Leticia Roncero 5:46pm, 25 June 2019
Join Flickr's Global Marketing Manager Alastair Jolly together with co-host, Flickr Ambassador, and acclaimed street photographer, Alan Schaller for a morning photo walk around Central London. If you live in London or are just visiting, we would love to meet everyone and have the opportunity to hang out with the local community.

Meeting Point: 2 Pied Bull Yard, London WC1A 2JR

Starts: 6th July 2019 at 10.30am
Ends: 6th July 2019 at 12.30pm

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This is a free public event.
@Wrightbesideyou 2 years ago
Sounds good, count me in.
Leticia Roncero 2 years ago

Fantastic! Let us know if you have any questions, Simon.

Looking forward to socializing with you all very soon :)
Darrell Godliman 2 years ago
Looking forward to this.
Angelalambdesign 2 years ago
I'd like two places please. Do you need to prep?
shadi.sa55 2 years ago
Count me in ..looking forward to it
daron19 2 years ago
I’ll be there :)
Sounds great! I will be there as well (:
RyanCameron696 2 years ago
Please count me in
Leticia Roncero 2 years ago

No need to do anything other than show up and hang out with everyone. Just bring your camera with you!
Alex Flynn 2 years ago
I'll come along too
Alastair Jolly 2 years ago
Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday.
mrsmithski 2 years ago
I will be there +1 :D
martyglc 2 years ago
Yes please!!!
keirancoyne 2 years ago
Yes please count me in!
Alastair Jolly 2 years ago
You are all very welcome. Look forward to seeing you this weekend.
DavidGriffUSA 2 years ago
Looking forward, see you all on Saturday!
gopal.sharma1990 2 years ago
I would like to join in too.
Please let me know if I can? thanks.
Alastair Jolly 2 years ago
Of course Gopal. All are welcome.
jpcastellani 2 years ago
Hola Leticia, happy to join if still possible. Thanks!
Leticia Roncero 2 years ago

Sure! Join us at the meeting point tomorrow!
Paulo Pampolin 2 years ago
Thats great! I’ll be there!
SimonEdwards909 2 years ago
I'd love to come along!
tomjacko 2 years ago
Sounds great, I’ll be there!
jiayichen1116 2 years ago
Great! I will be there!
Alastair Jolly 2 years ago
A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for today's photowalk in London. A very special thank you to my awesome co-host Alan Schaller for sharing his time and his words of wisdom.

London Flickr Photowalk
@Wrightbesideyou 2 years ago
Alastair Jolly:

Thank you so much to Flickr for organising this and to both Alastair and Alan for sharing their thoughts and wisdom whilst leading the walk.
Definitely worth the 5:00am alarm on a Saturday morning and the three hour journey from Lincolnshire, albeit nearer to four hours due the southbound Northern Line signalling issues that nearly conspired against me!
Looking forward to seeing some images from the enthusiastic group.
Alastair Jolly 2 years ago
The group photo pool had been locked while I was travelling due to some spam activity but is now open to those of you who want to share some images from our London Photowalk,
mrsmithski 2 years ago
Is there any chance to download group photo?
I have tagged 17 photos in an album with flickrphotowalk and yet none of them appear in this group or if searched for. Are you aware of an issue or is it just me?
Alastair Jolly 2 years ago

Hi Gary, with this being such a high profile, official, Flickr group, it, unfortunately, gets heavily spammed. The pool is currently set to a maximum of 2 images per person a day. If it gets abused we occasionally have to suspend uploads.

We appreciate your understanding.
Leticia Roncero 2 years ago

Hi Gary, This group is moderated, so things don't show up in the pool immediately. There may be times when we will need to disable posting altogether, to avoid abuse or spam. Can you try again? I'll approve your images as soon as they come in.
Darrell Godliman 2 years ago
Those people that came on last July's photowalk might be intersted to know there is one organised for the Flickr Global Day of Photowalks on 4th April. You can find more info here :
cabby dave 2 years ago
Never can turn down the chance of a photowalk around my home town. And with such good company too. I'll be seeing you.
Darrell Godliman 2 years ago
cabby dave: Probably worth joining the London Flickr group if you haven't already as there'll be updates the time including details of the route etc :

Hope to see you on the 4th April.
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