Leticia Roncero 10:45pm, 16 October 2019
[Updated March 12, 2020]

Hi everyone!

We've been keeping a close eye on the growing concern and spread of COVID-19 and have decided that it is in the best interest of our communities to officially postpone the upcoming Flickr Worldwide Photowalk Day on April 4th, 2020.

We would rather keep you and others around you safe and healthy so you can take even more photos and share them on Flickr. Once we have determined a new date for this event, we will be sure to announce it as soon as we can.

Thank you for your understanding and we'll still see you and your work on Flickr!


Hi Flickr friends,

We’re putting a call out for a new edition of Flickr Worldwide photowalks. This is a great opportunity to get out, meet fellow photo enthusiasts, talk, walk, and socialize.

When? Mark your calendars for April 4, 2020

Where? Anywhere in the world! If you are organizing a photowalk in your area, please announce it in the List of Photowalk locations discussion thread. If you don’t see one for your city or region, you can organize your own. Just start a Flickr Group and post a link in the discussions. We’ll add it to the list and help publicize.

What's the theme? We don't have a theme! We go free! You can find a theme for your local walk, but the most important thing is to get together with other photographers and have fun!

All events should be free and open to the public.

We look forward to seeing details from your events. If you have any questions, please ask away! 2 years ago
Hi all.
Calendar marked! ;)
Darrell Godliman Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Darrell Godliman (member) 2 years ago
Pretty sure the Oxford Flickr Group will up for this, I'll talk to my fellow Admins and then add us to the thread.
Leticia Roncero 2 years ago
Darrell Godliman:

Terrific! Just let us know once you find out the details!
framebyamit Posted 2 years ago. Edited by framebyamit (member) 2 years ago
Group: Photographs of anythings | Tpoic: Photo shoot walk @ Pune
For photo walk event
anderkel005 2 years ago
Will anyone schedule a photo walk in Vancouver, Washington?
Arin O'Aivazian 2 years ago
Legentil Jean-Marc 2 years ago
I could organize one in Montreal Québec, Canada
dalbera 2 years ago
OK merci c'est noté pour le groupe Paris
anderkel005 2 years ago
Vancouver, WA!
Leticia Roncero Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Leticia Roncero (admin) 2 years ago

Please share a link to an event when ready and we'll hyperlink your location here.
Leticia Roncero 2 years ago

Do you have an event listing we can link to?
Darrell Godliman 2 years ago
Having discussed with my other Admins, the London Flickr Group are organising an Architecture / Urban / Street Photography Photowalk for 2pm on the 4th April. More details here :

We're just sorting out the fine detail now and I'll update here once confirmed.
arnoldpeter3030 2 years ago
Hello friends..
The note has already been dated and noted!!
Thanks Admin!
Darrell Godliman 2 years ago
Ten days ago I posted a link to a London Photowalk and as yet is't not been added to the list. Can you confirm whether Flickr Global Day of Photowalks is going ahead ?
ekoylan 2 years ago
Hi everyone,
Noted .

I am from Istanbul
Hello Everybody.
Hamburg / Germany ?
christinachourma 2 years ago
Hello to all members of this lovely group.
Athens/ Greece?
Peg Becks 2 years ago
Will there be reminders as the date draws nearer? I'm in Maine, USA, and would enjoy a walkabout with others in Maine.
Thofo 2 years ago
Hallo, gibts hier in Berlin (good old germany) Interessentinnen und Interessenten für Aktivitäten wie einen Fotowalk am 4.4.?

Hello, is there anyone here in Berlin (good old germany) interested in activities such as a photo walk on 4.4.?
iatassi 2 years ago
Hello everyone.
Any City, Arizona, USA
Please remind us of the event as it gets close.
Pascal Volk 2 years ago
Hallo, gibts hier in Berlin (good old germany) Interessentinnen und Interessenten für Aktivitäten wie einen Fotowalk am 4.4.?

Hi Thofo, ich versuche das unter zu organisieren. Du bist herzlich eingeladen.
Thofo 2 years ago
Hallo Pascal, danke für die Nachricht. So wie es heute aussieht, bin ich an dem Samstag im Rheinland. Vielleicht bei anderer Gelegenheit mal. Gibt es eigentlich noch Flickr-Gruppen hier in Berlin? Habe nur losen Kontakt zu einzelnen Mitgliedern.
Pascal Volk 2 years ago
Hi Thofo, siehe
n1·mh 2 years ago

please add Photowalk Sevilla (Spain) to the list:

* Where: Sevilla (Spain)
* When: 4 of April, 2020, 18:00 hours
* The theme: We ❤️ Sevilla
* Web (Spanish):
* Web (English):
* Meetup:

hellomynameis_TIN 2 years ago
I'm searching for someone in bergamo; Italy!
jayita2013september 2 years ago
hi, that's really a good idea! bravo :-)
scarbo4 2 years ago
So, what exactly is a photowalk, what is it about, how does it work, what do i do?
joepaulstudios 2 years ago
I will organize and lead a photo walk in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas. Not entirely sure how to add it to the events calendar though.
Goins Photography 2 years ago
Would like to add Winston Salem, North Carolina to the list please.
issam.quwar 2 years ago
hej! Stockholm, Sweden?
hanne3555 2 years ago
Western Massachusetts, Greenfield, Northampton or other. I will let people know and then post the chosen area.

GEGJr Photography 2 years ago
Are there any special requirements? Do attendees have to be Flickr Pro members? I assume attendees have to have a Flickr account? I didn't see Indianapolis Indiana listed and I'd like to start one here but what do I have to do? I just got email about the effort today. I don't how to contact you or anyone else using Flickr.
atjesusservice1956 2 years ago
sault ste marie ontario
Joseph Frizzle 2 years ago
Los Angeles California anytime soon?
^ I'll join LA's photowalk!!!
Interested in a photowalk of Brisbane QLD Australia
IndianaJen17 2 years ago
Would be interested if there's one in San Diego, CA!
bakctdrvr 2 years ago
This sounds exciting! I have been on Flickr for years and have not heard of these walks. I would love to attend one. What other info can you share with me?
Nicolas Indiveri 2 years ago
Hey! Thessaloniki calling
Would be intetrested if there's one in Bangalore, India. Anybody else from Bangalore interested?
TheYesProject 2 years ago
Hi - I run a walking group in Sydney supporting people struggling with their Mental Health. We incorporate photography into our walks and one of our members sent me a link to this event. We would love to be a part of it - how to we let everyone know that there will be an event in Sydney Australia?
zuvaluvaluva 2 years ago
interested in photowalk in Brisbane Australia
I can possibly host one in Vancouver, BC Canada
digital serendipities 2 years ago
Belgrade, Serbia photowalk group link:
funkyflix 2 years ago
Athens (Greece) Photowalk group link
jennynrhea 2 years ago
Recess Games - Micro Board Game Photoshoot
cocoa3c 2 years ago
I could host Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Leticia Roncero 2 years ago

An opportunity for Flickr members to meet in person, learn from one another, and add beautiful photographs to their Flickr accounts. These photowalks are led by members of the Flickr community who volunteer to organize one in their area, and the requirements are open. The most important aspect is to get together with other photographers and have fun. You can create a theme for your local walk (or not!) and we’ll help promote it through our social channels, so other Flickr members can join in too. If you are interested in hosting one, please share the link to the Flickr Group, Meetup or site where you are coordinating the details.

At the end of the walk, participants upload their photos to Flickr with the tags #FlickrPhotowalk and #FlickrPhotowalkDay and they add them to their local photowalk group and to this group. We normally select a few favorites to promote in our social channels!
Curtis Joe Walker 2 years ago
I am in Las Vegas, NV and I am interested.
Česká republika 2 years ago
I'm in Děčin, Czech Republic. Our walk Chateau Decin, four seasons.
Darrell Godliman Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Darrell Godliman (member) 2 years ago
Leticia Roncero: Slightly concerned that since Flickr sent out the Photowalk email about 36hrs ago the number of members of the London Flickr Group has doubled....... We might need some more 'swag' if you've not already sent it.......
Udhabkc 2 years ago
Photowalk for Kathmandu Nepal
bobbyroach89 2 years ago
If it isn't too late, we would love to get some swag/promotional materials for Danville, Virginia's photowalk!
jayita2013september 2 years ago
splendid intervene,I do agree to.
Leticia Roncero 2 years ago

Hey Bobby -- we don't have any more swag available, unfortunately.
Leticia Roncero Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Leticia Roncero (admin) 2 years ago
GEGJr Photography:

Anybody can join, no need to be a Flickr member. If you have never hosted a photowalk before, it is easy as setting up a time and a location and going from there.

Here are some tips for organizing a walk:
Leticia Roncero Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Leticia Roncero (admin) 2 years ago

Hi Tam, You just need to share a link to the Flickr Group, event, or announcement where you are listing details (time, location, etc.) and we'll help publicize it. We'll also add your location to the list.
orkomedix 2 years ago
Are there any photogs in Munich/Germany organizing something?
Udhabkc Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Udhabkc (member) 1 year ago
Leticia Roncero 2 years ago

I get an error when clicking on the Eventbrite link. "The page or event you are looking for was not found."
josecarlosaleluiaa 7 months ago
Darrell Godliman 6 months ago
Leticia Roncero: I appreciate different parts of the world are all at different stages with regards Covid recovery so presumably no thoughts yet regarding trying to reorganise this ?
Creamy Pet 6 months ago
I'd love to photowalk in the Dallas, Texas metro area. Anyone else?😎😎
Mutaz Awad 2 months ago
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