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From one simple dude...thanks.

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R A F A V A R I U M says:

I am just an ordinary dude that does this as a hobby. I feel honored, thanks a lot for the invite. I hope you and other people enjoy my images

Best regards!

1:09PM, 27 September 2013 PDT (permalink)

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Mars Observer ♂ is a group administrator Mars Observer ♂ says:

Hi Rafavarium - thanks for joining! You have a great photostream!!

How are you enjoying the E-M5? What do you think about the newly announced M1?
58 months ago (permalink)

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R A F A V A R I U M says:

Man I am having an absolute BLAST with the EM-5. I ditched my old D90 with an E-P3 back in the day and I added an EM-5 to that with a 14/2.5, 17/1.8, 25/1.4 and a 45/1.8...never looked back! At least for me, it is the perfect balance between size/weight/price and good IQ :-)

I am very intrigued by the EM-1 and I think it is indeed a flagship for the m43 system, however, it is not for me. I am quite happy with the EM-5 and I think it will be with me for a great number of years. Looking at my whole set, I do not think I really need anything else for what I do. It took me some time to get it all and I am kinda proud of it, lol.

Great group you have here, definitely gonna contribute more in this one!
57 months ago (permalink)

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