Why This Group?

Mars Observer ♂ PRO 2:08am, 22 September 2013
Hello everyone and thanks for joining!!

I started this group because I really wanted to be able to provide the type of dynamic experience that I believe can come from a blog and Flick group working together 'synergestically'.

Most likely you really don't care _why_ it was started, simply only that 'it is'. That's cool - and very Zen! So sit back, relax, and I hope you enjoy!

Are you still reading this? If so, then you must be really curious, or really, really, really bored!


Seriously, dude - wouldn't you rather be looking at some photos right now... reading a good book... or maybe out taking pictures??


Still reading?? You're really difficult to dissuade! You're one of those people who completely disregard 'No Trespassing' signs to take pictures of abandoned buildings or go out shooting in the most in-hospitable of conditions, aren't you?

OK then, I give up. Here's some scoop for you 'hardcore' types (edited from text I wrote in another group, but that now applies here)...

My intent for,,, Flick Click... is for the group to be 'a little different' than many of the existing Flickr groups.

My vision is to create a 'duality' of sort... a 'Yin and Yang' to the group that matches my own Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality.

You see I love the photo sharing features on Flickr and some days that's what I like to do most: view dozens, hundreds even, of Flickr photos, 'fav'ing ones that really 'speak to me', and commenting as time allows (more likely when I'm on my PC, less likely when I'm using my iPad). An hour spent viewing photos can be an escape... soothing and relaxing... blissful, meditative Zen!

Yet at other times I'm looking for an experience that is a little more 'immersive' or, I guess you could say, a bit of a 'deeper dive' into the vast depths of the photographic ocean, to the very floor! An exploration or adventure of sorts. In-depth discussion, long photo features, essays, stories and sharing of experiences... but with the global interactive element that a Flickr community provides.

I think that this 'duality' can be achieved when a BLOG and group work together in tandem. The beauty and simplicity of photo sharing and viewing on Flickr, and the forum of a BLOG for posting some of the longer written pieces and the type of photo essays I'd like to do.

So... I've just recently launched a BLOG (September 20th) called Mars Weekly ( ) and have decided to add a regular feature called 'Flickr Click' that will reference to, and share content with, this group!

If you're the type of person who is interested in simply posting and viewing photos within the group (and that is perfectly OK btw!!) then this group offers that.

However, if you're the type of person who is more interested in the discussion area, articles, features, interviews etc... then this group will offer that, too.

When you click on the 'Discussions' menu you will, I think find more content here than in many other groups. That's because I'll be taking some of the features articles from the blog and also posting it (or excerpts from it) here.

And if that's not enough, you may of course visit the blog for even more in-depth reading.

Simply browse the beautiful images in the pool... or read some stories and share some experiences... It's all about choice, and the choice is all yours!

NOTE however that the content will NOT just be flowing one-way from the blog to the group - but also from the group to the blog! I plan to spotlight and credit photos from this group there on occasion... and maybe even feature or interview artists (who may or may not be part of this group) from time-to-time. It's a sharing of content in both directions.



Seriously, that's all there is.


I've gotta go now.


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