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Mars Weekly - 2nd Issue

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Mars Observer ♂ is a group administrator Mars Observer ♂ says:

The "2nd Issue" will be up on Friday at the blog site!

Exclusive to this group only, here's what's included

- A lengthy feature review of the B-Grip holster system (and holster systems in general). Probably NOT like any review you've read before...

- A re-publishing of the very interesting Luca Rossini interview (if you haven't seen it and the photos, you're in for a treat!)

- The first official FLICKR CLICK spotlight!

Please be sure to check it out on the blog site on Friday

Special Sneak Peak for the Flick Click Group:

The Nikon D700 is, quite simply, a legendary camera.  Released in 2008 it is still preferred by many over the current D600 due it's more pro-oriented ergonomics, faster shutter speeds and proven field-tested ruggedness and reliability.  Its thrifty 12MP sensor still, yes STILL!, ranks in the Top-10 for low light photography at DXO Mark (almost unthinkable for a 5 year old sensor in today's world!)

But this review isn't about the D700.  Rather, this review is about how a $25 piece of equipment re-united two old friends.  This review is about the B-Grip Camera Holster.  And don't worry, we'll get to that... in due course.


... The Tamrac sling pack is a nice design, but just isn't secure enough when hiking up steep inclines, climbing fences, or doing even moderate activity where it would always swing free, to-and-fro, and bounce around everywhere (for some unknown reason, the AC/DC song 'Big Balls' would continually play through my head when wearing this pack) ...

flickr click5b
When I had the idea to share a weekly photo here from the Flickr Click group I thought it would be a simple, fun and easy way of bridging the BLOG to the group.   What I failed to realize at the time is just how... f'ing... DIFFICULT.. it would be to select an image!!

11:36AM, 25 September 2013 PDT (permalink)

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ehodgesphoto says:

Is the pool still black and white only? Look forward to the new issue.
59 months ago (permalink)

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Mars Observer ♂ is a group administrator Mars Observer ♂ says:

Hi ehodgephoto - this group is an 'anything goes' group.
The PGM - Photo Genre Monthly group is B&W only still... but will change to a different Genre on Oct 1. Sorry for the confusion. :)

I've actually got 4 groups I admin.
1) this one (Flickr Click) which is a gateway / content sharing group with the BLOG

2) PGM - Photo Genre Monthly which features a different genre of photography each month

3) TLP - Travel Light Photography which features photos taken with ILC and compact cameras

4) Photos From The .01 - which I describe as follows:
What would the world be like if civilization as we know it were to end due to a huge natural disaster, plague, or war?

What if 99.99% of the population disappeared overnight... if the streets and cities were barren... technology ceased... nature began reclaiming the planet... and buildings and monuments laid empty and neglected.

You're one of the last people on earth - the remaining 0.01%. You have a working camera. Please post your pictures here.

These 4, the blog, and a couples others I moderate keep me pretty busy, so I don't intend to start any others (and the mods are a huge help, especially in the PGM group which requires a fair amount of attention)
59 months ago (permalink)

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ehodgesphoto says:

oh right, now I remember...thanks for the explanation!
59 months ago (permalink)

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Mars Observer ♂ is a group administrator Mars Observer ♂ says:

It' Friday and he 2nd (weekly) issue is now up - please check it out if you have a chance.

Would love to hear your feedback.


Have a great weekend!
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