulating this)
2) Pass out five chips for every photo you post. Only give one chip to any individual photo, thus five chips to five photos.
3) When your ready to play a new hand (post another photo) tally the chips received on your earlier submission and post it in the discussion thread that correlates to the number of chips your photo receieved (optional). Also tagging your photo with its winning hand designation is a great way to see its equals using the links on the main page.
4) No reposting. Once you post an image it stays where it is. Any deleting and reposting to get a higher profile will result in that image being removed from the pool entirely.
5)Always be civil...this is a friendly low stakes game
6) This is an all ages game, no nudity please.
7) Enjoy

By joining Flickr Poker you acknowledge that you have read the above rules, and will abide by them. Should you have questions please review the Flickr FAQ.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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