Helena Pugsley 6:37am, 10 September 2010
- You may not enter a challenge you start after winning

- You may post 1 medium sized photo per challenge. (Medium 500)

- You may not change your entry once voting has begun (even if the photo is similar or of the exact same subject)

- The same photo is not allowed into more than one open challenge at a time (this includes challenges that are set to "Vote").

- You must ensure the photo is not private and accepts comments.

- You must ensure it is entered so that it links back to the Flickr photo page or we cannot leave awards.

- You must have taken the photo or you're in it.

- You must number your entry.

- Tag your photo with FlickrChallengeGroup

- You may enter as many challenges as you like (provided the same photo isn't in two challenges at once, that includes challenges that are both open and in voting)

Please note: We do NOT allow second life screenshots, sim type work, or digitally generated art. Posted 10 years ago. Edited by gordeau (admin) 9 years ago

1. Click on your picture that you want to add to the challenge
2. Look along the bottom of the picture and you'll see a half box with an arrow. Click on the box.
3. Click on the "Grab the HTML/BBCode" link
4. Make sure the drop down menu below the html code reads "Medium 500" and the HTML radio button is selected
5. Copy the code out of the box (html) and paste it to relevant challenge.

Note: Make sure to post the number of the picture in the challenge first and then check to make sure no one else posted at the same time you did giving you the same numbered picture as theirs. If so, you can click edit and change your number.

smooth spade [deleted] 8 years ago
Hi there! i read you are in need of moderators .. let me know what is the job consisting?? thank you :)
doramine 8 years ago
I wonder why mine photo is delete in the comp. flowers? Did i someting wrong......
quixotic basket [deleted] 8 years ago
doramine: It is not, it's still photo 4.
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Aike's Photography 7 years ago
Is there a place to find all the currently open challenges? And how is that updated?

pickled-tink 6 years ago
Can a competition group only have 10 entries?
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