allisonrowe23 6:58pm, 12 February 2014
For the first year ever, we celebrated the holidays by asking you to join Flickr’s ultimate photo contest, #Flickr12Days, and share what joy means to you! The response was phenomenal, with over 63,000 photo submissions from nearly 7,000 people all over the world.

After reviewing all the entries and much deliberation, our panel of Flickr judges -- Dave Brosha, Rosie Hardy, David Talley, Sarah Ann Loreth, and Joel Robison -- have selected our final twelve winners!

Thank you everyone for spreading joy this holiday season and congratulations to our twelve winners!

Grand Prize: $5,000 USD
(approximately €3,700, $5,220 CAD, £3,100, 64,669.90 MXN, 313,650.00 INR)

Love is in the air... #Flickr12Days by Javier DíazG

“Love is in the air…”, Javier Díaz, Spain

First Prize: $500 USD
(approximately €370, $522 CAD, £310, 6,466.99 MXN, 31,365.00 INR)

Let it Snow by Lou Bert

“Let it Snow”, Lauren Bates, United Kingdom

#Flickr12Days by Erin Wallis

Erin Wallis, Canada

#Flickr12Days by aleah michele

Aleah Michele, United States

#Flickr12Days by Natalie_Joy

“Box Adventures”, Natalie Pouch, United States

These moments #Flickr12days by laura zalenga

“These moments”, Laura, Germany

#Flickr12Days by Glenda Lissette

Glenda Lissette, United States

Happiest Little Girl #Flickr12Days by Sybion Photo

“Happiest Little Girl”, SnyprActive Studios, United States

“Watch for Flying Redheads”, Robert Burmaster, United States

Xmas Joy! #Flickr12Days by Peely 22

“Xmas Joy!”, Neil, United Kingdom

351 #Flickr12Days by m.clemm

“351”,, United States

#Flickr12Days by Sunshine111321

Sunshine111321, United States

Honorable Mention:

#flickr12Days by Yulia Emtsova

Yulia, Russia

Shane & Katie_0388 by shane.mccallum

“Shane & Katie”,, Canada

Merry Christmas #Flickr12Days by Miguelangel Hernandez

“Merry Christmas”, Miguel Hernandez, Venezuela

#flickr12days by Olivia Sahagun Photography

Olivia Sahagun, Japan

Kinder Joy by kaizer kabir

“Kinder Joy”, Kaizer Kabir, Bangledesh
Very Nice Picks! You did a good job!
Baker_1000 8 years ago
So was it a requirement to have people in your photo to win? Seems like it.
lisafry66 8 years ago
I agree, all winners had people in their photos??
pamelarenee 8 years ago
Congratulations to all the winners. Beautiful and creative work. ❤❤❤
JBBJ7 8 years ago
what did you base your decisions upon of these winners' photos ? what made them the 'winners' ?
Mauichi 8 years ago
First of all I want to congratulate all of the winners. Your photographs are excellent.
However next time I think there should be two categories. One creative photography with post processing manipulation of the image. The other should be based on non-manipulative photography judged on technique and only post processing enhancement. Most of the groups are based on this and the contest should also should follow this protocol.
Reason I'm a little upset is that most of the winners and the number one photo,although excellent, were all manipulated. A lot of us are photographers using Photoshop, Lightroom or other post processing just to edit our shot. We are not all that great in manipulating our shots, such as seen in the number one winners shot, to win a contest . I feel that this contest in reality should have been the best Photoshopped image!!!!
congratulations, beautiful work
allisonrowe23 8 years ago
Hi everyone -

We appreciate your feedback and will look to incorporate these comments in future contests. This year judging was comprised of the average scores from our five judges based on:

1. Creativity/Originality (33%)
2. Quality of Submission (including composition, clarity, exposure, lighting balance) (33%)
3. Fit to Contest Theme of Holiday Joy (34%)

Thank you everyone for participating!

Mauichi 8 years ago

Non of the criteria was based on photoshop skills which one would need to win the contest!!!
Anthony Kham 8 years ago
Congrats to all the winners! I really enjoyed them all. I feel like no one should feel surprised or upset that the winners used Photoshop, regardless if it was heavily used. Look at the judges portfolio and most of their works are photoshopped, so obviously they will form an evaluative critique based on their own experiences and skill. It should be no surprise.

My only piece of feedback I have is that it should just be one entry per person. Reason being is that I really would love to enjoy viewing works from other photographers and seeing their interpretation. 65K photos is too much for me to sort through and I bet it was one helluva task to be a judge.

Well, looking forward to other future Flickr events! Congrats to all the winners and I enjoyed them all. They were all well chosen :)
ColleenM 8 years ago
it should just be one entry per person.


Limit the pool so that no one can post more than one image. If they want to remove that image and add another, they still can. But they can't have more than one image in the pool for the contest.
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to Flickr for the fun contest! There were some great entries.With over 63,000 images of joy. Looks like everyone won. :-)
Mauichi 8 years ago

That is not my point nor am I surprised. All I'm saying is there should be two categories.
One for those photographers who are faithful and compose according to what is presented in there composition , using photoshop only to enhance the image. These are creative as well according to the photographers artistic appreciation of the composition. Ansel Adams never manipulated his images and you're not going to tell me they weren't brilliant creative shots.
The second category should be for those photographers who want to create brilliant works by manipulating their images. What I mean by this is adding or subtracting key elements to create there works.
I also agree that the pool should be limited one entry.
Baker_1000 8 years ago
While the winners are all excellent photos (congrats to the winners) I can't help but feel the theme "holiday joy" wasn't pushed too much? I don't remember reading that, I swear it was something like "what Christmas means to you", but alas the group page does say "holiday joy" though that could easily have been edited at some point.

I guess that does limit it really to photos of people being happy and joyful at Christmas, which is a bit daft because Christmas is also (among over things) about nostalgia and wonderful food for many people, and such themes could, and were in fact used as the basis for a lot of entries. Hopefully next year will be a more open theme.
ColleenM 8 years ago
There are a lot of holidays at the end/beginning of the year that are not about Christmas. "Holiday Joy" is a pretty open theme.
astonishing protest [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by astonishing protest (member) 8 years ago
WOW ..... im surprised ..... i've seen so many other pics that were original with creativity in the shot by the photographer and excellent pic in general than the ones that were picked as winners .... but congrats to the winners ..... if i had to pick out of these winners, i would have picked ............ Erin Wallis, Canada as the top and Aleah Michele, United States as runner up ..... any ways once again ..... CONGRATS to the WINNERS.
Gate Gustafson 8 years ago
What can one say? The quality and originality of the winning pics is so good it's SCARY! Where the theme of the contest is concerned, I think you should have been a tad more specific and titled it something along the lines of: "joyful young women and/or little girls". Oh and, by the way, are we allowed to know on what criteria the jury was chosen?
Fred Paddock 8 years ago
I was glad to see the variety. I thought a few were pretty mediocre and other were very good. I saw entries I thought were better. I was happy that I felt I had photos as good as any of these. Some of my photos had post processing some didn't. I think overall it was a good contest and certainly a great idea! Thank you to judges and managers. Thank you so much for this opportunity for community and sharing. Next contest, please limit the number of entries. I had a very hard time looking through all the "mass submissions" and couldn't ever see all the carefully chosen photographic I would like to have seen. Thanks again and do another contest soon!
tripleplay12 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by tripleplay12 (member) 8 years ago
The pics are all really great, but the subject was a little broad. What brings joy to one might be different of what brings joy to another. For example, all the winning pics seem to have a happy person theme. Like Love or kids or whatever. And I am taking a bit of walk on the dark side here, but a photo of say a smashed window might bring joy as well. Do you see where I am going here?
Beautiful work, contrast to all
Adam Szarmack 8 years ago
Just like my submission to this contest.....I got robbed!

Just kidding. Congrats to the winners. Some really great shots up there. Although several of them don't really seem to fit the contest theme at all. They're just regular portraits. So...a little confused about how they won over some others when 34% of the criteria was supposed to be to show "holiday" joy. Oh well, sour grapes to me I guess.

I still love you anyway Flickr ;)
Lydia2222 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Lydia2222 (member) 8 years ago
Well why was not goven a condition to have joyfull people in photo and photomanipulation, there is nothing else in life that makes a joyfull feeling only people!!!
time_anchor 8 years ago
Congratulations to the winners. Very well deserved! Very beautiful photography.
lindacookltd 8 years ago

Yeah, not so sure I get the snow globe as a winner... It's a photo of a couple imposed into a snow globe. Definitely liked the 2 you mention better. I guess that's why judging is subjective. Congrats to all the winners!
lindacookltd 8 years ago
Szarmack Photography:

Lol love it!
lindacookltd 8 years ago
Fred Paddock:

Agree to limiting entries... Would hate to have been a judge!
Javier DíazG 6 years ago

sorry, i´ve just read your comment one year later..
I can only talk about my pic, the winner one.
But my pic i´t´s not malipulated. I only used Photoshop for colors, contrast, adjust.
The couple it´s not created with manipulation, it´s a frame of wood I bought at a local medieval fair, and I used a clip to hang clothes to put in against the sunset.
It´s a real pic, cause it´s a real moment, not using post work, only adjusts.
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